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Thanks for your patience. My little talk I think went well (a short talk on chain of title and securitization fail is actually harder than a long talk) and as the only non-attorney presenting, I of course overprepared too. But I got to meet Judge Rakoff, which was totally cool, and sat where judges normally sit in what is usually a big ceremonial courtroom but is currently being used by appellate judges (in fact, I’d watched a hearing not that long ago in the very same room). But the result is I’m even more behind than usual, although I may be able to get more or less caught up later today.

Stickleback fish show initiative, personality and leadership PhysOrg (Robert M)

Dumb and Dum Dummer: NOAA Clarifies That It Is Not Buying Hollow Points For Weatherman . . . Just Fisheries Personnel Jonathan Turley (Chuck L). Now we know why…those fish with leadership potential, gotta watch them…

Here’s an Omical Tale: Scientists Discover Spreading Suffix Wall Street Journal (furzy mouse)

Snow in August? It’s steamy now, but forecasters see a big winter coming Raw Story

Ecuador to Let Assange Stay in Its London Embassy New York Times

Julian Assange: UK ‘threat’ to arrest Wikileaks founder BBC (bob)

Drought and climate scepticism in corn belt Financial Times (Scott). Agnotology works.

Al-Qaeda’s ‘suicide bombers wanted’ ad Times of Israel

New Romney Campaign Ad: Ask Not What your Medicare Taxes Can Do For THEM, … Beverly Mann, Angry Bear

Summer of gloom for crisis-hit Rome shops AFP

Greece Before the Abyss Only Bankruptcy Can Help Now Der Spiegel

Paul Ryan’s Democratic Fan Club Bloomberg (furzy mouse)

Ryan Begins Attacking Romney’s Record As Massachusetts Governor Onion

Audit Notes: Bill Black on CNBC, LAT eyes Ryan’s budget, robosigning Columbia Business Review

No Alpha: Bain Capital’s Investment Results Barry Ritholtz

Bank Deal Rankles Regulators Wall Street Journal (Joe Costello)

NASSIM TALEB WARNS: Stay Out Of The Investment Industry Business Insider (Chuck L)

The Interchange Settlement Adam Levitin, Credit Slips. It sucks!

The Accounting Trick Behind Thirty Years of Scandal Time (Carol B). Grr, I skimmed the beginning (and did link to it yesterday), but I’m late to a paper on my favorite topic…CDOs!

”Shadow” & “Ghost” Inventory Quantified Mark Hanson (Michael R)

No Criminal Case Is Likely in Loss at MF Global New York Times. If it were not so late, I’d write a disapproving post. And we get the usual bullshit: “sloppiness,” not intent. I’m sorry, you don’t need intend in Sarbox, all you need is false certifications about internal controls, and it’s bloomin’ obvious they were deficient.

Seven banks in New York Libor probe Financial Times. A year ago, I would have taken this seriously. And there is a possibility Schneiderman will deliver the goods. He now might feel he has to prove his manhood, both after being upstaged by Lawsky and after having been treated badly by the Obama administration, and worse, exposed in the media for having cut a lousy deal for himself in the mortgage settlement. But Elizabeth Warren demonstrates that people who spend too much time in close proximity with Team Obama develop Stockholm syndrome. And Schneiderman’s conduct on the mortgage front has shown that me may be too slow moving and cautious to be an effective prosecutor.

* * *

lambert here:

D – 24 and counting*

“There is no act too small, no act too bold. The history of social change is the history of millions of actions, small and large, coming together at points in history and creating a power that governments cannot suppress.” –– Howard Zinn

Capitol occupations. MT. “Coal giant Arch Coal last month quietly submitted an application to state regulators for a strip mining permit for the proposed Otter Creek Coal Mine. The news comes as demonstrators have taken up residence in the state Capitol rotunda to protest Otter Creek development and the possibility of coal exports in MT.”

Montreal. Silent majority: “[Premier Charest] constantly mixes protesting with violence and wants to do away with both. See for yourself: ‘We don’t want protests, do you hear? We don’t want violence. We created a law specifically to put an end to these things’, he said before a group of young Liberals.”

Occupy. March on Wall Street South: List of DNCon organizing centers for transport, etc. … OccupyMemphis: “Ideas are bulletproof.Memphis knows that. OM is here to stay, in one way or another.” Great statement. … OccupyOakland: “About 7 a.m. Monday, activists took over a vacant building in East Oakland’s San Antonio neighborhood. [Volunteers stocked it with donated books and cleared out] grime, old mattresses, graffiti and other markings of abandonment. A bilingual banner welcomed passers-by to the ‘Victor Martinez People’s Library.” … “Late Monday evening, a group of Oakland police officers busted into the city’s newest library, kicked everybody out and put bars on the doors.” … OccupyStockton: “Also, Occupy believes the city of Stockton is inhumane to its homeless. Occupy has opened its camp to them. Some homeless use the camp as a sort of day shelter. There were more homeless occupying the park than Occupiers.” Snarky, Fukuyama-quoting reporter, interesting situation. … OccupyEvanston: “The Occupy Evanston movement remains uncertain whether the [Evanston] government will follow the group’s suggestions and cut ties with [JPMorgan Chase].” … OccupyMaine: “Occupy Maine has been out of Portland’s Lincoln Park since February, but the group has continued to meet and work on social justice issues. They held a public forum Tuesday night where people could share their personal struggles with foreclosure.”

CA. Health care: “For poorer Californians, the [ObamaCare Health] Exchange is still too expensive.” Shocker! … Top two primaries: “101 out of 113 is a pretty impressive record for open seats. I’d guess that this record is on par with party machine success rates in anointing candidates in conventions in the days before direct primaries.”

CO.Water: “Driven by drought, Gov. John Hickenlooper is urging Obama and federal engineers to speed decisions on proposed water projects designed to sustain urban growth” (MR). Let’s just invade Canada. …Fracking: “The volume of water required annually to develop new oil and gas wells in the state could supply up to 79,000 CO households for a year based on average residential use.” … Fracking: “Among the parts of the Longmont ordinance the state objects to are requirements for groundwater monitoring, a ban on oil and gas operations in residential zones,and setbacks from streams and protecting wildlife” (MR). … Fracking: ” An explosion at an Encana Corp. natural gas well east of U.S. 85 between Platteville and Fort Lupton killed one man and injured three other workers just before 1 p.m. Wednesday.”

DC. Family Research Council shooting: “A law enforcement official said at one point in the scuffle, the shooter expressed views that differed from those of the Family Research Council. The official also said the shooter was carrying a bag that had a Chick-Fil-A bag inside.” I don’t support the violence (George Till) so but and something like this was bound to happen some day; Gal 6:7.

FL. Poll: “Romney’s ticket is deadlocked with Obama’s over Medicare, 44-45%, even though Ryan is the father of he so-called ‘Ryan plan,’ which Democrats hae villified for two years for ‘ending Medicare.'” … Tea party: “[Tea partier] Ted Yoho, political newcomer and Central Florida veterinarian, narrowly leads 12-term Rep. Cliff Stearns in a redistricted House primary with 100 percent of precincts reporting.”

GA. Accountability: “Indeed, it appears that [Environmental Protection Division] Director Judson Turner largely ignored concerns that area citizens raised June 12 during a public hearing on the draft permit. About 300 people showed up at Effingham County High School that night. Nearly all who spoke urged the EPD to stop King Finishing from polluting the Ogeechee. If Mr. Deal’s EPD is going to rubber stamp these ‘draft’ permits, the least it can do is be honest about it.”

KY. Test of compassion: “‘The theory of evolution is a theory, and essentially the theory of evolution is not science — Darwin made it up,’ [Rep. Ben Waide, R-Madisonville] said.”

NH. Tinpot tyrants: “A New Hampshire blogger who last year was acquitted in Greenfield District Court of charges that he illegally filmed inside the Franklin County Jail was found guilty in Manchester, NH on charges that he recorded conversations with three public officials without their permission.”

NY. Legacy parties: “A private reception for D Assembly candidates was held at Destiny USA, developer Robert Congel’s newly expanded mall. [Congel,] a Republican, aggressively sought federal, state and local tax breaks for Destiny” (Bob), One big happy!

OH. Voting: “On August 15, U.S. District Court Judge Peter Economus heard oral arguments in Obama for America v Husted, 2:12-cv-636. The issue is whether OH must let all voters participate in early voting during the weekend before the general election.” … Voting: “The three-day stretch was viewed by many as a key factor in Obama’s turnout operation four years ago, when he won Ohio by 4 percentage points.”

OR. Sustainability: “The first non-profit pub in the United States, maybe even the world, will be opening soon in Northeast Portland.The pub will be called The Oregon Public House.”

PA. Voting: “PA Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson this morning refused to issue a preliminary injunction to block the state’s new Voter ID law, which will require voters to show state-approved identification at polling places during the Nov. 6 general election.” “With Justice Joan Orie Melvin suspended, the state’s highest court has just six members, an even split of Ds and Rs.” (BradBlog comments.) … Fracking: “Marcellus is poised to become the top producing gas field in the country. Now questions are less about the production capability of the Marcellus (at least over the short term) and more about where all this gas coming on line will go.” Good capacity survey. … Transparency: “Trainers are telling state workers learning a new phone system that they can use an instant-messaging feature to avoid citizens’ public record requests, the state’s open records director told Gov. Tom Corbett in a letter.”

TX. Mass incarceration: “During the prison boom of the 1990s, a belief pervaded that the construction and operation of new lockups would stimulate a surrounding community’s economy. This assumption has been largely unsupported, but the prisons remain.” … Public good: “Activists seeking to repeal a new law requiring City Hall’s permission to serve charitable meals on city-owned land turned in 34,000 petition signatures on Monday asking that the issue be put to voters in November.” … Transparency: “The Austin American-Statesman obtained an official email from July 13 showing that Kenneth Stock, assistant to the chief of staff of the department, ordered the department’s technology staff to prevent emails from people affiliated with Texas Watch, an insurance advocacy group, from being delivered.”

Outside baseball. Fracking: “[T]here’s no official national database of fracked wells.” Good survey. … Police state: “The recent chalk arrests might just be a warm-up for a chalk-pocalypse at the upcoming Democratic and Republican national conventions, which in past years have been targeted by a wide range of chalk terrorists.” Kee-rist on a crutch! Chalk washes off! What’s wrong with these people? … Police state: “Literally every day, someone is being arrested for doing nothing more than taking a photograph in a public place. It makes no sense to me. Photography is an expression of free speech.” … Police state: “The Army defines full spectrum operations as the combination of offensive, defensive, and either stability operations overseas or civil support operations on U.S. soil).” Good to know. … Police state: “What has gone largely unremarked upon is the role played by little-known networks of telecom companies and international government agencies, which have been quietly collaborating to reform surveillance laws so that they are ‘harmonized’ to a similar standard from country to country.” … Public goods: “What other public services might be subject to a ‘trigger’ law? Should 51% of the riders on a public bus have the power to seize control of the bus and privatize it?” …. Trust: “Government requires trust. Reagan trusted the Soviets more than the modern GOP (and their base) trusts Ds.” … Legacy parties: “The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been around for 37 years.” And only afer 37 years did the Ds make an issue of it.

Grand Bargain™-brand catfood watch. Vice President Joe Biden [to mostly over 60] cafe patrons in VA[:] ‘I guarantee you, flat guarantee you, there will be no changes in Social Security. I flat guarantee you.'” Let Obama say it himself, then. And to everybody, not just over-60s.

The trail. Chelsea Clinton, Vogue: “I believe that engaging in the political process is part of being a good person.” Wrong article. … DISemployment: “Presidential campaign focus turns to Medicare, not jobs.”Translation: The two legacy parties have co-operated to successfully normalize permanent 8% nominal unemployment. They will now argue about whether Medicare should be destroyed sooner (Rs) or later (Ds). … DISemployment: “Ten [of 14 swing states] have lower unemployment rates than the current national average, which hit 8.3 percent in July.Only three swing states saw their unemployment rates increase more than the nation’s did during the last four years. Eleven have lower foreclosure rates than the nation, and eight have seen stronger property values than the national average since 2008. And since the end of 2008, eight swing states have watched their economic growth outpace the nation’s.”…. Voting: “Obama leads Romney by 43% to 14% among the nearly 2 in 5 Americans who are likely to sit out 2012. More of these people — 23% — say they would vote for a third party candidate rather than vote for Romney.” …Voting: “”But right now, the [“negative”] attacks are working on swing voters. The other 90 percent of the public are pretty much fixed in their preferences. They may be unhappy about them [the ads], but they are not driving the marketplace, [said John Geer, a political science professor at Vanderbilt University.]” In what sense is an election a “marketplace”? Well, in every sense, these days. … Corruption: “A D committee chairman overrode his own subpoena three years ago in an investigation of former subprime mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp. to exclude records showing that he, other House members and congressional aides got VIP discounted loans from the company, documents show. [CA Rep. Darrell Issa], in a statement to The Associated Press on Wednesday, said, ‘It was a long fight to expose how Countrywide used its VIP program to advance its business and policy goals.'” CountryWide is a lot more interesting than Solyndra, Darrell. … Senate, Nate Silver: “The battle for control of the Senate looks like a tossup, just as it did in May.”

Robama vs. Obomney watch. Jeffrey Sachs: “Still, American liberals (those to the left of the political centre), who are now vehemently blasting Mr Ryan’s budget should take note. Their candidate has also already accepted a brutal shrinkage of government programmes in coming years. The similarities of the Obama budget and Mr Ryan’s are striking.”

Green party.Jill Stein is hiring. Campaign HQ in Marison, WI which is pretty cool.

Libertarian Party. Gary Johnson: “”We should readdress how the (election, polling and debate) system works, but the Commission on Presidential Debates is run exclusively by Ds and Rs and they have no interest in reworking presidential debates.”

Romney. Ryan pick: “You can pretend like you have this thing in the bag, but you know good goddamn well that this race just got real interesting, real fast.” Do click through for source. … Ryan pick: “Although Rubio received the most coverage out of any VP candidates, Ryan had the greatest portion of statements that were either attacking Obama or praising Romney among the other VP candidates.” … Ryan pick, losing the political class: Ryan wears funny looking clothes like Al Gore wears earth tones. … Ryan pick, losing the political class: “[RYAN:] You get your hand inside the fish and they kind of, they come up on your hand. Then you just squeeze wherever you are on that fish and pull it out. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s really exhilarating.” It’s called “noodling.” … Banksters: “Paul Singer, the billionaire hedge fund manager who is one of the Republican party’s most influential donors, is pressing Mitt Romney, presidential candidate, to make the case for tougher bank regulation that would go beyond the Dodd-Frank law.” … Medicare teebee ad: “”You paid in to Medicare for years every paycheck. Now, when you need it, Obama has cut $716 billion dollars from Medicare. Why? To pay for Obamacare! So now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that’s not for you. ” (The wording seems to be re-engineered as a response to critiques like this.) Critique of the re-engineered wording: “[T]he majority of the money that the ACA takes from Medicare doesn’t go directly to seniors. Instead, it goes to help non-elderly Americans get health insurance…. The ad implies that transferring money in this way is wrong, but keep in mind that the money coming out of Medicare isn’t coming out of benefits. It’s primarily coming out of payments to health insurers and the rest of the health care industry, both of whom should be able to absorb it.” Absorb? Surely they’ll cut back care to preserve profits?

Obama. Here we go: “A group of former special operations and CIA officers says the administration has endangered lives by leaking information about the successful U.S. military raid that killed Osama Bin Laden last year.” … Biden: “The nation’s first elected black governor, Doug Wilder of VA, has lambasted Biden on national television for his comment Tuesday about banks keeping people ‘in chains.'”… Biden, 2006: “[Delaware was a] ‘slave state that fought beside the North. That’s only because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the South. There were a couple of states in the way.'” So I’m inclined to give Biden a pass in 2012; put beside 2006, this is nothing. … Biden: “‘Most folks [a fine tell for bullsh*t] know that’s just sort of a WWF wrestling part of politics,” Obama told Entertainment Tonight. “It doesn’t mean anything, just fills up a lot of airtime.” Brilliantly implying, cool irony-drenched con artist that he is, that he’s above all that stuff. On Entertainment Tonight, yet.

* 24 days until the Democratic National Convention ends with a hydrocarbon cocktails for everybody on the floor of the Bank of America Panther Stadium, Charlotte, NC. 24 is a teebee show normalizing torture much beloved by DC insiders like Antonin “Fat Tony” Scalia.
* * *

Antidote du jour:

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  1. dearieme

    “… sat where judges normally sit …”: I spent a night in a magistrate’s court once, in a tale that Wodehouse could have used. Not the most comfortable place to sleep, but I was young.

  2. russell1200

    The NOAA has a small unform service (320 people) and operates in offshore fisheries where they would likely run into drug runners, and poachers.

    The ammunition is a completely vanillha law enforcement round. The ammount of ammo (16,000) sounds like a lot until you spread it around and people actually (one would hope) go to the range sufficiently so that they don’t shoot themselves in the foot. The ammount of ammunition is equal to 50 rounds per person in their uniform service, and they probably have non-uniform folks that would also need to supply.

    The amount of ammunition used in real combat is stunning. A combat infantryman can run through his 120 round carry load (typical – not exact) in less than 5 minutes. Drug cartel battles in Mexico frequently run 2-1/2 hours. Since they have vehicles with them (more ammo haulage) they likely are going through 500 to 1000 rounds per person easily. And that is the narco version of a light infantry combat. In big wars it escalates. The load out for a World War 1 water cooled machine gun on offensive support was 10,000 rounds.

    In net, there purchase is an addequate purchase for temporary needs. Sad to say, it is not a particularly significant amount from a military point of view.

  3. kxmoore

    Jeez what a torrent Susan! If I see one of these politicians on the street I will deliver a verbal equivalent of a spit in the face, The American citizenry has become largely zombified by celebrity drivel, sporting spectacles, legal and illegal narcotics and cheap processed carbohydrates. If I can ween myself off two of the aforementioned I’m going to cause some George Carlinesque trouble. My god could we use Carlin now.

      1. Walter Wit Man

        I love how the Guardian is basically reporting this from England (the live blog states one reporter is in Ecuador but doesn’t quote or link to his reporting).

        And they got the news wrong before by reporting from afar.

        It’s like they simply monitored the twitter feeds or something (which is lazy and wrong imho) and then jumped on these feeds like they were doing the original reporting.

        Seems like Ecuador planned a news conference. Why not show us the news conference? Why report the news from London?

        The link I leave below is from the official source. I ran it through google translator and that seems to be the best way to get this information.

        The Guardian is a perp organization and like Democracy Now and other putative liberal ‘news’ organization (like The Nation, NPR, and even KPFA maybe) is controlled opposition.

        1. Lambert Strether

          Unfortunately, it has advantages over twitter in that (a) it’s not a walled garden that demands an account to read it, (b) it’s a far more permanent archive, and (c) it can occasionally issue a correction without (d) having broadcasted retweets hither and yon for days.

          So one picks one’s poison and exercises discernment. I really do think NC readers are intelligent enough to have realize by now that they’re all “perps,” and so don’t need constant reminders.

          1. LeonovaBalletRusse

            Lambert, they all are “herding cats” in their own way. (“Everybody’s beautiful, in their own way.”)

  4. David Lentini

    The article in the Small Wars Journal referring to “full spectrum operations” caused quite a stir and an interesting editorial in response: One of the authors is a professor of history and author of a children’s book about the Battle of Gettysburg with the rather gory title “Summer’s Bloodiest Days”; the other is a retired U.S. Army colonel.

    Of course, these days any reference to U.S. military action within the national borders, and against citizens, gives one an extra-creepy feeling. But the post misses some really interesting points about the article:

    First, the article describes a scenario in which “tea party movement” activists (not the small “t”) overthrow the government of Darlington, S.C. and establish choke points on I-95 as well as other major transportation lines. The uprising results from the failure of the national government to address a “flat-lined” economy “much like Japan’s in the 1990s”. The governor will not call out the National Guard, because of his own professed sympathy with the tea party; instead he asks for the president to authorize the deployment of the U.S. Army and other military units.

    Second, the article reviews the legal authorization for the actions, especially the Insurrection Act, making sure to be clear that all of the legal i’s are dotted and t’s crossed before the action starts. The Act has a long history (, and has been broadened continually over the years.

    Third, the remainder of the article is mostly focused on the sequence of operational events for the military, with the usual “of course we get it all just right” tone.

    Finally, read the comments at the bottom. No word on whether SWJ’s editors asked for the police protection from their readers.

    So, perhaps the motivation in the scenario is just as interesting as the outcome.

    1. Lambert Strether

      Reminds me of this from Chomsky:

      The Tea Party succeeded in sending dozens of their supporters to the Senate and to the Congress. In this way they are effective.

      As long as they can be the storm troopers for the corporate sector they will succeed. The Republicans mobilize them, like the religious right, they have to. The Republican Party, decades ago, stopped being a traditional parliamentary party. It’s in lockstep obedience to the very rich and the corporate sector. But they can’t get votes that way. So they’ve got to mobilize these sectors of the population, like the Tea Party and the religious right. But the Republican establishment is a little bit afraid of them. It was quite striking to watch the primaries. Romney was the candidate of the Republican establishment, but he wasn’t the popular candidate. So one candidate after another came up, Santorum, Gingrich, and they had to be shut down by massive funding, propaganda, negative advertising and so on. You could tell very easily that the establishment, the rich bankers and businessmen, were worried about it.

      Because of their irrationality.

      Yes, take a look at German history. In the early days of the Nazis, the business community, the industrialists, they supported them. They were the ones who did smash up the unions and who went after the left and so on. They thought they could control them. It turned out they couldn’t.

      So, it is possible to learn from history. That said, once the force is in place, there’s no reason it has to be limited to a single target.

      1. David Lentini


        Thanks for adding your thoughts. I agree with your comments wholeheartedly, especially the points about the angry lower middle classes and the rise of the fascists and nazis. Indeed, it’s quite amazing how the financiers and industrialists can con the lower middle class for so long by playing on their fears, greed, and envy. But always the plan backfires, and the darkness runs rampant.

        Yes, I’m sure the elites (both Republicans and Democrats, as I see little difference between them and each uses the Tea Party in its own way to do the bidding of the 1%) do fear the Tea Party getting out of control, just like Hitler’s S.A. in the early ’30s. And I bet, as in the scenario, that the elites will overplay their hand to create the tinderbox that will wreck our society for a long time.

        But while some of us learn from history, the fear and greed, and arrogance, of the elites eventually drives them to drive the lower middle class over the brink.

    1. Walter Wit Man

      Did the Guardian get it right this time?

      Didn’t Rafael Correra correct the Guardian’s report yesterday? On Twitter?

      I’m suspicious of Twitter b/c I think our masters are trying to get everyone to use it so that they can control the message when they want to. In a time of crisis Twitter can be hacked or controlled and fake messages can be left. I even suspect this can be done in subtle ways so the person leaving the tweets may be unaware.

      Here’s Correra’s alleged Twitter account:

      I have a limited understanding of Spanish. Is he saying the Foreign Minister will make an announcement?

    2. LeonovaBalletRusse


      “Julian Assange granted asylum by Ecuador – live coverage” by Lizzie Davies, 16 August 2012 —
      Yes, let’s see a WOMAN open the floor to all comers. If Michael Moore is getting a word in, why not the ETERNAL JOHN STOCKWELL on YouTube? Can We the 99% of the World KEEP GREEN our memories of .01% Anglo-American Establishment’s ruthless oppression of the “Third World?”
      “John Stockwell: The Third World War” by knimmo on Nov 27, 2006 —

      Let Ecuador’s PRESIDENT RAFFAEL CORREA view this little refresher course in a nutshell-clip is just 7 miniutes long–and see his sovereign nation, “Ecuador” listed at 1/38/7:00 and “Ecuador 1960-1963” at 3:09/7:00, so that HE can STAND UP to Britain’s BULLYING, not only in defense of Ecuador’s Embassy in London, but in defense of THE ENTIRE THIRD WORLD, including We the 99% of America!

      Isn’t it time for a “Third World” President, to PUT A STOP to the bullying and NAKED AGGRESSION of “America’s Third World War” — brought by the CIA/MI5-6 CLANDESTINE NEXUS?

      PRESIDENT RAFFAEL CORREA, this is YOUR historical moment! This UNIQUE opportunity to TURN THE TIDE OF HISTORY shall not come again.

      “LBR en pointe”

      1. Walter Wit Man

        This is a government psy operation the whole way.

        When Michael Moore and the Guardian take center stage you know you’re being rolled.

        And in defense of the psy operative Assange . . . too much!

        What’s next, Assange and the Guardian will partner (with Anonymous) to release the secret emails from Syria justifying war . . . oh wait.

        And Michael Moore is there. Ha.

        Mr. Moore no longer works as a pied piper for the left as many lefties are on to his controlled opposition schtick. I bet he is being rolled out (not pun intended) because of the reaction he gets on the right. They need the right-wingers to get riled up at the treachery of these “liberal” groups hurting the empire.

        1. LeonovaBalletRusse

          WWM, even if you be right about Moore, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for President Raffael Correa to become a HERO standing up against Absolute Despotism in the UK ,and the Global Tyranny of Neoconlib “Chicago Capitalism” for the Exclusive Profit of the .0!% Reich and their .99% Agency, at the expense in wealth and lives of the World’s 99%.

          Gotta work at the chinks in the armor, WWM.

      2. LeonovaBalletRusse

        “We will not allow Mr. Assange safe passage out of the United Kingdom,” British foreign secretary William Hague said at a press conference. “Nor is there any legal basis for us to do so. The United Kingdom does not recognize the principle of diplomatic asylum.”

        PLEASE NOTE, and keep on file for future reference:
        “The United Kingdom does not recognize the principle of diplomatic asylum.” The UK “does not recognize the PRINCIPLE of diplomatic asylum.”

        So: It follows that NO place of asylum for any citizen/diplomat/untouchable of the UK need be offered by any country in the world, since the UK “does not recognize the principle of diplomatic asylum.” This now is DEFINITIVE. Link:

        Hoist the malefactors on their own petards. Give ’em hell, President Correa! The Yahoo! post makes it clear that the UK has met its match in you.


    Re: Bank Deal Rankles Regulators

    Can I request that no more links to WSJ articles be put up? Halfway through this Propaganda I couldn’t control myself any longer…this from a man of unusual restraint.

    I think reading the Propaganda does have it’s desired effect.

    1. Walter Wit Man

      Yep. The propaganda even has a deleterious effect on those who read it critically. It’s meant to fool most people and to demoralize those who are awake.

      I too get sick of the constant reference to official (read: corrupted/complicit) sources. Even though I find the calling out useful sometimes (as Greenwald does or this site does).

      So even our most critical voices use the same references as the perps.

      1. DANNYBOY

        “Official Sources”, doesn’t that sort of lose all credibility?

        That’s a phrase that always tips me off.

        Moma didn’t create no fool.

    2. Fíréan

      Re. the Bankers Rankles, WSJ artile, betweent the grey side bars on the webiste paged to which the link take me, i only see a white space. Outght i allow intrusive cookies, LSO’s etc.,or subscribe in oder to see the article, or has it been removed ?

      1. DANNYBOY

        I needed to go in through Google News, the WSJ prevented free access. I am also registered on the WSJ site, which I expect to bring up as my sole supporting defense argument, if accused by creepy government forces.

  6. craazyman

    Questions for God

    There’s so much confusion I don’t even know where to start. That’s how confusing it is.

    How can things levitate? there’s much more to this than meets the eye. There’s strange forms of pyschic energy undiscovered by science. At what point does the levitation just crack and everything falls. Is there some math equation that governs this? Something that defines an order as yet unrecognized by the mind of man, something like the order in a artistic composition? Something infinitely variable and yet fixed in an eternal pattern that only the most heightened awareness can recognize? Something fractal, with a potency that is both active in singular individual cases and in worldwide patterns. Like the archeticture of a flower.

    Mr. Dittmer can answer these questions. My memory isn’t good enough to remember everything and I thought it was Witmer. No pun was intended.

    Where is Phil Pilkington to explain this stuff. He should know by now that money = property like wave = particle and you can’t analyZe economics by separating money from property or you lose information and end up with babble. 120 years of babble should prove that.

    Trying to maximize the efficiency of half the brain so the other half can have fun. But for that one needs cash.

    I have noticed that many fish have personalities. That’s why I started feeling guilty every time I went fishing. You’d pull them up thrashing on the line and it would be like “Jesus. That’s a little person in there!” It was bad when they started bleeding throught the gills. Life is hard for us all.

    1. Kyle Wiseley

      It occurs to me that we should not be too eager to dismiss what we presently identify as paranormal or mystical as being outside reality. These activities may rely on laws of physics that will remain undiscovered by humanity for centuries or millennia.

    2. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      I think the simply rule is anything with brainwaves, you don’t hurt.

      That would protect almost all animals.

      More fundamental, though, is the rule that says anything with living energy waves, you don’t hurt.

      Now, we are talking vegetables.

    3. F. Beard

      I have noticed that many fish have personalities. craazyman

      Perhaps all of them do.

      The Bible rules out reincarceration for humans (Hebrews 9:27) but leaves open the possibility of reincarceration for animals.

      Perhaps the lesson fish have to learn is “Beware shiny objects! They may have a hook!”

      1. craazyman

        the most avid fishermen understand this stuff. mostly fly fisherman for trout. the take the barbs off their hooks to avoid injuring the fish. they won’t fish when the water is warm because the fish can’t process oxygen as well and may suffocate when fighting after being hooked. they are very careful not to take the fish from the water for more than a few seconds. they don’t handle the fish roughly when removing the hook, for fear of damaging its sensitive anti-bacterial skin.

        if they happen to injure a fish badly and stream regulations allow (i.e. not catch and release), they will kill it and take it home and eat it. reverently.

        It’s kind of strange, it’s like the fish are individual cells in the body of a divine being — The Fish — each cell, each fish, has its own minor consciousness, but not enough to view the sport of fishing as assault and battery.

        1. F. Beard

          has its own minor consciousness, craazyman

          Not minor, just immature. To look at fish (at least in the wild) is to know they enjoy life.


      Dear Kyle Wiseley,

      Your open mind is refreshing. Many of us are practicing Yogic Powers that lead to levitation. We’re getting closer, and there have been public demonstrations of the ability to lift off.

      You are on the right track.

          1. DANNYBOY


            I’m hoping that your self-satisfying YouTube’s are bringing you to new heights. As am means of discourse, I am not impressed.

            I guess being self-righteous does help you hide your opinionated nature. If you deny reality with your YouTubes, OK by me. But if you are expecting some of us to adopt your self-satisfied perspective, not-so-much.

            I expect that you are quickly descending into the economic situation that has been the plight of the Indians displayed in your YouTube.

            Just, don’t expect your self-righteousness and closed mind to help you.

          2. skippy

            Danny, when you remove your knee cap from your eye socket.

            I’d be happy to see a demonstration of tapping into the quantum vacuum zero point energy thingy.

            Skippy… then I could show you how to “stare at goats” thingy.

            PS… Have had heart rate down to 45bpm steady, underwater for 5min+, walked – run for weeks with no more than minutes of sleep per day (not every day either) and more than a hundred lbs slung Wt, stabbed – shot, two goes of CHI – DIA, flown on the *outside* of Helos doing nap of the earth, heaps of other crazy things dumb kids do, crawled around so many nooks and cranny’s on this earth…. well you can take your indignation… and cram it… or stick it, like the silly video instructs… dboy.

            PSS. them Japanese monks do preserve well, in their little caves, now that’s some strong tea!

          3. DANNYBOY

            skippy said:

            Have had heart rate down to 45bpm steady, underwater for 5min+, walked – run for weeks with no more than minutes of sleep per day (not every day either) and more than a hundred lbs slung Wt, stabbed – shot, two goes of CHI – DIA, flown on the *outside* of Helos doing nap of the earth, heaps of other crazy things dumb kids do, crawled around so many nooks and cranny’s on this earth…

            Sounds like a most worthwhile and socially-oriented life. Now we’re all envious of you. Wish I had done so many ridiculous things.

            Your life speaks for itself…no need to comment. Enjoy!

          4. skippy

            Lets make it simple.

            You brought up the ass hanging in the air trope. I produced a video showing one of the many cons used by folks making such assertions. You, cracked an eye socket.

            The acts I’ve been a party too, are only to show that I’ve been in high stress conditions, extremely sedate, and the experience gained from such events. As a means to discern certain quality’s of the human state, etc, and not to show boat. This is an optic I use amongst others to view quackery. History is chockers with it, heaps of evidence upon request.

            Skippy… From your scatter gun responses, too not only my link, but, two other commenter’s, is a tell. Your not hanging with Oprah are you?

            “This isn’t the first time Oprah has had a run in with the “New Age” Hollywood performer crowd. She got in deep with a scam called “The Secret” that Oprah promoted on her television show until it blew up in her face. She had James Arthur Ray and Michael Bernard Beckwith join her to shill for “The Secret” which was some kind of prosperity con. See this link for more of “Oprah’s ugly secret””

            Power, money and sex?

            3HO Sikhs are now fighting amongst themselves in a lawsuit over the millions of dollars in profits made from using the sacred Sikh religious symbols and scriptures for their own personal gain.3HO Sikhs, who follow Yogi Bhajan, funnel the money to support Yogi Bhajan’s tantric cult church which 3HO Sikhs have deceptively camouflaged using names like “Sikh Dharma International”, “3HO foundation”, “Sikh Dharma Stewardship”,””,”Sikh Dharma Worldwide”, “Unto Infinity Board”,”Khalsa Council” and “KRI(Kundalini Research Institute)”. See “Sikhnet’s” and “Sikh Dharma International’s” slick new websites which were produced with the millions in ill-gained profits using the name of the Golden Temple, names and images of the Sikh Gurus, and sacred Sikh shabads for profit in commercial enterprises.


          5. DANNYBOY


            I’ve been in high stress conditions, extremely sedate, and the experience gained from such events.

            And it really shows. Now that you’re all sedate and…whatever…you seem to have the ideal life, which is apparent from your posts.

            Keep it up skippy, we’re all envious of you. Enjoy!

          6. skippy

            Nothing you have uttered has change the validity of your original statement or the factual presentation I proffered, including the secondary’s. Your first act was to go personal, in every case, never actually providing any substantial rebuttal. You target the person and not the facts, that’s not very centered or open minded, now is it.

            Skippy… “envious of you”. – DB (in caps)… seems you have a long road ahead of you…

          7. DANNYBOY

            Skippy, my original post follows…

            Dear Kyle Wiseley,
            Your open mind is refreshing.

            Skippy responded: skippy… then you have the hole lag flapping 3 stages of lift off thingy… LOL!

            Then Skippy responded to himself 17 minutes later (should have been a tip-off): lag – leg

            And Skippy went downhill from there: Have had heart rate down to 45bpm steady, underwater for 5min+, walked – run for weeks with no more than minutes of sleep per day (not every day either) and more than a hundred lbs slung Wt, stabbed – shot, two goes of CHI – DIA, flown on the *outside* of Helos doing nap of the earth, heaps of other crazy things dumb kids do, crawled around so many nooks and cranny’s on this earth…. well you can take your indignation… and cram it… or stick it, like the silly video instructs… dboy.

            Dboy here. Your debating team wins. Fine points. Brilliant. Spending a lot of time on the internet, are we?

            I’m thinking that you are debating yourself, unsuccessfully. I notice your frequent use of ‘skippy’ in the middle of your discourse, meant to get your attention. Add to that, the times that you have responded to yourself and I’d say you have both won AND lost the debate (with yourself).

          8. DANNYBOY


            You provide your anger.

            Getting you no where.

            But you remain convinced that you’ve achieved equanimity from all your shooting and stabbing.

            One of us is incorrect.

          9. skippy

            You bit, laughing at quackery is not anger. You took it personally (anger) and then sprayed 3 separate commenters that were not kind to your initial suggestion. All with out substantial evidence based retort.

            My first comment was directed at the suggestion and not the person, it was not combative. Hence your first reaction…


            I’m hoping that your self-satisfying YouTube’s are bringing you to new heights. As am means of discourse, I am not impressed. snip.

            skippy… so until you can fly away on a rug using zero point energy, don’t cry victim hood, hose the neighborhood with indiscriminate fire. FYI belief is a con mans game, your swimming in it. Sorta why people come here, too dispel the fog.

          10. DANNYBOY


            Try to calm down. You can’t be doing yourself any good.

            Make love, not war

          11. skippy

            @DB. Again…~~~

            The issue is metal powers to levitate T or F. I provided evidence of F, you provided indignation. I provided more material fact, after more, indignant insinuations about my personal status and have yet to receive a reply to the contrary.

            Skippy… it is you that needs to get a grip and depersonalize the matter, provide more than some utterance to support your position. BTW after a long spell in the cold (military training) I had an adjusted lower body temp. Have used experiences like this to live and work in challenging climates. No mystic powers were required, knowledge and metal conditioning was the key. FYI if SHTF what is your skill set to ride out the storm?

            PS. if you have not noticed, your the one projecting and not me… shezzz.

        1. Ms G

          10,000 hearty laughs — thanks Skippy!

          Reminded me of how “asset prices are maintained” . . . the levitation contraption = a prototype for debt-based economies thingies!

          1. DANNYBOY

            Ms G,

            Your laughing along with Mr Skippy surprised me. Previously you displayed an open-mindedness beyond your 35 years. Now, I learn that, in the hopes of being accepted by Mr Skippy, and becoming one of the Big Shots, you’d compromise your values and integrity.

            I hope that I have given you some helpful feedback

          2. Ms G

            DB, you have it a bit topsy turvy. I’m a yogini (as consistently as I can manage) and I also appreciate astute humor. Discernment – as in the ability to see through cons – is one of the qualities that yogic philosophy encourages us to cultivate!

          3. DB (by choice of Yogi G)

            MG,,What’s with the initials, anyway?

            You have it a bit topsy turvy.

            Did you think that yours is the last word?

            Integrity is one of the qualities that yogic philosophy encourages us to cultivate!

            I hope this helps.

        2. F. Beard

          Dem Yogies be fakirs?

          It’s strange that backward countries think they have spiritual enlightenment to share with the Judeao-Christian West. And the West can at least genuinely levitate frogs – with magnetism.

          1. F. Beard

            Well, I don’t mean to insult backward countries; we all have to start somewhere. Heck, it wasn’t so long ago that the so-called “civilized” English were painting themselves blue and burning people alive in wicker statues.

          2. DANNYBOY

            Still proud of Britain’s treatment of India?

            Britain have many Ghandi’s to be proud of?

            Support Imperialism against those “backward ” people? – your words!

          3. F. Beard

            Well, I don’t support British Imperialism but was it England’s fault the pickings were so easy? How else does an island conquer a sub-Continent? And India was civilized long before England was, no?

            The truth is that the truth is unbounded. India was given an early chance to believe the Gospel but killed the apostle who delivered it instead. The West was more receptive and eventually left the East behind. Them’s the breaks.

          4. DANNYBOY

            but was it England’s fault the pickings were so easy? How else does an island conquer a sub-Continent?

            Mr Beard, England conquering a less warlike country hardly qualifies as Civilized.

            And India was civilized long before England was, no?

            Mr Beard, England was, of course, later civilized. Who else would commit such atrocities?

            India was given an early chance to believe the Gospel but killed the apostle who delivered it instead. The West was more receptive…

            Mr Beard, shouldn’t you be giving Confession after these words?

  7. Bev

    Bain Not an Alpha…more like Omega…

    How Bain Capital helped BP
    blow up the Deepwater Horizon

    Saturday, June 9, 2012

    A Book Review by Greg Palast, for
    on Poisoned Legacy: the Human Cost of BP’s Rise to Power (St. Martin’s Press) by Mike Magner.

    Here’s my bead on Magner’s book….

    I almost fell off the barstool when I read that it was Bain Capital (Mitt Romney, former CEO), that told oil giant BP it was a good idea to cut costs. The cuts would lead to death, mayhem and the destruction of the Gulf Coast (not to mention BP’s poisoning of Alaska, Africa, Central Asia and Colombia).

    In 2007, after BP’s criminal negligence and penny-pinching led to the explosion at the BP oil refinery on the Gulf Coast, in Texas City, Texas, the company brought in industry pooh-bah James Baker, their lawyer and former Secretary of State, to write a report. Baker is Big Oil’s BFF, but in this case, he was horrified, and told BP to get its act together and spend some real money on operating safety.

    BP didn’t like Baker’s recommendation nor did it like another report by its own consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton which advised the company to …get its act together and spend money on safety.

    When two respected industry voices agree that you’d better start spending and thinking while you’re operating in a deadly business, a corporation’s CEO has only one choice: find a consulting house of ill repute to contradict the others and tell you what you want to hear.

    That’s what BP’s CEO Tony Hayward did. In 2008, he hired Bain Capital to say the company would be better managed if it spent less money. Bain used consulting BS terms like reducing “complexity,” but it all meant the same thing: cut, cut, cut.

    After all, Bain’s motto is, “We like to fire people.” The oil company then fired 5,000 employees in response to the Bain report.

    To hell with safety.

    BP read Bain’s recommendations as the green light to chop funding. Of course, it was all done with Hayward’s PR pronouncement that the company would now “focus like a laser on safety”. (A laser, I’d note, is a thin beam surrounded by darkness.)

    BP’s Bain-blessed, deadly, insouciant cost-cutting was the deadly habit that federal regulators identified as a cause of the Deepwater Horizon blow-out.

    That’s just one of the ill-making stories in Magner’s book which takes you through BP’s poisonous history before, during and after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon blow-out.

    Much of Magner’s opus centers on the Texas City refinery explosion that was a loud, flaming warning about allowing BP to play with matches and oilrigs. He begins and ends with the story of another refinery, Amoco’s long-closed plant at Neodesha, Kansas.

    At first, that sounds weird for a book about BP––but it’s an exceptionally important tale, explaining how the industry hits and runs. Amoco closed its refinery decades ago, took off and left the toxins there. It takes years for toxins to kill, and Amoco’s poisons killed Lucille Campbell’s baby in 1963. And it takes more years to figure that out, which Lucille did in 1999, after BP bought Amoco.

    Lucille continues to this day to fight to stop the rash of cancers and poisonings still caused by BP’s dump. The oil company has done the honorable thing: it’s gone after Lucille and her little township, attempting to smear, discredit and bankrupt her and the company’s victims.

    Lucille’s fight against the petro-saur corporation is the big story of the book that you should read––in fact, that you should memorize.

    Greg Palast is the author of Vultures’ Picnic, centering on Palast’s own undercover investigation of BP and Big Oil around the planet.
    Palast’s, reports can be seen on BBC-TV and Britain’s Channel 4.

    You can read Vultures’ Picnic, “Chapter 1: Goldfinger,” or download it, at no charge: click here.

    Subscribe to Palast’s Newsletter and podcasts.
    Follow Palast on Facebook and Twitter.

    1. LeonovaBalletRusse

      James Baker! (Baker Botts, Enron, and on, and on, and on):

      “Fuck the Jews … they won’t vote for us anyway.” — The Honorable James Baker, Secretary of State, United States of America, circa A.D. 1992 (“THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People” by John Loftus and Mark Aarons [see also Index for “Baker, James;” x-ref: Bush/BCCI);

      Search for more info on James BAKER in the Index of the following books:

      “THE FAMILY: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power” by Jeff Sharlet;

      “A CENTURY OF WAR: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” by F. William Engdahl (New Edition: 1992);

      “THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT: from Rhodes to Cliveden” by Carroll Quigley;

      “THE BIN LADENS: An Arabian Family In the American Century” by Steve Coll;

      “THE FORTY YEARS WAR: The Rise and Fall of the Neocons, from Nixon to Obama” by Len Colodny and Tom Schachtman;

      “BLACKWATER: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army” by Jeremy Scahill;

      “VICE: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency” by Lou Dubose and Jake Bernstein;

      “AMERICAN DYNASTY: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush” by Kevin Phillips;

      “CRONIES: Oil, the Bushes, and the Rise of Texas, America’s Superstate” by Roberty Bryce;

      “MADE IN TEXAS: George W. Bush and the Southern Takeover of American Politics” BY Michael Lind’

      “GEORGE BUSH: The Unauthorized Biography” by Webster G. Tarply and Anton Chaitkin;

      “GHOST WARS: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001” by Steve Coll;

      “LEGACY OF ASHES: The History of the CIA” by Tim Weiner;

      “THE BUSH AGENDA: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time” by Antonia Juhasz;

      Finally, SEARCH James BAKER on YouTube. He has a finger in every fetid Poppy Bush pie. Republican Wyoming is the home of the TEAPOT DOME SCANDAL, featuring a man named REAGAN. Follow the DNA-Money and connect the dots of looters bringing us national destruction in C.21, right down to ruin wrought by “Anglo-American Establishment” BP in the Gulf of Mexico and Franco-Louisiana.

      “Full fathom five” is a fraction of the depth of Bush Dynasty BigOilWarProfits Corruption, and their .01% Extraction CapitalismTyranny. “Full fathom five” destination of these malefactors is the cure for what ails the rest of us.

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        N.B. Quigley’s “THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT” does not mention James Baker, but this book is the touchstone for full comprehension of the purpose of the Bush Dynasty in America and the world; and James Baker is at the core of chicanery to effect this purpose.

          1. LeonovaBalletRusse

            The CRUX of the matter may be found at my links, in a reply to another below, from Wikipedia re “Glucksburg” Dynastic “Commonwealth” (connect with the “Commonwealth” per the Rhodes/Milner Group in Carroll Quigley’s “THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT: from Rhodes to Cliveden” — still going strong, with special thanks to Capo George H.W. Bush of YALE, Skull and Bones, Carlyle, Enron, BCCI, etc., and his BigOil/Private Equity Profiteer Cronies David Rockefeller (w/ Court Jester Henry Kissinger), and James Baker III, etc. unto Willard Mitt Romney/Bain Capital for BP uber alles.

  8. psychohistorian

    I go to the ballroom upstairs from where this Portland, Oregon non-profit pub is starting up for ecstatic dance weekly so I can report back. This location has been a medical marijuana cafe in its recent past life.

  9. LeeAnne

    This connection from Bain and Wall Street/City of London equity funds’ Kravitz KKR, Goldman Squid, profit mongering at any cost to life on earth, is THE so-called Economic Model corrupting the planet and everything on it.

  10. tiger

    re: Bill Black on CNBC. What a great guy… Maria and Bethany look like they were literately handed an envelope of cash five minutes prior to the interview to directly to contradict him. Disgusting.

    1. barrisj

      Maria B must be a masochist, as she recently on CNBC was absolutely gutted by Eliot Spitzer when she tried to defend AIG and “Hank” Greenberg against a successful SEC case wherein “Hank” coughed up a $1.6 bil fine. Why is that person still on bidness TV? Oh, wait, the official fellatrice to America’s CEOs. And, I frankly don’t understand what Bethany McLean was on about, sort of got off-sided, it seems.

  11. LeeAnne

    On Julian Assange: and here’s the reality; a bit of truth to lighten up the day. Now that the US has lost all credibility as a civilized country respecting rule of law and justice for all:

    “It is not impossible that he would be treated in a cruel manner, condemned to life in prison, or even the death penalty,” Patiño said.”

    1. Walter Wit Man

      Because Assange is a perp working with the U.S.

      They are trying to scare us by setting an example of illegal/unconstitutional actions so that we lose hope and don’t even think of doing something similar.

      Same thing with Bradley Manning who they are using to set precedents with as far as how they detain people, etc.

      Same thing with the drone strikes on the Americans in Yemen.

      All these actions are clearly illegal and unconstitutional.

      I believe these are all psy operations that are intended to scare us and to set legal precedents. Most of the “victims” in these cases are probably actually perps who are willingly going along with the scam.

      Not that the real deal isn’t happening or won’t happen in the future. Clearly, the U.S. government is claiming the right to commit massive crimes against its citizens and is using test cases to do this.

      1. Joe

        Well, it’s working, if what you’re saying is correct. It _is_ scary! I mean, what has happened to the US? “Land of the free”? Assange is being treated like some cold war spy, FFS! Some deep mole in the CIA. Closest description I can think of to describe what he does, is publisher.

        I just don’t get it. And I can’t understand the Australian government’s approach. They have to get active and start explaining a few things. Seems like speaking with the Swedish government would be any easy first step.

        The whole thing is extremely irregular. And the UK is threatening to storm the Ecuadorian emabssy? It’s almost surreal. Imagine the precedent this would set?

        1. LeonovaBalletRusse

          BELOW is the DNA “Tie That Binds” the .01%DNA “Commonwealth” now closing ranks against Julian Assange, and thumbing its nose at Ecuador:

          I’ts always and ever about the “Divine Will” of the .01%DNA System in perpetuity:

          Connect with Rockefeller and his “Court Jester” Henry Kissinger, and follow the bouncing ball.

        2. Roland

          Who would have thought that the Iranian students who stormed the US Embassy in Tehran were merely the forerunners of a whole new era in Western secular rational jurisprudence?

      2. Joe

        From the Guardian:

        “[This] is probably the first time that a citizen fleeing political persecution by the US has been granted political asylum by a democratic government seeking to uphold international human rights conventions. This is a pretty big deal, because for more than 60 years the US has portrayed itself as a proponent of human rights internationally – especially during the cold war. And many people have sought and received asylum in the US.”

      1. LeonovaBalletRusse

        Get this! Peter Beaumont makes a suggestion: LINK:

        One possibility is that the British government could attempt to invoke the convention’s preamble, which insists that the specific purpose of “the immunities and privileges” that it lists are “not to benefit individuals but to ensure the efficient performance of the functions of diplomatic missions as representing states”.

        Is this how it worked for those CIA agents in Italy, and countless “American government” malefactors caught red-handed abroad?

        Can’t have it both ways. If UK invades Ecuador’s embassy, U.S. is toast?

        1. LeonovaBalletRusse

          Actually, it’s beginning to look a lot like Kafka:

          The UK flaunted its vaunted “asylum” to Salman Rushdie (who speaks with a veddy British accent, and definitely was not an official diplomat when he was granted asylum in the UK), as a result of the “fatwa” proclaimed against him. Apparently, they did see fit to honor the “principle” of diplomatic immunity then, no matter how far Salman Rushdie was from a diplomat.

          Is there not an effective “fatwa” against Julian Assange, for revealing the “Satanic Verses” of the the RELIGIOUS CABAL known as the Anglo-American “Unitary Security State” protecting the material interests of the “.01%DNA Commonwealth” Closed For-Profit System?

          1. Ms G

            On my caroling list for Xmas 2012. Defo!

            “A pair of see-a-long Drones and a pistol that shoots
            Is the wish of Barney and Ben;”

  12. fresno dan

    In related news, the US DoJ announced that they had found Hitler alive, but would not be bringing any charges, because their lawers thought WWII had something to do with “Dubya” or maybe the son of Dubya, or something like that. Also, not one DoJ employee could find Germany, Europe, or the Eastern hemisphere on a map (or actually understood that the earth was a sphere…). The DoJ spokesperson also admitted that as all DoJ employees sought jobs with an evil world-dominating cabel after leaving the DoJ. this meant that none of them could really find anything wrong with Hitler…

    1. fresno dan

      and let’s not just blame the prosecutors

      Link to the Orwellian full 7th Circuit Federal Appeals Court of Chicago ruling on Sentinel. (unfortunately I can’t get the link to work – I suspect the sight is overwhelmed)

      “The entire case reads like an after-the-fact rationalization of a predetermined conclusion. Years ago when I was with a different firm, I worked on numerous major institutional fraud and auditing cases, and I cannot recall a ruling even remotely similar – let alone from a federal court of appeals.

      Please pay particular attention to the section on equitable subordination, on pages 6 through 8. Unbelievably, the court acknowledged in that section that even though some of the bankers lied under oath during the trial, that fact did not prove “sufficiently egregious” actions on the part of the bank.

      I will quote the opinion: “Instead of finding that their testimony [i.e. their lies] justified a finding of egregious bank behavior, the district court essentially found that the bank officials were such artless liars that they couldn’t have been concealing deliberate wrongdoing.” See page 7, column 2.

      So in other words, a U.S. Court of Appeals has found that if a banker lies under oath during a trial, that fact proves that the bank was innocent of any misconduct with respect to the subject matter of those lies. Did we get transported to bizarro world without knowing it?”

      1. DANNYBOY

        Let me share a quote that I have always found inspirational. Perhaps you can find strength in these words I heard a long time ago on Wall Street, and which were repeated regularly like revealed wisdom:

        “That guy’s the Chairman, because he’s the best f-ing liar”. I hope that these words can bring you solace.

  13. Lambert Strether

    The correlation isn’t complete, but I’ve noticed a tendency for Yves to apologize for thin links, and then produce an incredibly dense and nutritious collection of them, as today.

  14. evodevo

    I don’t know if the article author got it straight – La Nina usually FOLLOWS El Nino – we had an El Nino summer here in Ky (and evidently the Midwest – drought/heat galore) – and this winter should be a La Nina one – which means mucho snow for us. I’m gonna be stockpiling firewood and kerosene this fall, just in case.

  15. jsmith

    Gee, and I wonder where the eff those new Al-Qaeda recruits would be put to work, huh?

    Oh, that’s right, in Syria where the US, NATO and Israel are currently giving arms, money and assistance to Al Qaeda and other non-Syrian fighters such as the Libyans who aided and abetted the West’s last murder spree.

    Somehow this Israeli paper fails to mention that.

    Weird, huh?

    I mean, you’d think that the country responsible for the creation of Hamas would have a more level-headed take on the creation and recruitment of terrorist groups – cough, Irgun – right?,0,1425692.story

    I also find it quite odd that someone would suggest Germany, Denmark and Sweden as potential targets…

    Oh that’s right, the whole Wahhabi-Marxism connection again.

    Thanks Pam Geller and Girt Wilders, I nearly forgot.

  16. kevinearick

    Home Economics, Space Travel, Currency, & Addiction

    So, (can I do that?) the anxious black hole center of gravity, which is externally adjusted, to keep time, determines the orbital structure…

    If you have been paying attention, you now see the empire price fulcrum. You have the speculative price of an auto and the supply side price, what is the demand side price?

    Looking at all levels of government finance, what does the demand side price of travel tell you about how far government must contract as a % of GDP to re-boot the economy? What is the effect of delay?

    Can economic ignition be directed from the global, federal, or state level? What must communities do? Can it be done under present constitutional order? What must be done with non-performing capital?

    What do the birds and bees do? What is nature telling you? How does the electron appear in many places at the same time? Why does the cat have multiple lives? What is space travel? How do you orbit a vehicle? What is currency?

    Empire labels are designed to misdirect, ac into dc, and are employed by dc robots. If a robot calls you a slut, are you a slut? Choose your own course, to adjust your distance, as you glide by.

    If you look back through the threads, you will see that the majority response to my input has been some kind of irrational empire label, with traces of cogent response, and those that followed my investment advice made substantial returns, in a time when the objective was to lose less than others, as the circles of idle gossip collapsed from below.

    Look at the boxes from the outside in and the inside out. The choice to be a robot is valid, Historically. The central bankers have trapped themselves in gold, again.

    Where are the fundamentals of human choice on the pendulum swing? Is it moving in the direction of quality or quantity? What is happening at the margin?

    The addicted robots are throwing up on their keyboards for a reason. Winning a rigged game, or laughing at others, in a group, waiting for them to lose as well, is not rocket science. It’s empire TV, for the maladroit. And the sh-show continues…

    Look at the structure of domestic student loan policy versus immigration policy across the artificial borders and compare to system debt leverage, to get a midpoint to derivative exposure. What was the pension payment rate of growth when cash flow went negative and what is it now?

    When you hunt the Great White Shark, expect its little cousin lizards to be nipping at your heels, as you pass through the gauntlet of dinosaurs. Keep nature in mind; the shark exists for a reason. Best to make several passes to pick up the necessary skills and plan accordingly, like an electron.

    Have you been watching the various gov depts. order ammunition? NOAA? Are there any gov officers left that do not belong to the Homeland Security Complex? What happened to the Library’s stated goal of a self-governed people? Do you really think the food war benefits the middle class? Can the master robots get the slave robots to turn their guns on each other? If social cult addiction is the basis of economic activity, how do you change its course? What is the chemistry?

    Given the characters running the system, their promissory note, what is their paper worth? Is JPM equity positive or underwater, relative to your position? Getting in is one thing; getting out is another. Where do you place your treasure?

  17. barrisj

    BREAKING NEWS…Mark Zuckerberg’s FB holdings have dropped to “only” $10.2 bil as Facebook shares fall below $20. Later in the day, Marky Mark had to be talked down from the roof of his single-story Palo Alto home by the local PA Police Suicide Intervention Team without incident. Mark is now resting comfortably, under the care of his personal physician.
    A Facebook spokesperson said that “Mark really appreciates all the calls and emails from suckers shareholders and friends who have responded to this crisis”.

  18. Ms G

    From Alternet, a well-researched report confirming that the Ryan family’s fortunes, while being trumpeted as having been built on Private Sector Genius, are were in fact made on the backs of serial public sector taxpayer-financed INFRASTRUCTURE projects.

    Any of us can pick any 3 facts from this story that will be useful next time someone we know or don’t know bloviates about Ryan-Romney and the Myth of Randian “rugged individualism”.

  19. Max424

    Worth a look-see. Culture in Decline, Episode 1, by Peter Joseph:

    Joseph’s gnarly conclusions are just a tad too negative for this blind optimist. Personally, I believe substantive hope&change is just around the near corner.

    And where is that near corner? At the edge of an infinite universe, probably. Still, I believe we humans can perceive –or at least, conceive that we perceive– its shadowy possibility, using soon-to-be-developed edge-of-the-universe math (and if we have to fudge a few equations to do it, so be it).

    And that’s good enough for me!

    1. Doug Terpstra

      Oops, that doesn’t fit “freedom fighter” propaganda. CIA-Mossad handlers must be cringing at the stupidity of rogue FSA terrorists, ad libbing. Ah, no biggie, the public will lap it our cointelpro.

      “Rebel-friendly Washington has said Iran’s backing of the Syrian regime is more dangerous than the infiltration of the al Qaeda fighters within the opposition.”

      James Corbett: “That has to take the cake as one of the most hypocritical statements in modern political history. It’s so head-scratching and so bizarre that one can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy . . . it’s now openly admitted that Obama signed orders for the CIA to openly cooperate with the so-called Free Syrian Army . . . we know now that the [FSA] is training at a US air base in Turkey. We know that the US State Department has been openly funding the opposition since 2006, so for them to come in and say that Iran should stop funding the Syrian government . . .”

      1. Walter Wit Man

        The U.S. is openly and brazenly committing acts of war and using terrorism as well.

        They kind of snuck that in there, didn’t they.

        Obama pretended like he opposed unjust and illegal war but here we are . . . on to the second sovereign country Obama has attacked and barely a peep in the media/blogosphere.

        Shows how completely controlled our society is.

        Can you imagine if Iran were admitting to funding the White Power movement in this country, for instance? And was sending its operatives here to coordinate? And sending its military to the region? Assassinating scientists and other citizens? Committing sabotage? Trying to strangle us economically?

        The U.S. is breaking international law by attacking Syria and has the balls to claim that it’s Iran/Syria that is violating the law.

        Iran and Syria are well within their legal rights to jointly defend themselves.

        Hell, Syria is justified in counterattacking right now. They should probably do so pretty quick if they want to try to save themselves. They are letting themselves be slowly eaten up right now and they need to show the world Israel/U.S./Turkey/NATO/GCC are attacking them.

        1. Walter Wit Man

          And I realize Obama has attacked way more sovereign countries than 2. In fact, Obama has set the record for most secret wars in the most sovereign countries by any U.S. president–even during the Cold War. It’s well over 100 countries were we have secret forces operating. Many of these are forces are committing war crimes and terrorism. Like in Syria and Libya.

          Syria and Libya are simply the big prizes. Let’s not forget Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, Mali, etc., etc.

  20. barrisj

    Shithouse Brits still playing the poodle for the Yanks…Wm. Hague…good Lord, not HIM again –

    U.K.: WikiLeaks’ Assange won’t be allowed to leave

    (CBS/AP) LONDON – British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Thursday that the U.K. will not allow WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange safe passage out of the country.

    The announcement came hours after Ecuador granted Assange political asylum, a decision that thrilled supporters but did not defuse the standoff at the Latin American nation’s London embassy, where he has been holed up for almost two months.

    Now the standoff between the two nations centers on an inviolable diplomatic principle: British law and the British police cannot reach inside the embassy of a foreign country.

    What is up with these pathetics fucks…how long can they keep hanging onto Yank cock?

  21. Claire

    I have limited Internet access at the moment and apologize if someone has already posted on this.

    “Sharpie parties” fuel rampage on foreclosed homes”

    Best line in the article: “Banks that own the foreclosed homes are reluctant to pursue the perpetrators … because they don’t have the resources to hunt down the miscreants.”

    And for another version of the same story:

    Foreclosure Victims Get Revenge Against Banks With “Sharpie Parties”:

    from the article:

    “The reports indicate that it’s not just young people destroying random foreclosed homes: the tenants or the owners’ kids were hosts of two parties mentioned. And while it might be an excuse to party and wreak havoc, it also seems that some of the partiers have revenge against the banks and American banking system in mind.”

    “…banks have been doing their best to keep publicity about these parties under the radar, going so far as to drop prosecution when the parties are caught (usually when they put evidence right up on Facebook)…”

    1. different clue

      If I were in this position, about to lose a house, I might give it to heavily armed squatters before leaving it . . . to give the authorities a real problem to solve.

      If I couldn’t do that, I might try to sabotooge in some way more serious and final than a “sharpie party”. For example, even though I know nothing about plumbing, wouldn’t there be a way to “replace” the water in a toilet with cement? Maybe push that cement many feet down the toilet drain pipe so that it was all one solid mass of cement? And do the same with the bathtub? And every sink?
      And the hot water heater? And maybe open up many pinhole microleaks in the water pipe system so that slow oozing leaks would foster the growth of deadly black mold throughout the hidden interior structures of the house?
      And back to my earlier thought . . . why not fill up the stove and the refrigerator with cement? And the washer and dryer if you have one?

      1. Claire

        At least they’re not just drawing X-rated stuff on the walls with sharpies, in some cases they’re also trashing the place, punching holes in the walls, soaking the carpets in urine and vomit, etc.

        But yeah, total sabotage such as armed squatters or pouring cement in the fridge, oven, every toilet, every sink, etc
        would be better, and a few severed banker heads left in the fridge would be even better.

    2. Walter Wit Man

      Be careful, Chris Hedges and other “non violence advocates” will call you a terrorist or something for engaging in civil disobedience resulting in harm to property (the worst sin for “progressives” is to hurt property, evidently).

  22. Doug Terpstra

    Totally cool indeed to meet Judge “Dread” Rakoff, Yves. Outside of the Supine Court, there is still integrity in the judiciary.

    Regarding SEC-CitiGroup settlement, “Jed Rakoff To SEC: I’m Not Here To Rubber-Stamp Your [wrist-slap] Deals”

    “In rejecting the deal, Rakoff said that the SEC chose to charge Citigroup only with negligence. But in a parallel complaint filed the same day against Citigroup employee Brian Stoker, the agency alleged that the bank knew in advance it would be hard to sell the mortgage-backed bonds if it first disclosed its aim to bet against the investments. This would be tantamount to an allegation of ‘knowing and fraudulent intent,’ the judge said in his initial ruling.”

    The rug is getting a bit too lumpy for the SEC’s usual dubious housekeeping. The dirt is oozing out and SEC collusion-as-usual won’t work forever.

  23. Benedict@Large

    RE: MF Global
    It seems pretty clear by now that DOJ’s MO on bankster cases is to find laws in the “almost but not quite” catagory, and then parade them out with an explanation of why the charges couldn’t be made. As mentioned, Sarbox is ignored on MF Global, but more generally, there’s probably not a person on the street you couldn’t get on some kind of misrepresentation, but DOJ doesn’t seem to have heard of the word. As Obama said, not all bad conduct is illegal, but as Obama didn’t say, all misrepresentation is illegal, and pretty much everyone does it.

  24. enouf

    [not sure if covered in this day’s “links” above or not, but]

    Re: HYDROFRACKING in NY State and Marcellus Shale;

    Sign Petition please ;-)


    p.s. not that it’ll matter, even if this minuscule amount needed (20K people) threshold is reached .. but might as well try, ..attack on any/all fronts. I personally think much much more extreme measures are needed; Hacking away at the many Hundreds, if not Thousands of legs that support this veritable ‘3-legged Stool’ of stool samples, which we call ‘The State’.

    One is to EndTheFed as “The Money Masters” (youtube it) from 1996 – another is (Dylan Ratigan), whom by the way I just heard him interviewed by Gary Null, on, who himself launched his own opening tirade of dissent and touches upon many of those other hundreds/thousands of stool legs i aforementioned.


    1. enouf

      Corrections, Clarifications, and additional material – in reverse order;

      — From 1 year ago,
      “Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air”

      — it’s getmoneyout.COM , *not* dot ORG

      — ‘The State’ is just a religiousity, a belief system of the assimilated masses, but is manifest as a (Giant Global) CORPORATION (a Cartel), which is then subdivided ad infinitum. We all know the Politicians are just the ‘stick-in-their-ass’ propped up ‘dead-man-walking’ sockpuppets.


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