Strategic Default Awareness Check

Thought I’d make a very crude effort to assess how much interest there is in strategic default, via looking at how often it comes up in Google searches versus other hot topics. Be sure to look at the left scale.

Not surprisingly, strategic defaults is a new subject of interest:

Picture 4

Some old and new pet financial issues, such as deflation (click to enlarge):

Picture 5

….double dip recession….

Picture 6

….financial reform….

Picture 7

and a personal favorite, the surprisingly popular CDO:

Picture 8

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  1. Vinny

    Very interesting.

    Looks like people are informing themselves before making a wise and strategic decision that benefits THEIR families, for a change.

    Let’s give them a big round of applause, everybody.


  2. DG

    I’m a little surprised that it doesn’t show more for 2008 and 2009. I began searching updates on this subject with frequent regularity in 2008 and 2009 and my own default is finally coming to a close I have been searching it less recently. Strategic default is pretty hard to truly define. How many people that are “strategically defaulting” could afford their mortgage over the longer term. I looked at my loan and realized I was going to lose the home eventually regardless of what I did. Luckily with this method I was able to empower myself to choose approximately when.

  3. michel

    “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo really is as readable as they say, and the movie is even better. The Sharpe series by Cornwell is the easiest read ever and a painless way to pick up some Napoleonic history.
    War and Peace is the most self-indulgent, overwritten work ever. There is, though, a great 600-page novel lurking
    inside it. 4,300 clicks on my Kindle! Have a good summer!”

    This is Jeremy Grantham, showing that it is not only in climate science that he is incapable of critical intelligent thought. The Girl is pretentious and silly to the point of being unreadable. The Sharpe series is thoroughly middlebrow, boring stuff. The Harold Robbins of historical fiction. War and Peace has its longeurs, and its obsessions, but the problem with it is not overwriting and self indulgence, its the adoption of the idealization of the simple unreflective peasant approach to life as one of the core positive values.

    All in all Grantham should stick to money.

  4. John Thompson

    I walked away 6 months ago after wells(1st) and USAA(2nd) opted to refuse to entertain my all cash short sale at a value in excess of what Riverside County appraiser valued the property at. I have lost over 60% of its value since purchasing it in 2006… Yet, no foreclosure, no NOD, no nothing… can anyone explain this… Are the banks so inundated with impending foreclosures that they are delaying them to keep their own financial statements looking adequate??? We are in a bizarre era…

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