Links 3/1/11

Life origins clue from meteorite BBC

First Probe To Orbit Mercury Will Answer Big Questions

Vodafone scrambles to recover as burglary disconnects thousands Independent (hat tip reader Buzz Potamkin)

Refugee crisis on Libya’s west border BBC

Don’t expect autocratic oil to flow smoothly Nick Butler, Financial Times

Democrats call for an investigation of law firm, 3 tech companies Washington Post (hat tip reader furzy mouse). Whoddathunkit?

Resolution Supporting Ending the War in Afghanistan Now and Transferring the Funding to Job Creation, other Crucial Domestic Priorities and Deficit Reduction AlterNet (hat tip reader furzy mouse)

WI Update: Protesters Allowed to Stay Overnight in Capitol Indefinitely, Walker’s Gross ‘Meet the Press’ Appearance AlterNet (hat tip reader furzy mouse)

Walker Would Lose if Wisconsin Election Held Today, Says New Poll Dave Dayen, FireDogLake. So much for the myth that his union-busting reflects popular will.

Citi under fire over disclosure Financial Times. In case you missed it..

They are Just Trade Agreements, not “Free-Trade” Agreements Dean Baker

China’s Highly Unequal Economy Victor Shih, The Diplomat

China Holdings of US Treasuries Revised Up 30%; An Unsustainable Model Michael Shedlock

Fewer in U.S. deem homeownership a safe investment Reuters (hat tip Matt Stoller). Note the 20 point decline.

The overpayers’ club Steve Waldman

Reforming finance: are we being radical enough? Adair Turner (hat tip reader Vlad)

Antidote du jour (hat tip Buzz Potamkin):


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      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        I was going to say the taxpayer with her hair standing on end after another congressional hearing on the Fed.

        I guess not.

  1. Jessica6

    As for Walker, is it possible for voters to stage a recall like what was done in California several years ago?

  2. Chicken Little

    re: Fewer in U.S. deem homeownership a safe investment

    Perhaps, instead of concerning themselves about the actual product they are buying, people should ask themselves whether *anything* is a good “investment” when they are leveraging 20 or 30 to one.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        Not afraid of fearing, I fear to ask the next question – Where did life on meteors come from?

          1. craazyman

            youse guys beat me to it. LOL

            here’s what happened. forget the meteors. you have to think in more than 3 dimensions and then you have to think in terms of life actually existing in more than 3 dimensions, then you have to figure that the space aliens came by and extruded the life force into 3 dimensions by spraying something like they do on farms just to get the molecules going. And then you have to understand that they monkeyed (no pun intended) with the dna on far more than one occassions. and then I think that gets closer to it. closer than the meteors. LOL. Much of this is in the Old Testament of the Bible. Michaelangelo painted a metaphorical picture of it.

            Who would you believe? The Bible and Michaelangelo? or a Scientist? ;)

    1. Tertium Squid

      Clever, laundering the story through a Fox aggregator.

      The report is from 2009, was generated by a contractor, and though the headline takes it seriously, the story doesn’t.

      “Regardless of the report’s findings, U.S. officials and outside analysts said the Pentagon, the Treasury Department and U.S. intelligence agencies are not aggressively studying the threats to the United States posed by economic warfare and financial terrorism.

      “Nobody wants to go there,” one official said.”

      It sounds more like the report was generated to provide support for expanding military efforts into financial markets, but ultimately it was decided that such a role was not suitable for our military (at least not publicly).

      The report DOES have a hilarious line, though:

      “Unfortunately, the two major strategic threats, radical jihadists and the Chinese, are among the best positioned in the economic battle space.”

      Business is war by other means? Wait, war is BUSINESS by other means.

    2. Paul Repstock

      I still think it was the Martians who did it because they were mad about us spoiling their view with space junk.

  3. thump

    Democrats can demand an investigation like this because they know there’s no way Republicans will do anything they want. In fact, they probably confirmed this with Republicans before they made their demand.

    1. Ina Deaver

      Oh Thump, you’ve been paying attention, haven’t you?

      Without looking at the names on the letter, I suspect you are right. There is a small group that are genuinely against the destruction of civil liberties that has snowballed since 2001, but they spend a lot of time ranting to an empty House. Unfortunately, on balance, I’d say that you are probably right about this particular move.

  4. Jim Goad sucks Koch

    “Hello, Jim, it’s your Mother here. I didn’t want to write this. And I apologize for sending this to The eXiled, but I didn’t know how else to reach you. Jimmy, please listen to me just this one time. Stop embarrassing yourself. Please, I beg you….

    ….here’s what I really want to say to you, Jimmy, my son: Stop groveling. Please, for once in your life, stop groveling to rich Republicans.

    Five minutes a day of not groveling to billionaire Republican rightwingers, that’s all I ask. Can you at least try it?

  5. Otter

    The overpayers’ club : “Commodification is a reasonable framework for managing trade in corn and manufactured goods…”

    It is also a reasonable framework for managing cattle, as merchants, service providers private and public, recreation, media, politicians, fast food outlets, and indeed restaurants such as we can hope to enter.

    1. Paul Repstock

      Don’t go long politicians, they are way overbought. Hopefully we will see a market correction soon.

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