Links 7/15/12

GMO in sport: Genetically Modified Olympians? Raw Story

The Call of Duty Villain of the Year is YOU Something Awful (FrankZappasGuitar)

In Vast Effort, F.D.A. Spied on E-Mails of Its Own Scientists New York Times

WikiLeaks wins case against VISA RT (skippy). This is cool.

Italy in Crisis: the rise of ‘Super Mario’ technocracy Andrew Marshall, ROAR (Susan Pizzo)

Martial Law Britain Craig Murray (just me)


Adam Posen: it’s time the UK stopped “fetish-ising” its banks Ian Fraser

Tim Geithner’s Libor: Where Was the Barking Dog? Scarecrow, Firedoglake

Libor scandal – the net widens Independent

U.S. Is Building Criminal Cases in Fixing of Interest Rates New York Times

U.S. Drugged Detainees to Obtain FALSE Confessions George Washington

Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East Washington Post

Obama TV ad attacks Romney business record Financial Times. Ad here. As several readers pointed out in Links yesterday, the media is falling in behind Obama and news coverage like this is proof. For reference, “Daisy” is the gold standard for attack ads.

Guest post:The Romney job record in Massachusetts Jon Hammond, Angry Bear

David House Grand Jury Notes Pastebin (Lambert). Bradley Manning related.

Weakness in recent ISI company survey SoberLook

How Jamie Dimon and ‘Flexible Accounting’ Hid JPM’s London Whale Loss Jesse

‘CIO Risk Management was ineffective in dealing with Synthetic Credit Portfolio’ FT Alphaville. Cover page reads like Dimon’s Congressional talking points. So which came first?

Here Comes the Catch in Home Equity Loans Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times

Mish & Steve Debate: Steve Says (I) Steve Keen (Glenn Condell)

Antidumping as cooperation VoxEU

Krugman sides with Wren-Lewis — and admits he was wrong about the crisis Mike Norman

Occupy Argument: It’s Constitutional Global Economic Intersection

Antidote du jour (Richard Smith). Backstory here.

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  1. YankeeFrank

    For those who despair of the younger generation, go check out the boards on some gamer sites about this silly Call of Duty plotline where this Russian mob-looking/terrorist guy is the spokesperson or some such for the 99% — the kids are falling over themselves laughing at this tripe — saying things like “its gonna feel weird fighting myself” to libertard bashing fun etc. Gotta love the supposedly bought and sold kids who can see through the propaganda faster and easier than their elders. Guess that’s what comes from being cynically sold to from the age of 0.

    1. ambrit

      Dear Yankee Frank;
      Don’t dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on the back old son. Truly effective propaganda works whether the ‘target audience’ sees it as such or not. The real point of all this, from my point of view, is the way these game legitimize the use of extreme violence as a preferred means of resolving disputes. Sure, your ‘enlightened’ youngster can laugh at the absurdity of it , (“Gee, those zombies look just like Mom and Pop!”) But the same person can turn around and gleefully blast those nasty ol zombies to gory bits with firepower that is (by definition and intent?) only generally available to police forces and standing armies. The other day, skippy posted a clip from Kubricks version of “A Clockwork Orange.” Another section later on in the film shows two of Alexs’ “Droogs” morphed from vicious street punks to police officers. “Big boys need big jobs,” Officer Dim tells Alex. Just because youngsters can see through propaganda doesn’t mean they are immune from it. One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned from being a parent is that you can not ‘expect’ any particular behaviour or outcome out of the young. They are truly independent actors. It’s all in the early socialization you supply them. Games and play are very important parts of the socialization process. Seeing the kinds of ‘playtime’ activities the present generation are receiving, the real zombie apocalypse can’t be too far off. Just hope the kids haven’t internalized the “Mom and Pop are Zombies” theme too well.

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        ambrit, yes, STILL: “The medium IS the message.” McLuhan teaches us still.

      2. TiresiasAGW

        Yes armbrit, remember, propaganda is meant to confuse the subject to the point where they are pulled into decision making by a larger more directed meme.

      3. neo-realist

        I wonder if many of these independent actors find extreme violence attractive enough to volunteer for the army and get the thrill of killing the people they celebrate killing via the video game?

        Or maybe its just fine as long as they can initiate it on their consoles their safe american homes munching doritos?

        Afghanistan, Iraq War–10 plus years, c’est la vie

        desensitize, legimitize

    1. Rex

      “Keener, 31, was sentenced Friday to 1,256 years in prison … one of the most severe penalties in El Paso County’s recent history.”

      Huh? Nice writing. Seems to imply that thousand-year sentences were more common in the old days.

  2. LeonovaBalletRusse

    Lambert, congratulations on the result of your perseverance: GREEN Party Candidate Jill Stein’s qualification to receive “Money from We the People” via the “EveryAmerican” campaign contribution through check-off box on the Federal Tax Return.

    This AM on NPR, I heard the “best voices” of Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala. It is obvious that Cheri has the stronger vocal delivery, by nature and perhaps by training. This will serve her admirably in her assertive VP presence as the Just Voice of the “Revolutionary Heart of America”–especially since the VP by tradition has the TIME to devote herself to We the 99%/We the Others/We the Americans of Earth. No longer is the palemale VP position worth only “a bucket of…” well, you know what the D-heads say about it.

    Jill Stein, M.D. is the Just Voice of the “Tempered Brain of America”–properly placed at the top of the GREEN ticket, as the Other Candidate. Her voice, heard today, is NOT robust enough to stay the course, unless she engages the best “Strategic Voice Coach” IMMEDIATELY. A Strategic Voice Coach such as RUTH FALCON in New York City is recommended because of her hard Strategic Voice Training experience (perfected under Mmes. Anna Hamlin and Donatella Masiello in NYC) and Strategic Intelligence, which led to her brilliant operatic career and her “retirement” to teaching/coaching in New York City (I say: “such as” because Ms. Falcon may not be available to you, but one can always hope for the best). Operatic singing is now considered “aerobic exercise” and an “athletic” endeavor, which entails the development of lung capacity as well as the proper use of the body and breath in SUSTAINED PROJECTION of the voice in the most effective and beautiful controlled manner. THIS is what any female Candidate for President of the U.S.A. REQUIRES, since the prejudice against a “weak” and “shrill” tone of voice in a woman is the KISS OF DEATH in American politics, Q.E.D.

    I pray that Dr. Stein follows this heartfelt advice, and that she will be able to engage the services of Ruth Falcon for “the long, hard slog” of the Presidential Campaign 2012; for I knew Ruth when she was an honor student at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, and can attest that she never lost her thoroughly GROUNDED Strategic Intelligence and compassion. But, whomever Dr. Stein selects as her Strategic Voice Coach, may she choose wisely, for the “perfect fit” in human as well as professional terms, and not be railroaded into accepting as Coach “somebody’s niece/pet” in show business, and certainly not some “trendy sweetheart director” with Ego to match.

    Lambert, please carry on. GREEN to WIN 2012.

    1. LeonovaBalletRusse

      Lambert, imagine: GREEN to WIN 2012: The “Other” Party. “Other” than what?

      “Other” than the “Trojan Horse” Party of the 1%, that’s what. See? Obamney is One Trojan Horse (they can fight over which Candidate is the Neigh Head-in-the-Bed and which is the Butt Head-in-the-Bed).

      Have fun!

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        Lambert, your voice for Jill Stein was the proverbial “water on the stone.”

        1. LeonovaBalletRusse

          LS, rather your “steady links” to her and the GREEN Party, reminding We the People that our choice for President was NOT in fact limited to the Duopoly OneTrojanHorse Candidate YET. And she still needs to qualify in 40 States total.

          1. KoalaBear

            Is there any coordination going on between the Greens and Libertarians (and/or and other “3rd parties”) for ballot access? I’m sure it can’t have escaped their attention as a strategy.

          2. enouf

            LeonovaBR and KoalaBear;

            Not sure Leonova, I have trouble following any pols endeavors – as you know, i, like many of you are jaded to say the least :-)

            Rocky Anderson


            old hat concerning that ; not looking good

            a bit more on Gary Johnson about a month ago


            It turns out it was gary johnson Judge James Gray (the VP candidate along with Johnson) that i happened to be listening to on a broadcast/interview recently on a show a few days back, and noticed the information i posted above (about Ballot access). I also recall Gary Judge James Gray talking about entirely eliminating the IRS, and replacing it (the funds) with a VAT-style tax instead — I can’t say i’m a big fan of a VAT ..nor do i want to argue his talking points for himself. He also mentioned ending all wars abroad, etc.. yadda yadda..

            bah .. I can’t find the actual broadcast archive i was listening to right now.

            Also, I’ve thought about ‘combining forces’ to unite, as KoalaBear suggests, just to overthrow the pondscum duopoly … but sigh

            Not to mention, it’ll take much much more than swapping out one or two Puppets for their less smelly counterparts. (as you know)


  3. craazyman

    so those goats don’t get wetsuits like the humans!

    I’m tellin ya man. If anyone ever paddled out into 53 degree water like I have (in my speedo, of all things, as a kid) freezing my you know whats into little grape sized dots, you will know. especially when the wind blows.

    There must be a store that sells goat wet suits, like the little poodle sweaters I see in the fashionable neighborhoods.

    every thing I witness nowadays makes me more of a vegetarian, except on Sundays when the NFL is on the tube and you just have to have a burger and fries. Hopefully the therianthropic dieties will have mercy. I should switch to soyburgers, because eternity is a long time.

    1. Susan the other

      Craazy. Agree about being a vegan, but it gets harder the older you get. The thing I loved about Goatee was that “when she had had enough she just swam to shore.” Reminds me of my sweet Aussie, a pound hound who was my hiking companion until his joints gave out (just before mine did). In that last summer when I stopped to sit on a rock and tried to give him water he’d just look at me and wag his tail. Then, turn and just go home. He’d had enough of my frenzied hikes.

    2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      Craazyman, about avoding soyburgers, is that you listening to your own ethical standards thing or is it in a book somewhere?

      1. craazyman

        There are a few brands of soyburgers that I think are very good. I can’t remember the name but my mom and dad have them. and I almost prefer them to beef. but I eat beef every few weeks, the organic kind. Love to make burgers with cayenne pepper, curry powder and cumin. I make the best burger in New York. My ex-girlfriend, who I didn’t get along with at all in almost every way, hung out for months with me ’cause she just loved my burger. ahah. I may even have one tonight!

        If there’s a chicken-man diety, I’ll be in a lot of trouble. Or a sardine man. Whoa, I’ll be in trouble. Or an anchovy man. Holy Moly. Or a broiled flounder man-god stuffed with crab meat there in the bardo realm trying to scare me. I might as well just keep eating this way, because it’s too late for any salvation.

        1. enouf

          ok, so my mouth is watering now …..

          — i make the best homemade pancakes in all of NY (a recipe from my mom (almost 90 yrs old now)), and a mean hearty breakfast all around!

          — my dad is a ‘sardines’ type of guy, a Navy WWII vet, so seafood is also a fav for him — i’m more of the halibut, lemon/grey sole, mussels (fra diavlo), clams (angel hair, garlic, oil), lobster, scallops, crabs, shrimp kind of guy – heck even swordfish

          Many many sad things to mention though;

          — most soy (and many many others) are GMO-based products

          — a recent (not too long ago survey of major supermarkets and fish markets in the area) found *most* items to be either blatantly false (scallops were really from manta-ray cutouts) or mislabeled (lemon/grey sole was really flounder or talapia) .. i can post the article, but i’ll need to dig for it.

          — i use enriched flour to make my pancakes (ouch!, heh)

          — store-bought ‘chop meat’ suffers from the ‘pink slime’ dilemma as well as possible pork/chicken by-product additives .. depending. I know many decent places that wouldn’t dare, but still.

          — my mom’s meatballs would command gazillions of $s if sold on the open market (as would most of her cooking/sauteeing; i still have yet to perfect her technique! ;-))

          — no, i don’t live with my folks, but i might soon move back in to take more care of them in their golden years (heh, why did i feel the need to even mention that!?)


          A) We demand GMO-labelling on ALL Products sold!
          B) We each need to become Organic, if not BioDynamic “Growers” (and cooperatives) ourselves!
          C) I’m not salivating as much now as i was when i started writing this!
          D) I love really hot spicy chicken wings, I love real NY pizza .. although, that particular ‘something in the water’ that differentiates NY Bagels from FL ones is … something has changed recently, not sure what, but the public water in NY Metro ain’t right anymore — i use Spring Water only for consumption.

          There – that seems to be enough ;-)


          p.s. Scientists (psychiatrists through anthropologists) will all tell you how much dopamine, seratonine, neurotransmitter brain stimulation is achieved through just the thought of an up-coming “good meal”

          p.s.s. Do you all mean “Deity” as opposed to “Diety”? (I’m not at all familiar with “diet*” words you are using)

  4. I invoke Patrick Murphy's mother

    That relentless “I invoke” is as inspiring and historic, under our purulent enemy state, as “Have you no decency?”

    I just wish he would invoke Articles 17 and 19, while he’s at it, to take the opportunity for defensive enforcement of the binding human rights law that shaved apes like Patrick Murphy shit on.

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        “I invoke” is the tell of “high propaganda” rhetoric that warms the mouth of a false prophet. Getting into “Antichrist” rhetorical devices here.

          1. ambrit

            Dear LBR;
            I first saw “Triumph of the Will” while auditing an advertising course in school. That should tell you something about our culture.

    1. Jessica

      Good point.
      In both cases, for the sake of the faux-two-party system, the non-incumbent party put most of its energy into making sure that no insurgent candidate could get the nomination. So they wound up with a weak candidate and not much enthusiasm in their base. The roach motel active base is a delicate balancing act.
      The tea party types who threatened to get the R nomination this time are not on our side, but they weren’t quite reliable players for the 1% either. And they might have established the dangerous precedent that interests outside the 1% matter.
      It is just like pro wrestling, isn’t it.

      1. Jim Haygood

        In support of candidate Mitthouse O’Bamney, today New York’s Slimes-Titanic presents — I kid you not — ‘The Moral Case for Drones.’

        One is reminded of Judith Miller’s “moral case for seizing Saddam’s WMD’s” which the Slimes-Titanic presented a decade ago. Great stuff! Too bad it was fiction …

        Fortunately, polls indicate that Millhouse O’Bamney, the unopposed candidate of the PIRP (Permanent Institutional Republico-democratic Party) enjoys over 90% support from his grateful people. So the PIRP will hold the presidency this year, as it has for the last 150 years.

        Next week: ‘The Moral Case for Euthanizing Useless-Eater Boomers.’

        1. Francois T

          Permanent Institutional Republico-democratic Party

          Hmmmpf! Let me correct this misconception so we all know where THEY stand:

          Permanent Established Republico-democratic Party a.k.a. the PERP.


          1. enouf

            How about this instead;

            Fraudulent Republic-turds Antagonizing Underling Demo-craps?



        2. Maximilien

          “Next week: ‘The Moral Case for Euthanizing Useless-Eater Boomers.’”

          Coming in September….the much-anticipated “1001 Reasons The Old Gray Lady Should Be Euthanized”.

          The NYT has already said the book will not be included on its list of best-sellers—which is, of course, one of the 1001 reasons why The Old Gray Lady should have her voice silenced forever.

    2. lambert strether

      And it couldn’t happen to a nicer lackey.

      * * *

      I tend to look for a moment when a candidate gets a certain look in their eyes that says “This can’t be happening to me.” Romney’s got that look. OTOH, it’s early days yet. Romney isn’t Kerry, and Rove isn’t whoever the f*ck ran Kerry’s clusterf*ck of a campaign.

      1. ambrit

        Mr. Strether;
        In the final analysis, the candidate is responsible for those who do the *ahem* Donkey work for them. If you go along with the status quo, that’s what you get, for good or ill. Mitt’s running an establishment campaign against another establishment candidate. As you like to say; What could go wrong?

    3. Doug Terpstra

      Obama couldn’t possibly find a better opponent to ensure his reselection: a Mormon to disenchant the Evangelicals, a cruel animal abuser, a homophobe, violent bully, dishonest uber-crony-capitalist, and abysmal debater. Did I leave anything out?

      Democracy ain’t broke, it’s fixed.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        Second term presidents do not listen as well as first term presidents.

        You have to get your money’s worth during the re-election campaign.

        The false challenger is not going away just yet.

        1. enouf

          uh .. gee tenesee .. i wonder why gas prices didn’t rise during Bush’s 1st term! .. and like all the idiots (the 1% mostly) that splurged for the 50k-100k SUVs for tax writeoffs couldn’t possibly seen it coming in the 2nd term .. welcome to King Saud! .. wait, where’s the video of them kissing and holding hands, like lovers of apocolypse.. oh yeah; it got buried with the WTC-7 info and the “financial crisis” .. nice distraction, eh?


          p.s. Gotta love that Dicko-Whacko-Heartless-Cheney-Perp-Felon-Traitor-Treasonous-Treacherer “Energy Summit” in the 1st term

      2. LeonovaBalletRusse

        DT, have you seen the “I’m a Mormon” ads (such good folks) on YouTube videos?

  5. Benedict@Large

    As for the idea that the media is “falling in behind Obama”, that’s been pretty obvious for the last week or so. More important however is why.

    The media’s goal of course is to maximize its profits, and the biggest component of that is ad revenue. Widely reported of late (although how can anyone really count this anymore?) is that Romney is well outpacing Obama in campaign contributions. Now this leads to two things:

    (1) The media doesn’t want Obama to get buried, at least not this early. They need him to stay in the game so he remains a viable fundraiser. They can do this by either increasing positive Obama coverage or increasing negative Romney coverage. Mostly, they seem to be doing the latter.

    (2) It’s pretty clear that Romney has a lot of cash, and he’s not in any trouble in so far as running out if he spends it now. This is by far the juiciest plum in the basket. If the media increasea the negative Romney coverage (which they have), Romney is then FORCED to start dumping more of his money on ads now than he may have planned.

    The bottom line is this: Don’t get all gushy over the idea that the media has suddenly “seen the light” as to who would make the better President over the next four years. Contrary to recent proclamations to the contrary, corporations are not people. They don’t have emotions, and they don’t have political ideologies. All they have is their bottom line, and for the time being, their bottom line is best served by going negative on Romney.

    1. lambert strether

      I think it is also true that the press, as members of the “creative class,” simply find Obama more congenial and have picked sides as a pack. Romney is the target of snarky asides, his pictures are chosen to make him look wierd, he can’t get a foothold in the narrative, and for all these reasons he always seems a step behind (whether he is or not). The press picked sides againt both McCain and Clinton (with an added dose of vicious misogyny thrown in, ably abetted by the Obama campaign itself), and also (as the great Bob Somerby has exhaustively documented, against Gore and for Bush.

      Yes, there are interests involved, but these social aspects have a relative autonomy.

      1. Jessica

        The press only has autonomy to the extent that both candidates are nearly equally acceptable to the 1%. I assume that this is what Lambert meant by “relative autonomy”.
        I think the mainstream press had more autonomy as a somewhat independent actor within the elite the 60s and 70s (and earlier) but that since then it has come more under direct control by other elements of the elite.

    2. LeonovaBalletRusse

      B, definitely, “Politcs” in MSM maximizes profits of the .01%+.99%Agency.

      Really, it is all about the dough, “nothing personal.”

  6. LeonovaBalletRusse

    Lambert – Guardian: “Olympic guards ‘may not speak English.”

    This is the Final Security Solution of the .01% + .99% Agency Master Class “NOBILITY and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII.”

    The FOREIGN “Security” troops thus are CERTAIN to have nothing in common with the native population.

    WHERE are The Ladies From Hell? Are they rolling over/bending over, together with the soi-disant “Scots Guards” of the .01%???

    1. ambrit

      My Dear LBR;
      Obviously in line with standard imperial thinking. We Brits have used it with great effect for years. Remember the Amritsar Massacre? The Boston Massacre? (No, not the Dukakis campaign!) This just brings home to the English people the fact that their own government views them as just another ‘subject’ population. (See: U.S. Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, etc. etc.)

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        ambrit, “for years” — make that “for centuries.” Propaganda and aggressive “Marketing” both social and political have been honed to perfection by the .01% and their .99% Agency du siecle.

      2. LeonovaBalletRusse

        ambrit, British Imperial “Law” also in Canada, etc. makes it absolutely clear that the “Crown” Colony populations are “subjects” obediant or else, upon pain of death. It’s no joke. Murder of the “Other” is regal sport.

  7. Max424

    re: Krugman sides with Wren-Lewis

    I like Dan Kervick’s comment. Here’s a snippet:

    “Why do economists love monetary policy? Because they dream of a world in which macroeconomic outcomes are determined by economists and bureaucrats working in central banks, and not self-determining people and their representatives fumbling along out in the democracy.”

    Dan addresses the “liquidity trap” too. The absurdity of it. The artificiality.

    A liquidity trap is like a fork in the road. You could opt for the one fork, the high road, the one that takes you on merry trip down Sunny Lane. Instead, you choose the other fork, the low road, evil Trap Route 666, the one that leads you, always, straight into a roiling tempest.

    And then you howl above the raging shitstorm* to your devoted acolytes, “I told you conditions would be death defying down here! How prophetic am I?”

    *Or, from a safe distance, you write knowingly and wisely about low road “trap conditions” on your blog.

    1. Doug Terpstra

      Krugman’s weak “I was wrong” confession reveals his aspiration to remain a key member of the politburo’s Central Committee of economic rigging. When his hermetically-sealed, new-math, faith-based economic models smashed into the walls of a reality-based world, instead of seriously challenging his false gods, he merely tweaks his theology and amends his catechism to fit, typical of high priests and Pahrisees who “reinterpreted” laws to open the temples to the moneychangers. Thus, the golden calf of rigged market cannibalism remains enshrined on its pedestal altar.

      1. psychohistorian

        Nice comment…..concise and a bit elegant.

        Nationalize the Krugman ! or is that the FED ! How about both !!

  8. enouf

    Hi lambert;

    I’m not sure how to try to submit articles/links for possible inclusion into your (daily?) links you post (and i want to thank you (and all others involved) for your endeavors into such laborious tasks) .. but perhaps consider this/these article(s);

    (some snippets)
    Title: “None of us are Free”

    How can anyone claim that the United States of America is a free country when it has the highest percentage of incarcerated individuals in the WORLD? That’s right, the US houses 25% of the world’s population of incarcerated people. That is more than the next 14 countries COMBINED! Why are there so many in jail? …

    … See, the Federal & Local governments in the US like to put people in cages for what are called victimless crimes. These, like the name suggests are crimes without a victim. Want to put something in your body that the State deems bad for you? Cage. Want to keep the fruits of your labor? Cage. Want to have a voluntary exchange without giving the state it’s cut? Cage.
    [bold emphasis mine]

    …. Think you have “rights” in this country? Not if the government doesn’t want you to. Rights are inalienable. They cannot be taken away, whether you believe they come from a creator or from nature, you were born with them. If a right can be take away by a vote, an edict, or a presidential order, then it is not a right. It is a privilege. That’s what people in the US have, privileges, granted to them by the ruling class, those in government. The Constitution was created to `protect’ each indivduals’ right, but it does not. …

    …. Think you have the right to a Trial By Jury? Not if the court makes a clerical error & sends your mail to the wrong address, like what happened to Ademo Freeman of Ademo was to have a jury trial stemming from the Chalking 8 incident. However he was denied this `right’ by 2 different `judges’ in 2 different courts. Even though the evidence showed that the court made an error, his motions were denied. Now, he sits in a jail cell, on the tax payers dime for writing with children’s chalk.

    Apologies if i overdid the amount of snippet(s).

    And .. (not sure if you already posted these on earlier days) — along the same vein;

    “5th & Spring Downtown LA Chalk Walk Protest Draws Riot Police (VIDEO, UPDATE)”
    The Huffington Post
    By Anna Almendrala, Kathleen Miles & Katharine Lotze
    Posted: 07/13/2012 3:52 am Updated: 07/13/2012 5:36 pm


    “Chalk-protest arrest proves costly for Orlando taxpayers”
    By Mark Schlueb, Orlando Sentinel
    9:49 p.m. EST, June 7, 2012
    (obviously, this one is over a month old by now)


    p.s. shoot me an email if you want/need to contact me about any/all of this. I don’t think i’ve registered here yet(?) but i think you have access to my email address

    1. enouf


      One more please! (as this seems to be a WIN of sorts),0,3671184.story
      By Maura Dolan, Los Angeles Times
      July 12, 2012
      (I hope i’m not posting old news)

      “Court rules police may be liable for pepper ball injuries — The decision, stemming from a 2004 incident in which a student was injured by such a projectile, is a setback for officers fighting lawsuits by Occupy protesters.”

      … Wednesday’s ruling stemmed from an April 2004 incident in which UC Davis and city police tried to disperse a crowd at a party by shooting pepper balls, which break on impact and spray a powder akin to mace or pepper spray. …

      … Writing for the court, Judge Stephen Reinhardt said police used excessive force. “A reasonable officer would have known that firing projectiles, including pepper balls, in the direction of individuals suspected of, at most, minor crimes, who posed no threat to the officers or others, and who engaged in only passive resistance, was unreasonable,” he wrote. …

      Bravo to Judge Stephen Reinhardt!


  9. jsmith

    “the theoretical possibility of people fiddling with their DNA to boost power and endurance is one that scares sport officials'”

    Oh really? Just “sports officials”?

    I love how the manipulation of the genetic makeup of humanity and other organisms is now considered so mundane that all we really have to worry about is how altering billions of years of evolution with a half a century of science will affect our sporting events and other such pathetic nonsense.

    “It is make or break for the world of sport,” said Miah.

    Oh, the horror!!! Sport will end, boo-f*cking-hoo!! So some Sunday in the future I maybe won’t be able to watch Terry tell me about how the key to stopping the Minnesota Vikings is containing AP while the world disintegrates into a carnage-ridden mess of war and global climate collapse?!


    I understand that “journalists” supposedly need to have new “angles” for stories but really why do they when what we are really talking about is totally insane idea on larger levels?

    Gee, I bet the government prolly would like this idea for – gasp – soldiers, huh?

    Hmmm, da ya think they might have already been trying this out?

    Nah, there’s no way they would do such a crazy thing, huh?

    Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, anyone?

    Why not conistently warn about this and GMO foods, the patenting of genes and the other abominations our neoliberal world seems so eager to cheer on instead of making the side effects of potentially disastrous endeavors seem ridiculous by pointing out how they affect the asinine world of sports.

    Oh, that’s right because one of the largest aims of propaganda is to make the morally objectionable palatable.

    Which brings me to Ollie North.

    Would someone please put this traitor up against a wall already?!!

    Is there any Iran-Contra figure that’s still not involved in this fascist neoliberal regime?

    Just as the murder of a young woman is no impediment to hosting your own TV show – looking at you, Morning Joe! – I guess treason has finally lost it’s ability over the last 30 years to inhibit the leading fascist lights from spreading their vomitous filth.

    Ambrit is right.

    It is NOT enough to think you’re more savvy than the propaganda all the while you continue to consume it.

    You have to quit it altogether if you want your mind to be able to function as it should.

    No more video games, no TV, no Internet junk.

    No individual is a match for the incessant barage of propaganda that is cooked up by very well paid and very intelligent teams of professionals whose sole job is to worm their way into your psyche.

    Turn it all off and advocate for others to do the same – especially and including one’s children.

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      ‘…quit it altogether if you want your mind to be able to function as it should.’

      Very true.

      In the meantime, we treat our minds like wastebaskets. We empty our minds every night.

      Thus the need for zazen.

      If one doesn’t empty one’s mind, where do you think one’s mental trash goes?

      Yes, for those whose receptacles do not take trash, you can skip zazen I suppose.

    2. enouf

      Thank you jsmith for (atleast) your recent posts (past weeks) — makes me think someone else out there actually understands how i feel, and the unbelievable amount of frustration i feel within — and you seem to say things i would write, if only i wrote so well, but i don’t (though i do have other talents which i attempt to constantly foster, and use for the goodness of humanity).

      I did mention in a thread here not so long ago how TV alone has immensely helped accelerate the propaganda monster machine .. but even other outlets you mention have 3-headed monsters constantly bombarding and clusterf**king our antennas.


      1. psychohistorian

        I have been off TV for 20+ years and glad to hear others perceiving the propaganda brainwashing mechanism that TV is.

  10. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    From the Keene/Mish link:

    Let’s imagine that we do, one day, make the transition from the system Mish describes as “Fractional Reserve Banking” to one that is fully backed by gold. The day before that transition, one individual—say, someone called Jamie perhaps—may have a net claim to $10 billion worth of fiat-backed money. Someone else—say, Ma Kettle—might be effectively bankrupt with $10,000 more mortgage debt than assets. It may be too that Jamie’s immense wealth arose from persuading millions of people like Ma and her relatives to take out a reverse mortgage, or some other form of innovative lending that was popular in the pre-gold days.

    How do we make the transition? Do we give Jamie $10 billion worth of gold-backed money, and saddle Ma with $10,000 of gold-based debt? Or what?

    This is what my “Modern Debt Jubilee” proposal is about. We currently have a dysfunctional financial system that has imposed unconscionable debt burdens upon some, and created enormous Ponzi-based wealth for others. Do we simply accept that, and move to a new system which allegedly won’t have the flaws of the previous system, but sustain the distribution of wealth that resulted from that flawed system? Or do we reduce that unfairness under the current system before we move to a new one?

    That is what my “Modern Debt Jubilee”—or “Quantitative Easing for the Public”—proposal is about. By injecting money under the current system into the bank accounts of bank customers (rather than into their reserves as under actual QE), and requiring that the injection be first used to pay down debts, it would dramatically reduce the income and wealth of the finance-sector, while being even-handed in its treatment of borrowers and savers. That would minimize—but far from eliminate—the damage done by the current system, before any transition occurred.


    1. Some owe $100K. Some owe $50K. Some owe $500K. Some own a lot. Some owe little. What amount does he choose? Those own above his chosen amount, are they victims of a new unfairness?

    2. Is that true that those who get the money FIRST benefit more than those to get the same money later? If you borrow $500K to buy a Ming dynasty blue and white porcelain, which is now worth $2,000,000, for example, would it be fair to give everyone $500k so your debt is wiped out? You accessed the money FIRST. Everyone else is only getting the money NOW.

    3. ‘…dramatically reduce the income and wealth of the finance sector…’ What are the pros and cons of just taxing banks’ and all financial institutios’ interest income 100% or thereabout if you want to target the finance sector?

    4. Injecting money directly into bank customers’ accounts -that is a gift. You don’t pay back. Injecting into banks reserves, as is currently, is it also a gift that banks don’t have to pay back? I thought they would have to pay back eventually?

    5. Not quoted above but mentioned in many places – Banks lend first and then find reserves. Can we change the law to ban that? Can we change the law so that they must have the reserve first before making a loan, the way we all thought (and consented to) they operated.

    1. Susan the other

      Your #5. Keen advocates reducing the unfair debt balances before we move to a new system. As much as possible given our inadequate (fictional) accounting system.

      Does Keen think gold is a good standard? – I hope not. I think gold is the ultimate stunt double, more convincing in perceived value than fiat, but to my thinking gold is just as fiat as anything else – a symbolic place holder for value whose own value is also by concensus or total fiat, etc. Example: a tree is considerably more valuable than a purse full of gold coins. And why is it necessary to have a gold standard if you are rid of private banking and the new system is a sovereign one? I guess that is his point.

  11. spooz

    Who would be naive enough to expect home equity loans to be eliminated in modification programs when the Too Bigs have so much at stake? What’s good for Jamie Dimon is good for America.

    From the NYT Gretchen Morgenson link:

    “The negative equity position of many borrowers would be dramatically improved if the second lien was eliminated or reduced more in line with the seniority of the lien,” Ms. Goodman told Congress. “Indeed, loan modification programs would be markedly more successful if principal reductions were used on the first mortgage and the second liens were eliminated completely.”

  12. Hugh

    That Washington Post piece on Obama’s “failure” to secure Middle East peace, i.e. a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is standard Establishment idiocy. It is just so divorced from reality, and so pretentious.

    First, the Middle East is just so much more than Israel as the events of the Arab Spring have so importantly brought home.

    Second, Obama’s model for his efforts in the IP conflict remains the two-state solution, a solution that has been dead since the Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by a Jewish extremist in 1995.

    Third, the prime architect other than Rabin’s assassin for the destruction of the Oslo Accords, the framework for the two state solution was none other than Benjamin Netanyahu, the current premier.

    Fourth, the coldness of the relationship between Obama and Israel is vastly overblown. Not mentioned once in the article is the cyberwar Obama has waged against Iran on Israel’s behalf. Or his turning a blind eye to and/or abetting Israel’s recruitment of the Mujahideen e khalq to murder Iranian nuclear scientists, despite the fact that at least so far the US continues to list the MEK as a terrorist organization. Not even the Bush Administration went so far in its support of Israel, although Cheney wanted to.

    Fifth, US policy, besides a few empty rhetorical flourishes, remains as heavily unbalanced in favor of Israel as it has ever been.

    Sixth, the article quotes Dennis Ross, one of the biggest gasbag neocons and supporters of Israel that ever lived. No one who wishes to be taken seriously about anything should ever cite Ross or if they do, treat him with anything other than derision.

    1. jsmith

      To any half-sentient human being, Israel is a apartheid, genocidal police state that enjoys carte blanche as concerns the United States government.


      To even hint that the anyone person in the U.S. is even considering attempting to curtail any of Israel’s activities concerning Palestine or their hegemony over the region is – as you point out – totally absurd.

      To even hint that anyone in any position of power still actually believes in the 2 State Solution is equally risible.

    1. jsmith

      With American tentacles proving to run deep through so many bullsh*t “freedom/democracy” groups, a rational person can only come to the conclusion that ANY group that is opposing a government that opposes the U.S, is funded overtly or covertly by the U.S. through various mechanisms e.g., NED, NGOs, CIA etc etc.

      Free Syrians
      Pussy Riot
      Color Revolutions

      The list goes on and on but when confronted with news concerning any “uprising/revolution”, one’s initial reaction now has to be that the U.S. has fingerprints all over it and the movement can’t be trusted to be what it claims to be.

      Thanks to good ole’ Uncle Sam and his previous actions, there is no credible reason why anyone should view ANY intervention by the U.S. for any reason – especially “humanitarian” – as anything other than a power grab/attempt at destabilization.

  13. Hugh

    Krugman: “the crisis doesn’t require a fundamental rethink of macro. And I am very much in agreement there. Basic sensible macro — what we learned from Keynes and Hicks — has actually held up very well in the crisis.”

    Krugman is saying that the theory worked fine. He only failed to connect the dots which would have allowed him to predict the crisis.

    Mike Norman’s comment is right on: “Whaaat? Had the right model but didn’t look at the right variables?
    Doesn’t he know that in hindsight one can get anything right by changing the assumptions?

    Ah. That’s why these people think that they missed the crisis. The the model worked fine, but they just didn’t know how to use it correctly at the time. Next time will be different. Right-o.”

    The crises of 2007-2008 and following blew economics out of the water. They showed that the emperor had no new clothes. What Krugman is trying to lay off on us is that the emperor’s clothes were fine. It was just some of the stitching that was off.

    It can not be said enough times, Krugman is a flack for the Establishment. He is every bit as much a propagandist as say another New York Times staple David Brooks. They just address different audiences. But the effect is the same. Both seek to defend and legitimize that very Establishment which loots us and to which both belong.

    1. craazyman

      I got it right and I’m not even an economist.

      I wonder how many academic economists watched TV or listened to the radio or read the news during the housing bubble. Maybe they did, but it just went in one eye and out the other.

      I remember one Champion Mortgage commercial: “When your bank says no, Champion says . . . YES!” The announcer said Yes with the happiest voice you can imagine. There was a slight pause before the YES, just for emphasis. These people who say this stuff, for advertising, are trained professionals and know what to do.

      If you never watched TV and never listened to the radio and never read the newspapers (about the housing bubble) and never read about the fraud and never read about the condo flippers and never considered the FBI’s mortgage fraud warning and never wondered how many times places like Champion said YES and to who they said YES to — well, then I guess your model is probably not going to be affected.

      Why let the real world interfere with model making? Why pollute the purity of the model with the confusion of reality? I mean really. You have to draw the line somewhere, or you’ll never ever figure anything out. Where would model-making be then? wahaha

    2. toxymoron

      Krugman is one of the few who had the crisis right. What he underestimated was the ‘extend and pretend’ part of the story, and what he still overestimates is that more debt can take us out of the slump.
      So his analysis is quite good, and his diagnostic is fine. It’s only the prescription part that fails.

      1. skippy

        Krugman and others still have a speech impediment with the word fraud, so they – toe in the dirt – talk about modeling stuff and my job depends on selective dyslexia thingy.

        Skippy… how many things must be wrong, before one can look any more absurd, talking about how stuff was just goofy… its complicated… shezzzz.

      2. enouf

        So… let’s compare your analysis of kruggie with .. oh say the Official 9/11 Commission{ed} Report, and the part NIST, in the ensuing years played.

        Ok, so — we can “model” a steel skyscraper that collapses onto its own footprint, at almost freefall speed for the duration, due to nothing other than “fire”! ..and …we can also then accept *and* promote this nonsensical explanation from our “modelling” that this is possible, mainly because it has *never* happened before (a steel highrise failing structurally (symetrically) due to only “fire”!) because our “models” tell us this is so (Are we making sense yet?!) …We have no reason to think reasonably, realistically, pragmatically or otherwise – because our “modelling” would never dare lie to us! ..since it is, after all, just ‘mathematics’, and math doesn’t lie!

        .. Ok .. so we fudged the data input to get the result we desired, so what? — after all, we must, at all costs, preserve the 0.01% control and status quo! Why would we dare challenge *those* structures! They are responsible for our personal livelyhoods! They pay our salaries! ..Independent Investigation you ask? Bwahahahah, you must be joking.

        a) Truth interspersed with nonsense and blatant lies and falsehoods
        b) NIST thinks they are a comedy routine … when in fact they are a carni side-show who couldn’t persuade an eastern KY kid to step over to their tent.
        c) Diagnosis’ are always best left to cloven-hooved observers with a bull-horn.
        d) “Prescriptions” are to be doled out to those whom understand what a “root cause” is, and nobody else
        e) WeThePeople will eventually administer the proper prescription ..with prejudice, when the time is right.

        Note; According to NIST and the 9/11 commissioned puppets, WTC-1 and WTC-2 collapsed due mainly to intense fires caused by the jet fuel ..and yet, WTC-7 had no plane strikes/jet fuel incendiaries .. but our “modelling” proves all our Common Sense wrong — so we must blindly adhere to it, especially after we destroyed all the physical evidence!


  14. Fíréan

    They look more like kids than goats !

    Goats do not like to get wet, I’m skeptical as to whether the experience shown in the video would be one of pleasure or otherwise.

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