Your Humble Blogger is on NBC News Tonight and Democracy Now Tomorrow

When media rains, it pours. Had to turn down BBC and Cenk Uygur. Also did a recording with Harry Shearer which will run on Le Show probably this Sunday, but if not, next Sunday.

NBC told me I needed to really dumb it down, and I thought what I said did sound sorta dumb, but at least they are allowing critical views to be expressed. The lighting was really harsh too, but maybe they think making guests look older confers gravitas.

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    1. nonclassical

      ..I’ll see you with Amy Goodman tomorrow…one of our true heroes…though I wish she was as economically on issue as Yves…

  1. Doctor Brian Oblivion

    I hope you got more than a couple of minutes on NBC to dumb it down. Unfortunately while propaganda and slogans which have already been drummed into the public’s heads is easy to soundbite in between commercial breaks, that which runs counter to the status quo cannot.

    Even simple statements that don’t fit neatly into standard frames require supporting facts and background which is impossible given network and even cable news conventions.

    The fraud leading up to the financial crisis and Bailout II which appears to be its solution require quite a bit of time in order to detail the unapologetic looting that really took place.

    At least there’s a chance that people watching NBC will have hear “” and check the website.

    Good luck, Yves!

    1. liberal

      Unfortunately while propaganda and slogans which have already been drummed into the public’s heads is easy to soundbite in between commercial breaks, that which runs counter to the status quo cannot.

      Good ole Noam Chomsky has made this point repeatedly.

      1. Doctor Brian Oblivion

        Yes, Noam Chomsky has subjected himself to Nightline in the past with fairly predictable results. “Catapulting the propaganda” requires sloganeering disguised as concision. :-P

    2. Bill C

      I caught it and was delighted to see you there — they sure didn’t give you much time but I thought you made the most of it — Short, but very concise, and a truthful antidote to the Williams/Sorkin lovefest tippy-toeing around any kind of “negative” message.

      I agree the lighting was harsh, but you didn’t have the slick, blow-dried look of most of those people, so I thought that added to your gravitas, as well as your “real life” message.

  2. K Ackermann

    There’s no shame in aging, and you’re aging beautifully, Yves.

    I hope you put up videos. My hours are crazy.

  3. placating least common demoninator is the bane of America

    neil degrasse tyson is the master of “dumbing things down” for network TV.

    1. psychohistorian

      Agreed, but Yves star will continue to rise. She will get her chance on BBC.

      As much as I abhor the concept, own my own home, the private ownership of property is an issue that galvanizes many. It will be interesting to see the legs this issue gets with respect to public ire and focus.

      1. Maximilien

        I hope she will also try CBC (if she hasn’t already). CBC (radio and TV) is VERY sympathetic to alternative, non-mainstream points of view. Its radio especially is a real joy—no commercials!

        One caveat: She’ll be preaching to the converted. We’re all lefties up here, didn’t cha know?

    2. Yves Smith Post author

      They insisted on using my real name, and I didn’t have the presence of mind to tell them that CNBC and MSNBC use my nom de blog.

      1. Anopheles

        Geez! You mean that’s not your real name? Golly, no woman’s ever lied to me before. Oh well, you were great and you’re still the best Yves… or whatever your name is.

  4. Conscience of a Conservative

    I’m afraid this is for naught. Turning on CNN and other networks the issue of the banks benefiting and investors suffering and why it matters is not getting covered.

  5. MichaelC

    Nah, your soundbite summed up your position. Didn’t notice any dumbing down in that 5 seconds.
    I wish you could have sneaked up behind Andrew Ross Sorkin and smacked him, but…

    1. Maximilien

      Yves Smith (yay!) on NBC for 5 seconds (boo!).

      Andrew Ross Sorkin (boo!) on for 30 seconds (boo!)

  6. G man

    The homeowners that I know are underwater and behind are scared that they will lose their homes and are doing what ever the bank say. In fact they are afraid to fight. Banks and the AGs now that.

  7. ex-PFC Chuck

    Please post a link to your video snippet later this evening or tomorrow. I just read this post at 6:00 pm CST, just as the weekday network news shows finished in this area.

  8. ambrit

    Most Illuminating Salonista;
    Settle for gravitas. They could have made you up in leather chaps and stiletto heels, just like some banksters moll. You look great just the way you are. (Come to think of it, you done up as Mrs. Peel from “The Avengers” does sound interesting.) Gotta go! My wife is throwing things at me!

    1. Cash

      No sin in dumbing it down. Any expert, and you are an expert, should know exactly how to dumb it down so he/she’s point still gets made. What to leave out. What to stress. The right 2-3 sentences that can’t be edited — either they use your words as delivered or they cut you out entirely. What the best analogies, figures of speech are so total meatheads get your point.

      Experts who can’t dumb it down — and we’re not talking cosmology here — are either not real experts or are obfuscating on purpose.

    2. John L

      Oh ambrit, your Brit is showing.

      Gives me an idea for an NC Tv show though, along the lines of the Avengers or the X-files. Characters would be Mrs. Smith and … ? Avenging foreclosed homeowners and uncovering conspiracies at the heart of government. Hoping we live long enough to see that become a genre.

      Want to be coexecutive producer?

      Yves, hoping to catch your segment on video. Thank you as always for all you do.

  9. James

    Dumb it down? Well I guess! What was that? Less than 5 seconds for sure. Just another reason MSM “News” ain’t worth the electricity to fire up the telly. All smiles, hugs, and reassurances of how “special” we all are. Mass produced industrial propaganda effluent for the easily, if not willingly, misled.

  10. anon48

    How much air time did they lead you to believe that your interview would be allotted? They sure gave ARS plenty of time.

    Well I guess NBC can say they presented both sides in a fair and balanced fashion, just like Fox News.

  11. ggm

    You should do Cenk’s show. He lost his spot on MSNBC because he wouldn’t kowtow sufficiently to the Democratic party establishment.

    1. enouf

      It truly is a shame Cenk and TYT went over to CurrentTV .,..ugh — one needs a boobtube and cable/telco service just to watch anything more than 1-3 minute clips (just like Keith Ohberman) ..streamed over the Internet.

      It really really suckles ass, and i don’t even know what STUPID law makes them NOT be able to stream entire programs!

      P.S. Verizon FIOS doesn’t even offer CurrentTV in their lower-teir packages; You need to get the ExtremeHD one — and the month before, you needed to get their Top-tier one (UltimateHD).


      1. enouf

        I’m just sooooo pissed that We The People didn’t *demand* Ala-Carte channels! (BTW, to see the Yankees play baseball, you need the top-tier one).


        1. ambrit

          Dear enouf;
          We here Down South are doin jest fine eschewing cable alltogether. I just spent a few days on my back in the local hospital with little to do except watch TV. The experience has reinforced my desire to never have cable again. As for Yankees games, do you have any good college teams near where you live? I love Southern Miss baseball. American Rules football might be a pale imitation of Rugby, but American baseball is way more fun then cricket!

          1. enouf

            Hi ambrit;
            Let me first say i hope you are doing well since your stay in the hospital…and I hope that it was a one-off (so to speak).

            College sports really aren’t my thing–actually most sports aren’t, heh, but the sound of Aluminum bats really annoys me…as does most MSM sqwackle and cackling and babbling (not to mention dealing with the adverts). I always have finger on mute button (well, ‘m’ key on keyboard for years now, since i refuse to pay for that garbage on the boobtube) ready to fire ;-)

            Thanks for replying


  12. Mark Mason

    Astonishing. Hard to express the appreciation I have for your honesty and integrity as a scholar. Your work and your voice matters.

  13. Anonymous Jones

    You really have done us all a great service. I’ve posted comments multiple places linking back to your Twelve Reasons critique.

    The real story behind this does seem to be getting out. I loved reading the comments on Felix Salmon’s blog. It was like Monty Python up in there, except replace “Spam. Spam. Spam.” with “Yves. Yves. Yves.”

    Well done. Keep at it. Thank you.

    1. skippy

      Hiya AJ,

      I had some Felix Salmon once during celebrations in Bel Air, twas light and offered a nice contrast with the capers, thinly sliced red onion on Prosciutto.

      Skippy… till I found out in the kitchen, it was farmed, ambiance is not every thing… eh.

  14. Jackrabbit

    Its good that they recognized you – maybe that will entice more media outlets to get your opinion. And you looked great (I viewed the show online and the lights did look too bright.)

    It was only 5 seconds but I think that they actually did a decent job showing the frustration regarding this settlement by showing the protesters and the tearful homeowner who says its woefully inadequate.

    I thought YOU should’ve had Sorkin’s spot but at least he acknowledged that it won’t help homeowners much (and therefore the economy/housing market).

  15. Hugh

    Yves was a good antidote or perhaps inoculation to Andrew Ross Sorkin. Sorkin was tying himself in knots trying not to say how bad this deal was. There was a lot of it will take us a few years to see, blah, blah, blah. He was fairly incomprehensible. Finally, Brian Williams of all people summed up Sorkin’s blather with a “So a negative assessment.” To which Sorkin just sort of sat and stared.

    I suppose what is interesting is that the MSM didn’t know exactly how to play this. So along with the usual shillery they actually let in a few alternate views not to be caught flatfooted if there is a lot of blowback from this.

    1. Maximilien

      “MSM didn’t know exactly how to play this. So along with the usual shillery they actually let in a few alternate views not to be caught flatfooted if there is a lot of blowback from this.”

      They were over their head. The only “experts” on the subject acceptable to them (bankers) are lying low these days—for obvious reasons.

      Hacks with lots of letters behind their names can still explain how the economy is improving—and be believed.

      Generals and colonels and Pentagon spokespersons can still explain how the war on terror is being won—and be believed.

      But bankers, knowledgeable on the topic of mortgages, safe in the eyes of MSM, and reliable advocates of the settlement, are currently unavailable for active propaganda duty. Their credibility has been shot ( pun intended).

      So into the breach went Yves and Andrew. MSM will be better prepared next time, I predict.

  16. 4D

    A token gesture to objective news reporting, but it is a start. Great to see you making inroads to mass access.

  17. xrystia

    Yves, you looked great! But who is Susan Webber? I recorded this & could not believe they got your name wrong. At least they listed your blog. And then, on top of that in response to Sorkin’s explanation of how few people are actually eligible Bryan said: “as the WOMAN in the set up piece said, “the Big Banks are the winners” He could have at least used your name. Glad you had 5 seconds in mainstream media (which is dying IMHO) You reach more people on line & you are a force to be reconned with.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Oh, you must not be an old timer here! Yves Smith is a nom de blog. I wrote for more than a year before being videoed at a conference that was posted online, so my comparatively small audience back then assumed I was a man. I then had about six month of readers being confused as to my gender.

      1. Becki Jayne

        Yves, I hope you post YouTubes or links to the broadcasts. Naked Capitalism is my first stop re: economic, financial analysis and news. Thank you!

      2. skippy


        You have did some great pod – streaming casts prior to NC or near the beginning.

        Skippy… edgy chicks with big glands (the gland that matters most)… WOOF!

  18. skippy

    Did you see it Yves! Did ya…

    They went from crazy protesters ( getting their ass kicked ) *too you*, after two pro *mea “tin” culpas* and the obligatory consumer groups and experts ( fair and balanced ) shtick.

    Skippy… pidgin thingy, they always give you voice when it suits their objectives. #$*&^%*!@!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Max424

    “The banks come out the big winners, because the costs they’re paying are actually very small in terms of the damages that were done.”

    I think it’s impossible to pack more truth into a 5 second blurb. It’s really quite remarkable.

    5 seconds goes fast. I never realized. If it was me, by the time I said, “Sheeeeet, let me tell ya sompin’, them damn banks, they got away with murr…..” I would’ve been cut off.

    1. nonclassical

      bushbama shit…

      the BANKS get back the brunt of the payout, as stated, to “PAY DOWN MORTGAGES OWING”…

  20. Doug Terpstra

    You looked great Yves, but gone in a flash; almost subliminal — but still sublime. I’ve only you’d had at least thirty seconds. I suppose they risked administration wrath even at five seconds, but it’s a start.

  21. Joe Firestone (LetsGetitDone)

    Yves, Dylan Ratigan was reflecting your views today, not the official MSNBC position. In fact, the contrast between Martin Bashir and Dylan within a few minutes of another on this issue was marked. Ed Schultz, later on, was back to kissing WH butt.

    1. nonclassical

      …met Amy (one of my heroes) 6 years ago here, with James Yee, Muslim cleric,
      Guantanamo..Amy’s plane was late, I-5 traffic a mess, got to spend 2 hours very nearly alone with Yee…he made statements regarding Guantanamo prisoners that were difficult to believe at that time-but resulted in being true…he lives in our area.

      1. ambrit

        Dear nonclassical;
        Good to hear you got to interact with one of the inner circle on the Guantanamo scandal. We live in a sad state of affairs when our worst fears are less than the reality.

  22. Doctor Brian Oblivion

    Great job on Democracy Now, Yves. You were able to explain a good deal of the important points in a way that will inform and bring up to date even those who haven’t been following the financial crisis closely.

    A longer discussion would of course be useful, but you made great use of the time. Good questions by Amy and Juan as well.

  23. pebird

    Right on, Yves!

    When is that Fox News special airing :)

    Someone has to figure out a way to get Yves and Rachel Maddow connected.

  24. Economystic

    Could never figger out what took DNOW so long, you both being in NYC and all.
    Too bad about Cenk. Would be a hoot. You could further help him get over his Obama problem…

  25. Lambert Strether

    NBC: “The banks are the big winners.” Awesome sound byte. Need 10 more like that.

    “Criminal banks are the biggest winners” might not make it in, but it would be awesome if it did.

    1. enouf


      “Criminal banks are the biggest winners” might not make it in … — Lambert Strether

      Then i highly doubt;
      “The Financial Terrorists have gotten off with a slap on the wrist ..with free medical care afterwards, and bonuses”
      would make it in either :-P


  26. JerryDenim

    Pretty late to this, but i just missed the segment on live TV, and now Yves appears to have been edited completely out of the online video??? I watched twice but no Yves.

    Did Jack Donhague put in a call?

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