1. EBITDAMargin

    Will there be other NYC book events? I love the book and have been promoting it to all my friends.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks so much for your support!

      Short answer, none scheduled now, although I have pinged my publisher re whether we can do another if this session is well attended.

      What I may do regardless as a fallback is do a meetup as I did in London, just an informal gathering in a roomy enough bar with a reasonable noise level, either midtown or between midtown and the Wall Street area. That would likely be the second or third week of June.

  2. Francois T

    Then, I’ll be square, since my so-called life requires my undivided attention and Philly is kinda far when on a tight schedule. :-(

    Been telling my friends and family to read the book. Whenever they ask me why they should read this book in particular, my answer is pretty simple:

    “What d’ya want? opinions…or facts?”

    The End :-D

  3. wunsacon

    Just received my copy. Thanks for the work you do. (And thanks to Ed Harrison, George Washington, Jesse, and your other guest bloggers.)

  4. tfitz

    It would be great if you could get on the Charlie Rose program for an interview. JMO.

  5. chad

    I’m reading Econned right now and plan to buy copies for my boss, CFO, CEO and a friend in the accounting department (I’m a programmer) once I’m finished.

    Please come to Dallas, I would love to get a signed copy!

  6. clipb

    already have it, reading it. i’m not sure enjoy is the correct word, but it’s interesting, intelligent, and pretty damning to those self absorbed, self indulgent “scholars” and regulators. recommended

  7. Nabil

    When are you coming to DC? it would be great if you could book Politics and Prose…

  8. Kathi Berke

    Can’t wait to see you, Yves! Put off buying ECONNED because I want your John (Jane?) Hancock. Talking FB friends’ ears off about your breaking Abacus and Magnetar.

    The Big Apple awaits!

  9. ex-PFC Chuck

    Ditto re tfitz and the Charlie Rose program. Is your publisher (or you) setting up a promo tour? If so, please put Minneapolis on your list.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks for asking. Would love to do Charlie Rose, my publicist did try, but there are a ton of crisis books now, which makes it harder to stand out. Will let readers know when I got to other cities in the US and arrange something then.

    2. Michael Amundson

      Chalk up another vote for Minneapolis! Or anywhere in the upper midwest, really — it’d be entirely worth the trek, I think.

  10. Richard Kline

    You go, girl. As we’ve discussed, in my view you did an outstanding job in ECONNED. It’s not just ‘a crisis book;’ you did the homework to discuss how, where, _and why_ the financial system and the profession of econmics behind it shemselves are distorted in their functions. You dug out some of the worst trading malfesance—e.g. Magnetar—long before other commentators even got past ‘the news of the day’ to look at the larger patterns of (mis)behavior.

    As [too] usual, the media games is about known faces and personalities, but where quality is concerned you’re well out in front with only a very few other texts of comparable insight.

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