Webcast, Bloomberg, CNN Covering Conference on Financial Reform, 3/3

Sorry for the thin posts tonight, but I will be violating my long-standing religious principles and showing my face in the light of day to attend a conference on financial reform tomorrow (well, actually later today). It is hosted by the Roosevelt Institute and will be webcast in full from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM at www.makemarketsbemarkets.org. Bloomberg will cover the 9:30-11:00 AM segment live.

Participants include George Soros, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Stiglitz, Jim Chanos, Lynn Turner, Simon Johnson, Judge Stanley Sporkin, Peter Solomon, Frank Partnoy, Larry White, Rick Carnell, Michael Greenberger.

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  1. C

    Wow! That’s some pretty impressive company you’re being associated with!

    I honestly never took it personally when you (politely) called me an idiot in the past for posting something you disagreed with, but from now on,I’m probably going to be flattered :)

    Hope it goes well.

    1. C

      oops–“posting something you disagreed with” should probably read “something that I didn’t think through”

      the well wishes to your performance tomorrow still stand, though.

      1. Yves Smith Post author

        That is a flattering mistake, but please re-read the post! It says ATTENDING! I am sufficiently PR oriented that I would say PRESENTING if I were on deck. and more likely would not announce in advance, but would provide a link later.

        Although I am in the peanut gallery, not presenting, but even the peanut gallery is being restricted to “media” and economists/policy types. I think I am considered “media”.

        This is a pretty big deal conference, otherwise I would not call readers’ attention to it and deny them normal posts, much the less suffer sleep deprivation to attend.

        1. Skippy

          Gasp pant phew! For a second there I was worried, Yves an economist/policy type.

          Glad you cleared that issue up.

          Skippy…You said *TYPE* and if memory serves I got a smack way back for that form of adjitive…snicker…run away!!!

  2. Uncle Billy Cunctator

    Pretty big deal conference? Did you read through their “Report”?

    This is nothint but PR fluff. They brought out Volcker, and even Volcker was mildly amused by this. Now they’re wheeling out Roosevelts. You’ve got Soros and a bunch of Soros connected people involved with this as speakers, a number of people associated with the Catholic Church, many of the folks that were involved in pumping up the bubble, and one or two that were instrumental in pricking it. Even one fellow who magically predicted and shorted the demise of a string of very large companies. Yeah, we’ve figured out how that game works. It’s not a crystal ball or insightful analysis — it’s criminal activity. This is a stomach-turner up there with the “Milken” conference. Yves, if you haven’t lost your religion yet, please do it soon. The world deserves to know what these people are up to.

    1. john bougearel

      I am with you Lex,

      Yves will have to repost with proper links with audio that work. Short of a repost I will neglect to revisit this.

      Oh, and btw, I am a bit jealous I was not invited, what a pleasure it would be to shake Warren’s hand! Oh and yours in the peanut gallery! :-)

  3. LeeAnne

    amazing in the communications center of the earth at the magnificent opulent Time Warner center in New York City some of the richest people in the world can’t broadcast a decent audio on their webcast on the most important issues of the day. -typical of this era of institutional incompetence and personal ineptness.

    You can hear whispering as I’m typing.

  4. LAS

    Dear Yves,

    Can’t wait to tell you this… The whole first chapter of your book (started last night) is just excellent. Your point of view and articulation are unique because of the experiences you’ve had, the things you’ve seen, the research you’ve done and the compassion you have for people. Thank you for writing the book.


  5. LeeAnne

    Very worthwhile watching –I thought it was great. Very informative with very little to disagree with. Outrage articulated in the right places. Not so hard for any interested party to understand it as we knew all along. The $600 trillion unregulated has to be addressed.

    I’m looking forward to a link with better audio to watch again.

    The world needs to know that this is not the first time, a repeat of conditions that caused the 1929 crash breadlines. Its conceivable that this is worse because we have food stamps instead of lining up at soup kitchens. Nothing to photograph here.

    It was ironic to hear a presenter end a fine lecture on reforms after the last disaster with “Roosevelt would be turning over in his grave.”

    That’s exactly what ‘they’ want. None of this; not the Rubin/Obama/Bush politics, not the phony wars wasting the people’s treasure, not the deregulation, not the presidential appointment following the destruction of the prestige of the presidency in the pornographic spectacle run by Ken Starr, the crazy cultist and the Greenspan bullshit bubbles. None of this is an accident. This is what they, the neocons, right wing Republican extremists have been wanting and working toward; this devastation of the American people, the onslaught of finance oligopoly and a corporate fascist government.

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