I claimed the other day, from memory, that the Landesbanken plus Deutsche had dumped EUR35Bn in the Iceland crash. That’s a spectacular claim, but unfortunately not at all true.

A bit of polite throatclearing from commenter Hubert got me to dig through the bankruptcy wind-ups of Kaupthing, Glitnir and Landsbanki. Based on a wikileak of Kaupthing bankruptcy claims, the Landesbanken barely feature, as far as I can see. Deutsche has some big claims in against Kaupthing (around $7Billion out of $40Billion, before the overclaims are tossed out), but one can’t just apply a haircut and guess the loss from that; there is usually some double counting in the claims (bankruptcy claimants tend to operate on the principle that if you don’t ask, you don’t get). The aggregate claims against all three Icelandic banks total $85-$95Bn, far larger than their on-balance sheet liabilities, and probably for all sorts of reasons besides overclaims from creditors. There is no public breakdown of claims against Glitnir and Landsbanki, so maybe there are some Landesbanken in there, but still,  it’s hard to believe I’ll find the difference I need…

Oh well. I’ve got the beginnings of a post-mortem piece on Iceland at any rate, which I can polish in my own time (and, um, fact check).

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  1. But What Do I Know?

    Very honest of you, Yves. Anyone can make a mistake, after all, but few bloggers (or people in general) go back to correct them.

      1. But What Do I Know?

        Sorry, Mr. Smith. So I suppose I need to issue a correction to my comment concerning your correction. :>)

  2. gil mendozza zuntzes

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    1. Yves Smith

      I’m not sure what your beef is. We’ve put a number of links regarding Assange in Links, including ones re his expected bank, presumed BofA, release. We pointed to that out the first day that story surfaced, perhaps you missed it.

  3. Cullpepper

    Clearly this “Hubert” cannot be allowed to publicly leak such sensitive data. I strongly suggest you place him on the terrorist watch list.

    And quit apologizing. It lends you too much credibility.

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  5. jaymaster

    If you’re careful in your writing, when you get your Iceland postmortem finalized, you can just change the “c” to an “r” and you’ll have the Ireland story finished too!

  6. Charlemagne

    I seem to remember that Deutsche Bank had billions in Icelandic Banks but not seen anything recently.

  7. bena gyerek

    most of deutsche’s involvement in iceland was intermediation. i.e. db bought in their own name, but only because they had a matching total return swap with a hedge fund client.

    this should mean that deutsche did not have a lot of net exposure to iceland, although given the shoddiness of their documentations department in getting swap confos accurately worded and properly executed, i wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of its hedges turned out to be unenforceable.

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