ECONNED – The Movie, Um, Video!

A very talented movie/commerical/trailer editor, who for some bizarre reason insists on going nameless (but if you want his coordinates, don’t hesitate to ping me) assisted by Ben Fisher in a major role (finding images and video clips) and Richard Smith in a minor role (extensive sanity checking) put this together.

This may inspire McLuhan-esque debates, since I wanted something true to the medium, as in visceral and immediate, rather than the usual talking head sort of piece.

Enjoy! Oh, and turn the sound up!

If you want to download an HD version (even more gorgeous), go here. If you don’t find the download process obvious, check here for help.

For some reason, the video does not show up when you search at YouTube, which is weird, I’ve asked people who understand YouTube tell me what to do to remedy that. But the video can also be viewed at

Update: If you want to help (aside from buying the book, of course), forward the YouTube link (as opposed to URL for this post) to friends and family and play it again yourself there.

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  1. Andrew DeWit

    Powerful stuff. It’s going out over here in Japan. Yves Smith, don’t be surprised to get translation rights requests from Japanese publishers, if you haven’t already (and please do be careful which one you contract with, as your excellent work deserves a faithful translation).

  2. attempter

    That was good. Suitably over the top. No talking head can do justice to this.

    It’s like the ad for “A Christmas Carol” in “Scrooged”, except appropriate. :)

  3. Philo

    If I want his coordinates I should ping you?
    Remind me NOT to do you any anonymous favors.

    I enjoy your blog immensely but this willingness to share ip addresses with anyone who pings you is disconcerting.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      That was nasty and unwarranted. That is PRECISELY how the editor instructed me to handle inquiries.

      He’s a professional. This is a good piece of work. It makes commercial sense for him to talk to people who have a serious interest in him.

    2. Francois T

      This precipitation of yours to conclude that anyone who pings Yves shall see his/her IP address shared is…disconcerting.

  4. Ina Deaver

    NIIIIICE! He does good work. I’m happy to see someone I agree with and approve of make some hard-earned money. I look forward to the book tour!

  5. LeeAnne

    omg, Yves, that is FABulous! Amazing how powerful video and movies and Internet are; the combination unbeatable when its good and this is sooo good. Hits the nail on the head -heads -leaders of the crises, dramatic and no exaggeration.

    The producer must be one of your readers. It so captures the message and the style of your work.

    Kudos to the producers -the music. It is all so good.

  6. Vinny

    Brilliant work! In the New World Order to follow this one, you should be chief economist, Yves.


    1. Francois T

      Oh man!
      In the New World Order, Stiglitz would take Summer’s spot, Liz Warren would be head of the independent (budget and authority) CFPA, Rob Johnson head of the CTFC and Yves would Secretary of the Treasury…or Fed Chairwoman.

      Oh! The CFPA would function on the same principles as the FDA, that is, any financial innovation would have to be test-piloted to be approved before being marketed to the public at large. (evil grin)

      The banksters’ defeat would be complete, the humiliation absolute.

  7. LeeAnne

    copy and paste freely:

    We’ve been waiting for the story to come out for a long time. Most thinking people know that fraud is at the bottom of this collapse; that bankers turned absolute traitors under the rubric of “globalism” have stripped our country of reputation, treasure, rule-of-law, compassion and decency.

    There are people who have stayed on top of this dreary story, when it is not absolute tragedy for people, communities and families. The roots of the whole sorry story can be found in a new book by economics blogger Yves Smith at

  8. tfitzaz

    Now this will get them going.
    Has a bit of an Alex Jones video feel to it, which is not always a bad thing.

  9. LeeAnne

    Not a coincidence:
    Shahien Nasiripour

    Lehman Bankruptcy Report: Top Officials Manipulated Balance Sheets, JPMorgan And Citi Contributed To Collapse

    ” The business decisions that brought Lehman to its crisis of confidence may have been in error but were largely within the business judgment rule.”

    “But the decision not to disclose the effects of those judgments does give rise to colorable claims against the senior officers who oversaw and certified misleading financial statements — Lehman’s CEO Richard S. Fuld, Jr., and its CFOs Christopher O’Meara, Erin M. Callan and Ian T. Lowitt.”

    “There are colorable claims against Lehman’s external auditor Ernst & Young for, among other things, its failure to question and challenge improper or inadequate disclosures in those financial statements.”

    “The examiner defines a “colorable claim” as those for which the examiner “found that there is sufficient credible evidence to support a finding by a trier of fact.” In other words, plaintiffs can start lining up.”‘

  10. Gerald Muller

    For my part, I would have preferred a sound track by Wagner. A bit like that of “Apocalypse now”. More serious maybe but just as loud!!

    1. Sundog

      My preferred alternative for the music would be guitarist Skip McDonald. Here’s a link to a vid with his band Little Axe and the incomparable Adrian Sherwood on the desk. “Storm is rising!”

      While I’m at it, and since Adrian gives Steve a mention in the vid, here’s a gratuitous link to Steve Barker’s long running (25 years plus) show on BBC Radio Lancashire.

      Anyway, brilliant video and cheers to all involved! It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a bit of text, some carefully selected stills, and a great soundtrack. I especially admire how the voices were set in the mix.

  11. Tim

    I want to help make this whole movie!

    I went to my local B&N in Virginia Beach to get Econned – they had a bunch of typical, good new economic/finance books out in the middle aisles.

    They also had some pathetic, unknown “newly released” garbage.
    They had 2 copies of Econned buried on the shelf.

    I did not buy one as my hope was – some one else would be compelled to get it.

    1. Yves Smith Post author


      Please, no!

      You are supposed to BUY THE BOOK if that was your plan. The store has to reorder from their warehouse at worst. No biggie.

      My publisher supposedly arranged (as in paid for) placement on tables. So if you have time (with book(s) in hand) you ALSO complain to manager re placement (and if you bought last one, further complain you’d advise friends to come and buy it, but maybe you’ll send them to Amazon/competing local bookstore instead).

  12. psychohistorian

    That video made me smile.

    Better than a ton of hopium.

    Yves Smith, Adam Smith would be smiling….

  13. Oracle

    Yves, it can take up to 48 hours for video to show up in search results. Encourage readers to view it on YT and then rate it which will increase its chances of being featured. You might consider un-embedding the video and just providing a link to the video on YouTube. Nice video : )

  14. Barbara

    Econned has sent me back to a quote from that intuitive economist, Georoge Eliot, who wrote in Middlemarch that “there is a pale shade of bribery which is sometimes called prosperity.”

  15. MichaelC

    Very cool.

    I like that the intro ends with “Read”, rather than ‘Buy’. Excellent advice and clever marketing.

  16. jerry denim

    Awesome trailer Yves. Congrats on your book and its early success. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet but I have already been recommending it to friends on the strength of your blog. Bravo!

    I will be picking up a copy for myself very soon.


    …my daughter who always envied our life in the 60s has wondered over the last 10 years why we aren’t in the streets yet….

  18. Michael

    I represent an independent retirement account management and financial consulting/advising firm in Modesto, CA. I would like to contact the maker of this video (the institution, organization, or individual that owns the rights). Please advise.

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