Appearance on Max Keiser Show

Keiser is admittedly hyperbolic, but his colorful style has been effective in calling attention to some of the bad practices of financial institutions.

This taping was on the day when I seemed to be the Typhoid Mary of studio operations. The audio kept failing (although the folks in NYC told me that happened often with Keiser guests) and later in the day, and BNN, I had a chair seat ratchet downward mid chat, which at the time felt like the chair had collapsed.

Busy day today, haven’t looked at how the chat came out, but hope you will enjoy it regardless.

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  1. Tao Jonesing


    I saw the interview earlier on Max’s site. I actually think it is the best interview of you that I’ve seen so far, in part because I think Max’s hyperbolic style gave you a lot more room to state your views more broadly. American financial news outlets tend to constrain you within a narrow path of topics that are relevant the day of the interview.

  2. Diogenes

    For those who have better things to with their time than simply listen to Max Keiser rant, you can skip the first 14 minutes of the video and go straight to 13:56/26:38 to hear his interview with Yves.

  3. Ted K

    It was a good appearance. It seems in my mind you came across a lot softer in the very first BNN appearance. That’s just the sexist jerk in me I have to say that. As far as substance C-Span was your best. But this was a good appearance. Other than Teri Buhl I don’t like most of Keiser’s guests, a little on the fringe. I mean Alex Jones…….?? But he’s not all bad and there is a certain video magic between him and Stacy.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I don’t achieve them, but with storage so cheap, I think most networks ex Bloomberg keep videos up a LONG time. The category “Media appearances” has all video performances.

  4. readerOfTeaLeaves

    I have a strong hunch that viewers unfamiliar with [Yves] and Econned will get a lot of information out of this brief interview. Yves’ emphasis on ‘equilibrium’, and then Max hitting that topic and then linking that particular, core flaw to econ’s parading as a ‘hard science’ (a la 20th c physics) was excellent.

    Outstanding interview, and no matter what I think of the hyperbolic host’s style, there was a lot of excellent content in a brief amount of time, including mind-boggling statistics/data.

    1. Ted K

      “mind-boggling statistics and data”!?!?!? I hope you got your money by wire and you don’t have to wait for the check in the mail.

      1. readerOfTeaLeaves

        I probably watched this rather differently from the way that you did ;-}
        From time to time, I have to work with video. Lots of people won’t sit down to watch that clip, but they’ll hear the bit about CDOs being ‘ten times the amount of the global GDP’ (or whatever the figure was), and that will boggle their minds.

        If they only absorb that much of the interview, it’s a significant little step in the education of the general public. Not a small thing, IMVHO.

        As for money coming my way, I don’t care how it arrives, provided it doesn’t bounce ;-))

  5. Progressive Ed

    An excellent interview. Yves was very good, partly because Keiser, different from most interviewers, seemed to actually be interested in the answers to his questions. He’s also very entertaining.
    Yves, perhaps you could find a way to archive on your website all the interviews you do for easy access in the future. For me, they bear repeated watching.

  6. purple

    Keiser is the one of the few who has , accurately in my opinion, articulated China’s relationship with the United States vis-a-vis the dollar as the new version of the opium trade(or Warren Buffet’s toilet paper as he put it).link

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I had a 40 year TV veteran advise me to keep the hair back look (and he’s a serious pro). Probably has to do with being distinctive. with my hair down, I look too much like someone over 50 competing with blond babes.

      And the lighting there sucked, I suspect your reaction has much to do with crappy lighting.

      1. Random Person

        On the incredibly pivotral Hair Up or Hair Down question- I love the hair down!

        It doesn’t look like you’re trying to compete with the CNBC / FoxNews bimbos at all. Having it down just makes you look more laid back and easy going. It’s more flattering and makes you seem more approachable.

        Sod the advice of that industry guy. Put that question to a Poll- right here on your blog- and you’ll see- the consensus of your fans is stay casual!

  7. JTM

    Yves: What’s his point about gold? Speaking from a perspective of complete ignorance on the subject. Sounds like Glenn Beck — at least as filtered through John Stewart (I don’t get my news from John Stewart, but I do get my Fox News from John Stewart). Please elucidate.

    1. greg b

      Yeah thats where I thought Max went off the deep end a little too.

      I still dont get how something that derives its value from dollars is somehow superior to dollars. When I say my weight is in ounces and my weight goes up that doesnt mean ounces become less valuable. Gold needs dollars(or some fiat currency) in order to be priced and my body needs ounces in order to be weighed.

      1. Jesse

        Gold has less dependency on counter party risk, as opposed to dollars or whatever currency that is backed by the faith and credit of a government.

        It is hardly a new idea. Greenspan wrote a famous essay to that effect in 1966. But its history as a concept goes back, oh, about four thousand years or so depending on how you date certain events.

        1. Skippy

          Yeah, its a choice between something that can catch on fire, turned to cinders or yellow metal stuff which is indestructible…go figure.

          Skippy…electrons/cloth/plastic vs. indestructible

          BTW…keep swinging Jesse, still enjoy your site.

        2. greg b

          Not sure why counter party risk has much to do with it other than perception.

          Dollars are a PRICING mechanism, thats all. Saying that the price of gold is rising in dollars says nothing about dollars. If gold is what you want and you need dollars to get it, or some other fiat currency (unless you can dig it up in your yard)then the question is what do I need to do to get dollars? How hard do I have to work for dollar? Is it easier or harder now to get the needed dollars?

          If its harder to get the needed dollars than dollars are more valuable than they were when it was easier to get the dollars.

          The gold bugs make NO sense at all.

          1. Skippy

            There is a old gold mine not 8 hours north of my key board, it has payed off the national debt twice since it was first opened, its original owner started what is now British Petroleum with its proceeds.

            Go figure…GOLD

            Skippy… Caveat I’m not a Gold or PM bug, just understand its historical relevance…to this very day.

          2. greg b

            OK Skippy

            “There is a old gold mine not 8 hours north of my key board, it has payed off the national debt twice since it was first opened, its original owner started what is now British Petroleum with its proceeds.”

            Okay. SO? What you are telling me is he was able to get MONEY for his gold and then further invest that MONEY into something else. His GOAL was to get MONEY, fiat currency if you will. He could do nothing like he wanted just simply with the gold. Any more than he could with oil.
            Gold is a great commodity (at times) and should always be viewed that way. It is NOT money and basing your money ON gold supplies is unnecessarily restrictive.

            My whole critique of gold bugs is that they mistakenly refer to a type of competition in value between gold and currencies, which is simply an absurd view. Gold is valued WITH currencies, they are simply a pricing mechanism for gold. One cannot give you a value for gold without using a fiat currency. When gold is rising in dollar value it is a fallacy to say that gold is rising in value relative to the dollar…. Its the dollar which is assigning gold value in the first place! It is also assigning value to everything else. Thing is, if people are putting their money in gold they are taking it out of other commodities and LOWERING those prices.

            Go ahead and buy gold if you want, but I’m betting at somepoint you will want to get those “dollars” back so you can buy something you’ll need.

  8. Jesse

    Brilliant interview Yves. Well done.

    I enjoyed your insights immensely.

    I get a kick out of Max. But you shimmered.

  9. skippy

    Um…ware blue some time[?], just noticed the blue monitor screen behind you.

    Comfort level is improving (to me), and the racing thought process seems to be under control, lol so much to say and so little time.

    Skippy…to bad the Frost et al days are gone.

  10. emca

    Excellent recant and summation of (one aspect) of the problem, with Max and your animated styles complementing each other nicely.

    And yes you appear more natural before the camera, per comments above.

    Good job!

  11. Jim Krammer

    Is lying or misleading also the style of max kaiser’s show. Chinese tension with Japan has nothing to do with Yen’s intervention and has everything to do with dispute of Diayu island and Japan’s arresting the captain of a Chinese fishing boat. Lose your incredibility instantly.

    1. credibility

      Yen intervention happened before the boat. Tension has been rising between the two for a while now. The captain was a symptom, not the cause.

  12. howard hughes blues

    Yves, you look great with the hair back. Funny, I’ve read your blog a lot and I always assumed “Yves” was some French man’s name, perhaps pronounced “I-VUS”. So I was pleasantly surprised to see this gorgeous babe on Max’s show to elucidate us dumb guys. BTW, you don’t look over 50.

  13. ymfan

    Bravo, Yves. Long time reader of your blog and huge fan of Max. In fact, been hoping for quite some time for you to appear on his show. Hope you ignore the Max detractors here and appear again on his show soon. Again, well done.

  14. rene

    Max is a bit of a maverick. But that’s exactly what is needed when you are investigating crimes against humanity perpetrated by the elite of the elites in our world.

    He also has a large following in Europe, his show could therefore serve as a platform between the US and Europe and the ongoing fight between the plebeians and our rulers who are willing to use any trick out of their sorcerer’s book of misery.

    For me personally, it is VERY important to see various writers, intellectuals and bloggers working together in solving our difficulties. It seems increasingly clear to me that many of our problems are exacerbated on purpose… or does that sound a bit too conspiracy-istic?

  15. DragQueen Capitalism

    Wow. that Max is a real gorgeous stud, but he really shouldn’t wear his hair that way on TV. Sure hope he doesn’t worry, ’cause he doesn’t look like he’s over 50.

    As for you Yves, great interview, your point about the fact that this whole chimera about so-called private enterprise, when the government is in tight partnership with everything from the banks to the auto industry (and that’s pre-Obama, BTW)is really a point that, despite its being glaringly obvious, only you seem to be able to not only see, but so eloquently enunciate.

    Thank you so much for your prodigious efforts.

    I’ve said it before, but it always come to mind whenever I see you: You ROCK!

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