1. Mogden

    I don’t agree with Grayson about a number of issues, but he’s certainly entertaining. More than that, he promotes the kind of rough and tumble but fair debate we so desperately need.

  2. KFritz

    Grayson’s seat doesn’t look particularly safe, given what I read @ Wikipedia. He’s the 12th wealthiest member of Congress, so he’s not in it for $. Let’s hope he hangs on.

  3. billwilson

    Grayson definitely the “best” dem out there. If all Dems talked like him (or even more than 2) the Dems would demolish the rethugs.

  4. koshem Bos

    I am quite amazed by the comments. Grayson wants to hit the Republican for their destructive policies and their total disregard of the lot of the American people. That is what Obama should be doing and that is the best chance the Democrats have to maintain their strength in congress. I would hate to run against a person who has such clarity of thinking and as well defined goals as Grayson.

  5. The humanity

    Unlike the slavering Gibbs, Grayson knows how to stand up to bullies and how to state his case.

    Gibbs is an abject failure. And if he accurately reflects his boss’s feelings, his boss is too

  6. Doug Terpstra

    Go Grayson! How enormously frustrating to belong to a party so gutless, feckless, and blind that it shoots itself in the foot again and again. When served victory on a platter, they seize the platter and proceeded to beat the waiter with it. This Gibbs incident tops the administration’s callousness with a surprising level of ineptitude, a dangerous Nixonian combination.

  7. Jackrabbit

    The WH response speaks volumes. First they call Gibbs comments “inartful”, then Gibbs comes out and says he/WH STANDS BY the remarks.

    1. Stan

      So your surprised that as the democratic senator from florida he uncritically supports AICPAC? He shares that with the administration. It would be like a Texas senator being for the oil industry. he can’t afford not to be.

      1. KFritz

        He’s a Reprsentative, not Senator. I’ve read Rosenberg enough to read between the lines–this guy is supporting AIPAC out of fear, not conviction. He must BELIEVE that going against AIPAC would lose his seat. He may be right.

        1. andrew

          Don’t be fooled by Grayson. He is just another politician who has found a niche. There is a limited amount of money that the left will contribute to politicians, and he is trying to get as big a piece of the pie as possible by being the most outspoken pol on the left. He has said a variety of asine things in the past, including a penchant for crying racism re: people who disagree with him.

          1. KFritz

            That’s label and dismiss. He’s just another pol. It’s a way to avoid, like, actual thought. Everything that follows a label and dismiss intro is suspect.

          1. KFritz

            He’s Jewish? Really? And that distinguishes him fr/ all the Gentile pols who are scared of AIPAC? And Jewish pols w/ heavily Jewish districts where the older Jews follow AIPAC’s lead the same way that Bernie Madoff’s suckers believed what he said? How DID I miss all that?

  8. earnyermoney

    Grayson, 12th wealthiest member of Congress? Why the hell was he hijacking Ron Paul’s agenda to audit the Fed? I sent in a question to Fire Dog Lake and the next day got a form letter asking to donate to his damn campaign. Spend your own damn money. This guys an opportunistic shill, nothing more.

    1. Seth

      I’m sure Grayson has his share of self-interestedness, but there sure are easier ways to “shill” than to loudly dissent from the polite DC consensus. That’s no way to get a powerful chairmanship and the associated perks and bribes.

      And why would you expect Grayson’s campaign organization to answer a question you sent to FireDogLake? WTF?

    2. wunsacon

      earnyermoney, I don’t like your attitude. People are entitled to hold certain opinions no matter how much or how little money they have. And recognizing and promoting a good idea does not deserve your “hijacking” label. I will only be too happy to see people like Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, and Ron Paul work together on common interests.

  9. Paul Tioxon

    Well the Dems are the last best hope of the liberal world view. If you have to ask me what that is you are either too young or irrelevant for my purposes. A small point of reference would be to consider Richard Nixon’s founding the EPA on his watch, in the non-careerist sense of the word Yves, and the OMB also being developed so he as Chief Exec could have Brandeis Briefs quality info to make policy decisions on American industrial, military and geo-political concerns. In other words, he wanted the government to work as well as it could, not as little as possible. Republicans then and Democrats now, do not run for political office to preside over the liquidation of the body politic. If you are such a successful business leader, don’t run for office, keep growing and employing more people so the government won’t have to expand its domestic intervention into foreclosure salvation, unemployment payments and all of the other nightmare entitlements that are the alleged mortal wounds to the body politic. Gibbs: learn to distinguish friend from foe. If he is feeling the heat of push back from the left, it’s certainly not because we are hoping for the worst republican idiot possible to make such a public mess that the Democrats will sweep into power. We already got that present last Christmas. We now want more and different toys to play with because we all older now. And we are making a list in public and we won’t quit til we get it. We will do want ever it takes by any means necessary. Yes, even if we have to exercise our 1st, 19th, 24th and 26th Amendment solutions to take out the republicans in office.

  10. wunsacon

    I may be confused but don’t see Grayson’s point about how wonderful Obama has been. Although I think they’re doing a better job than the GOP, the change/improvement is not significant enough for me. This November, I will vote for 3rd party candidates or write someone in.

    Our government is still encouraging reckless lending and “extend and pretend”, which disproportionately benefits the Squid. And there hasn’t been nearly enough job creation for the little people, which I think will only happen when you take some of the purchasing power from the rich and give it to the poor — who spend more of it and thereby create final demand.

    And the health care “reform”? Grayson’s “let-people-pay-into-Medicare-at-cost” bill makes more sense then recycling the 1990’s GOP idea to force people into the arms of HMO oligopolies.

  11. Chris

    I’ve been saying Gibbs should be fired for at least the last year. I agree he’s done a truly miserable job. He has to be one of the worst press secretaries in the last 30 years when it comes to communicating with the public. I’m sure he’s fine schmoozing with the white house press behind the scenes.

  12. Cynthia

    Gibbs is right about us lefties wanting Canadian healthcare, but he’s wrong about us wanting to eliminate the Pentagon. We simply want to turn it into a place where love, not war, is made.

  13. litesout

    The whitehouse has a serious communications problem. When polled more people believe Obama was responsible for the Troubled Asset Relief Program when it was Bush. Not that Obama wouldn’t have supported the same thing, but he wasn’t even in office when it passed. That’s a communication problem, and Gibbs is in part responsible for that.

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