Update from UK and London Meetup

Dear patient readers,

Am still at the INET conference in Cambridge, where we are being worked to death. Sessions from 8:00 AM though 11:00 PM. Plus I had NO working internet connection until a few hours ago (do not ask) and the one I have now is about dial up speed (which is a stunner to us all). So web surfing is impractical, to put it politely.

But the sessions are extremely productive, both fantastic presenters and very interesting fellow participants, with the highlight thus far a dinner speech by Lord Turner, head of the FSA. All the Americans want to kidnap him and install him in a position of authority in the US.

So by Sunday/Monday, I might be able to resume posting a bit more….but it will be lighter than usual till I am back in the US (next Friday).

Re the London meet-up (I am very much looking forward to it), we will assemble at the Red Lion, 23 Crown Passage in St James’s. See you there!

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  1. Skippy

    RE: Plus I had NO working Internet connection until a few hours ago (do not ask) and the one I have now is about dial up speed (which is a stunner to us all). So web surfing is impractical, to put it politely.


    ability to live stream audio/video out of there.

    Skippy…lol world class function with out high speed Internet connections….rrright…sanfu for sure.

  2. Sundog

    Looking over the INET site, seems like one hell of a get-together even without knowing who was invited beyond the presenters. They put up a very short teaser vid of Koo & Rogoff; I was disappointed that the boys weren’t wearing boxing gloves but if full vids with Q&A of all the panels appear on the web all is forgiven.

    1. LeeAnne


      Thank you for the link to the Gillian Tett article. Soros practices the humanitarianism he preaches.

  3. dearieme

    “Lord Turner …All the Americans want to kidnap him and install him in a position of authority in the US.” That may be the most scathing remark I’ve ever read about the calibre of American government people.

  4. PJM

    Lets see if editoarial agenda of naked Capitalism is fair:

    “Soros Says Pound Devaluation Is Option for Next U.K. Government ”

    In http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aoU43SK8lHoI&pos=2

    Lets see if we see texts in naked Capitalism about overvaluation of british pound and american dollar.

    Because, for an european, we see a lot of texts about european currency but a little discussiona about the problems about overvaluation of the dollar and the pound. And when the texts about currencies crosses is to blame japanese or chinese-

    lets see the real editoial agenda in Naked Capitalism.

    I hope to be wrong in my feeling.

      1. PJM

        Dear Skippy, that doesnt make sense:

        “All human assets are over valued by 75%…does that satisfy your question.”

        I everithing is overvalued, that means nothings is overvalued. or am I wrong? That doenst make sense. Unless you compare to ETs values. is that you mean? Do you trade and compare with ETs from others planets?

        What we must discuss is this. Is the british pound and the american dollar overvalued? Can this discussion been made in Naked Capitalism? Or only we can blame other currencies? The chinese can argue that isnt their currency that is undervalued, but the dollar is overvalued. But we only discuss japane4se and chinese currencies because a lot of people think that the centre of the world is between NY and LA.

        But I will wait and see. This a good test for anglosaxon agenda. And the rest of the world can see what is behind some political agenda.

        1. Skippy

          Ha, I’m always sticking up for the rest of the world, victims of Anglo largess.

          Personally I believe, global currency issues are a doomsday machine and can cause as much or more, that war it self.

          Skippy…maybe Vinny can illuminate as to why some must have more than others, even to their own detriment in the future.

  5. craazyman

    The Soul Loss Express is rocketing toward the final cliff.

    Will the addicts find the break pedal before it’s too late?

    Will the assembled braintrusts have the strength of will to stop the insanity?

    Will jaw flapping, pastries and speeches produce any real change in political inertia and institutional structures?

    Or will it be . . . “Just Another Meeting” (JAM)!

    A JAM session for the elite cogniscenti while the world burns with the black plague of money murder madness, telling bawdy tales in the garden of earthly delights, like in the Decameron?

    Or will it be “The Turning Point”?

    Turn, turn, turn . . . or Burn, burn burn?

    1. readerOfTeaLeaves

      Would you prefer it if they were sitting around telling us all to eat cake?

      Nothing like a confab to get the brain juices fizzing and bubbling; here’s hoping all participants come away greatly energized and focusing on new solutions.

      I think it’s a good moment; I think many people are far more receptive than they would have been even a year ago. And anyone in US who is paying much attention to the FCIC hearings can see quite clearly that the existing system is basically formalized, proceduralized fraud. So it’s a fair guess that people are on the lookout for new ideas.

      My views don’t make me Pollyanna.
      It’s simple pragmatism, plus a quick read of random data indicators.

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