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Dear patient readers,

Unless the plane was delayed, I’m now en route to Denver to participate in a couple of panels at the ASSA’s annual meeting, one on whether the financial crisis is over (I suspect you can all guess my answer) and another on the future of the Eurozone. I take this as a sign that I am now an honorary economist.

That means posts will be light until Monday. Apologies.

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  1. Deus-DJ

    Ah, have fun while you’re there. I won’t be going this year but you should definitely see other UMKC folk there. I’m working on that guest post on oil you suggested I write, I’ll inform you on whether I have anything I feel is substantive.

  2. Rob D

    Honary economist

    Is that an insult??

    Better to be an honorary astrologist. Less pretending . . .

  3. Firean

    or it could be a sign that people want to hear it from those who are known to tell it how it is, in full with all detail and not skirt the issues, nor wilfully deceive them with well rehearsed platitudes.
    Go for it ! There are many of us who read this blog regularly and tho’ may not often respond, you have our full backing and moral support.(I’m sure i can say that for others too ).

  4. skippy

    Watch out for the status quo *ROFIE* slipped in your beverage of choice or alternatively, if you come back wearing soft pastel cardigans, smart suit pants and sensible shoes I might have to resort to self harm[!] bang head upon keyboard see:

    Skippy…OT can someone please tell the big Electron/Universe that it left the shower on, its getting a bit wet down here.

    1. skippy

      Oh if you have time go to Boulder, visit the U. S. Department of Commerce facility, its the one that looks like it was used in that “Dr. Strangelove movie” (I think the Situation Room is in there some where) as an aside there is attached NIST, NOAA and NTIA.

      Skippy…go ask the guys a noaa to model Eastern Australia with an outlook to next year, SOI was +22ish for December….ouch.

  5. IdahoSpud

    Hi Yves,
    Please don’t be ashamed about being an honorary economist. None of us are completely beyond redemption :)

  6. lambert strether

    “Honorable economist…” Now that would be a contradiction in terms.

    But honorary? Congratulations, and grab some of those jumbo shrimp at the reception for the rest of us…

  7. kravitz

    Wasn’t there a story about dishonorable economists a few days ago? Glad you ain’t one o’ those!

    Stuff to ponder while you’re whiling away the hours…

    Mr. Norris.

    “MBIA, an insurance company whose very existence is imperiled because it underestimated the risks involved in mortgage lending, says the banks owe it billions because they lied about the mortgages backing securities that MBIA insured. The insurer’s financial statements show it is solvent in large part because that money will be coming in.

    The banks disagree. Their financial statements reflect no such obligation.”

    MBIA Fights Banks for Its Life

    BofA gets a bailout. And all the bond insurer got was a lousy t-shirt.

  8. Doc Holiday

    While your there, ask about the Double Dip!

    Most difficult budget year for states ever

    Next year “will actually be the most difficult budget year for states ever,” said Nicholas Johnson, director of the state fiscal project at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington. “If you look at the gap between the cost of providing public services and the revenue available to provide them, it remains very large.”

  9. KnotRP

    Honorary Economist? That would be an unpaid liar…hold out for the pay, before you give up your credibility, Yves!

  10. okl

    that’s nice, hopefully we get some new type of economist! the profession is in serious disrepute… they can’t agree on the causes of the recession, but they can agree on their hypothesis (ideologies)… sounds like idiocy.

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