Meet GMAC’s Robo Signer Jeffrey Stephan

See this video ofthe deposition of GMAC’s famed robo signer, Jeffrey Stephan, who estimates that he signs 10,000 documents a month. If nothing else, you need to watch from 5:00 to the end of the first segment.

Hat tip reader Barbara W, from

I wish the sound quality were better; you can also read excerpts of key sections, some of which is contained in these clips.

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    1. Yves Smith Post author

      4closureFraud presents this with a straight face, for the most part. The sound quality ought to be a ton better. But crappy lighting and sound are typical of real video depos.

      1. anon

        Oh, I wasn’t meaning to question you or 4closureFraud. It’s more that I’m shocked by the videos and shocked by their plausibility. Which, given the cynical views I’ve developed about the “System,” is itself quite shocking.

        Shouldn’t Obama declare these videos “state secrets” to prevent their dissemination? Isn’t that how things work nowadays?

        1. Eagle

          “Shouldn’t Obama declare these videos “state secrets” to prevent their dissemination? Isn’t that how things work nowadays?”

          It seems you’ve answered your own question.

  1. Skippy

    ROFLMAO…our dark MBS overlords are using oompa loompas under going a combo gene / hormone / skin bleaching therapy and that means Willy Wonka aint making chocolate any more…

  2. Ray

    Sorry to go off on a slight tangent here but… is Jeffrey a woman in disguise? He really looks and sounds like a she sporting a beard. What evidence is there that this is for real?

    Too many years on the net = inability to believe anything any more.

    1. fresno dan

      I think you may be correct. Looking at the hips, apparent lack of adam’s apple, finger length ratio, and hand mannerisms, I think maybe that is a woman

  3. Naptown

    I think “Stephan” is sporting a visor with fake hair (google: Visor with fake hair, flames).

    I think it’s unlikely this is the real deal.

  4. MinnItMan

    I thought banking visors were supposed to be green, as in “green eyeshades,” but I digress.

    Because of libel law, and because the depo video is being “re-published” by an attorney, I am pretty sure that this video is the real thing. This lawyer seems pretty serious about her mission and a phony video would greatly undermine what she is doing.

    As for the substance here, Stephan is confirming that the documents supplied to the court as exhibits are not being evaluated for their true and correctness, and thus, that the affidavits stating that Stephan has personal knowledge that they are “true and correct” are false. That GMAC is claiming that the affidavits are “substantially correct” is irrelevant. They are not based on personal knowledge – the foundational requirement for admissability of the copies as evidence in court.

    What is hard to believe here is that GMAC didn’t provide an attorney for this guy. This depo was both a legal disaster for it (probably unavoidable) and an epic PR fail (mostly avoidable), and may regrettably re-instate corporate dress codes by the end of the week.

  5. rd

    This cannot possibly be the real deposition. It has to have been staged. Most gas station attendants would be more professional.

    If it is real, then the banking system is in way worse shape than I could even have conceived of.


    Well…. the only contribution that I can make to these comments is that, if a corporation is a “person”, CMAC ought to be shot…….

    Are PAs persons also….?

    Best regards,


  7. kevin de bruxelles

    This is just too weird. What is happening at the very end of the second video?

    There certainly seems to have been a real (and damaging) deposition on June 7th 2010 in Maine by a Jeffrey B. Stephan. I have doubts that this is the real video from it though.

    Which begs the question; if this video is indeed fake, what are the motivations driving the actors who faked it?

    1. Michel Delving

      In the June 7th, 2010 depo, Jeffrey Stephan was deposed in Pennsylvania by Maine attorney Thomas Cox. Here is that transcript:

      These videos are from December 10th, 2009 depo, taken in Palm Beach by Attorney Christopher Immel and here is that transcript:

      While it’s only human nature to get sidetracked by the witness’s appearance, demeanor and to speculate on legitimacy of these videos, real credit must be given to the attorneys who deposed him and brought out this ugly reality of the foreclosure machinery that has been plaguing homeowners across the US – Christopher Immel of Ice Legal in Palm Beach and Maine Attorneys Thomas Cox and Geoffrey Lewis. Thank you gentlemen for your public service.

      1. Kevin de Bruxelles

        No way, you cannot be serious–take a look at the video; those hips have given birth within the past five years. That is not a dude.

        This post and video are frustrating. If it’s a joke then just present it as a joke. But why make a mockery out of such extremely damaging depositions? (I believe the links you gave are true). OK at the limit I could see a couple of minutes, although I have to say the laughs were a bit meager even for that. But two videos at 19 minutes?

        And what’s up with presenting this “guy” as a poor dumb country bumpkin? Aren’t the people being foreclosed upon often of rather humble means?

        It not only sends my bullshit detector wailing; it sets off my conspiracy detector as well. Who has an interest in undermining and belittling these depositions? I seriously don’t get this shit. If OJ had admitted in a deposition to murdering their daughter, would the Brown family have gone out and made a spoof of his testimony by getting some ghetto chick in reverse drag to read his confession?

  8. Yearning to Learn

    on the one hand, this does almost seem fictional. almost too tragic to be real.

    on the other hand, what type of person do you think is most easily convinced to perjure themselves to sign 10,000 documents a month?

    a person with an MBA from Wharton or a law degree from Yale? Or a financially/legally ignorant guy?

    we see this time and time again… usually the people doing the major crimes in an organization are patsies brought up to do exactly (and only) that. thus the CEOs can pretend they knew nothing about it.

    reminds me of Anderson Accounting’s paper shredders.

  9. nick

    S/he is reading her/his answers from a paper on the table–as if from a transcript of the original depo.

    Moreover, no way is GMAC going to allow a flunky to testify in a deposition without a GMAC attorney present, not on this matter.

    Finally, at the point where s/he breaks up laughing, s/he and the attorney agree they are surprised s/he “made it that far/”

    This looks like some goofy dramatization of the original depo.

  10. Goin' South

    It’s spoof, gang.

    This is from the posting on the site:

    Full Video Deposition of Jeffrey Stephan??? Assignment / Affidavit Slave

    Just added the video “deposition” in two parts to the video tab… Here they are as well… Enjoy! Jeffrey Stephan Part One Jeffrey Stephan Part Two HA! ~

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    Need to turn those snark meters on!

  11. ron tough


  12. Travis Fast

    Yves wrote

    “4closureFraud presents this with a straight face, for the most part. The sound quality ought to be a ton better. But crappy lighting and sound are typical of real video depos.”

    Ahem, 4closureFraud is actually running it as comedy / satire relief. You should probably give your readers a heads-up to protect the integrity of the information published inter alia on this site.

  13. Morgana T Scozzafava

    Are you people retarded?

    Yves: this obviously began as a joke but it has shaken my faith in your commenters.

    Too many people firing first, aiming later.

    1. craazyman

      You’re flying off the handle yourself.

      The video transcends the dull facts of the situation and illuminates the phenomenon in a profoundly accurate way, thereby achieving a sublime truthfullness that confused and variegated reality rarely can.

      And the other thing. That dude has tits and very wide hips, which is sort of weird. But I’m a libertarian and a New Yorker, so whatever . . . ;)

      1. Yearning to Learn

        well said craazyman.

        yes, clearly this is fake. however, how much better do you think the actual deposition looked?

        doesn’t matter to me if it’s a woman in a mullet hat and a fake beard, or a guy with slick hair and gordon gekko suit. a patsy is a patsy is a patsy.

    2. Soylent

      “Too many people firing first, aiming later.”

      Fire first, paint bullseyes around the bullet holes later.

  14. Tao Jonesing

    I’ve attended a lot of videotaped depositions (taking, defending, observing and testifying).

    This is not a videotaped deposition.

    Somebody just had a lot of fun dressing up a woman as Joe Dirt.

  15. Little voice in texas

    This is a reenactment of a testimony. The actor is an actress and video has been reprocessed thru final cut to add fake grain and film scratches which is stupid

  16. AnonDriveby

    All the doubting ThomAsses here need to take a closer look at the scenario. It’s dark December and the witness has been sprung from his boring job in frigid Pennsylvania for some warm, sunny Palm Beach time. Cleary he is there to get through the depo, then take full advantage of this sudden, welcome change of environment. Who wouldn’t take full advantage of a Palm Beach break in the middle of winter?
    Party on Dude! . . . though at some points in depo video, it appears he may have already begun.

  17. globewalker

    Folks, Yves clearly points readers to the 5 minute mark, where the actress breaks up. You were warned. This may be a bit more agitprop than you like, but hopefully it led some of you to read the depo.

    Guys like this weren’t paid much. Yes, in a real depo, the guy would have dressed decently. But the guy doing this sort of work was working as a signing slave. And maybe this is a warning re taking what you see on TV too seriously. The actor being a woman is a problem in the staging (in term of this working as a fake), but it is interesting that it didn’t occur to any of you that it could be a transsexual.

    1. Skippy

      ahem…I thought my comment pointed to that hilarious possibility…

      “ROFLMAO…our dark MBS overlords are using oompa loompas under going a combo gene / hormone / skin bleaching therapy and that means Willy Wonka aint making chocolate any more…”

      and the dockit slave aspect too, plus the abnormal / psychopathic nature of their bosses hence willy wonka…

      Skippy…lol detractors above, what a bunch of dry toast.

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