1. Ted K

    I notice you generally stay away from videos. I think that’s a good call. I find myself leaning on videos in a lazy way on my blog (although I try to choose some super good ones). But this was a good choice. Plus, for whatever my opinion is worth to you Yves, I think 9 times out of 10 Vimeo is much better than Youtube.

  2. dave

    its amazing to see all the different forms of life out there. it makes me think that their existence, their nurtured support and evolution is a sign of health. Each doing their little part to maintain balance in their own environments. Each a buffer. In that video I see a system where all niches are filled and the system is prosperous. A sign of strength and health. Now take that sense of health, and use it as a visual analogy to what a healthy economic system should be. Giant squid can not feast on all of the life in the sea without threatening their own existence. Health is the preservation of resources of a system, not balancing it on the edge of disaster. Nature is very clear on how these things turn out.

  3. jim

    Good reminder we need to make off shore drilling cleaner and safer.

    That sure isn’t video of the gulf of mexico where BP screwed the pooch. Much of it I would guess was filmed in Monterey bay, CA.

  4. Avg John

    A little perspective on life. Aren’t we fortunate to be part of God’s creation and witness to the dance of life. God is great! Thanks for reminding me!

  5. Brian

    We must remember how great the diversity of NATURE and our dependence as humans on NATURE to survive. O.E. Wilson and his work to catalogue all of nature will show over time how less diverse nature has become and the more perilous our existence on Earth will become.

  6. RichNYC

    Wow, wow, wow!!!

    What a beautiful short. I just got my SCUBA diving license in the last two months in Thailand and saw many fish species shown here with my own eyes. Being underwater, seeing all the nature’s diversity and intricate beauty, was really humbling experience I wish everyone could see at least once in their own lives…

    BTW, locations include the Maldives, Alaska, California, Cocos Island, Costa Rica, and Mexico. It is stated on Howard Hall’s vimeo site.

  7. Sundog

    Just to say how I was pleased and surprised I was when first visiting this site a couple of years ago, that the only use of the highly emotional medium of photography was devoted almost exclusively to non-human species, and that the daily links post usually led with something related to earth’s biota and often the deleterious effects of one particular species.

    Big applause to NC for keeping this up consistently.

    Cheers Yves.

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