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Man high on bath salts kills neighbor’s goat, police say Charleston Gazette (hat tip Buzz Potamkin)

Bin Laden cost US taxpayers over $2,000bn Financial Times

Official Bin Laden Story Changes in Various Places Dave Dayen, FireDogLake

War Redux Adam Hochschild, TomDispatch

Michael Moore: ‘Bin Laden Wasn’t Killed, He Was Executed’ The Wrap

Half-baked news from Abbottabad John Gapper, Financial Times

Bin Laden’s Death Ends ‘Favorite Excuse’ to Crush Arab Spring Bloomberg (hat tip Richard Smith)

Pakistan: Caught off-guard Financial Times

Robert Fisk: Was he betrayed? Of course. Pakistan knew Bin Laden’s hiding place all along Independent (hat tip Richard Smith)

A peek into one of the deepest little cesspits in Europe David Malone (hat tip Richard Smith)

Libertarians Looking Vaguely in the Direction of Apostasy Mike Kimel, Angry Bear

The century of old age MacroBusiness

Regulatory Actions Related to Foreclosure Activities by Large Servicers and Practical Implications for Community Banks FDIC. A write up of the Foreclosure Task Force review of 2800 loans. Despite the formality of the report, it does not appear to add much to previous disclosures. In particular, we criticized the Federal regulators for doing what in large measure was a garbage in, garbage out analysis, taking the servicers’ representations of borrower payments, how they were applied (to fees versus interest and principal) and the appropriateness of charges at face value. As various academic studies have reported and more recent news stories have suggested, there is good reason to believe that in quite a few cases, the fees were inappropriate and/or inflated.

Lloyds Banking Group reports loss on PPI provisions BBC (hat tip Richard Smith)

Foreclosures nationwide began to climb again in March Jacksonville Times-Union

Antidote du jour:

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    1. Philip Pilkington

      You shove them up your nose — like cocaine. Not all bath-salts, though — it has to contain mephadrone (

      The UK and Ireland had a big problem with this legal high — also known as ‘meow-meow’ — about a year ago. Online companies were marketing mephadrone as ‘bath-salts’ and selling it to punters. ‘Head shops’ — that is, shops that smell like dope and sell bongs — then began selling it over the counter.

      In Dublin there was a famous ‘head shop’ that opened up right beside a rave club in the City Center. It was quite funny, you’d see a long queue of people waiting to get into the club — and an equally long queue of people waiting to get into the head shop.

      The problem got pretty bad after a while. I remember being in a bar in Dalkey — one of the most affluent suburbs in Dublin — while I was waiting for a drink I struck up a conversation with a guy who was clearly off his bean. At the crowded bar he took out a bag of mephadrone and said, quite loudly, “You wanna do some meph?” Everyone sort of looked at him but no one really knew what to say. It wasn’t illegal — and people knew it. So you couldn’t call the cops or anything.

      Another problem was that drug-dealers started losing business because the mephadrone was far cheaper than cocaine and MDMA and the like. So they started beating up head shop owners and burning out head shops — to the cheers, somewhat ironically, of anti-drug campaigners!

      Anyway, both Britain and Ireland banned it a while ago — but people still buy it off the net. Still, the blatentness of the whole thing has subsided… for the better, perhaps.

      1. lambert strether

        Er, copy edit?

        I don’t think you meant to say “You have them up your nose.”

        I think you meant to say “I’ve heard you shove them up your nose”….


      2. BondsOfSteel

        It’s starting to be a problem in the PNW. A lot of the methheads are switching to the legal ‘Bath Salt’s.

        That and all the potheads are smoking Salvia.

        (BOS <- Smart… and does neither)

    2. Philip Pilkington

      Incidentally, according to that Wiki article, the US has yet to ban it:

      “In the USA, this only applies if the drug is sold for human consumption, allowing it to be sold legally if labelled as ‘plant food’ or ‘bath salts’.”

      Wait for it. The news stories will start to filter through. The media will break into an hysteria — trust me, I have no love for mephedrone being sold as ‘bath salts’, but the media goes completely over the top on this one. Senators and Congressmen will kick up a huge fuss — to garner votes from terrified parents. And it will be banned.

      Still though, you know they’ll never get rid of Clarky Cat…

      1. Cedric Regula

        In CA we use it for marihuana plant food, then it’s legal if you have a glaucoma subscription. Keeps everyone happy…

  1. what will they think of next

    Who knew you could get high snorting bath salts? I can see it now: a 12-step program for bath salt addicts. More proof this country is in the toilet, so to speak.

  2. Richard Kline

    Regarding Robert Fisk’s comments on the Osama Drama, I have had no doubt for years that Pakistan’s highest echelon knew and know where the remnant figures of what was called al Qaeda are. And I find the present narrative on ‘how Osama was tracked’ ridiculous on the face of it. Eight months those in DC want us to believe that they knew where the guy was but just couldn’t make up their minds on what to do about it? Absurd: the risk that Osama might slip away would have been ridiculously high. What seems firmer (because harder to conceal) is the ‘sometime in February’ date when planning for the flit-and-hit operation began seriously. February . . . wasn’t that when the Pakistanis threw a CIA asset in prison and demanded the extensive network of assassinators the US had emplanted in Pakistan be withdrawn forthwith? Which they reportedly were post haste? Yeah; that month. That seemed to me, too, a major victory for Pakistan over the US, all that backing down to get the release of _one murdering spy_. Getting the US network shutdown must surely have been a non-negotiable, absolute priority of those who run Pakistan, but the freedom of one spy seems like a pretty punk buy to get all that. What do YOU think they paid to get that network shut down, folks?

    Osama. He has always been a bargaining chip, useful to the Pakistanis so long as the US wanted him. But as we may have heard, ‘jihadi futures’ are plunging in price, and the US is making more than vague noises about ‘building down the Af-Pak thing.’ Great time to trade that tired carcass, methinks. Of course the higher-ups in Pakistan wouldn’t want any such deal known, and so are ‘surprised that they were surprised by this foreign action.’ Yeah, right. Not all of the Pakistani ISI may have been down with this is it unwound so, either, all the more reason for mums the word amongst those in Pakistan themselves.

    Far too much is made of Osama bin Laden. He was, from beginning to end, a propagandist, not an operations man. He didn’t plan ‘the Big Wedding.’ It’s not even clear that he knew what was really going on in detail, a real problem for getting a conviction under due process of law, think of him what you choose. His organization was essentially destroyed some eight years ago, and he has been a fugitive in a gilded cage for most of that time, waiting for the betrayal he must have known would come when his handlers felt the price for him was best. It says everything of this event that Ayman al-Zawahiri was _not_ given up/’tracked down.’ al-Zawahiri, the far more capable organizational guy who might have some operational value to those giving him shelter, and who may live to boom again. Notwithstanding all the shuck-and-jive of explanation on this, was Osama exectured? Of course he was: that has been standard procedure for closing the book on central terrorists in organizations with a likelihood of staging ‘set them free’ follow-on attacks. People like this are almost never taken alive as a deliberate policy decision. Dem’s da breaks if you’re in the terror game.

    The jihadis have been a declining force. Events of the last few months have rendered them trivial to any but those fixed on revenge or the past; or on the accounting line that is still being budgeted to ‘find those guys.’ The real world has turned on from this man and his ambitions. His name isn’t worth further pixels, in my view.

    1. Philip Pilkington

      “Far too much is made of Osama bin Laden. He was, from beginning to end, a propagandist, not an operations man. He didn’t plan ‘the Big Wedding.’”

      Very true. Bin Laden, as I’ve said before, was a rich kid with a big ego — that’s it really. He was a useful source of money for some down and out guerrillas that had lost US support after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan came to an end.

      “Al-Zawahiri, the far more capable organizational guy who might have some operational value to those giving him shelter, and who may live to boom again.”

      Not so sure about that. Al-Zawahiri also suffers from rich-kid-big-ego syndrome. He also seems more of an ideologue than a real Leninesque organisational figure. The difference between him and bin Laden is that he tends to stay in the background — that’s all, really.

      Here’s a rule-of-thumb that’s pretty much applicable to every terrorist group in history. When you have a group that’s so extreme that they believe the masses don’t ‘understand the truth’ due to their ‘false consciousness’ (e.g. Al-Quida — but also: the Real IRA and Baader-Meinhof), they’ll never be anything but a bunch of fanatics. These groups don’t seek broad popular support — like say, the PLO and the PKK — because they enjoy being ‘elitist’. What’s more these groups will always — ALWAYS — burn out in irrelevance. But not before they scare the be-jaysus out of most civilians and military authorities.

      1. Arcadiana

        “Here’s a rule-of-thumb that’s pretty much applicable to every [terrorist] group in history. When you have a group that’s so extreme that they believe the masses don’t ‘understand the truth’ due to their ‘false consciousness’… they’ll never be anything but a bunch of fanatics.”

        Remove the word “terrorist” and this applies to many of the commenters on this site.

        1. Philip Pilkington

          No, no, Arcadiana, you’re talking nonsense… you just don’t see the truth — you’re all wrapped up in false consciousness. Here, hold this suspicious looking brown package while I go grab a donut… *runs*

    1. Lurker

      Don’t worry, they’ve probably struck out on their own or in other firms taking loyal clients with them. The legal field continues to expand apace. Over a million lawyers and counting…

      1. Philip Pilkington

        Is there a reason they would do this in a recession? My thinking would be that it would very dangerous to ‘go it alone’ amidst economic uncertainty — much better to tie yourself to a big firm.

        If they have gone it alone, maybe that’s a sign of how bad it is for the legal profession…

        1. Lurker

          It’s not like recessions are not good for the legal profession. During recessions, there are forclosures, bankruptcies, divorces, more crime…

          It’s the high-end legal work for businesses that suffers.

          1. Philip Pilkington

            Well, I’m just looking at the figure and it appears that the big firms are laying people off. If that means a step down from corporate law to family law, then so be it. It just look like the figures indicate that the legal profession is suffering…

  3. del

    “The century of old age”, otherwise known as the first century of people not dying so young. It’s just a fact that in a stable, steady-state population with a median age at death of 70, then half the living population will be over 70. What would we prefer instead, Logan’s Run?

    Having even more children is not a solution to the “problem” of people living longer, because that is literally a pyramid scheme, and it’s not pretty when pyramid schemes finally collapse, least of all for the last subscribers, in this case the last and biggest generation of young people before the ecosystem suddenly collapses. Having everyone die younger is a kind of solution, but not one I want. I want to live longer.

    What the employer class are going to want is for themselves to live indefinitely, while members of the employed classes conveniently die when they’re too old to work hard for low wages.

      1. del

        That’s the median age of people alive now, not the median age at death. In a stable, steady state, non-booming population, the two should be the same. The fact that one is so much less than the other shows that the US has an unsustainable age pyramid, due to births and immigration. The only two ways to keep that 36.9 median, and that pyramidal age profile, are to keep having more new young people at an exponentially-growing rate, or to kill off old people.

        1. Robert Dudek

          “That’s the median age of people alive now, not the median age at death. In a stable, steady state, non-booming population, the two should be the same.”

          No you are completely wrong. Let’s simplify things and say everyone alive today will one day die exactly at age 70. Will the median current age be 70? No.

          Another way to look at it is by individual. Suppose someone is destined to live to 95. That means that in any given year they will be somewhere between the age of 0 and 95. If you choose a random year of their life, the median of that sample will be roughly 47.5.

          That number quoted is not the median age of DEATH, but rather the median CURRENT age of all people alive right now. And since it’s impossible to be born and go right to age 70 and then die within the same year, the median age of death will never be the same as the median current age of the populace.

          1. del

            *Slaps forehead* Of course, you’re right.

            And because my error was so bizarre, I feel I ought to explain how I got to that state. I’ve been thinking recently about what it would be like if we finally beat all aging and all age-related diseases, and people’s lives became potentially infinite. In that case, we would still have death by accidents and other causes, but we can assume they would be constant through time on average, and not related to how old you are at the moment. Under such circumstances, humans would have a –half life–, like radioactive atoms. In a steady state population of such people, the age of a randomly-chosen person would be anywhere between zero and infinity, with a median at the half life (say it was 110 years: you would have a fifty percent chance of living to that age, and fifty percent of the people you encountered would have done so).

            I’ve been spending so much time thinking about this future world that I completely forgot we don’t live in it today! Sorry for the brain fade.

          2. del again

            [continued… I think I’m being kicked into moderation for comment length, and who knows, if I keep posting like this I may be kicked into moderation for volume of comments]

            I’ll stand by my major points, though:

            1) growing old is good, because it beats the alternative.

            2) the older the people grow, the smaller a proportion of the population the under-forties make up in a steady state.

            3) a constant situation of high proportion of under-forties can be sustained only two ways: let the old die, or keep expanding the population. The former I don’t agree with, and the latter is unsustainable.

        2. nullPointer deReferrence

          stand by my major points,


          Your only mistake was to say, “Sorry for the brain fade.”. Your first premise was just as correct as your major points except for the minor omission of one factor, the factor of two. I think that what you were thinking was simply, “The median age at death should approach twice the median age of the living, under steady-state conditions”. Population expansion is not steady state thus median age of living should diverge downward during expansion. Increasing longevity is also not steady-state thus also diverging the two constants. Something I never thought of before


  4. dearieme

    It seems pointless to me to try to pick holes in the story of how the intelligence was gathered for the Osama raid. In such matters it is the duty of the intelligence services to lie.

    On the contrary, in matters concerning the raid itself it may be the duty of the military people not to lie (though they seem to me to be under no general obligation to tell the whole truth). But, because they assume that their fellow Americans are largely gullible hicks, they lie anyway.

    1. Cedric Regula

      On the other hand, I’m rather relieved that we and the press and hollywood will not need to determine whether bin Laden is a military combatant or indeed a civilian protected by the US Constitution, and then be faced with the task of finding bin Laden’s birth certificate in order to validate extradition requests from his true country of citizenship, which could be anywhere from Saudi Arabia to Afganistan to Pakistan, or even Yemen, Sudan, Brazil and Russia.

      I’m content to leave well enough alone.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        One day, people will be born on Mars and they will have no Earthian rights, unless they fake their birth certificates.

        Many will be illegal aliens caught (after their flying objects have been identified) trying to enter Earth without their green cards. When asked to produce such, all the Green Men have the same Zen response: Why cut down non-existing Martian trees (and contemplate what sound it makes) to manufacture eco-unfriendly cards when we carry Greeness in our skin?

  5. wunsacon

    >> Bin Laden cost US taxpayers over $2,000bn Financial Times

    My calculation differs from FT’s.

    OBL + our idiotic response = perfect storm:
    – 3,000 dead on 911
    – 200,000+ dead in Iraq
    – $2 trillion direct on wars
    – white collar law enforcement gutted to staff homeland spy agencies
    – housing bubble and financial crisis, $5+ trillion
    – police state (“priceless!”)

    1. col_lib

      Add at least 1 trillion for health care for those veterans for the next 50-60 years.

  6. ajax

    I was very impressed with David Malone’s blog, where the
    blog post “A peek into one of the deepest little
    cesspits in Europe” appeared. His blog helped me to
    better understand the troubles in the Euro Zone.

    Now, Portugal has opted to accept a bail-out from the IMF
    and others. Jose Socrates is now caretaker/interim
    Prime Minister of Portugal till elections in June.
    Perhaps the situation in Portugal is worthy of being
    brought up in NC links till the June elections?

  7. Valissa

    FYI, new political typology released from Pew Research…

    Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology

    Decent overview of that report at The Fix today…

    The misunderstood independent

    In politics, it’s often tempting to put independents somewhere in the middle of Republicans and Democrats, politically. They identify somewhere in between the two, so they must be moderates, right? A new study from the Pew Research Center suggests that’s not so true anymore.

    Independents, in fact, are a fast-growing and increasingly diverse group that both parties are going to need to study and understand in the years ahead. … Just six years ago, only 30 percent of Americans identified as independents. Today, that number is 37 percent. And while growing so fast (and 7 percent in six years is fast), they are also diversifying very quickly, with strongly divergent views between different groups of independents.

    Pew identifies three different kinds of independents. Libertarians and Disaffecteds are 21 percent of registered voters and lean towards Republicans; Post-Moderns are 14 percent and lean towards Democrats.

    A look at their views on issues shows those three groups can often be among the most extreme on a given topic. Disaffecteds, for example, believe in helping the needy more than most Democrats. Libertarians side with business more than even the solidly Republican Staunch Conservatives. And Post-Moderns accept homosexuality more than most Democrats.

    The three independents groups are also less religious, on the whole, than either Republicans or most Democrats. … While the middle of the road is often the best track to getting independent votes, the data suggests that may appeal to one set of independents but irritate another.

    Not sure why one has to be “downscale and cynical” to be labeled disaffected, I would think “cynical” would cover it (how about folks who are upscale and cynical?). Given how our politicians act these days,”cynical” probably describes most Americans. Too bad there’s not a category for “pissed off at how stupid the current political system is.” Guess those folks would fall under “bystander” depsite that being a rather passive term.

    Despite it’s limitations the new typology is a big improvement over the standard Left-Right-Center paradigm. As an Independent voter, I can relate somewhat to the Postmodern, Disaffected and Bystander categories.

  8. Tertium Squid

    Old Age:

    Better have some kids, or be nice to someone else’s. Make sure someone cares whether or not you starve when you are too old to work.

    There’s a reason the prophets talk so much about looking after the widows and the fatherless. Widows enjoying carefree declining years is not the historical norm.

    1. laVoce diManrico

      nice to someone else’s. Make sure someone cares

      ~~Tertium Squid~

      Got it! Should we celebrate Mother Day, or should we celebrate Aunt/Uncle day? Does Mother Day encourage teens to get pregnant then dump child off on Granny? If more people chose to will their loot to a niece/nephew than to personally procreate, personally generate another hungry mouth, could we be more like the Chinese who teach us the One-child-ism? Lets inwardly celebrate G-mother/Padrino Day. Let’s send chocolates to the Aunt/Uncle we admire. Let’s do it!

      Just do it

  9. Valissa

    Most hilarious Osama headline I’ve seen so far… it evens seems to be based in reality for a change, how refreshing! LOL…

    Osama Loved American Soda and His Property Was Surrounded by Pot [Updated]

    According to a Pakistani grocer whose store is just 150 feet from Bin Laden’s compound, whenever Bin Laden’s aides would come shopping, they would always leave with multiple cases of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The grocer said they never showed any favor to either brand, and that the men would leave with enough food and beverages for 10 people.

    A message to advertisers: “So good not even Osama could resist it” might be an interesting slogan.

    Update: Reporting from Abbottabad today, CNN’s Nic Robertson discovered rows of marijuana plants mingling with the cabbage and potato crops that bordered Bin Laden’s hideout. Pakistan is well known for its opium poppy trade, but marijuana is a rarity compared to other pot-growing locales around the world. People are now theorizing that the weed was there for Bin Laden, who was in pretty poor health and could have used something to dull his pains. If true, the dope-smoking, Coke-swilling terrorist was a hypocrite of tremendous proportions.

  10. NVSN Murthy, Independent Researcher

    Easing Life and Economic Crisis
    Economics and Life – Rationalized, Humanized and Harmonized
    A New Economic Philosophy with a Human Face
    MY contribution to MY people of MY planet

    Happiness of the people is the real economy of a nation and all other things are traps.

    The mechanism that makes the people happy is called economics.

    An easy route to eliminate economic crisis, if any:
    De-linking of economy from economics is the simplest solution to economic crisis.

    Measures for stable economy:
    Insulate, do not isolate, economy and economics from GDP, Sensex, Forex and Inflation. This ensures stable economy. Also helps for speedy and effective recovery from economic crisis, if any.

    GDP, Forex, Sensex and Inflation are not the elements of economy; therefore they cannot measure the economy of a nation.

    Economic policies:
    Evaluate first, then adopt and finally adapt since economics is a subjective subject with objectives subjective and role-sensitive.

    Inflation is the market-exaggerated disproportion in the production, distribution and consumption of goods, services and wealth. Therefore, this planning-sensitive element is not a relevant parameter for effective assessment of the economy since the imbalances disappear either by planting preventive measures or timely corrective actions or permanently installed system controls for timely actuation of precisely installed regulators.

    Agriculture is the epicenter of economy, thus, no nation can survive if its farmer is suffering since agriculture and the mechanics of economics are the two reactants rigidly controlling and producing the final product generally being referred to as “Economy”, which too is directly proportional to the speed at which a nation moves its men, material and money and, is accurately measurable for specifying its index by an economist who has sensibly blended fundamentals with commonsense and constantly qualifying himself as a precise tool for the intended job.

    Real asset value of a nation:
    Money in circulation is the real asset value of a nation since it is the only asset working for the nation, hence, the higher the better.

    Bedrocks of economic growth:
    Fair play, benefit-balancing and cooperation are the keystones that accelerate economic growth, disturbing them destroy nations.

    Numbers & Digits:
    Economists not isolating economy and economics from numbers and digits destroy their nations.

    Wealth can neither be created nor destroyed, but it transforms into several forms and possesses enormous potential to alter the dynamics of economics, its misplacement or displacement causes proportionate degree of imbalances in the economy.

    Money accumulation does not mean wealth acquisition since money seldom measures the strength of a nation or individual, more so, yellow metal.

    Cooperation is the orthocenter of economy and is directly proportional to the need and inversely proportional to the greed of the nations. Nations necessarily viewing cooperation as basic necessity become all-time rich.

    If we invade the fundamental theories and principles of economy and economics, these vital topics become no more understandable.

    Economic Sanctity:
    Economics becomes Agonymics if self removes economics from social science and merges it with politics to suit. If it happens, economics no more deals with production, distribution and consumption of goods, services and wealth.

    Mystery of Economics:
    Unlike sciences, engineering and mathematics – economics can be poured into any vessel of any shape or size. This is the simplicity and also the fluidity of this volatile subject and the same is the complexity too, thus, the so-called turbulence.

    Challenges with Economy & Economics:
    Economics is NOT a universal subject like mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. This subjective subject is ethnic, role-sensitive, need-sensitive, nation-sensitive, time-sensitive and greed-sensitive since problems are different for different people, different for different nations and different in different times and situations. Thus, the principles of economy and economics must be different to suit the occasion and must change constantly to keep pace with the change in time and situation, if not; rigidity induces fractures and finally, failures.

    Cause of economic crisis:
    We are adding confusion and complicating economics and economy for supplementing and complementing our interests.

    Nation’s Health:
    Wealth is not a measure of nation’s health.

    The economic growth of a nation is directly proportional to the speed at which the nation moves its men, material and money. However, safety and cost-effectiveness are vital considerations.

    Wear, which is everywhere, is the single largest employer of our world, also, the biggest controller of economy, economics and growth of our planet. Thus, apply an ultra-sensitive balance to balance it, trying to eliminate wear is a futile exercise.

    Business is not the business of the government. Therefore, government must not involve in any commercial activity since their only business is governance, policy making, administration, safety and security of the people, food and health security, draught and flood control, conservation of wildlife and forests, pollution and inflation control, infrastructure development, distribution of goods and services, environmental protection, public service, standardization, rationalization and simplification of rules, regulations and procedures.

    If rules are not simpler, bitter will be the result.

    Farmer’s Role:
    Politicians in power seldom comeback to power by ignoring farmer, politicians aspiring power seldom come to power by ignoring farmer, political parties ignoring farmer do not survive.

    Cost of Price:
    Since everything comes from nothing, the initial cost of everything is zero, as the value adds up, so does the price.

    Cost of Nothing:
    Nothing is free since everything comes from nothing; similarly, nothing is free though everything comes from nothing.

    Nothing is impossible since impossibilities are time-sensitive, person-sensitive; therefore, let us continue to chase for solutions.

    Only a change can change a change and change alone can challenge a change along with the inevitable uncertainties associated with every change. These are the real challenges of life for the present and future generations.

    Rate of change:
    The rate at which changes take place is more relevant than the change itself since time is changing at constant rate.

    Uncertainty is more certain and more inevitable than the most inevitable change and challenges. Thus, entrepreneurs must be more vigilant than never before since emerging technologies demanding abrupt changes need abnormal potential to absorb changes and challenges associated.

    Working against nature is unnatural and abusive, therefore – work along with nature since nature is the greatest teacher with principles as rigid as rigid can be.

    Willing to fail puts life on positive mode, unwilling to fail causes distress, disease and death, more so, a jealousy-less man is a disease-free man, also an immortal. Finally, envy less to enjoy more, also to envisage much more.

    Commonsense is the essence of all kinds of knowledge available to human beings on earth. Therefore, commonsense has become the most uncommon commodity on earth ever since the birth of earth. Unfortunately this priceless commodity is becoming more and more uncommon day-by-day, therefore due to its unavailability, we seldom apply this priceless commodity to solve problems.

    Humanity is a better tag than nationality.

    Let us live together since we came alone and go alone.

    Oneness is better than own-ness.

    Welcome Ideas:
    Welcoming ideas means inviting inventions, knowledge, progress and prosperity since a closed mouth cannot catch flies.

    Problems in progress:
    Snubbing ideas means shrinking progress and prosperity.

    Source of smiles:
    Good people give smiles, other give tears; we carry these fruits when we quit this world.

    Truth vs Fact:
    We seldom seek truth since we are comfortable with facts.

    God and His University:
    God is universal. So, He is not different for different people. If God is different for different people, HE is no more a God.

    Ideas are more valuable than ideologists since every idea is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and carries the potential to change the world.

    Woman knows where the shoe pinches most; therefore their involvement is vital in decision-making process.

    Do it today since tomorrow is too late for a good job.

    The more you give, the more you get – both wages and satisfaction.

    We need to save something for a rainy-day which is bound to come to all of us, one day or the other.

    If I am stocking something for tomorrow, I am depriving someone who needs it today (.) Stocking something for tomorrow is depriving someone who needs that something today.

    No one has the potential of doing nothing since doing nothing is unachievable, but the dead can do it, thus, impossibilities are not only time sensitive, person-sensitive, position-sensitive and place-sensitive, but also, state-sensitive. This is called “Nori Sensitivity Theory / Nori State Theory (NST)”.

    Tomorrow is not there for animals and other forms of life that are wiser than human beings. For reasons best known to us, we did not buy this philosophy and therefore, we became unwise. Thus, we started acquiring things for tomorrow ignoring the fact that tomorrow’s existence and its availability to us is entirely in the hands of tomorrow. Finally, we must realize a fact that tomorrow is only in the hands of tomorrow; whereas, today is in our hands, therefore, let us contribute something today instead of waiting for tomorrow.

    Words have no meaning of their own since they are subjective, user-sensitive and not objective. Hence this world is a battle field for definitions.

    Nature (The Greatest Teacher):
    Nations adopting nature’s laws become healthy, wealthy and peaceful.

    Nori’s Global Peace Pill:
    Do not do for others what you do not want others to do for you.

    Body and pain, body and soul, pain and gain, day and night, light and heat, noise and vibration are inseparables, do not waste time for this.

    Failure and success are like day and night, ignore them and strive for stability.

    Never aim at perfection because it is not there.
    No one is perfect since everyone is perfecting imperfection.
    Perfection is nowhere since imperfection is being perfected everywhere.

    End result:
    We do not become best by doing our best; we become best only by doing what is required.

    Statics and Dynamics:
    Be dynamic since nothing on earth is static, including earth.

    Cause & Cure of Death:
    Death means unwillingness to change.

    Our World:
    Mad people think others are mad, others think the other way round, no one knows who is really mad since everyone is mad in his own way – this is the real beauty of our wonder world wonderful enough to keep life going in a wonderfully wonderful manner.

    Love loves the love lovely; the love loved by love loves the love lovely and lovingly.

    Misuse and abuse are inevitable for things that are in use.

    Composition of life:
    God fills life with little satisfaction and large dissatisfaction.

    Hidden World:
    This is a hidden world since everyone is hiding something.

    Talent gives competency, cleverness gives success.

    Consistency is better than Excellency.

    Consistency is better than Excellency.

    Lust for luxuries lessens life on earth.

    Humanity is the manifestation of godliness and help is the final product form.

    Commonsense is the essence of all kinds of knowledge and wisdom, thus the scarcity.

    We underperform since we undermine learning.

    We often misunderstand because it is easy to do so.

    Bends in life:
    Every bend on the road need not be a bend in life.

    Life is uncertain because death is certain.

    Distribution of Strength & Stamina:
    God gives strength to men and stamina to women.

    Everyone is mad since no one is glad.

    Curiosity causes creativity, create it.

    Satisfy with earning, not with learning.

    Remain as a student as long you remain on earth, this ensures success.

    Self-teaching is the best way of learning.

    Bad Learner:
    A poor listener is a bad learner and a very bad earner.

    Friction is responsible for industrial and population growth. This is the most sought-after element on earth.

    Study Campus:
    Campus qualifies to learn outside, pursue it.

    Study Results:
    Results mostly come from off-the campus learning, promote it.

    Time Sharing:
    Spare time to share with others.

    Inventors may be mad, not inventions.

    Every day is a turning point:
    Every day we turn a day, whether we work or not.

    No team is strong since a weak man is there in every team. For sure, failure takes place through the least path of resistance.

    Origin of life:
    Life originates from friction and fluids.

    Progress on earth:
    Progress of any kind is impossible without friction and fluids; wear is the single largest controller of economy and economics of our world since it effectively affects individuals, institutions, organizations and nations.

    Nothing on earth is pure since nature believes in doping.

    Purpose of life:
    The purpose of life is not only to live, also to support other lives.

    Brain robbery:
    Brain robbery is the biggest crime since it involves physical, mental, financial, virtue and morality loss, at times – the life itself.

    Love your society:
    Life without love for others is not a life, it something untold by life.

    Professional ethics:
    Buy ideas, do not copy, also discourage copying.

    No one becomes important unless and until someone gives it, this being regarded as recognition.

    Service to humanity:
    There is God in every genuine needy, help him to serve Him.

    Live to Love:
    Life is not for living; it is for loving.

    Certainty of life:
    In life, nothing is more certain than death.

    Qualification of work:
    A qualitative work does not qualify to work.

    Quality Work:
    A quantified work is a quality work.

    Adjectives in reports adjourn decisions.

    Do only one thing at a time:
    God gave us two eyes to see only one thing at a time, two ears to listen to only one thing at a time, two hands to do only one thing at a time and, two legs to reach one destination at a time. Therefore – the right way of doing many things at a time is to do only one thing at a time.

    We get what we deserve most:
    We cannot give anything to anyone, at the most, we can deliver something to someone granted by HIM and, HE gives us credit for delivering things granted by HIM.

    Effect of Failures:
    Failure seeds philosophy, changes psychology, imparts maturity and releases poetry.

    Life’s live mode:
    The purpose of life is to live, not to stay alive.

    Man created money and made it powerful too, thus the problems.

    Remuneration is for efforts and results, not for qualification or knowledge.

    We omit errors to invite mistakes and thereafter blunders; finally we give excuses or bite the dust.

    Knowledge, if not delivered, disappears.

    Seeds of progress:
    Wise men prefer to wear-out since they believe that – it is better to wear-out than to rust-out. Unless we dissatisfy with the things around, we do not think of something better, thus the achievement of betterment is achieved since – there is always a best way of doing anything even it were to boil an egg.

    Ruling cultures:
    Rules rule the negative minds; service rules the positive ones.

    Performance Standard:
    Aiming at quality without achieving consistency is absurd. Never discuss quality since the term “quality” is a relative term, not an absolute one. Quality of goods and quality of persons is one and the same since both insist reliability and dependability.

    Work produces output, contribution causes growth and innovation brings revolution.

    It needs an out-of-the-box imagination for understanding and development.

    Real failure:
    Failure to put efforts is the real failure since failure cannot fail efforts.

    Giving is gainful:
    Giving is an investment for gaining, it is neither expensive nor an expenditure. Thus, give liberally and expect the fruits and experiences for the goods you deliver.

    Real Challenge:
    If a change cannot change a change, it is no more a change. Ideally, minor changes must deliver mega changes (benefits), thus design of small changes for deriving mega changes is the real challenge of our world.

    Mind’s Rigidity:
    Egotism is the rigidity of mind in a flexible body. The degree of rigidity is the extent of brittleness – the inherent characteristic that causes cracks and failures. Open-mindedness and broadmindedness are the remedial measures that ensure success, peace and progress.

    Rational thinking and logical approach must be eyes of a true professional, deviation from this principle causes derailment.

    Genuine witness:
    Time tells truth since it is the biggest enemy of all liars and afraid of none.

    Biased leaders bypass progress.

    It is the insignificant portion of creativity passing through bureaucracy, i.e. net creativity.

    God gives eyes, we need to develop vision.

    Meeting is profitable:
    Meeting more people means meeting more success since knowledge, ideas and prosperity comes mostly from meeting people.

    Postponement postpones prosperity and attracts calamity.

    Ideas originate from imagination. Thus, ideas are imagination-sensitive. They are neither age-sensitive nor power-sensitive nor position sensitive. The talent conceives and the genius buys.

    Wine’s Wise Principle:
    We blame wine since it is drowns more people than the sea, but it is drowns just the people, on the other hand, egotism is killing innovation and creativity essential for the overall wellbeing of human life, animal life and plant life, this fact and its impact are getting ignored for reasons best known to all involved.

    NVSN Murthy (Nori Murthy), Independent Research Scientist (metallurgist), Age: 58, A temporary visitor on earth serving people and nations through re-scripting facts and fundamentals, Earthman (Indian), Caste: Peace, Religion: Progress, Community: Oneness, Race: Humanism, Nationality: Humanity, Profession: Service.

    Also, a passing visitor on earth melting hearts and merging people through humanity and friendship for causing peace, progress, prosperity and happiness to people and nations since life on earth is a one-time gift of GOD, hence, certainly worth living without causing and inviting tears.

    Place of birth: Indian soil
    Current address: Asian soil
    Present address: Planet earth
    Permanent address: Unknown
    Past address: Unknown
    Future address: Unknown
    Email address:

    Your esteemed award to Norinomics
    attracts many towards imaginative
    writing for a social cause.

    In economics, the majority is always wrong..John Kenneth Galbrait

    Without effort, qualification and talent seldom produce innovations … Scientist NVSN Murthy (Nori Murthy)

    We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them …. Albert Einstein

    The energy of mind is the essence of life… Aristotle
    Innovation is the central issue in economic crisis …. Michael Porter

    All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions …Leonardo da Vinci

    Commonsense is instinct, enough of it is genius … George Bernard Shaw

    Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes … Peter F. Drucker

    Season’s Greetings & Best Wishes
    for the Happy New Years in the pipeline

    May God bless the people and all other
    forms of life with health, happiness, friendship,
    oneness, humanity, peace and progress

    …… Not The End ……

    1. Rex

      The last time I replied (tongue-in-cheek) to a long rambling post, the post I replied to suddenly got truncated to a tiny fraction of its original size.

      It made my reply seem nonsensical to anyone seeing it in context with the now shortened post.

      On Murthy’s booklet, let’s see if I still have the juju.

  11. kevinearick

    the incredibly shrinking middle class ensures a tidal wave of foreclosures.

    Education, Income Property, & Children

    We had an agreement with the legacy families. Unless children chose of their own volition to become economic slaves or to join the ascension structure of masters, they were to be left alone until they were 18, to learn democracy as they see fit, to balance the naturally imploding legacy control economy, which provides the legacy families with control of the asset side of the balance sheet, in return for their historical investments.

    Through circulation, all real investment comes from expanding the horizon of democracy, in quantum leaps. Sustainable income, minus all the BS associated with the accounting fountain, is the balance. Elevator mechanics count their generations in 3s and farmers by 7s. Enterprise architects count theirs by increasing prime numbers. If you want the short-term money, by all means, go get it. Architects are focused on passing their genes to the next set of architects. That is their imperative. Currencies come and go, quite frequently, relative to democratic evolution.

    History is a stack function, with multiple dimensions, like time and direction. Farmers build the stack by acquiring land just outside the periphery of urbanization and swap it out, moving outward with growth. The intelligent ones ensure that their workers have all their basic needs met, plus an environment that delivers peace of mind, maximizing sustainability, NPV. In a structural contraction, devolution, the process is reversed (to plant the next democratic seed), the land is cleared, and the system is reset. Sheppard your property accordingly. Most of the agricultural land in the empire is toast, due to single-season, steroid crop seeding.

    Each kid is different, running through phases at their own pace. Sometimes they are quite logical and enjoy math. Sometimes they are quite emotional and enjoy art. Sometimes they are quite contemplative and enjoy literature. The trick to education is to let them work at their own pace in conjunction with the phase shift in which they are operating. And there is no more important learning than democracy, which is learned on the playground.

    If you have a student that can do a year’s worth of classroom work in a month, in order to get back out on the playground, you have a budding enterprise architect on your hands. If they want to play, let them play, and be sure to provide all the materials necessary to organize themselves into different sizes and types of teams. They will naturally rotate in and out of different activities.

    The problem, of course, is that most people choose to herd up like sheep, and are preyed upon accordingly, and if they see what appears to sheep outside the fence, they systematically start screaming their lungs out, providing the predators with radar. Misery loves company. Don’t do that.

    A global economy absolutely requires a portfolio of independently operating economies, trading mutually beneficial surpluses, along the environmental lines provided by the planet in conjunction with the universe, which requires independent thinkers. The legacy families know that they must ignore the independent thinkers to survive, but they cannot afford the example of ignoring the herd’s plea to capture and restrain them. The middle class must remain semi-neutral for the electron to pass through the circuit and feed the system, or it implodes.

    Implosion is not a problem for the enterprise architects; it’s a source of quantum energy, but it generally is a problem for everyone else, as all participants increasingly seek to control one another in a dying system of scarcity, creating a breeding reactor of decreasing volume and increasing pressure, until it goes boom. Enterprise architecture is all about employing that boom to create more effective outcomes, Democracy.

    California’s problem is not direct democracy. California’s problem is the disastrous output of its education system, which results in co-dependence by rote learning, wherein 1 + 1 consistently becomes less than 2, loading up the chamber, and placing a gun at its own head. Excessive sexist replication across the global IC chip through the resulting compliance prototype has done the rest. Forcing kids onto the replication assembly line at birth is California’s, and everyone else’s, problem.

    1. Rex

      “The problem, of course, is that most people choose to herd up like sheep”

      Pretty sure sheep don’t hang out in herds. I think that should be, “flock up like sheep.” With that edit, I think you are on to something. Our society is seriously flocked up.

      Kevin seems to be our resident Beautiful Mind.

    2. skippy

      “The problem, of course, is that most people choose to herd up like sheep, and are preyed upon accordingly,”

      I would submit.

      We are not born into a vacuum, humanity was not license by authority, we are a continuation of life it self, truth unrevealed, supreme knowledge unfulfilled.

      The sheep in your words are made, not representative of their defiant DNA, potentials undoing by hording DNA (see historical record).

      Skippy…the real sheep are those that think momentary successes in hording / system control, avail themselves of stored potential, cough repressions back lash, the Romanov DNA ultimately failed…eh.

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