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Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Protests in Resurgence Bloomberg. This is the lead story as of this hour. If you can’t make it to a protest, and can’t skip work, at least don’t shop. Do as much on the general strike checklist as you can.

Occupy Wall Street: Report Criticizes Police Response To Oakland Protests In 2010 Huffington Post

Big Purses, Sore Horses, and Death New York Times :-(

Big Changes in Ocean Salinity Intensifying Water Cycle Mother Jones (Aquifer). We linked to a lay version of this paper, and this explanation is better.

You Are Not Your Brain Big Think (Aquifer)

News Corporation has sought to undermine elected governments Guardian (May S)

Iran Nuclear Power Plant Works at Near Full Capacity, IRNA Says Bloomberg (George Washington)

Al-Qaida’s wretched utopia and the battle for hearts and minds Guardian (May S)

Hugh Hendry remains bearish on China MacroBusiness

No alternative to austerity Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Euro zone policy may turn to relax 3/60 hurdle and to EuroTARP Edward Harrison

Quebec students ignite the popular imagination Rabble (Lambert). This is amazing.

Paul Krugman and Ron Paul discuss economics – as it happened Guardian (F. Beard)

Tea Party Congressmen Accept Cash From Bailed-Out Bankers Bloomberg. Quelle surprise!

Laissez-faire with strip-searches: America’s two-faced liberalism Guardian

Dog-training the press corps Glenn Greenwald

Do the 1% Work Harder Than the 99%? Rdan, Angry Bear (Aquifer). Be sure to read the comments.

Hybrid debt: a new old way to lose money? Satyajit Das, Financial Times

New York Pension Funds to Challenge Wal-Mart New York Times

Banks Ease Rules on Lending Wall Street Journal

Bank of America directors fight back over $20 million settlement Reuters (Lisa E)

Bad Neighbor Banks Sun Sentinel (Lisa E)

Where have all the oil hedgers gone? FT Alphaville (Jonathan)

Defaulting to Conservatism Big Think (Aquifer). No wonder the conservatives are winning! You have to be sober to be liberal! Who wants to be sober in times like these?

D – 130 and counting*

I’m going to try covering the horse race in short form so I don’t claw out my eyeballs or have a stroke. —lambert

Robama’s new campaign slogan: “Forward”. Which means he’s a Marxist. Or Jewish. And Gotham is so over.

Robama: “I said that I’d go after bin Laden if we had a clear shot at him, and I did”. Obomney: “Even Jimmy Carter” would have ordered Bin Laden killed. Pravda: Whacking OBL and then turning it into a campaign talking point is wrong, because it’s partisan. The President as first person shooter.

Philadelphia Greens endorse Roseanne for President. Roseanne, who never blew any Afghan wedding parties to red mist, or whacked a US citizen with no due process and a drone strike. So there’s that.

May 12: Is Obomney going to make peace with evangelicals in Liberty University commencement speech? (cf. on question marks. At least they’re trying.) June 8: Obomney to skip Texas GOP convention. Robama’s not the only one that can throw the base under the bus, is he?

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* 130 days ’til the Democratic National Convention ends with nomination festivities in Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC. I’m sure the time will fly.

Antidote du jour:

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  1. G3

    I have a video ad idea on the lines of Kony2012. Let’s call it Phony2012, put Robama and Obamney’s pics on it. Contents to be about how they are more or less the same and the need for regime change (OWS-style – de-legitimitise the existing corporatocracy that is ).

  2. rjs

    re: the krugman vs paul debate last night…PK didnt get a logical word in edgewise…most who watched it figure paul cleaned krugman’s clock…

    1. Literary Critic

      I find it amazing how Krugman frames his debate based on the premise that whatever he says as a policy prescription actually works. Hard to lose the battle of words that way.

      You actually had to watch the prior segment to the Paul debate to find any reference to what Krugman’s policy fix was. He was advocating a 4% inflation target by the Fed.

      Paul didn’t even get into what the reaction of our $15 trillion international US bond market would be. But I guess he did ok arguing some basic laymen concerns about how the Fed operates – the most fundamental one being that the Fed seems to be funding all that is wrong with banking and politics.

      That is probably better than trying to argue economics with a PhD economist that has declared himself “right” by the fiat power of the profession.

      1. Klassy!

        Krugman takes a question from a viewer, who is concerned about a higher inflation target. What if wages don’t keep up?

        Krugman says don’t worry about it. In a growing economy, wages will rise. “This notion that wages are fixed and any inflation comes at the expense of workers is wrong,” Krugman says.
        Could he at least acknowledge that there might be some perfectly valid reasons that the questioner might have such suspicions? I’m not saying they’re right– just that such concerns should not be dismissed so quickly.

          1. Literary Critic

            What if corporations find out they can’t steal their energy, commodities, healthcare and chinese stuff and take the higher cost out of US worker wages?

            Egads, what if their market interest rate goes up on bonds and financing because the inflation rate (or expectation) went up?

          2. chitown2020

            What if the people woke up and demanded to be paid back and stopped paying the crooks and revolted by not paying the fraudulently induced debts like the mortgage, the property taxes and stopped buying from the foreign owned and controlled megaopoly and stopped buying their foreign merchandise? Then we would have the upper hand. The UCC, code 3-501 protects homeowners from fraud. UCC 3-501 requires a lender to “exhibit the note” when lender makes demand for payment. UCC 3-501 also requires a servicer to show authority to make a demand for payment if the servicer does not own the note but is merely servicing it. This UCC section allows the borrower to discontinue payments WITHOUT DISHONOR until such time a note holder or servicer complies with all laws and contract provisions. Also helpful, the UCC requires the lender go through certain steps to prove up the note (make enforceable) and they must give adequate production.

          3. Jim

            That’s the problem I have with inflation targeting. Unions have so little power today, so increased inflation will lead to lower real wages.

            In fact, any of you who favor inflation targeting of 2%+, what would you do if wages continue to stagnate, even in a period of 5%+ inflation?

          4. DragQueen Capitalism

            phase 2: Outsource manufacturing jobs to halt the rapid pace of inflation by slashing labor costs.

            Phase 3: Wages Fall

            PK and his acolytes, so full of themselves and haughty when the Repugnicans demand lower taxes on the rich, are ignoring the data. A globalized economy does not respond to the same tried and true formulae that National economies do. Capital is instantly mobile, people are not.

            There are no more personnel Dept’s, they are Dept of human resources, receiving the same rights and consideration as a lump of coal. This is the paradigm the West forced onto a supine world, and now that it’s come home to roost we whine like spoiled children. But as adults, we’ve forgotten what all school children learn, those to whom evil’s done, do evil in return.

            But believing ourselves to be “good”, and well-intentioned, we will never see that and so will continue the downward spiral into despair.

        1. binky Behr

          Does anyone have a counterfactual historic case or even a hypothetical for this? Bueller?

          1. Literary Critic

            Ya. Me – graduating from college in 1978. Inflation started to rage. We had much stronger unions then – the IBEW in my case. They tried to get COLA contracts in their 3 year union contract. Management of course fought it tooth and nail, same as trying to hold down price increases from suppliers. Also trying to raise prices as fast as possible. This seemed to become the entire focus of the biz – and was very counter productive.

            End result was a long strike. When exempt employees like me went for our annual reviews, we were told that we were not going to have inflation at this company, and raises were much lower than the inflation rate.

            Course this was going on at all our competitors. To make matters worse, the Japanese entered the market and we found out we needed to lower prices a lot!

            Best laid plans of mice and men.

            PS – the company is out of biz. The rest of the industry consolidated. Over a decade or two manufacturing first went to the non-union south, then some to Mexico, and then China.

            Inflation is a wonderful thing.

    2. Synopticist

      Most people don’t have a faintest clue how modern finance and economics works, so your probably right.

    3. tiebie66

      Paul Krugman vs Ron Paul didn’t compute?
      Should have been Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman, would have given Ron Krugman….

      1. chitown2020

        Most people don’t have a clue how modern finance works because it makes no sense….it is a fraud. Alan Greenspan stated he couldn’t make any sense out of what they were doing on Wall Street with derivatives. He said their formulas made no sense to him. Yet the scam was allowed because the plan all along was to deceive. They deceive in order to cause chaos because that is how they control. I would forget the protests and boycott them. They love nothing more than creating chaos because they are control freaks. Just stop participating in their fraud and stop paying them and buying from the psychopaths who robbed us. They have waged a war on our minds. Their only power is in what they can make us believe. They are a joke and a giant fraud.

  3. General Washington

    Robama vs. Obomney? We’re all so f*cking doomed…

    Also: Bunnies!!

  4. suggestion

    “If you can’t make it to a protest, and can’t skip work, at least don’t shop. ”

    I’d say don’t shop any big box/chain/public corporation….but do support, or at least try, your local ma + pop.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      We don’t just shop or buy products, also services, like medical care.

      I don’t know if we should stop shopping or buying completely today.

    2. Dalebert

      Stop letting Wall Street nickel and dime, or Five and Ten dollar bill you to death:

      -Close accounts at big banks-move to a profit sharing credit union.

      -Use cash and free checks in small locally owned stores when possible-never use pay per swipe
      debit cards or ATMS.

      -Use no fee credit cards you pay off every month when buying from corporate America.

      -Avoid paying any money to Wall Street, banks or credit card companies for any transaction.

      -Consider the business decision of walking away from your home if you are more than 25% upside down and within 20 years of retirement. It is the way they will take your 401k.

      1. chitown2020

        Dalebert..”consider walking away if you are more than 25% underwater”
        I hope you mean walk away from paying the mortgage, not walk away from their homes….! Because, these crooks don’t have the notes because they committed $700 trillion dollars in mortgage fraud with our notes. They committed around a QUADRILLION dollars in derivatives fraud. As a result their debt is unsustainable and can never be repaid…! Don’t give up your homes and property America because they don’t have the notes…! Marcy Kaptur the congresswoman from Ohio said it best…they lost the notes up on Wall Street …….don’t leave your homes unless your attorney can put his or her finger on that note…they don’t have it….PROPERTY LAW IS POWER…! Cook County Sheriff. Tom Dart spoke the truth on CNN over a year ago when he said…THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE THE NOTES… !!

      1. Lambert Strether

        Read Bob Somerby if you want to cleanse your thinking of the idea that “liberals” are smarter than “conservatives.” They seem to think they are, but then again, they also seem to think that “I’m smarter than you” is a vote-winning strategy. Go figure.

        1. Anonymous Jones

          Well, duh, all the children are above-average in Lake Woebegone.

          Seems to me that most people overestimate their abilities, wildly so, and not just on a relative basis (but on a relative basis as well, certainly). This doesn’t seem to break down on liberal-conservative lines. I know a lot of conservatives who think they are smarter than everyone else too.

          I don’t get so worked up about these things. What I think of my relative intelligence is not so important. It’s not like my belief in my relative abilities actually changes the truth of the world in this regard (if there is such a thing as truth here…query whether our label intelligence is just semantic gobbledygook as it applies to a concept well too broad and unruly to be contained by one mere word or even one mere concept). It’s not like there is some analog to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applicable to this issue (where sometimes measurement can change reality; here, belief does not).

          I get that it’s, well, insufferable to be around someone who thinks he is smarter than you. Of course, the reason you find it insufferable is usually always because you disagree on some level with that person’s assessment of the relative levels of intelligence, but whatever.

          I do happen to think that the Overton window has shifted so greatly that it takes a more active, let’s say, imagination to be a conservative nowadays because the conservative platform seems to include more of the easily falsified hypotheses, but no, neither camp strikes me as much “smarter” than the other. They both think that they have things figured out that seem to me to be “unfigureoutable”. Ah, confidence. I guess it makes it easier to live your life if you believe that the emperor is wearing clothes (i.e., your cute belief you have some real semblance of understanding and control over the vast and complex universe that surrounds you).

          1. ctct

            if someone really annoys you that badly… just slash their tires.. it’s juvenile and illegal but you will smugly feel better

        2. Up the Ante

          I figured,

          “.. but then again, they also seem to think that “I’m smarter than you” is a vote-winning strategy. Go figure. “,

          and I came up with, Well, admittedly not the best of strategies but is “I’m at least as dumb as you, maybe dumber which is why you should vote for me.”.


    1. chitown2020

      They aren’t so smart when you know the truth. Then you realize they are just manipulating liars.

    2. Synopticist

      US conservatives are the stupidest people in the western world, (mis)led by the cleverest political strategists.
      By contrast, the US “broad left” is individually smart, yet collectivelly suicidaly idiotic.
      Personally, i find this dichotomy both deeply depressing, and hugelly fascinating.

  5. drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life, son

    >> Defaulting to Conservatism Big Think (Aquifer). No wonder the conservatives are winning! You have to be sober to be liberal! Who wants to be sober in times like these?

    I swear I suspected the same cause and effect, just from my own experiences of switching from a teenage drunk to a near-teetotaller 2 decades later and from observations of some other people.

  6. Cap'n Magic

    Shadow Inventory: Torrent of Portland-area foreclosures reach market at a trickle:

    As CJR notes: The Oregonian had a good report this weekend on how banks are holding foreclosed homes off the market.

    In real estate, this is called shadow space, and it’s just part of the business. What is out of the ordinary is the amount of space being held offline (emphasis mine):

    The vast majority of repossessed Portland-area homes aren’t up for sale. Instead, more than 80 percent of them are off the market, many vacant and developing maintenance problems that might ultimately take a toll on their resale value if and when they do sell.
    Why aren’t they selling more of them? You might think it’s to avoid flooding the market, but Portland is having an “inventory crisis,” according to The Oregonian (one I’m seeing in Seattle too). The robosigning problems are probably a good part of it. But this explanation is interesting:

    And some of the delay is likely the result of a bookkeeping maneuver, said Rick Sharga, executive vice president of Carrington Mortgage Holdings. The homes haven’t been marked down to their new, lower market value.

    “The banks are going to have to take a loss at the time of the sale,” Sharga said. “One way of managing those losses is to sort of delay the process a little bit.
    How many of those toxic mortgages are still not written down?

    1. John L

      Yes realtor friends are telling me Seattle is “hot”. A recent report put inventory at 2 months supply. Someone is playing games.

    2. chitown2020

      You can’t write down fraud. They never created the mbs’s. They sold interests in the notes hundreds of times per note. So therefore, the mortgages are now unsustainable debts that can never be repaid….as the lousy economy proves. So now the FED must admit that their banks committed a quadrillion dollars in derivatives fraud and their debt can never be repaid and they must EAT their losses. Bankrupting the people by recycling unsustainable debt fraud is not going to correct the problem. Time to abolish the FED and hold the traitor politicians accountable. They have nearly destroyed this country.

  7. financial matters

    Hugh Hendry remains bearish on China MacroBusiness

    This makes sense to me…

    “”It has long seemed to us to be the case that this economic crisis would start in the US and make its way to Europe. That has happened. However, we also think it will end in Asia.””

    But I’m not seeing much evidence of this unless he is talking about papering over the problems with more quantitative easing type measures. I don’t see how true deleveraging would be helpful to the stock market.. Also is he accepting the mantra of lower labor prices and exorbitant 1% raises as a way to US recovery?

    “”America’s acceptance of the unpleasantness of debt and labour price restructuring””

    1. financial matters

      From a link given in a comment to the original article. It is from Robert Wenzels’ recent speech in front of the Federal Reserve Board..

      “”The noose is tightening on your organization, vast amounts of money printing are now required to keep your manipulated economy afloat. It will ultimately result in huge price inflation, or, if you stop printing, another massive economic crash will occur. There is no other way out.

      Again, thank you for inviting me. You have prepared food, so I will not be rude, I will stay and eat.

      Let’s have one good meal here. Let’s make it a feast. Then I ask you, I plead with you, I beg you all, walk out of here with me, never to come back. It’s the moral and ethical thing to do. Nothing good goes on in this place. Let’s lock the doors and leave the building to the spiders, moths and four-legged rats.””

      1. Bill the Psychologist

        I would imagine that’s his last invitation to speak and eat there ?

        1. financial matters

          I agree, that’s why I only quoted this part.. He needs to have a talk with Michael Hudson about the rest.. But at least he gets the part about the Fed being damaging..

    2. Literary Critic

      China GDP growth is still growing per The Peoples Economists, but HSBC tracks it independently and China’s growth rate has been slowing somewhat over the last 8 months.

      Also Aussie economy is very tied to China. Metals exports have been declining for a while now, and now the general economy has been slowing. They cut interest rates half point last night.

  8. cvon

    “Big Changes in Ocean Salinity Intensifying Water Cycle”

    It should be clear to most people by now (science deniers excluded) that our capability to screw up the planet’s biosphere is practically unlimited. Maybe some genius will come up an exotic nanobot to fix the problem. Yes, that should work.

    1. F. Beard

      that our capability to screw up the planet’s biosphere is practically unlimited. cvon

      Because our money creation system is unethical. Fix that and a whole lot of problems should go away.

        1. F. Beard

          One has to crawl before he can run.

          If our (even post-Christian) society can’t abide “Thou shalt not steal” then there is little hope for anything more.

          1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

            How do you feel about focusing on the more important issue central to you, if the overturned tables can be set right back up and it’s business as usual?

            You don’t intend on overturning the same tables everyday, do you?

    2. tiebie66

      I’m not an oceanographer, but I cannot image that salinity changes will not affect the thermohaline circulation. Both changes in ocean salinity and temperatures will affect it because fresh and salt water have different densities, as do hot and cold water. Driving up the gradients in both, seems to me, must increase the speeds of the conveyor belts that circulate water across the oceans. An ice-free Arctic by 2015 with the reduced albedo further accelerating warming? Such rapid changes are likely to be deadly in many ways.
      The only positive is the faint hope that temperatures will stabilize ‘moderately’ higher than they are today (3 C/6 F?) at the same time we run out of heating fuel for harsh northern winters.

  9. Literary Critic

    Defaulting to Conservatism Big Think (Aquifer). No wonder the conservatives are winning! You have to be sober to be liberal! Who wants to be sober in times like these?

    Not I. And neither should you.

    Here is a delicious beer recipe for lefties, appropriately named Red Ale. (tho not named for Red states – that is sooo confusing…)

    Batch size 5.50 gal, 5.5% alcohol, medium body, 22.6 IBU bitterness, color 17 SRM

    The style is half way between a amber ale and a nut brown ale, so it can be served in mixed political compamy.

    8 lbs 2 row pale barley malt
    1 lbs 40L caramel malt
    1 lbs 10l Munich malt
    1 lbs victory malt
    8 ozs 120L caramel malt
    4 oz 200L Light English chocolate malt
    .38 oz Magnum hops(14% pellet) at 60 minutes (or equivilent)
    .50 oz Cascade hops at 10 minutes
    .50 oz Cascade dry hop.

    White labs WLP001 California Ale yeast

    Mash at 154C for medium body. 1 week in primary around 68F-70F. 2 weeks in secondary. Carb at 2.7 volumes (medium high)

    Makes Killians Red taste like the Coors Light that it is.

    1. Susan the other

      The recipe sounds delicious. But I’m a failed brewer. I poisoned myself but good 40 years ago and never went back. Where can I buy this stuff?

      1. Literary Critic

        This recipe is not a clone of any commercial beer I know of.

        It’s key characteristics come from the carmel and munich malt giving it an amber ale level of slight carmel and malt sweetness. The really key part is the victory malt – this gives a sort of toasty, almost nuttiness like a nut brown ale, but not as much. The hop bitterness is low. there is hop flavor and aroma, but low enough to let the malty toasty nuttiness come thru.

        Here’s a list of Irish Reds. Sam Adams has one. I haven’t tried any of these, so don’t know if they are real close or not. But I’m sure at least some would be good anyway.

        Support your local microbrewery. They can be very good and nothing beats fresh from the tap.

        BTW: No pathogens can grow in beer. I guess the only poison possible in it might be the alcohol.

          1. Literary Critic

            Nope, it’s not. I take credit for that. The original recipe was from a San Diego microbrewery that brews this every hallowean because it has a deep, blood red color. Their recipe had double the hops – in line with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I cut it in half and all the other nice flavors came thru.

        1. John L

          I’ve put it on the brewing roster for the fall. Thanks!

          Experimenting with home roasted and home malted tibetan purple barley

  10. F. Beard

    Stupid Leftists:

    For overseas readers, the Labor Party (now in government) began as the political arm of the trade union movement and used to have socialism as a key national policy platform. It has traditionally been accused by the conservatives (Liberals aided in coalition by the National Party (rural lobby)) of being poor economic managers – spendthrifts with no fiscal discipline.

    It has reacted to those criticisms by becoming more neo-liberal in intent that the conservatives. Two years ago it promised to deliver a budget surplus this year – because it considered that would allow them to wear the “badge of fiscal responsibility”. As their political fortunes have waned (no pun intended – Wayne Swan is the Treasurer) they have become more obsessive that they will deliver the surplus at all costs. from [emphasis added]

    1. Skippy

      “It has reacted to those criticisms by becoming more neo-liberal in intent that the conservatives.” excerpt – beard.

      Neoliberalism is an economic – social – political template – cough economic Hubertism – Spencer’s practical reasoning was deeply flawed insofar as he purportedly conflated mere survivability (a natural property) with goodness itself (a non-natural property). Yes? An aside, natural property… snicker.

      Now as neoliberlism is a nebulous term, as is most ideology and their evolutions, its is getting damn near imposable to nail it down.

      So to paint the labor party as a hole, neoliberal, just because of someones view on *intent* and how that correlates with previous political campaign promises. Well is just sloppy in my book. The problem is, in a nut shell, that certain members / a sect with in the labor party are neoliberial with regards to economics (monetizing success + opportunity costs). On top of that the party is getting its ass handed to it over the trust issue. Backstabbing Kevin Rudd over the mining royalty (neoliberal impetus)is a dark cloud the electorate will never forget. Labor party members with strong affiliations to the mining sector found a willing assassin and in true neoliberal economic determination, took out a PM that was elected with a massive voter mandate. That will come home to roost in a very bad way, down the road methinks.

      Look just to make it all very simple… mining is only 5ish percent of GDP, the Services sector 70ish.


      Rich in natural resources, Australia is a major exporter of agricultural products, particularly wheat and wool, minerals such as iron-ore and gold, and energy in the forms of liquified natural gas and coal. Although Agriculture and natural resources constitute only 3% and 5% of GDP, respectively, they contribute substantially to export performance. Australia’s largest export markets are Japan, China, South Korea, India and the USA.[32]

      In the past decade, one of the most significant sectoral trends in the economy has been the growth (in relative terms) of the mining sector (including petroleum). In terms of contribution to GDP, this sector grew from around 4.5% in 1993-94, to almost 8% in 2006-07.

      Growth in the services sector has also grown considerably, with property and business services in particular growing from 10% to 14.5% of GDP over the same period, making it the largest single component of GDP (in sectoral terms). This growth has largely been at the expense of the manufacturing sector, which in 2006-07 accounted for around 12% of GDP. A decade earlier, it was the largest sector in the economy, accounting for just over 15% of GDP.[33]

      agriculture: 3.6%; industry: 21.1%; services: 75% (2009 est.)

      Skippy…. I don’t know what billy’s on about, more than not, the BBQ brawler Abbott will be the next PM and then lets see what level of neoliberal reality he can take.

  11. Lambert Strether

    Calling the Labor Party “left” is like calling the Ds “left,” or calling Robama a Socialist. It’s a mere tribal affiliation, has nothing to do with an actual policy. On policy, both legacy parties agree within a very narrow band of possibilities (see under the Overton Window). Which is why the vehemence at places like The Great Orange Satan: It’s the narcissism of small differences.

    1. Anonymous Jones

      Ha! I didn’t even see this before my other comment. You used Overton Window! What are the odds of that? I haven’t typed that phrase in months. Life is so bizarre sometimes.

      We definitely agree about the narcissism. I guess I am just more used to it and have chosen the path of acceptance (ok, if you want to go with the connotation of “resigned myself”, by all means, you are welcome to…)

  12. liberal

    Do the 1% Work Harder Than the 99%?

    God, talk about missing the point.

    There are probably some professional thieves that work extremely hard.

    The focus shouldn’t be “who works hard?” The focus should be “who is making a contribution to production, and who is skimming rents?”

    1. sd

      If you accept that a higher percentage of the 1% than exists in the general population are in fact sociopaths – the survey itself is telling: one of the key traits of a sociopath is to portray themselves as victim.

  13. b.

    Re: “Laissez-faire with strip-searches: America’s two-faced liberalism” – thanks for this link.

    Having grown up in Germany, I always perceived a contrast between textbook definitions of facism, and the clearly symbiotic relationship between the 1930’s Nazi movement and the German corporate giants of the day, following the sudden (and murderous) abandonment of its anti-corporate elements. Whatever else it was, Nazism was good for short-term profits. It makes you wonder whether there is a continuum from or neoliberal unions of corporations and government entities.

    A dead-beating equestrian footnote: If textual replacement of “liberal” with “neoliberal” makes Stoller’s claims of “Lib Luv Big Guv” more sensible, what – if anything – does that prove?

    1. Neo-Realist

      Re: “Laissez-faire with strip-searches: America’s two-faced liberalism, what a better excuse for the Fascist Five on the SC to use what appears to be a “Driving while Black” stop to not only to further clamp down on American Liberty, but to stick it to a Constituency of the Democratic Party and the left.

      I could see this decision potentially being used as an excuse to search and arrest people for small amounts of marijuana in states that actually pass legalization initiatives.

  14. Aquifer

    The article on Philly Greens picking Barr raises an interesting issue. Third parties are so used to being ignored that some members think any press is better than none. Barr may get them MSM coverage, but for all the wrong reasons, IMO …

    I do not question Barr’s commitment to green living – and she is a colorful speaker, but the coverage would consist of clips from her TV show as a way to undermine the party’s message and platform. The vast majority of the folks in the party who are serious about challenging TPTB are, at this point, supporting Stein … She has won the primaries with considerable majorities …

    1. Lambert Strether

      Barr would not be my choice for a candidate, nor is their reasoning mine; I think it makes sense to vote for the best, period. And I don’t like celebrities. Occupy got that really right. (Though my voting strategy is (1) Greens; (2) any other left non-legacy party candidate; (3) Write in “Mike Check”; and (4) spoiled ballot, since all of those options are counted and therefore do not feed into the “voter apathy” narrative.)

      Adding to what I wrote above, Roseanne is, in a popular medium of the day, a great artist with a tremendous body of work in an extremely demanding form. She may not be a “serious” politician, but she’s a serious cultural figure, in addition to having celebrity status.

      1. Aquifer

        I have no problem with her “body of work” – it is just that it would, and you know it as well as I, be used in snippets, to “represent” the Green Party. I think she would be a great cheerleader for the party – but as its candidate? Think it would be a big mistake …

  15. jsmith


    5 “Anarchists” arrested by FBI in “terror plot” to blow up Cleveland bridge.,0,2334424.story

    I hope everyone is well aware as to the “Minority Report” trajectory this country is on.

    In the 90s, law enforcement and intelligence agencies would either create villains – Al Qaeda – or pimp malcontents – McVeigh – to carry out crimes that – gee, shucks – they just couldn’t stop before the commission of the crime.

    Then, starting with the full-blown WOT, American Muslim malcontents often very poor with a history of mental problems would be suckered into a “terror plot” by which I mean a plot created whole cloth by intelligence agencies and which didn’t exist in reality as concerns weapons and/or feasibility.

    Oh, but don’t worry though, they were sent to prison for the rest of their lives. Natch.

    Now, in the latest installment, domestic malcontents – scary “anarchists” – are being suckered in “terror plots” and no doubt will receive the fullest extent of the law.

    Gee, and right before protest season begins in earnest, huh?

    Finally, like “Minority Report” people who even speak a sideways word about the government will be arrested and sentenced to prison for the rest of their lives for the commission of future crimes.

    I mean, if the de rigeuer basis for “terror” conviction now is a made up crime then there indeed will come a day when law enforcement/intelligence agencies will simply dispense with even having to go through the make-believe portions of the case.

    They’ll just state to a judge: “Yeah, well, we could have gotten him to involve himself in a terror plot because like in other “terror “cases the defendant stated this and this and this. Why do we need to go through the bother of even building a fake terror plot when the “terrorist” is already a known sympathizer.”

    This is where this fascist nation is headed.

    1. jsmith

      Here’s a more detailed analysis of the Cleveland terror plot:

      For your perusal, here’s a link to the “suicide bomber” from February who was going to attack the Capitol.

      Yet another FBI plot.

      So, ask yourself, besides making it seem as if the FBI and intelligence agencies are actually doing something worthwhile with the trillions of dollars they get from us, what could be another possible motive for such practices?

      To make this kind of “law enforcement” so commonplace in both societal and legalistic senses that law enforcement will simply be able to dispense with even having to provide the false pretenses they do now.

      Thought crimes will put you away for life because the FBI/CIA could have made you done something if they had wanted.

      1. Walter Wit Man

        And last night in San Francisco some protesters wearing black and masks were alleged to have vandalized cars, businesses, and the police station.

        The timing and the type of vandalism indicates a false flag attack. Average neighborhood shops and cars were chosen as targets rather than just a few big banks and big chains as in the previous action where protesters damaged property.

        I wonder if the two incidents were timed for May Day. I also wonder if there is other propaganda about anarchists/Occupy protesters/black block out there as well. Seems coordinated and I’m noticing a trend.

          1. Walter Wit Man

            I’m betting most of them were cops/spooks. This was probably done to minimize the strike going on in Oakland and elsewhere right now.

            Seems like there are legitimate reasons to wear masks. Some governments persecute and abuse protesters and indeed, Obama’s administration is evidently treating protest as domestic terrorism.

            These cops were probably wearing masks and black so that the association you are making will be seared into the minds of people. Some people are trying to portray anarchists and Occupy protesters as violent terrorists.

          2. Lambert Strether

            Since wearing masks is such an obvious way to encourage anybody, obviously including policemen, to join into black bloc violence, I can only conclude that that effect is intentional on their part — rather like the Pentagon encouraging war (a self-licking ice cream cone). That violence advocates mirror the thinking and essential dishonesty of the 1% should surprise nobody, since the 1% are themselves violence advocates.

            The association is due to the tactics they deliberately adopt. But do feel free to shoot anybody who calls b*llsh*t.

        1. Walter Wit Man

          I would link to these stories (about the protest last night and the action going on at BofA in Oakland and other places right now–as well as strikes like the ferry workers), but I found them in the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate and I am embarrassed to even read that source so I won’t link to it.

          I’m sure we’ll hear more about it.

          But notice how the fascists start the May Day news cycle off with the arrest of 5 alleged domestic Anarchist terrorists and an insiuated black block vandalism episode in San Francisco.

          1. Walter Wit Man

            I have done my homework . . . you are simply reporting a tweet that there was vandalism and I don’t doubt that is true.

            The question is who did it.

            You are not doing your homework when you and your gang take the government bait and spend May Day railing against fake radical leftists rather than focusing on the substance of May Day.

            Instead of uncritically swallowing the official explanation I look at the details . . .

            And this vandalism* looks like the work of cops or spooks based on the fact they damaged the gay mens choir cars and other average stores, rather than TBTF banks, for instance. This has the appearance of a false flag attack.

            * This is vandalism, not “violence”, as some provocateurs would have us believe. Let’s keep this is perspective. Liberals like those in MoveOn and Avaaz are supporting rebels in Syria who have shot dead thousands of cops. How many cops have gotten scratches because of Occupy protests? We are being conditioned to accept a police state for misdemeanor property crimes.

        2. Walter Wit Man

          Envelopes with white powder were mailed in New York and the police allege they are associated with protests today.

          Yet another false flag attack, I’m betting.

          So we have the foiled terrorist attack by anarchists in Cleveland, vandalism by black block in San Francisco, and terrorist letters with fake anthrax mailed to banks in New York.

          They aren’t very creative, they’re just reusing the same false flag playbook they’ve been using for a while now.

          Now cue the concern trolls to take the bait and further divide people . . . .

          1. Lambert Strether

            As I said, immediately, “Let me guess. Informers.” As a child of six could tell. Not sure who on the thread, or elsewhere, you’re referring to with “concern troll.” I’m just not a violence advocate, that’s all. I think it’s poor tactics and bad strategy, as the examples you cite should make obvious to anybody.

          2. Literary Critic

            I hope the leaders of OWS have the presence of mind to publicly state that they have no knowledge of what activities their underlings, minions, contractors, or political donors may engage in.

            Plausible deniability is important.

          3. Lambert Strether

            If you organize yourself to optimize for false flag attacks, then false flag attacks are what you are going to get.

            A child of six can see this. So too violence advocates. One can only conclude that they get what they want.

            Really, the STFU is getting too transparent, here.

        3. Literary Critic

          I recall when we had enviro-terrorists in LA. They would light Hummers on fire at the GM dealerships. At least we knew they were the real thing.

          But what if your Netflix “Money Never Sleeps” DVD shows up and you find suspicious looking white powder in the sleeve? Conflicted over whether someone would send you free coke in the mail, you finally decide to visit your doctor to see if you contracted anthrax or not. How confusing is that?

    2. Lambert Strether

      Let me guess. Informers. And the timing, of course, is totally coincidental.

      UPDATE Is that that river that caught fire? If it is, who needs a bridge? You could just walk on the water (rather like the River Ankh…)

      1. chitown2020

        Didn’t the passage of the unconstitutional and illegal NDAA declare all of us to be potential terrorists? The traitor politicians got away with branding all of us potential terrorists. There are now 80+ really stupid things that they consider illegal and most people don’t even know about. Google it.

    3. JTFaraday

      “I hope everyone is well aware as to the “Minority Report” trajectory this country is on.”

      yes, we are.

  16. b.

    One for International No-Longer-A-Worker Day:

    “Blue Sky Fresh Air Inequality: Do the 1% Really Breathe More Freely Than the 99%?

    “A new study offers evidence that higher-educated (and therefore higher-earning) Americans do indeed spend more time in office buildings and less time in the outdoors than poorer income groups. In fact, while income inequality may be growing, ‘fresh air inequality’ – including time spent on park benches, under bridges and on the sidewalk – is rapidly growing as a mirror image of income, with the low and not-at-all earners gaining and the high earners losing. A close investigation reveals that low income earning Americans have to take on two jobs concurrently just to match the combined home-and-office work hours of the top earners.

    “In other news, previous reports regarding an equally disturbing “leisure inequality” have been update to include the 24/7 no-funds no-fun leisure of unemployment, a state of care-free bliss completely out of reach of high income Americans and their struggling families.”

  17. K Ackermann

    Kudos to Yves’ use of the word agit two posts prior. It was only the other day I looked up the meaning (which is obvious in hindsight).

    It’s the title of a piece composed by an outrageously good young guitar player from Brazil named Fernando Miyata.

  18. a crude interest

    Towing the Tea Party line is not all that easy. They’re lots of Earl Grey areas.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      I might be interested in organic tea parties.

      Tasty ‘ogashi’ with koicha in November after you break open the jar, that has been sitting there since March, for that first bowl…

  19. Susan the other

    Just an uneasiness about today’s antidote du jour: Bunny eyes. So cute and fluffy cuz they have to be to counteract their overwhelming terror. Everybody’s favorite food.

    1. Klassy!

      Poor bunnies. They seem so scared all the time. I’ve read that just startling them can cause a heart attack.

      1. F. Beard

        Bunnies aren’t always afraid; even in the wild. And as for pets, why should they ever be afraid?

        1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

          They might want to worry about not being able to survive in the wild, as part of their emergency preparedness training.

          Some of the more spiritual ones might contemplate whether being pets is the purpose for which they were created.

  20. kevinearick

    Machine Operation

    As designed, the Supreme Court stood between the manufactured majority and the wall of individual sovereignty at the cliff edge. Where did these justices come from?

    So, legacy capital, generations removed from new family labor, employs the manufactured majority, guided by agency, of their own free will, to borrow, spend, and steal, according to increasingly inelastic, and therefore arbitrary, capricious, and malicious laws, hiding their true intent and implementation, to the end of maintaining the status quo of legacy non-performing assets. Agency size is the ramp; the assets are the rock.

    Agency travels in a public, private, and non-profit circle, creating the accounting ratchet; the weight of the rock loads the spring. The relatively immobile contraption falls further and further behind in time, relative to the leading edge of mobile labor on the natural event horizon. The intelligent kids left behind are held hostage by legacy, in the catapult seat, on a platform built for the quantum occasion.

    From the perspective of the machine, nothing changes, because it is designed to see/measure only itself, in a self-fulfilling prophesy. Its quantum operation depends upon what you leave behind for it to steal. When it reaches the limit of that technology, which activates the business cycle, liquidating the back end of new family formation and pumping the return to legacy capital, the cultural thread snaps and the catapult is released. Christianity is just the latest and greatest ponzi that can no longer sustain exponential growth. Surprise, surprise.

    Each new mythology feeds upon the decay of previous mythologies. From the perspective of labor, the empire increases the no-sail zone in a distillation process. Regardless of the media hype, anytime you see exclusivity, complexity, and extravagance, you are looking at the empire. Just follow the money.

    What do you see when you examine the hedge funds? Where are the hedge funds building their ponzi on the margin? Where is the currency ultimately coming from to keep the operation primed? How do you time their collapse? Relatively, how much did Apple pay in taxes and where is it building capital on the margin?

    Women undermine women. Men undermine men, Jews undermine Jews, etc., and no one can screw you like your family. Empire misdirection simply creates the artificial divide and conquer amplifier to grow polarity, with the battle of the sexes at its core. Just swap the lines.

    Within the empire, who provides most of the banking operations? Who provides most of the technology apparatus? Now go back and look at your empire History again. Tack on logic and/or emotion as required to travel right up the neutral; make the empire building revolve around nature’s elevator.

    Heading against currency, you are going to zigzag roughly in 90s (45 to headwind), from the perspective of the empire. Time is collapsed by not waiting in line. The distance between the turns depends upon the amount of gravity you need, which the empire itself approximates with the ratio between return on capital and return on labor, as the empire becomes increasingly irrational, widening the no-sail zone to capture mature intelligent labor.

    Herd behavior does the rest, and, because it cannot be altered in real time, the empire drives itself over the cliff, accelerating its outcome by the energy applied to avoid it, replacing GDP with G accordingly. As the operation becomes increasingly transparent, individuals jump off, forcing the empire to pump the exponential ponzi itself at ever greater cost.

    If you turn before it goes over the cliff, it gets another business cycle, to build more gravity. Note the fiscal policy in Bernanke’s monetary policy. When the demographic fiscal policy loses pressure, the Bank steps in with the pump. Fiscal policy feeds stupid new family formation; monetary policy delivers its liquidation to legacy, which may only continue in a closed-loop ponzi formation. Whether you feed that circuit or not is completely up to you, because there is no intelligence on the closed side.

    If you look at it from a plan view, you see an ac wave, traveling through a communication projector across dc event horizons. What does that remind you of? Draw a centerline. From that line, draw an ac wave, with increasing and decreasing frequency and amplitude. From the beginning of the centerline, connect the peak amplitudes with lines. Same for the troughs. Now add dimensions, as previously provided, and what do you see?

    What you are looking for in a marriage, despite conventional wisdom, is the ability to steer through the noise, with energy from and returning to the noise, keeping in mind that neither capital nor labor may choose its children over time, despite capital’s every intent to do so in the short term. The best it can do is collapse the new family formation it sees, with increasing applied energy as it chases intelligence farther and farther out on the event horizon, until its assets have no basis in nature. Herding cats.

    What you have is a circuit of circuits, made up of a series of delay devices, separated by the insulation of mythology perception (with parallel best business replication), with a looking glass relay of relays weaving parallel circuits between them, distilling out false assumptions faster than the empire can proliferate them. From the perspective of the empire, nothing is changed. The herd follows the same signs to the same trough, only in different vehicles.

    The middle class grows and collapses with demographic acceleration and deceleration. When the demographics turn, the catapult is released and the intelligent kids are thrown onto the next ramp (event horizon orbit), as the old part of the centrifuge slows and the new part accelerates. From their perch on the catapult, they see the “new” world under construction and prepare accordingly. They may choose to build the necessary structures to catch peers and parents as they pop off the stack, assigning sunk cost value accordingly.

    A constitution is a discretionary bridge to the old world. A new dimension is just a different way of looking at the noise, a different path through the projector, which alters the perception but not the noise. Empire operators are not equipped to design and install relays. They can only copy, add, and subtract existing delay devices in the stacks to create the desired business cycle misdirection.

    They added education and energy departments, but look at the data. How far did it get them and at what demographic cost? You have your specific community development and you know the as-is. Just install the required rely when you are ready and the necessary empire mythology circuit will catalyze itself, to reflect the new circuitry.

    The empire robots arm their kids with the same lies they were armed with and they wonder why their kids ask why not instead of why. Sound familiar?

    Part of your program pursues trial and error, avoiding error repetition, and part repeats the same error until it is no longer an error. And it is a program of programs. Human beings, like all other critters, are incredible creatures, from the right distance.

    1. Susan the other

      I think Christianity and all religions, but for us in the Western world it is Christianity mostly, is/are hard wired politics. They do not come from fantasy, they come straight from the heart. Just read the link “Your Are Not Your Brain” and amazingly it reinforces your brain. Our brains are good filters. But they are not the source of our thoughts. Maybe form follows function in a very profound biological sense. Our brains are convoluted to produce the shortest route to solving immediate puzzles. Interestingly cells do the same thing. White cells in pursuit of toxins and bacteria just follow their noses, as it were, to achieve the greatest capture efficiency. Morality is not endogenous – it comes from everywhere around us. Else why does a plant suffer and fail to thrive when you tell it every day that you hate it? Etc.

  21. Hugh

    There has been a lot of discussion about Krugman recently. Charlie Rose had a long interview with him last night. I think this may be the link:

    Krugman is concerned about Spain and jobs in the US, etc., but the interview’s real value is in the utter conventionality of Krugman’s views. Krugman comes across politically as a traditional Democrat and on economics as a neoclassical with a bit of generic Keynesianism grafted on. That’s it. The best way to understand how little there is there with Krugman is simply to let him talk. On topic after topic, he either gets it wrong, as when he says there is no overhang in housing in the US, or ignores some major facet of a problem which completely undercuts his policy prescription for it. For example, at one point, without a shred of evidence, Krugman says that he thinks that Obama will engage in more spending to stimulate job growth after the election. And if I remember correctly even Charlie Rose the master of the puff interview takes it upon himself to remind Krugman that Obama is committed to the opposite. Or maybe that was just me shouting at the screen.

    Anyway, the whole interview is like that. At first blush, what Krugman says makes a certain amount of sense, especially taking into consideration his liberal Establishment viewpoint, but think about anything he has to say for a second, how it actually applies to the real world, and it all falls apart into a dreadful muddle. I think that the reason Krugman has been taking so much heat now is that a kind of critical mass has been reached. Krugman is an elite Establishment economist chosen by our elites to represent the views of the progressive left, but the distance between Krugman and progressives, driven by Establishment policy failures and ongoing economic instability and deteriorating economic conditions, has simply become too great. Krugman is 90% Establishment, and maybe, maybe 10% liberal. That’s a combination that has not only become increasingly apparent but virtually impossible to sell to progressives.

  22. a person lol

    “You Are Not Your Brain” doesnt offer a shred of evidence to support the title, nor does it offer a new hypothesis. The main point seems to be “understanding how conciousness can arise in the brain is hard.” Well, so what? Brains are complex systems. That doesn’t mean there is anything magic happening (though it is something that should inspire wonder). This article is nothing but handwaving.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      Any brain research is a cause for concern.

      How do we know it won’t be used for manipulation and control?

      Is it a bug?

      Or a feature?

    2. craazyman

      the brain is a radio and you’re what’s on. QED

      This and other facts of life are available to you this afternoon, after a quick 2-hour lesson in channeling.

      Gotta love Hieryonimous Bosch. They thought he was kidding but not on your life.

      Wonder whether we’ll see any big arrest totals today? Appears they already found a way to hammer Scott Olson again. Holy Cow, can you imagine?

      All the office folk here think OWS is a bunch of dirty hippies. I look around the room and see the faces in this:

    3. scraping_by

      The author is probably trying to be A Serious Person and the data about body memory, genetic memory, morphic resonance, etc. is Out There in the New Age, alternate medicine, NLP, New Biology area. Where they don’t wear white lab coats and speak bastard Greek, and certainly don’t order from the supply house catalog.

      That said, most of the seekers for a better theory of consciousness are sincere enough, but it’s a big question. Bigger than images on a screen, no matter where they begin. Looking to medicine with fMRI or EKG or other reductivist techniques might be plausible, but medicine screwed around with cancer and ulcers and affective disorders so long, a respectful hearing is all they’re due. Weird is not necessarily the sign of a charlatan, and the passive voice is not necessarily the sign of objectivity.

      Though there are some who are trying the reductivist route even now. Just read The Buying Brain: Secrets for selling to the subconscious mind by Dr. AK Pradeep, who’s apparently making a business of hooking people up to an EEG and eye-tracking technology and showing them marketing materials. Can get the metabolic-level arousal reactions to various selling approaches.

      Claims the average woman (mostly) is going to make purchase decision in line with psychobiology, nuturing and relating and all that. Men will buy instead of hunting, so not so much. But it’s all happening down in the brain basement. Scary thought, especially here in the political season.

    1. Walter Wit Man

      Often very true I’m sure.

      But those that want to turn Occupy and protests movements into a civil war are probably working for the cops as well. Fascist America employs a lot of stooges.

      There has been hardly a scratch on a single cop in America the last year or so of protest. Show me one injury! Yet there has been a military style response and the police state is responding with massive aggression.

      Yet some want to spend all their time focusing on a very small number of mostly misdemeanor property crimes that have occurred. This is exactly what an agent provocateur would do.

      And this is precisely what Chris Hedges and others are doing with the focus on anarchists and the few instances of vandalism.

      Just look at the hypocrisy with regard to Syria. Liberals and Obama tell the government of Syria it has to accept protesters that shoot police dead and engage in real terrorism. Thousand of cops and military have died in Syria. Hell, CNN was palling around with terrorists and blowing up oil pipelines in Syria. Here, the government has to create these threats by setting patsies up and it also relies on it’s controlled opposition, like Chris Hedges, to do build up very small instances of misdemeanor crimes into the biggest civil disobedience to ever threaten a democracy.

      1. Lambert Strether

        Yes, the intellectual dishonesty of violence advocates is well known. As for Hedges, you ought to get that knee seen to. It’s really not necessary to drag demon figures in.

      2. patricia

        You already have several planets’ worth of people you mistrust and despise, Walt. Why add more? Really, why?

        Hedges has worked harder and longer, with higher cost and deeper sacrifice, than you will ever manage, even if you start right this minute. But give it a try. Please.

        1. Walter Wit Man

          Several planets worth of people? That’s a wee bit hyperbolic.

          If anything, I’m too trusting! I got suckered by these people for far too long. I used to like Hedges writing before I got wise to his agenda. That’s why he’s chosen to attack occupy protesters and anarchists–he’s built up his bone fides and liberals respect him so when Hedges attacks fellow protesters it gets results–it creates tensions.

          So to answer your question, that’s why I call the perps out. I’ve learned from experience and I’ve seen how powerful their propaganda is and I feel like I have a unique and insightful perspective and I don’t see other people stating these truths so I’m going for it . . . .

          I know it’s shocking to realize most of the liberal heroes are frauds, and that this truth applies to the bloggers and academics as well. I went through the same disappointment . . . but it’s more important to be honest than to hide uncomfortable truths.

          You’re being suckered into thinking Chris Hedges and the other concern trolls are trying to help. That’s their cover story. They are very good at lying and the controlled opposition tactic is very effective. It is very hard to tell when someone is lying (e.g. Obama’s repeated promises that he supports single payer or the “public option” or wants “change”).

          They’re working for the bad guys. Like many/most popular liberal blogs.

          Why is there hardly any mention of the attacks on Syria, for instance, on most of the liberal blogs? This to me is damning because I’ve looked into what’s going on in Syria.

          1. patricia

            WWM, requiring perfection in human beings is absurd. There are no heroes. It’s not about being suckered or trolled or defrauded or traitored or “lied to” or “operated on” by those next to you. It’s not about any particular human or movement or ideology. It’s about taking a path. You need a long vacation, as I’ve said before. Then come back and just get to work. Work. You’ll drive yourself crazy, the way you’re going.

    2. Literary Critic

      “At one point, Wright expressed concern that the undercover FBI agent who sold them what they believed was powerful C-4 explosives for $900 was a police officer, but he continued with the plot.”


      Kinda anti-climatic after watching 8 seasons of 24. Things must be slow in Cleveland. I mean, these bozo terrorists aren’t even talented enough to make their own explosives (from common household products – supplied by weapons trafiker Proctor,Gamble and Scotts – like that Okie City bomber guy?)

      I’ve seen pics where gang busts in LA yielded a huge room full of automatic rifles, grenades, bazookas and rocket launchers.

      Same with some drug runner busts.

      Hate to see what real terrorists have stocked up.

      “The undercover operation is the latest of a number of sting operations undertaken by the FBI and Justice Department in an effort to thwart attacks by domestic and foreign militants.”

      Sounds like they are going after the toenails of the Hydra?

    1. Up the Ante

      No. Just google chimp attacks on humans. These ‘cousins’ are decidedly not ‘humans’.

    2. Up the Ante

      In fact, as some of their attacks have aspects that suggest premeditated actions I fail to see these beasts as momentarily calm ‘cousins’.

      Stuff like immobilising a human’s arm and biting off, one-by-one, the fingers .. while staring intently into the humans eyes ?

  23. psychoanalystus

    Greetings, Comrades!

    Happy May Day to you all, from the country formerly known as Socialist Republic of Romania, where even after 21 years of corrupt Washington-engineered neoliberal policies, this country still has fully socialized medicine and state subsidized education, which is a heck lot more than what “the richest country in the world” (USA) gives its own citizens. Not to mention that May Day is still an official holiday in Eastern Europe, celebrated with cookouts and family outings.

    Keep up the good fight against those capitalist pigs! The capitalist pigs are frightened. Victory is ours! Victory is in sight!

    Farewell, Comrades! Farewell!

    1. chitown2020

      We have to beware of their fixes for their fraud.. I am pretty sure I just heard Krugman tell Charlie Rose that we need a World War and death panels to fix the economy.

      1. psychoanalystus

        Greetings Comrade Chi,

        I would not bother listening to that Charlie Rose piece of shit. He is the oligarchs’ mouthpiece. Also, all his guests are worthless–they are all part of the system. Also, at this point PBS in general is worthless.

        Instead, I recommend you try for general news, and Max Keiser’s show on for economics. Keiser is very blunt – you will like that.

        Also, Richard D. Wolff’s economics radio show on WBAI is a good:

        1. chitown2020

          Psychoanylsus…I watch both. I never miss the Keiser Report with Max and Stacey. I know that Charlie Rose is a tool. I am just alerting the people about the evil lurking.

    1. another

      “Personally, I don’t believe in AGW …”

      That’s all right, F. AGW still believes in you.

  24. chitown2020

    Say what….? Did I just hear Paul Krugman say in his interview with Charlie Rose on Bloomberg tonite… that we need another world war and death panels to fix the economy…??? Now that’s psychotic. Can anyone confirm this….?

    1. psychoanalystus

      See my comment above. Don’t waste your time with Charlie Rose. Go to if you want some real news about America.

      Also, try the Real News Network for excellent interviews:

      1. chitown2020

        Psychoanalysus…..I watch RT news for the real news. I spy on and expose all of the rest. That is my own personal crusade… To spy on them and expose them and alert the people to all of their criminal secrets, lies, deceptions and fraud.

  25. Punch My Ticket

    Re the Quebec students:

    Bunch of spoiled brats. They’re rioting in the streets because the province has suggested that their $1500/year university tuition should rise to $2500/year over the next five years.

    P.S. is worthless.

    1. ScottS

      They’re protesting a 167% increase on something that should be free. I fail to see the problem.

  26. ScottS

    FBI foils its own terror plots:

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