Thanks! Met Our Second Fundraising Target, On to the Third

Dear readers, if you are a weekday only reader or sensibly were off the grid yesterday, please visit our kickoff post where we tell you what we hope to accomplish with our fundraiser.

I really appreciate the speedy and generous responses. It was a bit distracting yesterday, in a good way, to see all the PayPal notifications, “Check is in the mail” messages (the kickoff post gives you the sordid details), and updates from James B., who is processing non-PayPal credit card donations via this link.

Our first target was $4700 for upgrading both the site hosting and the level of site support. You met that in 6 hours. Our next target was $10,500 for travel, which will include travel expenses for some members of our core team (for instance, Andrew Dittmer, who was of great help on ECONNED and is going to be coming from Boston to NYC periodically to work on one of the OWS committees. He also did security duty at Zuccotti Park last night). We met the second target by midnight. We are up to 159 donors, and our target for the week is 750 (some of our donors thus far have given us quite sizable contributions, but we also value the participation of those of you who are on limited budgets but still want to say thanks).

The third target is to acknowledge the help we’ve gotten from some of our guest bloggers. I think it’s a bit churlish and probably bad karma to raise money for the site and not acknowledge the considerable assistance I’ve gotten from guest bloggers and others who’ve provided behind the scenes support. Some of them have been sporadic and like having NC as an outlet, so my sense is that they feel we have an even exchange. There are other who’ve contributed in various ways on a regular basis, and I’d like to thank them in a more tangible manner.

So our next target is $7500 for the guest bloggers. I’d never have been able to keep the site going for five years without their help, so please continue to be generous!

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    1. psychohistorian


      I suggest you look at the posting times for articles in the past weekor so and you will see that Yves is regularly up real late (maybe its early for her, I don’t know) even for this West coast night owl.

  1. Puzzled

    I am used to links to pay via paypal where the identity of the entity I want to pay gets forwarded to paypal and shows up when I do the login on the paypal site. All I have to do is then OK that transaction. For whatever reason, the NC link to donate does not do that for me. And I find nowhere what identification I would give to paypal manually for a donation to NC.

    1. Foppe

      If you’re using Chrome, there seems to be an issue with the referral process; in firefox it seems to work fine.

      1. Wayne

        Yes, I use a Chromebook and have no option but Chrome. Had to go to Paypal through its front door and copy Yves’ email address to make the donation.

    1. sleeper

      Don’t have a available checking account so $ 20.00 via snail mail.

      Sorry I can’t send more but with winter comming it is time to buy some fire wood.

  2. larry

    Sent a small donation forgetting to include my email address. Hope it gets to you. Did it via Bycycle. Don’t care for PayPal bec of who owns it.

  3. Economic Maverick

    Just getting these posts now! Been off the grid since Friday

    I’m SO happy things are picking up! This blog is an absolute gem. We need to come together and elevate this blog to a point where it’s able to drive “mainstream” discourse and launch ideas from the outside into the national/international bloodstream!

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