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NC may be launching a research project on foreclosures in late January. We hope that some members of the NC community will be willing to lend a hand. As long-standing readers of this blog may know, we assembled a small team to assist us on ECONNED, and we got many responses from very qualified people and assembled a high caliber and very useful group.

We are looking for 2-4 people who could hopefully give us at least ten hours a week. This project would require what at McKinsey was called data gathering, as well as analysis. Some of it would involve organizing and bird-dogging an effort to obtain court records. Another important part would be to help build out a large spreadsheet. All team members would participate in the analysis of data and the formalization of findings.

The time frame is late January through mid May, with some possible minor follow on activity into June. Ideal candidates would be graduate students, either law school or a discipline that involves data development and analysis.

Please contact me at if you are interested. Thanks!

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  1. Diogenes

    Is this a virtual or New York City based assignment? It sounds like at least some (if not all) of the process would profit if the folks involved were working in close physical proximity. Is that the plan?

  2. Ted Stein

    I own a small software company, and would be glad to donate a secure on-line database if that is helpful. I put my e-mail in the mail field or you can use the contact form on my website.

    I want to support and there would be no cost for labor, hosting, anything.

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