Links 4/7/11

Australian rats scurry to desert en masse after rains BBC

Can dogs really smell cell phones? FTAlphaville

Preventing blasts a focus at Japan nuclear plant AP. Behind the Pythonesque headline, signs of progress in the struggle to get the reactor complex under control.

Fermilab Physicists Have Detected A Possible New Particle or New Force PopSci

Johnson & Johnson’s Quality Catastrophe BusinessWeek (hat tip reader Francois T)

Amazon crowned the most reputable company in the US Tech Spot

Farmers look to earn their corn with new storage bins Financial Times

A Hot Idea Falls Short at Goldman Wall Street Journal

Ex-Enron CEO Jeff Skilling denied new trial BBC

Portugal’s PM calls on EU for bailout The Guardian. Portugal finally folds.

Europe’s Subprime Quagmire Project Syndicate. Directionally correct, but starry-eyed about the US stress tests, which only look good when compared with the European ones.

Lehman Creditors ‘Seriously’ Consider Proposing Competing Plan Bloomberg. Not much left of Lehman, but the fight over the scraps goes on, and on.

A Potential Left-Right Consensus For Financial Reform? A Telling Example with the Miller-Moore Amendment. Rortybomb. Congress doing its thing.

Why is Paul Ryan’s Budget Trying to Dismantle Financial Reform? Mike Konczal again, at New Deal 2.0 this time; Paul Ryan doing his thing.

Antidote du jour:

Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 3.52.01 AM

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  1. rjs

    FT made a story about a corn storage boom where there really isnt one:

    The US Department of Agriculture counts 12.5bn bushels of capacity on US farms, 900m more than four years ago.

    which is about a 7% increase in capacity over 4 years…

  2. Jefferson

    Thanks for the heads up on Johnson and Johnson products. I had no idea the company was being so royally mismanaged, and that harmful, tainted and defective products were causing widespread harm to everyone’s health.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      When future archaeologists (say in 2311) dig up the remains of people today, they will find them so intermingled with metal/plastic parts that they can’t tell whether they have a human with Johnson and Johnson metal/plastic implants or a robot repaired with human parts (shortage of Japeanese factory parts, maybe?).

  3. Animal lover

    Today’s “Antidote” is SO sweet: a money center bank (L) and an investment bank, both deeply troubled by draconian regulatory reforms.

  4. Jim Haygood

    Crude oil reaches $110 a barrel in late trading, thanks to the mad inflationists at the Federal Reserve.

    Ben Bernanke’s fraud exceeds that of Jeff Skilling by orders of magnitude, as he steals purchasing power from every holder of dollar balances with his kited-check Treasury purchases.

    Indict the bald-domed buffoon already! :-(

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