Belated Posting of Bloomberg Interview

Fellow blogger Ed Harrison was so kind as to feature this interview on his site, and since some NC readers may not have seen it there, I realized I was remiss in not posting it myself (and reflects my generally backward priorities, of not giving enough emphasis to marketing).

While I have only a small sample of UK media (an interview on the Telegraph, a BBC Four radio interview, a CNBC session, where I was on for a full hour while the hostess and guest host ran the show and slotted me in at various points, a nice contrast to the usual experience of being on air for two to four minutes and sent on my way) there do seem to be some interesting cultural differences:

1. They put less makeup on over here

2. The interviewers often try to chat with the guest beforehand, which does make the on air experience more pleasant. The assumption may be in the US that TV guests are pros and don’t need to be warmed up first

3. A stunning number of the interviewers and journalists I have met have actually read the book in its entirety, or close to it. I wonder what this means: more respect/time for books here (as in people less plugged into the internet, hence more time for traditional media) or simply on average more literate people in the media

4. I may have a proportionately bigger readership in the financial community here, which if true could be due to being pointed to regularly by FT Alphaville.

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  1. Yearning to Learn

    well done Yves

    I bought your book and am reading it. It is excellent thus far. more dense than I was expecting, but in a good way

    I don’t know if regular mom and pop readers will read it or not, but it definitely is a great resource for people who want to take the time to understand a complex situation.

  2. Keenan

    Another well done discussion, Yves. Your points #2 and #3 further substantiate my opinion that style trumps substance in American media. Many interviewers here evidently believe they can get by being glib without thorough prep. They probably didn’t do their homework in school either.

    Great job.

  3. Sam

    The only feedback I’d offer is you should try to speak more slowly. This is my problem too, where my words try to keep pace with my thoughts and it all comes out too fast.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      My sample may be skewed, but I see less evidence of compulsive Blackberry use, twittering, Facebooking, at least among adults over 30. My sense is that there is very little difference in habits among the young.

  4. Brett

    I’ve blogged with many Europeans, and I’ve blogged on American blogs, and the difference between the two is startling. Europeans tend to be more civil. They also tend to be much better informed than their American counterparts, so I’m not at all surprised to hear that your readership is greater there than here. Americans tend to react to the messaging, while Europeans often to react to reports, and can cite counter-arguments specifically from other reports. And they know the difference between quality methodology and ginned up results.

    Learning to debate with Europeans teaches one that you’d better be on your toes. It can be painful.

  5. sgt_doom

    “A stunning number of the interviewers and journalists I have met have actually read the book in its entirety,…”,

    Could it possibly be due to their actually knowing HOW to read?? (Just asking….)

    Seriously, though, everyone should memorize the following pp. in ECONned: pp. 201, 209, 244-245, and 252.

    And while it agree with the overall premise of Ms. Smith, that it just kinda happened, I note a serious and thought-out design, beginning back in 1978. A bit more study on the history of securitization is humbly recommended for Ms. Smith’s future studies.

    Great looking interviewer, great looking interviewee…..

  6. Jon

    Yves, you are not only very intelligent but also great looking! Now I read your blog with, if possible, even more interest. Many thanks for the great insights.

  7. Gil Mendozza Zuntzes

    humm… As we all very well know… everything has it’s END!…and for over the las TEN years I have been predicting that the END OF CAPITALISM!… The numbers don’t lie… all the agencies of our Government promote FRAUD! American’s are GULLIBLE AND STUPID they forget the bad stuff.

  8. George Washington

    Great interview.

    Yves is one of the clearest thinkers out there. She can address just about any financial issue, and clearly think through the major factors affecting the issue. She has a talent for cutting through the muddle …

    That’s why I like this website so much.

  9. run75441


    You did well here. I liked and I thought you came across clearly. If you want to beat China, invest in US manufacturing.

  10. bob

    Suggested steps to recommend Yves for a Colbert report guest-

    Call for information at the Colbert Report Studios at (212) 586-2477. This is a local New York City phone number, and someone should be available to answer it during regular business hours.

    Stop by the studios at 513 W. 54th St. in New York City. Keep in mind that you will not be admitted into the building unless you have a ticket for that day’s show. If you do not have a ticket on the day of the show, arrive early and get in the standby line for a chance to get a ticket. Standby tickets are not guaranteed.

    Use the “Contact” section of the official Comedy Central website. The website is found in the “Resources” section.

    Email the Colbert Nation webmaster at

  11. michael

    “3. A stunning number of the interviewers and journalists I have met have actually read the book in its entirety, or close to it. I wonder what this means: more respect/time for books here (as in people less plugged into the internet, hence more time for traditional media) or simply on average more literate people in the media”

    Just sounds like more professional journalism to me.

    Journalists, as opposed to the newsclowns or celebrities that seem to front TV shows and fill columns these days.

  12. Gil Mendozza Zuntzes


  13. Gil Mendozza Zuntzes

    I do predict that the end of CAPITALISM is near!… If Africa, Asia, South America and the United States go COMMUNIST; a socialist… blame our Congress, the Republican and the Democratic parties!… the elected representatives and the principles of our corrupted and the physical dissolution of our evil Democracy. Barack Obama is not responsible for famines the United States, Asia, or epidemics in Africa. It’s no his fault that the average of a hard working American erns in this time and age… $7.00/10.00 per hour and the South American .75 cents a day. All he will do is predict the consequences.
    That a population living in MISERY will turn to COMMUNISM as a way out. Unless something is done to alleviate these conditions.
    But the countries themselves don’t have the economic resources to make these changes.
    The United States doesn’t. Even the Unites Nations doesn’t.
    They need the help of World Industry. Particulary China and the U.S. Industry.
    Industry is in an ideal position to do this. It can deal directly with the people of a Country. Ir can change their lives in a way no Government can.
    A Government need to increase production, raise wages, hired doctors, nurses. teachers; expand schools; built clubhouses; hospitals, provided FREE MADICAL AND DENTAL CARE andmedicines at no cost; financed housing loans and help set up cooperative stores.
    And then the people joined in. They rebuilt their own homes, paid for their own teachers, built and opereted their own store and, revitalized the whole Country.
    Imagine this kind of success multiplied by ten of thousands of companies all over the United States, Asia, Africa and South America?…
    The deeds of industry may well be as important as the evil gospel of “Democracy”.

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