Links 10/14/11

Makeup Makes Women Appear More Competent: Study New York Times. Aargh

Bilingualism may buffer against Alzheimer’s CBCNews (hat tip reader Peter J)

Naked mole rat genome may point way to long, healthy life Washington Post (hat tip reader furzy mouse). Yes, but I saw Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control. They have hive minds too. Just undereat and lift weights big time. One of my past endocrinologists was an anti-aging guy (he eventually turned his entire practice over to anti aging, which is why I quit seeing him). He went to an anti-aging conference and one of the presenters gave a list of 20 biomarkers, stuff like resting pulse, lung capacity, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, body mass index, body fat %, cholesterol, cortisol (stress hormone). They were asked if they could rely on only one measure, which was the best predictor of biological, as opposed to chronological, age.

#1 was strength. #2 was muscle mass.

Perry Officials Censored Climate Change Report Mother Jones (hat tip reader Carol B)

The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot Glenn Greenwald (hat tip reader Jim Haygood)

China wrestles its slowdown MacroBusiness

IMF official ducks egg attacks in Turkey PressTV (hat tip reader 1SK)

Full text: S&P downgrades Spain from AA to AA- with negative watch Ed Harrison

‘Indignant’ protests to sweep across world Raw Story (hat tip reader Tom Hickey

Troubles of West Take Toll on Emerging Economies Wall Street Journal (hat tip Joe Costello)

Occupy Sydney protest set for Martin Place Sydney Morning Herald (hat tip reader Crocodile Chuck)

New York City Councilmembers urge Bloomberg not to evict ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Raw Story

Occupiers on Bank Law: Fix It Alan White, Credit Slips

That Giant Sucking Sound Jon Walker, FireDogLake

Rabbit-Hole Economics Paul Krugman, New York Times. Yours truly saw most of the debate (I normally studiously avoid such exercises in torture) and indeed felt like I had entered an alternative reality.

Taxpayers Fuming About State Trip To France KOCO (hat tip reader James P). This in Oklahoma.

Did Fannie Cause the Disaster? Jeff Madrick and Frank Partnoy, New York Review of Books

Bernstein Liebhard LLP Announces Filing of a Class Action against MERS and Its Members MarketWatch (hat tip reader Lisa Epstein)

Bailed-out banks issued riskier loans Michigan Today (hat tip reader Douglas W)

Mortgage Servicing – Examination Procedures Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Ooh, this is going to turn the servicing industry upside down. The CFPB is going to look at whether services have been complying with laws they have heretofore been ignoring.

Rajaratnam sentenced to 11 years in jail Financial Times

Bill Gross Suddenly Finding It Hard to Attract New Money Wall Street Journal. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Antidote du jour. Our Richard Smith just got a pair of new kittens in the last month, brother and sister, and one got away. Ironically he escaped when Richard was coming back from the pet suppliers with a name tagged collar. But his enterprising wife recruited some street kids, and they found the kitten (provisionally named Fisher). He was rather pleased and effusive after returning from his adventure, which probably means he’ll be keen to try it again.

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  1. dearieme

    One of our cats went walkabout once. After a week he was found in the loft of a neighbour’s, having presumably survived by licking condensation off the outside of the water pipes. He was thinner.

    1. Yearning To Learn


      an enterprising individual could turn this into a best seller.

      “The Walkabout Cat’s Diet” or something!

      I could lose a few pounds myself. Not sure about licking water pipes though!

      does “loft” mean attic or something? here a loft is a residential apartment that was converted from industrial space. your neighbor must be very clean indeed if all there was for the cat was water condensation!

        1. Fíréan

          And street kids are not homeless children, I guess, in the context of this article, as they would be anywhere else in the world if so labeled ?
          Thank You for posting the Englishclub link i ought check it out there.

  2. Richard Kline

    Glenn Grenwald is worth reading on the fake ‘Iran terroir plot’ is worth reading. And I say fake. We have absolutely no evidence presented of any ‘plot.’ “It’s secret; the evidence, not the plot,” says the Feds. WHY IN GOD’S NAME WOULD ANYBODY WHATSOEVER BELIEVE THEM OR THAT? The FBI entrapped yet another miserable immigrant in a non-plot who happens to the relative of somebody-or-other over there. But evidence? None given. . . . At least the Reichstag actually burned down.

    This is what we have come to: Low-intensity war isn’t just protected by a bodyguard of lies, it is nothing _but_ lies. We don’t have a foreign policy at this point that I can detect in the US, we have a “Simon sez” policy. Simon sez you owe us. Simon sez we own this. Simon sez you’re evil. Simon sez your dead. Simon sez we don’t owe anybody any explanation for anthing at any time ever, because all Simons has to do is sez. We’ve become a banal evil.

    For us, the citizens, it didn’t have to be this way. For the 1% who own government policy and proclaim it to suit their own factions, it always _was_ this way. As at home, so abroad. Facts are irrelevant, and therefore so are reasons. All the 1% has to do is “sez” and that is the reality that they believe they make. And with enough money and explosives packed around that “sez” a certain reality distortion field is temporarily effected. You own your own minds, folks, and I do suggest that you find facts to insert into them. Regarding this ‘plot’ there are no such facts, so the presumptive conclusion is that the ‘plot’ is on us, and only the Simons running our external evil polcy are laughing.

    1. Jim Haygood

      ‘Simon sez your dead.’

      Yep. And if Potus Barky writes his own kill orders on Air Force One cocktail napkins, that’s exactly how the illustrious Harvard grad would spell it:

      Barack sez your [sic] dead.

    2. James

      This all reminds me of back in grade school, when periodically one one of the class tough guys had to burnish his resume by picking a fight with one of the weaklings to reinforce his toughness ranking.

      “Hey kid, who are you looking at?”
      [Trembling] “No one at all.”
      [To friend] “Hey Joe, didn’t you see that little punk looking at me?”
      “Yeah I did, and I think I saw him flip you off too.”
      “Hey punk, why’d you flip me off? You think I’m a bitch or something?”
      “But I didn’t…”
      “So now you’re calling me and Joe here liars too? I think we should just both kick your ass right here right now.”

      Some things never change. The kids grow up and act even more juvenile, although with the additional bonus of now having other people to do their fighting for them as well. This current fiasco is so transparently ridiculous that it’s simply shameful that adult representatives of the U.S. Government could even present it publicly with a straight face, or that worse, thinking citizens would ever entertain the faintest idea that it’s any thing other than preposterous.

    3. Dave of Maryland

      Remember the Star Trek episode where brave landing party beams down to a warring planet to find themselves caught up in a virtual war (only we didn’t have that term then) – ? Virtual attacks result in real people being shoved into disintegrators, Our Brave Heroes to be among them. Nothing an imperial star ship couldn’t fix by the end of the third act.

      Everything you need to know is in Star Trek. Somewhere. Or Douglass Adams.

    4. darms

      From the moment I first heard of the ‘Iranian’ plot it was obvious the right wing would use this a s a casus belli to invade Iran. Also marsdragon at MYFDL had a very informative post up yesterday entitled “Intelligence Tradecraft 101” on the myriad absurdities in the so-called ‘plot’.

    5. Jessica

      “At least the Reichstag actually burned down. ”
      A serious matter, but this line did crack me up. Also, two bonus points for using historical detail to avoid violating Godwin’s Law.

    6. Glenn Condell


      Lots do, though ‘believe’ is probably too strong a word for the sort of lobotomised acquiescence garnered by a captured media and a deliberately insufficient educative process.

      Not so long ago the use of Pravda/Isvestia as alternative monikers for the Times or WaPo was considered a humorous exaggeration, the kernel of truth in the comparison saving it from ridiculousness.

      But it is no laughing matter anymore, the comparison is now apt despite, or perhaps because of the different systems these propaganda outlets served – a totalitarian state and the ‘world’s leading democracy’, the light on the hill, the last best hope et al. The bullshit might not be ordered via a terse telegram from the top, rather it would sift thru a hundred rugged but stylishly attired individuals who end up fashioning the stance desired by the elites they serve anyway. Magic, eh?

      I don’t like the Stalinist direct approach, but I do have a special species of contempt for state/elite propaganda delivered through a haze of hypocrisy. Ten years of watching US officials at all levels in every possible sphere tell virtually nothing but bald-faced lies, and not be called on them by their ‘free’ media, does that to you.

      They are the Men Who Cried Wolf, and women too, who kept calling wolf despite mere bagatelles like a lack of evidence. Mostly the only hard evidence which ever emerged (WMD, tubes from Niger, etc) pertained to the fabrication or cover-up concerned. Sensible, mature and informed townspeople saw through the Men’s’s wolverine embellishments and discounted their testimony accordingly thereafter, but many (most?) were not sensible, mature or crucially, informed enough to do so. Real rather than imaginary wolves were behind the Men’s fevered warnings, whether they knew it or not.

      ‘The FBI entrapped yet another miserable immigrant in a non-plot who happens to the relative of somebody-or-other over there. But evidence? None given.’

      None required in a media environment which swallows elite bullshit whole with every appearance of loving the taste and after a pretence of digestion, provides the and a populace largeley conditioned to accept .

      And the FBI, dear me. You kind of expect the thuggery of the police in enforcing elite control, but from afar I had a romantic idea that the intel apparatus (foreign and domestic) while often pursuing objectives anathema to me personally, might well serve as an independent bulwark against creeping corporate/financial (or MIC or Israel Lobby) control, but if their paymasters in govt are controlled by their paymasters in banking, what hope do we have?

      I guess it is naive to think that such a state apparatus of violence and coercion would eschew the directives of those who run the country in favour of it’s citizens (their mothers and brother, wives and daughters) but the part of me that ingested too many Hollywood movies and TV shows longs for some ‘rogue element’ to decide he/she/they’ve had enough of wiretapping and harrassing PETA activists or gay rights organisers or Amy Goodman or OWSers, that they’re sick of constructing elaborate public ruses and false flag operations on behalf of people who wouldn’t stoop to break bread with them, and (exercising genuine rugged individualism) begin the leaking of conversations from the top deck of the Titanic, rather than the hold.

      It amazes me that the 1% are so seemingly immune from any embarrassing or compromising leakage of information relating to the skulduggery that has elevated them to their present dominance and keeps them there. The closest I can recall is Scott Walker’s Koch phone call gaff, and Chris Christie’s Koch-worshipping remarks but these revelations so far as I’m aware didn’t come from community-minded public servants in sec/intel, but from progressive activists who are probably being monitored by said public servants who wouldn’t dream of hacking the phones of Murdoch, Koch, Dimon, whoever.

      I read a while ago that the NSA and/or the CIA had approved their agents finding employment on Wall St to supplement their measly incomes. I wonder how widespread this is, and whether it might be contributing to the deafening silence from the agencies as their Rome burns before them. Maybe they got theirs, bought off like everyone else with a henhouse. The Duke Cunningham/Abramoff capers and the Kyle Foggo affair perhaps afford an insight into this particular sellout of American governance to the class that controls it.

      I used to think ‘hypocrisy’ would do if I was asked to sum up the US post 911, but I feel ‘secrecy’ might be more germane and basic. If elite secrecy could be exploded, hypocrisy would die from a lack of oxygen.

      1. Glenn Condell

        ‘provides the and a populace largeley conditioned to accept’

        provides the result to a populace largely conditioned to accept it.

  3. Richard Kline

    NYT reporting as of a few minutes since that the ‘cleansing’ of Liberty Plaza has been postponed. Love to hear confirmation from those in the Occupation or in contact. I’ll be damned: Mayor 1% blinked. —And that was smart, this was going to be a real disaster for him if he gave the order.

    In Seattle, the Occupiers are hanging on. Notably polite police officers have been making arrests for the second night in a row and removing the only shelters. It’s 45 degrees Farenheit here; rained terribly in a windstorm earlier in the week. There’s a major rally on Saturday, and the Occupation will be enhanced, but in the City of Nice those on the ground are leaning into a head wind.

    1. Richard Kline

      Live twitfeed [can’t believe I just typed that] on the Alternet confirms that both the NYC Mayor’s office and Brookfield have backed off; Deputy Mayor Holloway making an official announcement of postponed action.

      The thing is, folks, the 1% rely on impassive acceptance for their success. Their actual power is not that great in in the US, but their control of institutional process makes them _seem_ much stronger than they are. Mass citizen action can win in this country; far more readily than in Egypt for gods’ sake. We can change the social contract here if we’re prepared to; it takes active resistance and reasoned insistence. Power to the empowerment.

      1. ambrit

        Dear skippy;
        That speech made me cry the first time I saw it years ago. It still does. Thank you for sharing the pointy end of the stick with us all out here in Virtual Land.
        I scrolled down the Occupy Brisbane site and read the comments. What’s this about Facebook removing information and visuals from the site? They trying to ‘make it disappear down the rabbit hole’ before it even starts, are they? This kind of behaviour shows the Facebook ‘caretakers’ for the amoral s____ they probably always were. I love it when the caretakers try to claim that democracy is a copyrighted commodity. What part of ‘Public Domain’ don’t they understand?
        Will be having fun trying to figure out which one is you in any ‘live feed’ that gets out into the light of day. Good luck and stay safe.

      2. aletheia33

        skippy…. go! in! skippy!

        don’t worry about the social whateveritis. looking forward to skippy, inimitable reportage.

  4. rjs

    i’m quite surprised to see my county – Geauga – entering into a class action against MERS…

    this county is a very conservative/libertarian laissez faire type, so this wouldnt have happened if they dont have MERS dead to right…count on this class action to go someplace…

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I think half Bengal, that’s one of those fancy new breeds (Ocicats are another). Like Abyssinians (which I have) they have personalities half way to dogs’. They are very people oriented and care a smidge about what their owners think.

  5. Jim Haygood

    The 4-step transformation of a woman’s face in the NYT article about make-up is really quite startling. Here is my analysis of her cosmetological progression:

    1. Barefaced — oof, what a dog! Maybe she has a nice personality though.

    2. Natural — erm, tolerable. At least you wouldn’t scream in horror if you woke up next to her.

    3. Professional — definitely would be tempted to follow her into the elevator after a biz meeting and ask her out.

    4. Glamorous — OMG, she’s a goddess! Lord help me maintain eye contact and not drool on her cleavage.

    Sadly, this article leaves out half the population: men. Would a subtle touch of mascara and eyebrow pencil make me a chick magnet? I’ll give it a go at the Ho-down …

    1. ambrit

      Mr Haygood;
      A lot of fun can be had by substuting male politicians for ‘women’ in the NYT piece. They all have professional make-up artists working for them. (At least I haven’t seen one yet who proudly claimed; “I’m 100% all natural! No artificial additives, fillers or preservatives!”) And when was the last time you saw a politico, (one of the Spanish languages best ever slang terms!,) even claim to live up to the ‘Truth in Packaging Law?’
      So, here, (with your approval I hope,) is the hijacked version of your list:
      1. BAREFACED–liar that is. Woof woof! This dog has been to elite obedience school and graduated 1279th in his class!
      2. NATURAL–dissembler and fake. We will wake up screaming when our unconscious reveals to us just who we’ve really elected.
      3. PROFESSIONAL–crook and shill. We will follow him into that elevator, and stop it between floors for some ‘exchange of views’ about public policy.
      4. GLAMOUROUS–Whore. Yep, you don’t go to all that time and expense not to be some elites lap (dancing) dog. “Fetch me some tax exemptions and subsidies Fido!” Like we said, these bowsers have graduated from Obedience School!

      1. LeeAnne

        Candidates look like they carry battery operated portable hair blowers in their back pockets and purses.

        No need to listen to anything they to say. Here today -gone tomorrow.

        The dictator will be revealing itself any day now -right -left? Obama – Petraeus? CIA or Military?

    2. Philip Pilkington

      Okay, this study is total BS. Here’s the reality of it:

      Glam model (no. 4) comes in (or even no.3 if she don’t walk the right way). Yeah, all the boys are going to be nice to her… but that’s it, they’ll be nice to her. They probably won’t even listen to what she’s saying, they’ll just nod and smile… a lot. If she comes out with any good ideas or whatever, they’ll feel compelled to get one up on her. Why? Because the caveman instinct will kick-in, of course. “Me can no mate with pretty lady if pretty lady doesn’t think me smarter and more in control than pretty lady.”

      Now, no. 4 might get a raise or a promotion if she bats her eyelashes and allows the lad-os their silly oneupmanship nonsense. But that’s about it. If that’s the game she’s in for, then more power to her.

      The sad reality is that if she wants to get taken seriously she’d probably be better off shooting for no. 2, maybe even no. 1 if she works for a particularly male chauvinist firm.

      But then, what do I know? After all I don’t work for…

      “The study was paid for by Procter & Gamble, which sells CoverGirl and Dolce & Gabbana makeup…”

      Look at me with my silly psychological observations. Why trust me when you can trust P&G, well known for their cutting edge psychological documentaries:

  6. ambrit

    Dear Paul;
    Naughty, naughty. Were you speaking clinically or metaphorically?
    PS, we all hope you have your ‘Road to Damascus’ epiphany soon. You are obviously blind, and working for the tax collectors and opressors just now.

  7. Walter Wit Man

    Krugman is indeed correct that the Republicans are in another world when talking about the economy and the reasons for the depression. But I can’t take him seriously because Krugman exhibits the same magical thinking when it comes to the Democratic party and Obama.

    Democratic partisans such as Krugman have no credibility on this subject. None. They are not impartial observers–they are compromised partisans–and the fact that Krugman is smart only makes this fact more disappointing. Partisans like Krugman are pretending that Obama and the Democrats want to reign in the banks but are prevented from doing so by those pesky Republicans or because Obama is getting bad advice. This is an outright lie. Krugman knows it’s a lie but he persists with this fairy tale to serve his neoliberal political agenda.

    For instance, Obama hasn’t proposed a “jobs” bill. As commentator Hugh has shown, there are more tax cuts than job promoting measures in Obama’s bill, therefore it is better described as Obama’s corporate tax cutting bill rather than a jobs bill. Similarly, Krugman is promoting the lie that Obama intends to tax the rich. I fail to see how anyone can take Obama seriously on this pledge; the Democrats already fell for this scam once and evidently Krugman and Obama et al. are going to pull it off one more time. Obama already broke his pledge to let the Bush tax cuts expire and one has to be a partisan ass to believe the excuses promoted by the likes of Krugman.

    Krugman may be correct in a lot of his points about Republicans–but his columns are garbage because of this critical flaw in his reasoning. Krugman is a party hack and this totally negates any value he provides.

    1. Anonymous Jones

      Anti-Krugman partisans have no credibility at all. None. They are not impartial observers–they are compromised partisans–and the fact that these anti-Krugman partisans are smart only makes this fact more disappointing. Partisans like the anti-Krugmanites are pretending that they are blameless and have never made a bad decision in their lives. They claim that they have no biases and they are as Wit as the undriven snow.

      Sure, the anti-Krugmanites may be correct in a lot of their points about Krugman and his cronies, but their impact is nonexistent and their output is garbage because of this critical flaw in their anti-Krugmanite reasoning.

      Anti-Krugmanites are hacks and their status as hacks totally negates any value they provide.

      1. Walter Wit Man

        I don’t think this is as witty as you presume, Anonymous Jones.

        What’s your point? That the same charges I level against Krugman can be leveled against “anti-Krugmanites” like myself?

        But it’s not the case. Unlike Krugman, I use the same analytical framework to analyze the actions of both Democrats and the Republicans. I am equally cynical of both parties on all servants of the plutocracy. Krugman is cynical only of the Republican servants of the plutocracy.

        So when Krugman purports to demolish fairy tales he’s really on demolishing half the tales.

  8. David Petraitis

    I notice that Huff Post has finally picked up on the banksters using for profit universities to shill for rent extraction with subprime selling tactics.


    See also my commentary at my blog:

  9. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Living longer – #1 was strength. #2 was muscle mass.

    I wonder if an economy (or an economic cylce) can live longer if 1) it leads an austere life and slows down consumption and 2) it strengths its manufacturing muscles.

  10. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Occupy Sydney.

    I read somewhere that in Singapore, it’s ‘unlawful’ to occupy Raffles Place.

    1. Glenn Condell

      Just back from Occupy Sydney. Only the first few hours; I’m not a long term occupant, having family duties (oh alright, the first semifinal of the Rugby World Cup might have influenced my thinking a tad)

      My rough head count estimated perhaps 700 or 600 souls. Quite a few police mingling, mostly smiling and relaxed, push not having yet come to shove as in NY. My feeling is that we in Aust aren’t quite as close to the edge of the abyss as our US cousins, we still generally feel reasonably safe in the ‘lucky country’. The ground-shaking events in London and New York are just tremors here right now, and the protest seemed to me more about solidarity with OWS in the US and other countries more dramatically affected by the GWS than we have been so far.

      There were the usual tiresome one issue time bandits, earnest ladies decrying violence against women, an intoxicated and hectoring Aborigine whose delivery was shouted so loud none of it could be deciphered, but also union reps announcing thousand dollar gifts to buy food for the stayers, corporate types declaring their solidarity, etc. It was young and old, sloppy and neat, emo and nerd, surfie and biker.

      Dunno if that will work – just a crowd shot with the ubiquitous Che flag front and centre.

      Spoke to a nice young Yankee fella, student I’d say, we talked fractional reserve, MMT, the Fed, Glass Steagall, etc. Told him to bookmark NC which he’d not encountered.

      I will be back for visits, especially if push does come to shove.

        1. Glenn Condell

          That is spooky. Are you a handsome (but modest) bugger like me too?

          Thought Wales v hard done by, unlucky too but poor execution as well. Trifecta. Quietly confident about tomorrow.

          Hope they bite tonite.

  11. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    It would not surprise me to read one day that makeup makes you live longer…or look richer than you really are, somehow catapulting you from looking your 99% rank to looking like a one-percenter – which may not be such a good thing these days.

  12. Susan the other

    The Iranian Terror Plot: Joe Biden, for all his surface likeableness and great smile, is a card carrying miliatrist and war monger. There’s really not much difference between Joe Biden and John McCain. It is so patently implalusible that Iran, with access to the best heroine a lab can refine, is going to hire a Mexican drug lord to assassinate a Saudi diplomat in D.C. Jesus.

    1. aletheia33

      i actually took “heroine” literally and figured she would wear makeup… or then again, maybe not. or maybe just a touch of blood here and there.

  13. Susan the other

    Alan White:” Banks are trading on government backing.” Couldn’t be clearer than that. The banks are even begging to be nationalized. Funny.

    1. Externality

      At this point, the banksters want nationalizations for several reasons.

      1. Taxpayers will be forced to bear the cost of making bank bondholders and counter-parties whole. Bondholders in entities that the government took a controlling interest in (AIG, GMAC/Ally, Fannie Mae) have been paid in full; it was only bondholders in firms than went bankrupt (Lehman Brothers, WaMu) that lost money. Nationalization of Fannie and Freddie were an enormous windfall to their respective bondholders. Bondholders who bought their unsecured, unguaranteed bonds because they yielded more than treasuries now hold high-yielding bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the US government.

      2. The banksters will keep their jobs and social standing; the few who lose their jobs will see their bonuses and golden parachutes funded by the taxpayers. The remaining banksters will continue to control the economy, keep their mansions, be able to send their kids to the Ivy League, etc. In the meantime, they can continue to express contempt for Americans in “flyover country” who have to pay their salaries and bonuses.

      3. In a decade or so, after the banks have become profitable again, the banksters will push for the banks to be prioritized. Screaming that public banks are “socialism,” and likely arranging some crisis to force a “shock doctrine”-type fire sale, the elites will buy the banks for pennies on the dollar.

      1. Externality

        Should be:

        In a decade or so, after the nationalized banks have become profitable again, the banksters will push for the banks to be privatized.

  14. niat holder

    The study of professional women “tarting” for professional recognition,indeed! At risk of sounding like a prude I’d ask which profession? If you’re speaking about theater, streetwalking or fashion, I’d agree. Professions such as medicine, dentistry, nursing,law, elementary education, emergency response, courier service,police security,etc. this is really not relevant…and it goes without saying vacuous.

  15. Susan the other

    So how do the diehard, pontificating, vamping, stiletto and fishnet Darwinian “evolutionary scientists” respond to the naked mole rat? ” Lamarck was nuts and we know that because the Russians tried to prove his theories and failed so ignominiously.” So Darwin must be right. Evolution and adaptability really needs to be taken to the next step.

    1. Susan the other

      Also speaking from experience on “muscle mass:” When I was 50 I still felt like 40. I hiked 2 hours a day throughout the decade of my 50s. And my joints took the hit. Not my muscles. So, my experience is this: take care of your joints if you want to take care of your muscles. And yes, do not stuff your face. My jury’s still out on wine and tequilla.

  16. Externality

    Obama is using the media’s focus on OWS to start another war, this time in Uganda.

    One hundred “combat” troops, backed by a large, well-armed support element, will be sent to Uganda and neighboring countries to fight the Lord’s Resistance Army.

    Obama orders U.S. troops to help chase down African ‘army’ leader


    Obama said the initial team of U.S. military personnel “with appropriate combat equipment” deployed to Uganda on Wednesday. Other forces deploying include “a second combat-equipped team and associated headquarters, communications and logistics personnel.”

    “Our forces will provide information, advice and assistance to select partner nation forces,” he said. “Subject to the approval of each respective host nation, elements of these U.S. forces will deploy into Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The support provided by U.S. forces will enhance regional efforts against the LRA. ”

    Is this not how it began in another jungle-rich country called South Vietnam?

    1. ambrit

      I believe the American phase of the Indochina War started when Eisenhower sent ‘advisors’ to help train and otherwise prop up the South Vietnamese Army. The whole project was dodgy from the start, for various reasons.
      Strangely enough, this African Adventure has the possibility of becoming a real foreign policy triumph for Obama. The Lords’ Resistance Army is a certifiable bunch of thugs and bandits. They practice good old fashioned Warlordism. They are a threat to everyone in the region, and the populace hate them with a passion. If the Americans can get a few of the neigbhouring nations to join up in some semblance of a ‘United Front,’ real progress can be made. Afghanistan has taught us how tribalism can undo the best accomplishments of big powers. This African Adventure can show the way to properly harness tribalism for constructive purposes.
      It would be good to see this occasion used to move forward some agenda to rewrite the old colonial borders along more useful, pragmatic lines.
      Let’s just hope that Obama hasn’t given up channeling Lincoln to emulate Cecil Rhodes!

  17. Externality

    From Golem XIV:

    Foreign riot police may now be operating in Greece.

    Did you know that the EU has its own riot police that can operate in any European country but is answerable directly to none of them? No I didn’t either.

    They are called the European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogendfor). They are based in Italy but funded and staffed by six signatory nations who are France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Portugal and Romania. However, according to the Treaty which established Eurogendfor they can operate in any EU country and are available to others who invite them to do so. The country which invites them in is refered to as the ‘Host’.

    The Gendarmerie are specifically set up to deal with riots and civil unrest and as the treaty spells out they are to be
    Here is a picture of the force. How many police forces or even riot police do you know who drill with bayonet?

  18. Skippy


    The technique of *instilling* the__desire__too…imitate…your betters…(mental cortex injection) is one of the most powerful…eh.

    Skippy…too PAY for the privilege…too be dissatisfied..with the skin your born into…and line the pockets of those that gifted you with its desire…has to be…one of the most insidious plots ever devised.

    PS…and some wonder___why___so many people self medicate…sigh.

  19. Bill

    Now we’re sending “advisors” to Uganda !!!~

    Remember that other war that started with sending
    “advisors” hint: it was previously our longest war==
    starts with a V………. :(

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