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  1. attempter

    Re Obama’s open proclamation of political feudalism:

    “Since I’m the master and you’re the slave, you should not only obey me but be grateful for the privilege.”

    We’ll see how this works out. So far the evidence is that the Democrats do not have to deliver anything for the “progressives”, who will always in the end cave in and crawl.

    So the Obama depiction of progressives as contemptible whiners is empirically supported thus far. We’ll see if that finally changes in this election (I’m not holding my breath).

    As for adding insult to injury with all these open proclamations of contempt, that seems tactically stupid. But given the progressives’ record, I suppose it’s not completely irrational for Party elitists to think that if they openly insult the base, that’ll only encourage them to cave in and crawl, since they’ll be so desperate in their hurt feelings that they’ll do anything to get Daddy to stop saying mean things about them.

    That’s the standard bully-doormat psychological dynamic, and again the record is clear so far.

    If progressives want to prove this wrong, all they have to do is stop crawling.

    1. wunsacon

      >> If progressives want to prove this wrong, all they have to do is stop crawling.

      By their lack of enthusiasm this election cycle, progressives seem to hold higher standards for their candidates than the grovelers at the GOP, who turned out to *re*-elect W. in 2004.

      And how about the vote for Nader in the 2000 election? Was that progressives crawling?

      But, like you said, we’ll see here shortly.

      1. attempter

        No, those who voted for Nader did the right thing by their lights.

        (And what should be needless to say, Nader didn’t and couldn’t cost Gore the election, because

        1. Gore won the election;

        2. and then he and his supporters despicably let it be stolen from them.)

  2. DownSouth

    Re: “Trucking Volume Collapses, Falls Most Month To Month Since March 2009”

    Scary stuff. There’s probably not much better indicator of what’s going on in the real economy than that.

  3. psychohistorian

    I laughed heartily at the armadillo pic, thanks. I needed that.

    I would rather see it doing yoga than drinking to address the stresses in its life but then I live in a glass house and shouldn’t be throwing stones…..

      1. WT

        Funny, I was just thinking about that song earlier.

        But I think the pictured armadillo is stuffed…

  4. john

    With regard to VeuEU’s proposed bond reciprocity agreement, Congress could solve this problem immediately and unilaterally by rescinding the requirement that the Treasury issue bonds to cover spending beyond tax revenues.

    This is a requirement that our own banks have abused to transform our entire financial system into an aggregation of asset bubbles: DOW trend from 1947 to 1982 points to a current market value of around 5,000; I submit that the delta of 5800 is a bubble created by “deregulation” channeling surplus government spending into assets rather than citizen’s incomes since the Reagan devolution.

    Bond issuance has simply masked this affect behind a simulation of a gold standard like interest rate management mechanism. It has the added defect of allowing our trading partners to mug us. A simple Congressional vote is all it would take to stop both abuses.

    1. Karen

      While I wholeheartedly agree with you in principle, and for the long run, how do you propose they balance the books this year, and next?

      What should they cut? What taxes should they raise?

      Or are you instead suggesting that the Congress transfer the power to “print” dollars from the Fed to the Treasury?

      If so, would you as an investor be comfortable keeping much of your money in dollar-denominated financial assets like money markets, CDs, ordinary savings accounts, etc.?

      Don’t get me wrong, I think we need to stop adding to our debt. But it will be far from easy.

  5. Ina Deaver

    Anon and others may not be old enough to get the joke: Lone Star had a very successful ad campaign during the early 1980s about a giant armadillo roaming the state and attacking unguarded sources of Lone Star beer – this was back when the brewery was still in downtown San Antonio. It was a funny ad campaign, I remember it fondly.

    I also love armadillos – “Texas speed bumps” to the initiated. We used to catch them and play with them. They are cute little critters.

    And you are right, Anon – Shiner rocks. So does St. Arnold. Drinking local in the Lone Star has definitely taken a leg up!

  6. i on the ball patriot

    Interesting du jour — animals unwittingly used to advertise and promote the state drugs …

    Brings to mind the animals that are unwittingly used by the state’s gestapo to stamp out the state drugs competition …

    Excerpt …

    “Never Get Busted: Understanding Police Drug Dogs
    By Barry Cooper – Friday, August 22 2008

    Barry Cooper used to be a top-ranking narcotics interdiction agent and police drug dog trainer, but he turned against the drug war when he realized prohibition was a failure. Here, he offers an insider look at police-canine relationships, and explains how drug dogs find marijuana.

    The world of police canines (K-9s) has been shrouded in secrecy and mythology since the first drug-smelling pooch was released to battle drugs in 1969. Authoritarian and tyrannical governments have used highly trained search dogs since the Nazi regime. This article is the first in depth report made available to the public to help lift this heavily guarded shroud, and in it you will learn:
    • Why dogs are the preferred law enforcement animals for detecting odors
    • Exactly how drug dogs are trained to seek out and find marijuana
    • Critical errors made by K-9 teams
    • How police manipulate dogs to false alert in order to conduct a vehicle search”

    More here … after reading, click on the home page for a current loot at your sell out ATF gestapo in action.

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

  7. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    One-fifth of the world’s plant under threat of extinction?

    That’s one of the reasons why we need plants as antidotes du jour here. They are like our cousins and eating plants is like eating your cousins.

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    Our son never ever did any of those things

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