1. Sundog

    Here are my contributions in the way of links: a very provocative (in the best sense) post by Rajiv Sethi, and a Bruce Bartlett piece on freedom in America. Bartlett links to a piece by David Boaz on freedom that’s well worth reading and a link of its own.




  2. Ina Deaver

    God knows, there is nothing a box turtle loves more than a strawberry. ;)

    Hope that the conference is proving fruitful. Bad pun unintended.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        I guess a well balanced diet is good for people and turtles both.

        Look at how healthy that turtle is, I say to my cat, as I hand a small piece of orange peel, left over from my breakfast this morning, to him.

  3. attempter

    I saw two turtles this afternoon (painted turtles) out sunning themselves. I think that’s early for around here (northern NJ), but we’ve been having such warm weather over the past week.

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