1. Rex

    I liked, “We’ve seen phenomenal new growth in this category.”

    [Apologies in advance.]
    – expanding to many new felines of products.
    – one, a remake of Friday the 13th — “Cat a Gory”
    – Sunday morning debate — Pro and Con Cat a Nation
    – add a little Gin to get Cat a Tonic

    Think I better high tail it out of here now.

  2. Fiver

    Good one!

    And just a little way further down the road, the adventurous with draw rights can actually BE a cat. One whole hour in the SimulaPet for only a week’s salary (30 Credits). You’ve NEVER made moves like this…

  3. Kiste

    A barrage of empty marketing catch phrases and MBA bullshit bingo (“to facilitate this change” …) applied to cat content. This is funny.

  4. Dirk77

    When I saw the title I was filled with dread. Then I watched it. As long as there will still be room for blogs such as Naked Catipalism, I am fine with it.

  5. Klassy!

    I want to work there. Having to use words such “scalable” and “leverage” are a small price to pay for all that kitty goodness.

  6. scraping_by

    My girlfriend just watched this video over my shoulder. Now, she’s sneezing, itching, and her nose is actually stuffed.

    Isn’t the immune system wonderful?

  7. James

    VERY nice to see that at least someone out there isn’t taking themselves to seriously. VERY NICE indeed!

  8. YamaGucik

    How many canadian policemen does it take to kill one polish tourist?
    How many of the policemen get reprimended for the act?
    How many citizens die in police custody in Canada?
    How many…?

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