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    I’m no lawyer, but this seems like a bit of a stretch:

    “The analysis is based on the notion that the public has no reasonable expectation of privacy in communications to the government, said sources familiar with it. Moreover, as long as the program is aimed solely at government traffic, and all government employees are notified that their communications are subject to monitoring as a condition of using the network, the consent of one party to the monitoring — the government employee — is sufficient, they said. “

  2. kevinearick

    After decades of subtraction by addition, addition by subtraction is necessary to fire up the motor.

    They always lay off objectionable talent first, and maintain strict market control, hoping that the talent under economic pressure will create new opportunities to steal. That didn’t work.

    The motor is starting to fire in crisis localities, where asset price deflation is falling fast enough to bring the required ratio up, and capital is growing desperate enough to seek talent. Check falling C & G.

    Stay mobile.

    Once the motor fires on all cylinders, the addition by addition process will occur quite rapidly.

    Prepare for the best, and for the worst. The middle choices have largely been eliminated.

    Layoffs are starting to spike again. The tape to watch closely is local and state employment, the denominator.

    1. kevinearick

      we have reached the point in the breeding program where the people who want to be treated like cattle are voting away the liberties of those who do not wish to be cattle, leaving only the slaughtered and the slaughterers. Given the choice, GS chooses the latter.

      1. kevinearick

        GS is as pagan organization, a medium size shark. The people I consulted for, 25+ years, are much nastier than GS ever thought of being, but the big shark is evolution.

        You do not want to be in that field with the cattle, as the slaughtered or the slaughterers.

        1. kevinearick

          History is a twisted thread, with individuals in the nexus playing multiple roles. GS is an inanimate object. If you break it up, it only seeds the next field.

          “War is not an exercise of the will directed at an inanimate matter. … The goal of all inanimate objects is to resist man and ultimately defeat him …”

          Better the incompetent devil you know than …

          1. kevinearick

            The university system is a nexus building machine, married to healthcare, and operated by DoD bureaucrats to the end of global cartels. It’s a function of History. Back when open source operated within the university system, it was balanced.

            Everyone not independently investing in their own community is working for the nexus, either by omission or commission. If you don’t like it, don’t feed it.

            You need independent job certification, education, and access to the communication stream, which the nexus will do everything in its power to prevent, until it runs out of food.

            The nexus is running out of food.

  3. ClarkinOldHickory

    You get a pass for the light links/posts. I’m sure you’re celebrating, and deservedly so. I was pleased that I received a copy of ECONned from Amazon, March 2nd, which I recall was the “release date.” Congratulations — the book is terrific & I believe that it will be a great success in a crowded field.

  4. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    When are we going to get some vegetable antidotes du jour?

    I think vegetables are good for you.

  5. kevinearick

    The Fed is going to print script, to preserve the core of the nexus and ignite inflation, moderating it with local and state layoffs. Don’t make the same mistake as capital. Only keep the next two jobs in the pipeline. When return to unprotected labor hits 53%, you want it to orbit down to 51%. Watch your acceleration. Remember, you will be getting an increase in both wage inflation and asset deflation. Watch them both.

    On the downhill, pro-cyclical run, capital had job fairs to get a thousand people to show up for one job, to artificially control supply and demand, despite more jobs than people to fill them.

    Only the big shark wins if there is a triple dip.

    $5k should be more than enough to keep on hand, along with all of your mobility equipment. It’s in your interest to bring a kid along, and build out communities so all those government workers have a place to go.

  6. Michaelc

    Yves, I have to commend you on Heart of Darkness. It’s an excellent piece. ‘trading sardines’, very droll

    I was dismayed after reading chapter nine, to read Michael Greenberger’s presentation at the Roosevelt Institute which leaves little hope that his sensible (and revoltionary) suggestion will make it into the legislation as long as Geithner’s in charge.

    Perhaps you can deliver an autogrphed pamplet containing Chapter 9 to every senator/congressman who has a hand in crafting the bill, with copies for Timmy and Summers for good measure. II’ll contrast nicely with the ISDA papers they’re more familiar with.

    You may enjoy Michael Lewis’s piece in Vanity Fair about fund manager Michael Burrys less sophisticated short (he bought CDS on specific bonds begginning in 205) than the constellation program.

    Betting on the Blind Side

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