Sunny Sheu: Murdered for Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia?

The details are thin but they sure don’t smell right. The short form is that Sunny Sheu had his house stolen from him by fictive buyers who used forged documents. Judge Golia of Queens engaged in what appears to be highly questionable behavior in failing to reverse the sale. Sheu started investigating the judge, was told by policeman who specifically referred to information he had provided about Golia, and that if he didn’t drop it, he’d wind up dead. Sheu disregarded their warning and did wind up dead. The authorities are also refusing to honor requests for information regarding Sheu’s death made under New York’s Freedom of Information Act. This story has been publicized by Foreclosure Fraud and The Daily Bail and I hope it gets more traction.

First, the background, as reported in Black Star News:

Sheu’s ordeal began over 10 years ago when a bank representative knocked on his door and said he was there to inspect the house for its new owner. The problem was that Sheu had never sold the house. It turns out that someone had forged critical documents and used them to illegally sell the property.

Sheu alerted all relevant authorities; including the police, the bank that held the mortgage, and the title insurer of the property. Eventually the parties involved in forging the documents were prosecuted, pleaded guilty to forgery, and went to jail.

Sheu hoped that with all the evidence in his favor, the matter would be quickly resolved–it was actually only the beginning of his nightmare.

But Centex Home Equity, the bank that held the original mortgage, acted as if the fraudulent sale had been legitimate, ignoring all the documentation submitted by Sheu regarding the fraud, including the police report he’d filed.

Centex filed a lawsuit on December 12, 2001, against Sheu in State Supreme Court, in Queens County. The bank wanted a default judgment on the property and foreclosure, claiming that the “new owners” were delinquent on mortgage payments. In reality, of course, there was never any legal “new owner”.

The Centex case against Sheu went before Judge Golia, in Queens County. Sheu said he was stunned when Judge Golia also ignored the obvious fact that the “sale” had been fraudulent, which would obviate the claim against him. Instead of immediately restoring Sheu’s rightful ownership, he said, Golia allowed the lawsuit to proceed, eventually leading to the foreclosure of Shue’s home.

Worse yet, the judge let the case drag out for 10 years, with numerous postponements, in essence milking Sheu of all his resources. At some point, Sheu could no longer afford attorney fees and he had to represent himself.

Clearly, simple discovery— examination of documents by the court- would have proven the fraud in the alleged property sale, but Golia never allowed this fundamental judicial procedure to take place, despite Sheu’s numerous appeals, he said.

For 10 grueling years, Sheu said, he was consistently denied the opportunity to present evidentiary documentation proving that the fraud had taken place and that Centex had no right to foreclose on his home.

Sheu’s home was first foreclosed on January 28, 2005 and Centex “bought” the property for $1,000 from Amy Cheng, a pseudonymous fraudster involved in the fictitious sale. “How can you buy property from someone who does not exist?” Sheu had asked me, when I first started writing about his case.

Sheu also wrote Centex executive, Gerry King and New York State Chief Administrative Judge –now Chief Judge– Jonathan Lippman, complaining about Judge Golia’s conduct and accusing the judge of “discrimination” and “bias.”

Sheu demanded that Golia recuse himself from the case; the judge refused.

Sheu was persistent, writing to numerous elected public officials and filing an appeal against the foreclosure. Aware that he had notified various elected officials about what he claimed were the “biased” rulings, Sheu said, Judge Golia eventually reversed his own earlier decision and the initial foreclosure was rescinded, records showed.

Still, the judge refused to restore ownership of the property to Sheu.

Golia was so adamant to deprive him of justice, Sheu contended, that he came up with a remarkable decision. Golia now ruled that even though Sheu’s home had been illegally sold years earlier, since Centex had already paid off the mortgage, the bank now owned the property under a doctrine known as “Equitable Subrogation.”

“How can equitable subrogation apply to stolen property?” Sheu said, in an interview with The Black Star News, referring to the fraudulent sale. “This means if I have a lot of money, like Centex, I can pay off anybody’s mortgage anywhere without their permission and then take possession of their home and kick them out?”

Sheu then began to investigate Judge Golia’s real estate holdings to see if they were consistent with his required public disclosures, on the belief that if he found improprieties, he could get Golia removed and get assigned to a new judge. Back to Black Star News:

According to Sheu, he discovered major discrepancies between Golia’s actual properties and the ones declared on his financial disclosure forms, including a million dollar beach house on Breezy Point on Long Island, which was described in a local magazine as belonging to the judge, and which is publicly listed as being owned by the Golia family.

On November 29, 2009, Sheu alerted Janice Howard, the director of the OCA Ethics Department, of these apparent discrepancies.

Sheu’s complaint included the following allegations, that Judge Golia:

..Failed to disclose fully his liabilities for 2002/2003/2004/2005/2006/2008, in that he:
– failed to disclose a mortgage held by HSBC under his wife “Roslaie Grecco” against the property
– failed to disclose a mortgage held by HSBC of “Joseph Golia and Rosalie Golia
– failed to disclose “Rosalie Grecco” employment/ income/ property
– failed to disclose “Hampton West” beach House (Breezy Point)
– interest conflict, own Flushing Bank stock (Flushing Financial Corp) and using connections” to get $750,000.000 in lower rate and mortgage more than the property market value, as NYC Dept. of Finance record, 2007 property market about $220,000.00…

Finally, on June 23rd, 2010, Sheu was personally handed the amended disclosure form by Janice Howard at the Ethics Committee office. Sheu discovered that even the amended disclosure form still neglected to mention the beach house as well any of the other properties Sheu believed were owned by Golia…

When Sheu received the amended form at the Ethics Committee office, he was accompanied by two associates, one of whom recorded Sheu’s reaction to reading the amended form. On the recording, Sheu can be heard exclaiming “Now I’ve got him!…I’ve got enough evidence to put Golia in Jail.”

Three days later, Sunny Sheu was dead. His associates don’t believe it was a coincidence.

The Daily Bail featured this YouTube video and supplied the transcript:

Sheu made the video roughly two months before his death. He also wrote FBI agent Rachel Rojas seeking witness protection. It appears his request was ignored. Foreclosure Fraud noted:

Sunny was kidnapped, intimidated and threatened by two NYPD detectives at the Queens DA bureau. He was told by the detectives that if he took his case to the media or filed a complaint against Golia he would be killed.

Sunny was told by the Captain of the 109th pct that the cops detained him because he had put a letter in Golia’s mailbox, proving it was Golia that ordered the illegal detention.

The cornoner’s report found that Shue died of a blow to the head which caused his brain to bleed. Conveniently, a police report says a witness saw Sheu collapsed. The coroner admitted in an interview that his only basis for his conclusion that Sheu died as a result of the fall was the witness report. The authorities have refused to release the police report or any 911 call, denying requests made by ABC News and Black Star News under New York’s Freedom of Information Act.

Ilovelawyers says that the NYPD originally said Sheu died of head trauma but later changed the their story to claiming that Sheu died of an an aneurism, which is inconsistent with any reading of the coroners’ remarks.

Ilovelawyers has a clip on YouTube on the suspicious police conduct when Sheu died:

Their comments under the clip:


Ernesto Macasaet, supervisor of admissions at New York Queens Hospital reports that a policeman “identified” the body of Sunny Sheu only twelve hours after he died, and before any family or friends could identify the body.

There is no precedent for this, unless there is a criminal investigation underway, which there is not. According to hospital staff, the legal department was in a frenzy. They called up the precinct to find out if the police officer was authentic.

Who was this police officer?

Why did he identify Sunny’s body before next of kin were notified?

Why did he request that the body be taken to the Medical examiner?

How did he know what Sunny Sheu looked like?

Why did he not give his name to the Medical Examiner as required by law?

Why did the police give an unsubstantiated and uninvestigated report to the Medical examiner, regarding a witness who has never been identified?

The Queens District Attorney is allegedly investigating Sheu’s death, but given that this involves looking into allegations against a Queens judge and a Queens police office, I don’t have much hope for this inquiry going anywhere absent more media pressure.

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  1. Paul t.

    It’s no wonder we have not seen a high profile financial priest thrown in the slammer. When there are no rules for the rulers, things like this get caught up in the eddies and currents of the great undertow. Hopefully this story gets a whole lot of media, so sad for Sunny. Just a truly economic horror story, how deep is this stuff? And how wide?

    I love your site yves, you must where an extra large sized hat, that brain of yours is huge and very efficient and backed by a great compass. I am a naked newbie for 3 weeks now.

  2. The Daily Bail

    Yves…You have outdone yourself. Your background work on this story is incredibly important and much more than I had time to do.

    To NC readers – Please do whatever you can to spread this story including sending it to EVERYONE in your email address book. Help make this story go insanely viral, and avenge the murder of a man who did nothing but fight for the truth.

    I have sent it to ProPublica, Dylan Ratigan, Henry Blodget and Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider.

    Please put Yves’ story link into an email and blast it to the editors of the NY Times, WSJ, Chicago Tribune, and LA Times.

    We’re all in this sinking ship of corruption together, and we’re righteously angry every day at the banks, judges, media for allowing wrongs to go unpunished.

    For once, just once, let us each individually fight back and say enough is enough.

    Do whatever you can to avenge this man’s injustice, so that his life and death are not in vain.

    Thank you.


    1. Psychoanalystus

      >>> Please put Yves’ story link into an email and blast it to the editors of the NY Times, WSJ, Chicago Tribune, and LA Times. <<<

      Thanks for not mentioning the Washington Post too…


      1. The Daily Bail

        That was an oversight on my part. By all means send it to WashPo and Huffington Post.

        By the way I just emailed Dylan Ratigan and ProPublica and sent them additional links on this story including this piece from Yves and more.

        I think this is a winnable battle (justice for Sunny) and I am going to do everything in my power to make it happen.

        1. Yearning to Learn

          you know, this is a great idea.

          I have a friend who is a contracted writer for the NYT. Not his department, but maybe I could get some traction on something like this.

          the general population needs stories like this to show how screwed up our system has become.

          they will never be interested in CDS and CDOs or any other 3 letter words…

          but we all understand and cringe from an HONEST little guy who cannot be considered a ‘deadbeat’ in any way getting his house stolen and then murdered.

          the American system stinks to high heaven.

      2. Steve

        To get the NYT, WaPo and HuffPo interested you need to make a clear link between the murder and the GOP….Be sure to show how Obama has taken a personal interest in the case and is promising social justice for all victims.

  3. will galison

    Hey there. I am the Author of the article (Milton Allimadi), and I am “Ilovelawyers”. The second installment of the piece will erase any doubt that this was a government sanctioned hit.

    A good summary of the entire article is at the blog I put up to archive documents relating to the case. Lots more to come, including hours of audio and video.

    Yes, this is a HUGE story…. it is as an example of a Government assassination of a citizen with the full cooperation and support of the NYPD and FBI.

    Without accountability and justice we are all potential victims.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions, and thank you so much for helping get the word out!

    Will Galison

    1. will galison

      Thanks also to your readers, for getting this story out to every available media outlet. Selfishly, the more people that know about this article, the safer Milton and I will be.


      1. will galison


        Golia’s daughter worked as an assistant DA under Queens DA Richard Brown for seven years.

        Queens DA told me that there was no witness, then when I mentioned the police report said: “Oh THAT witness, well he didn’t really tell us anything”

        It gets darker and darker.

    2. Lins

      I’ve shared this link/story with just about everyone….including an old family friend that writes for the AP. Thank you Yves for providing space for this story!

      I do have one question, did Sunny at some point stop paying the mortgage?

      1. will galison

        My understanding was that after the deed was fraudulently transferred, Sunny was no longer the owner (according to Centx) and Centex would not accept his payments – even after the fraudsters were arrested, convicted and jailed.

        Sunny was told they were jailed, but I bet they were sipping drinks in Florida.

        Golia never allowed the conviction to be introduced as evidence,

        Its a combination of utter confidence in power and utter disdain for others.

        Golia thought Sunny would just fold, and give up his house, as many others must have done.

        1. Freedom Fighter

          I am sure that this is not an isolated case. Is there any way to investigate every decision that this crooked Judge ever made. Having his daughter using the Queens D.A. not only to protect his racket but also as a weapon against the victims, must have made him think that he could get away with anything.

    3. duffolonious

      “the full cooperation and support of the […] FBI.”

      Evidence? I don’t see the link with Rojas or any other FBI official.

      The can’t put anybody that asks into witness protection, no?

      1. will galison

        It is the FBI’s duty to investigate any death threat and kidnapping perpetrated under color of law.

        The documentation Sheu gave was irrefutable that he had been illegally detained and unable to get the names of the cops or the person that ordered the detention.

        Investigating crimes by law enforcement is the unique jurisdiction of the FBI.

        Plus if the FBI suspected Sunny was lying to them, he would have been arrested for a federal crime. Let;s see what you do when the cops threaten your life.

    4. ajax

      Assuming there was an autopsy, wouldn’t there be an
      autopsy report?

      Bravo for the courageous reporting.

  4. The Daily Bail

    I found this info through a public records search.

    Hon. Joseph G. Golia
    Queens County Supreme Court
    88 11 Sutphin Blvd.
    Jamaica, NY 11435
    (718) 298-1190

    Joseph G Golia
    Male – Early 70’s
    Address: 3910 234th St
    Location: Little Neck, NY 11363

    1. doom

      This is what you need Anonymous for in the absence of rule of law. A mafiya like this would not be hard to pick apart. These people aren’t recruited for their brains. Their connections to the Feds and their financial-sector donors will be very interesting. Networks like this are what got Spitzer off the case.

  5. VyseLegend

    Soon enough we New Yorkers will be feeling to Mexico to escape the police corruption HERE.

  6. Brick

    Its the kind of story which reminds me of a 26-year-old street vendor from Tunisia. Much now depends on the authorities reaction and ability to make real justice transparent.

      1. Choo Hader

        The MSM?!?! HAHAHA! Those pricks are the biggest criminal accomplices of all! They are nothing more than 100% wholly owned subsidiaries of the govt and their owners – the banksters, Big Oil/Pharma, the War Profiteering Complex. They do nothing but deceive, lie, cover up, and aid and abet these criminal MFers. You are out of you mind and a dumbass SOB if you have any faith in the MSM. They are worse than Goebbel’s Propaganda Ministry.

      2. russ Hook

        Choo, has it pegged! To add, The Jews OWN 95% of the media WORLD WIDE. They also own the banks, which means the own EVERYTHING! What happened to Sunny is EXACTLY how they “acquired” their wealth!! The gutless/brain dead citizens just let it happen, b/c the baseball scores, and “Dancing With the Stars” are more important!!! BTW, the Jews own all of that too!!!

  7. Firean

    How many other home owners have lost their property to this same scam in the early 2000’s and not fought back as did Sunny Sheu ?
    Corruption right to the core. How much more sophisticated the mortgage foreclosure fraud has become since Sunny Sheu lost his home.

    1. MYoung

      Horrific story. Excellent expose and many thanks to you, Yves. I will share with my contacts.

      My husband and I bought a piece of land only to find the title was in someone else’s name two years later. When our calls to the escrow company were ignored, we hired a foreclosure attorney who straightened it out. He said somebody was finagling the records. This is more than we can imagine. It must end.

  8. Tanzanite

    I like the last sentence:

    LEGISLATIVE RESOLUTION commending The Honorable Joseph G. Golia upon the
    occasion of his designation as the recipient of the Columbian Lawyers
    Association – Queens County’s Judge of the Year Award
    WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to recognize and
    applaud distinguished citizens of the State of New York who devote their
    life’s work to public service, contributing substantially to the judi
    cial process, preserving the rights and protecting the welfare of the
    ciitzens they serve;

  9. Joe

    Under the “Equitable Subrogation” ruling, it seems that Centex paid off a mortgage and thus became the rightful owner before they knew the sale was fraudulent, or so they seem to claim. Surely their financial records could be subpoena’d in a fresh case which would show what money changed hands, and to whom. Or was it left out that Sheu _owed_ a mortgage in 2001 which was subsequently paid by Centex before they knew that the sale was fraudulent? It’s said that they paid a fraudster $1000. [Sheu’s home was first foreclosed on January 28, 2005 and Centex “bought” the property for $1,000 from Amy Cheng, a pseudonymous fraudster involved in the fictitious sale.] Does Yves Smith (or anybody) know if any other monies changed hands from Centex, and to or from whom? Why on earth would Centex need to “buy” the property for $1000 from Amy Cheng if Centex was foreclosing on it and already held the title? That’s not what foreclosure is at all, and it’s astounding that it could be made to work!

    1. russ Hook

      Here is an economics lesson free of charge. This is ALL you need to know! “Banksters create money out of NOTHING, and loan it at USURY!” The ones at the top are Jews, who OWN judges like Golia!

  10. Miguel Grande

    I hope and pray for justice in the case for Sonny but I know how evil and diabolical our enemy is. A website that was formed to help people in foreclosure called “Foreclosure Hamlet” in Palm Beach County Florida was taken over by bankster agents. They work in secret to promote a pardon for the murderous bankster criminals, sabotage people’s foreclosure cases and promote Herman Cain for president. Cain is a Federal Reserve criminal.

    1. chunga

      Miguel, it’s a shame to take attention away from Mr. Shue’s tragedy. I personally deleted your account on The Foreclosure Hamlet, with a certain degree of pleasure I might add, for ridiculous assertions like the one you just made.


      As the founder of I have no idea what you are talking about. We don’t waste our time promoting pardons for bankers. No need. They aren’t being investigated, prosecuted, convicted, or imprisoned so why bother.

      And, who in the heck is Herman Cain?

      Now, back to the very frightening circumstances surrounding the death of Sonny Sheu. May his death not be in vain.

    3. Francois T

      Before posting here again, take 10 mg of aripiprazole at bedtime every day for at least 3 weeks.

    4. Ace

      Miguel, I am also a member of the aforementioned website and I heard of your actions there and you are unfortunately a very confused individual. I hope you get better and understand that your actions were unwarranted and unnecessary.

  11. Joe

    What “mortgage” on Sheu’s house did Centex claim they had paid off which caused Golia to not reinstate Sheu’s ownership? Surely not the $1000 to fictitious Amy Cheng during the foreclosure. That doesn’t make sense.

    How much did Centex pay, and to whom? Sadly, other than the murder, it might be that Centex can wriggle out of it if they can prove how ignorant they were. But what mortgage did they pay off? Isn’t this a matter of public record in the US?

    1. will galison

      The “power of attorney” papers were forged, leading to a frudulent transfer of deed from Sunny to the crooks. It was this transfer of deed which set up the phony Mortgage,

      Centex would not acceot payments from Sunny after that, Sunny wrote to Centex explaining that the phony mortgage owners had been arrested and put in jail, but Centex kept up the charade. They knew they had the judge on board.

  12. Jim

    Great YVES,

    The FBI takes awhile to work on these case by the way. So even if they are looking into it, they will not tell you. It blows their case.

    Good to have news outlet that seems authentic YVES. This stuff happens all the time.

    It is scary stuff when you find out law enforcement is corrupt.

  13. monday1929

    Yves, sorry to go off topic, but since murder is the issue perhaps this applies. Have you looked into the Longevity Risk market? What are the implications when known,ongoing criminogenic Banks are taking on the risk that certain populations may live “too long” (with insurance companies generally on the other side of the trade).
    Since skewed incentives have been acknowledged as one cause of the financial blow-up, is it wise to allow billions in banker bonus money be dependent on mass numbers of people dying sooner rather than later?

  14. Jersey Girl

    I’m getting the same feeling of horrifying desperation with this story as I had when I witnessed a fatal car accident where there was nothing I could do, but call 911, for the girl trapped inside the overturned suv.

    At least the first responders rushed to the scene and did all they could for her. Not so sure that same response would be granted if what happened to Mr. Sheu happens to us. RIP, Sunny.

    What an astonishingly scary story to say the least.

    1. russ Hook

      Yes, anyone with the word “honorable” in front of their names, means the EXACT opposite! The Royals are a great example of that!

  15. Line in the Sand

    I don’t normally email things to people about injustice…but i just mailed about 50 people on this one.

    This is exactly the kind of case, that if it does catch on, could change EVERYTHING about actions in the Wall Street Baker Foreclosure scandals.

    It has every element to get deep into the souls of people…deep enough i believe for them to say “Enough” “No more”.

    The pressure from this case could cause the whole Wall Street mess to crack wide open and start to be cleaned up and maybe save this country.

    Someone needs to get Matt Tiabbi from Rolling Stone to do a piece on My hero…a true American Hero… Sonny Cheu !

    Be vigilant on this one people….it could be the linchpin that saves us all from tyranny.

  16. Tom

    To reach NYT reporters, go to this link:

    Click through to all relevant NYT columnists and reporters, and find the option to email them. I’ve written the below email as a template.

    Hi XXX,

    This story is heartbreaking and incredibly maddening. Sunny Sheu was murdered for standing up against unbelievable corruption. This story needs to be covered, and those responsible need to pay.

    Please write this story. Golia should be thrown in jail.

      1. Tim Bryant

        I normally post on I wanted to let you know I have contacted the following news orgs to get on this story;

        NY Times, Chicago Tribune, HuffPost, WashPost, LA Times, Dylan Ratigan, Gerri Willis, ACLU,and a whole host of foreclosure websites.


    Hmm let’s see here:

    small-time fall guy fraudsters , probably doing “easy time” – I’m sure they weren’t the only group out there doing this.

    Corrupt lender – How are they involved in this? Shouldn’t a sale of $1000 have been clearly ODD? They are involved also

    Corrupt Judge – with a judge in on the scam they had almost complete autonomy to steal houses. HOWEVER, now you have a good lead on a paper trail to find OTHER HOUSES THIS HAPPENED TO ALSO, and I guarantee there are more. You don’t set up a sophisticated scam like this and only nab 1 home.

    Corrupt Police – doing the threatening, the coverup of the body, likely the murder, plant a false witness, they probably only got a few crumbs of the scam for doing all the dirty work. Where is the body now? An autopsy can still be performed. They were covering up OTHER TRAUMA on the body, besides just what will be a huge head wound, there were likely other signs of a struggle, or at the very least evidence of blunt trauam caused by somethig other than just magically falling to the ground. WHERE is this witness, find them NOW, if they exist, before they end in the river too.

    Don’t count on justice from these prosecutors either, they know who pays their way. It will be up to citizen journalists to crack the stories of the other houses and watch the dominoes fall. At most you might get this judge for tax evasion or corruption on other cases, but it will be something.

    I would imagine an organized crime faimly is the brains behind this, likely they are on the board of Centex or something similar.

    1. he

      Definately need to find the other scams this judge has been involved in, you’re right that there must be more…

    2. The Daily Bail

      They were covering up OTHER TRAUMA on the body, besides just what will be a huge head wound, there were likely other signs of a struggle, or at the very least evidence of blunt trauam caused by somethig other than just magically falling to the ground.

      To answer your question, there is a video posted within the story on my site from a NY state medical examiner who CONTRADICTS the official police cause of death…it runs 1 minute and is worth seeing…

      Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and you will see the video from the medical examiner.

      1. and i

        This is also a very strange conversation. The officer can’t find the report on Sunny’s death in their system, then eventually finds it and as the commenter on the video says, volunteers that there was ‘no head trauma’. There had been no mention of head trauma before this.

  18. gyigyi

    People who venture into this district for information, though, record all your surroundings and have people off-site monitor where you are and what’s happening. Only by working togehter can you stand up against these types of power who would take all your houses and kill your families if they could. A few more bodies of investigators won’t make them flinch. But getting caught, red handed, on camera, let’s say, well they may be able to pay off the police and judges and media, but eventually they’re gonna kill ther wrong guy and finally the pitchforks and torches will come out. And then, they won’t be quite so powerful anymore.

  19. Coinspinner

    Of course Judges are corrupt to the core. Just look at marijuana prohibition in regards the Constitution and tell me how Judges aren’t completely corrupt. Using the Indian-Clause (ie., the “Commerce” Clause”) to ban a cancer-curing plant is the height of corruption. I despise this rotten country.

  20. gygy

    And RIP to this poor guy who is dead because he just got picked at random by one of the beast’s many tentacles

  21. Mary Sparrowdancer

    I am the journalist covering the case of Sean Dix, a NYC inventor who has received threats from CNN and threats, including death threats from someone from Johnson&Johnson, specifically by poisoning. He has tried for years to receive protection and have this investigated, but NYPD, DA, FBI, etc., refused. Finally, in December of 2009, Dix’s dentist, Diana Deidan, administered a lethal dose of fluoride sublingually to Mr. Dix, which he somehow survived, although about 12 hours later he had acute renal failure and severe head to toe symptoms. The dentist refused to cooperate or even tell him or me what she had administered to him, so at my urging, Mr. Dix had his urine tested for fluoride in a forensic lab. (No hospitals in NY routinely test for fluoride poisoning.) Mr. Dix had the highest level of fluoride ever reported in a living person. So far, the NYPD, the NY State Troopers, the DA, the Gov. and the FBI have refused to arrest or even question the dentist, and Sean Dix is still suffering the effects of being poisoned. NYPD refused to allow him to file criminal charges.

  22. gygui

    Yes, I didn’t realize “someone” had cremated the body, nor that the police and medical examiner clearly disagree on whether there was blunt force trauma to the head.

    This stinks so heavily that it’s no wonder the police commissioner hasn’t responded.

    They are probably praying it will go away by now.

    Let’s make sure that goes unanswered.

    You would think someone else might come forward (about this house scam), and if they did, would you ever hear about it? Would you risk it happening to you also?

    These are the questions people have to ask themselves now in a broken, corrupt society with no rule of law. Where the caretakers ravage at will and people just trying to keep what is already there’s receiving a most unjust end.

  23. Hugh

    This is a cautionary tale. It shows how kleptocracy works on the nitty-gritty level where it meets us as individuals. There are various conflicting myths: that kleptocracy doesn’t exist, or that if it does, it is a white collar crime, or that it is victimless, or non-violent.

    But kleptocracy does exist and it is massively and inherently violent. Those who have stolen trillions blighting the lives of hundreds of millions and killing millions in the process are not going to give up those trillions without blood in the streets.

    This case goes to show how corrupt the whole system is. This isn’t just about a corrupt judge and some police officers who were in the know and apparently on the take. Where was the New York bar? Where were Golia’s fellow judges? Where was the DA? Where were the superiors of the police officers? Where was Internal Affairs?

    Where were state and local consumer units? Who is behind Centex? It is unlikely in the extreme that this was the only case like this in which this company was involved.

    That over the course of years no one in authority, any authority, wanted to rock any boats or look under any rocks speaks volumes about how institutionalized and accepted by those authorities the corruption had become and how much a part to it they were.

      1. chunga

        Was the alleged lender represented by a “Foreclosure Mill”?

        If so, which one?

        Did Sunny have an attorney? We ought to yank the case filings if they are still there.

        That’s a big “if”.

  24. Sholtoo

    As a british reader, I hope more than anything that this case is resolved and that the victim’s death means something when the criminals are sentenced.

  25. Francois T


    Sonny Sheu may have stepped over a hornets’ nest of NY proportions.

    Roll over Serpico!

    Let’s make sure Mayor Bloomberg get some questions about this case too.

    I wonder what was in it for the cops?

  26. ploughman

    Someone witnessed Sunny Sheu collapse and made a 911 call according to the medical examiner. Where are the tapes? Where is the police report with the name of the witness? This is very, very odd.

    Elected judges in New York City’s trial level courts have a terrible track record for corruption in recent years, especially Brooklyn. So while I am not surprised that there could be a corrupt judge in Queens, I am stunned by the thought of physical violence being used.

  27. Francois T


    Awesome write up on this case.

    Did you slip a word or two to some of your colleagues bloggers extraordinaire, if you know what I mean? The more la crême de la crême of the blogosphere talk about this case, the more it’ll be difficult for the MSM to ignore it.

    *evil grin*

  28. Westcoastliberal

    When a nation is eaten up by fraud and corruption at its highest levels, can we not likewise expect the fraud to permeate through to the local viceroys?
    I’m sure there are some sane, honest judges somewhere in America….anyone? Oh well.
    Rest in piece, Sunny. Although you ended up sacrificing your life, you acted instead of being a sheeple.

  29. MIchaelC

    Kudos. There’s not a lot of coverage on the link between Wall St and Main ST, Flushing, but there was an awful lot of looting along the 7 train route. I doubt few 7 train riders are reading NC. I’d also bet most of the commenters here haven’t made that trip too often, and might be surprised to learn those riders wouldn’t be too shocked reading this awful tale.

    To help put this story on a mainstream footing, I think I’d investigate further into this bit:

    Sheu’s home was first foreclosed on January 28, 2005 and Centex “bought” the property for $1,000 from Amy Cheng, a pseudonymous fraudster involved in the fictitious sale. “How can you buy property from someone who does not exist?” Sheu had asked me, when I first started writing about his case.

    Will Galison comments:

    The “power of attorney” papers were forged, leading to a frudulent transfer of deed from Sunny to the crooks. It was this transfer of deed which set up the phony Mortgage,

    Centex would not acceot payments from Sunny after that, Sunny wrote to Centex explaining that the phony mortgage owners had been arrested and put in jail, but Centex kept up the charade. They knew they had the judge on board.

    If I understand the scam, phony mortgages were obtained based on bogus deed transfers and defaulted on. The real owners were none the wiser till foreclosure started.

    What I’m having trouble with is: If that was the scam, and the scammers were caught and convicted, what happened to the others who were victimized, and identified in the trial?

    What remedies/relief were provided to the other victims by Centex?

    If this an isolated case of one obtuse bottom feeder (Centex), with a judge in their pocket, harassing one vulnerable, but stubborn victim, who wouldn’t shut up then that’s enough to kick this judge to the curb immediately.

    What happened to the rest Amy Cheungs victims. Did they all live in Judge Galias district?

  30. Concerned about the USA

    From an Australian reader – this is a very disturbing story. I hope that the good folk in the USA can bring these criminals in the judiciary and police force to justice.

  31. Andrew not the Saint

    Latest update: the witness to Sunny’s collapse was finally identified as Jimmy “Head Buster” Vento.

  32. DF Sayers

    Old media report on the issue (apparently, his name also appears as Sun-Ming Sheu):

    “As previously reported in The Black Star News, at the July 8, 2009 hearing, Judge Golia had set another hearing date for July 15, 2009, at which time Sheu was to produce cancelled checks for all payments he had made over the last nine years on the property, for taxes; insurance payments; and, utilities.”

    Keep those checks/receipts folks – never know when some corrupt judge will decide that they are your only proof that you own something!

    1. The Daily Bail

      Everything about that video is heartbreaking. He comes across as a very sincere, very likable person. This story rips me apart emotionally, much more than most.

  33. Andy Nahnmuz

    It might be a longshot but Lulz Security does requests. You might be able to get them to look into this judge – guy is in his 70’s, guessing he’s not that tech-savvy. If there’s evidence in the digital realm, they’ll find it.

  34. Gavincurtis

    Judges will be ultimately judged. Golia will have to defend his action(s) in a much higher court.

    1. ralph99

      Why do you say that? Do you not think that this type of corruption can and does occur?

  35. sharonsj

    It’s stories like these that make me wonder why Sonny just didn’t shoot the judge dead.

    I constantly read about victims who put up with shit for years and then either kill themselves or their families, or boss, or co-workers, or whatever, instead of the people responsible for their misery (like bankers and hedge fund managers).

    The media ignores rampant corruption. Instead of a story about Sonny, it’s the tot mom trial. And I think Americans have forgotten how to solve their problems with revolutions.

    1. Steve

      The media is doing everything it can to rein in the TeaParty, but it just has too much $$$ from Soros and is above and beyond the law….President Obama has promised social justice for all (although a friend of mine said this does not include white people), but this will take time…be patient.

  36. In Hogsito Vincemeat

    PIG! oink oink oink oink. What will he do now that the entire planet knows he is accomplice to homicide?

  37. James

    When you buy a piece of property, you only get the rights to that property that the seller had. This idea has long been recognized in the common law by the Latin maxim “nemo dat qui non habet”. In English it’s also called the “rule of derivative title,” which captures its essence: Therefore if you buy property from a thief, you only get the thief’s rights to the property – i.e. no rights at all. U.C.C. 2-403(1).

  38. charlie

    Makes me think I shouldn’t own anything, cuz these bastards can just simply steal it from you under pretense of law. Probably should sell everything, put money out of country, and just lease house and car, so if the sonssabitches take it, it’s not your worry.

  39. Josh Foxx

    I’m 16 and I know that it’s messed up.
    Pathetic judge, money-hungry
    Pathetic police officers taking bribes more then likely.
    They’re all pathetic and flat out sickening.

  40. William Jeffrey Fitzhugh

    Just think this is in a country with laws and freedom of speech. Can you fathom what they did to people in Russia where they had nothing. They murdered them by the tens of millions and buried them all over Eastern Europe.

  41. Cheryl

    I’m attempting to do an accurate blog story of this but the dates seem off. First this story claims a lawsuit was filed in 2001 by Centex, but the foreclosure didn’t take place until 2005 when the fraud was revealed. Something’s not right.

  42. paul

    First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out —
    because I was not a communist;
    Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out —
    because I was not a socialist;
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out —
    because I was not a trade unionist;
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    because I was not a Jew;
    Then they came for me —
    and there was no one left to speak out for me

  43. mick

    Google Raymond Leme …he had the goods on Jeb Bush and Co …then wella turns up in a bath out of state dead as VHS …suicided all over election fixing and contractors over charging and Tom Feeney asking for software to fix an election result using touch screen voting machines …sorry state of affairs!

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