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The euro zone can still blow up even after unlimited purchases Credit Writedowns

Chaos During Platform Vote Youtube (Despite this, it seems like the Democratic Convention will create a nice bounce for Obama)

Appeals court blocks Minnesota law on corporate political spending Reuters

Democratic Headliners in Good Favor With Most Americans Gallup

NYPD Opens Branch in Israel Al Monitor

French to Exhume Arafat Remains The Independent

Bradley Manning Actions in Obama HQ in 33 Cities

Hidden Treasures in Junk DNA Scientific American

CME’s volume falls 40% in August Crain’s Chicago Business

Obama campaign brags about its whistleblower persecutions Glenn Greenwald

Recession could force Italy to seek EU aid FT

Harassment of gay students declining: survey  Reuters

Obama Super-PAC Sets New Record With $10 Million Haul in August Mother Jones

The First Amendment and the Right to Lie ABA Journal

Bill Clinton Backs 100 Year Starship Discovery News

‘Apple effect’ fuels Dow and S&P split FT

Ben & Jerry’s Sues Porn Seller Over Flavor-Tied Titles Bloomberg

Democrats restore to party platform language on Jerusalem, following GOP criticism Washington Post

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lambert here:

D – 1 and counting*

Present fears / Are less than horrible imaginings.Macbeth, William Shakespeare

I’ve travelled to an undisclosed location (back tomorrow) and I had to give the Big Dog’s speech a miss, so how was it? Aside from the Grand Bargain™-brand Cat Food part? Did Warren call for prosecuting any banksters for accounting control fraud? Did she name them?

* * *

Long story short, and orthogonal, but there’s a moral, so bear with me: After angsting for a week about a leak in the ceiling of the kitchen where I live and work, because I was fearful about what could have gone wrong and worried about how to pay for the worst case scenario, I went and bought a jigsaw, ascended a ladder, and hacked a small starter hole in the ceiling’s drywall for the jigsaw, expecting to hit laths. Then I’d saw through the laths and make a cutout big enough for an access panel after I stopped the leak. What I discovered:

1. Under the drywall, a cutout had already been made. Somebody had been there before me!

2. The cutout had been cut not through laths, but through a beautiful wood ceiling. So I can happily remove the drywall!

3. I was imagining a hole eaten through a rusted steel shower drain, sheets of black mold, rotted drywall, and the ceiling collapsing when in fact the leak is small and my pipes — meth freaks and metal thieves stop reading now — turned out to be solid copper and will last for another fify years!

Present fears / Are less than horrible imaginings.

4. I can kludge a “good enough” solution without calling a plumber. And I didn’t need the jigsaw at all, so spending the money on it was a waste.

The moral of the story: Always open the ceiling first!

My fear was not worth a thing. I had to open the ceiling. And I should have opened the ceiling first, before I bought the damn jigsaw.

Now, to bring this home to Naked Capitalism:

A lot of the work here is about “opening the ceiling first.” Here, here, here, or here, to pick some recent random examples. We’re opening the ceiling to expose the plumbing, so people can get at it, and fix it.

NOTE I’m not saying that we’ll always get lucky when we open our ceilings. But we have to do it.

* 1 day until the Democratic National Convention ends with corn dogs and cotton candy for everyone on the floor of the Bank of America Panther Stadium, Charlotte. 1 is the loneliest number.

* * *
And the antidote…

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About Matt Stoller

From 2011-2012, Matt was a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. He contributed to Politico, Alternet, Salon, The Nation and Reuters, focusing on the intersection of foreclosures, the financial system, and political corruption. In 2012, he starred in “Brand X with Russell Brand” on the FX network, and was a writer and consultant for the show. He has also produced for MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show. From 2009-2010, he worked as Senior Policy Advisor for Congressman Alan Grayson. You can follow him on Twitter at @matthewstoller.


  1. fresno dan

    Ben & Jerry’s Sues Porn Seller Over Flavor-Tied Titles Bloomberg

    If I had been a porn producer, I would have sued Ben and Jerry’s for using ice crem names that sound like porn movies (actually there are quite a few porn movies with the same name as Ben and Jerry’s…)

    Boston crème pie
    Cake batter
    Cheesecake brownie
    Chocolate fudge borwnie
    Chubby Hubby
    Chunky monkey
    Cinnamon buns

    Karamel Sutra
    Late Night Snack
    What a cluster

  2. Middle Seaman

    Warren was excellent. She has improved by miles. She is a class act. I hope she wins. Big Dawg was way too long as always; I guess everyone has a weakness. Otherwise, he was smart as usual.

    There was way too much Obama glorification than I could stand. I even read Tom Hayden who does the same. Obama is better than Romney only because a Republican victory will destroy the country and enslave its people. Otherwise, Obama shouldn’t even run a grocery store. He is dysfunctional, not smart, corrupt, disloyal, destructive and a liar.

  3. Kos reader Hector

    I am Kos reader Hector.

    I will vote the Democrat, there will be festivities.

    Beginning in daytime, these festivities will fill the grand Ballroom with joyful commotion. At around five o’clock we will all sit down to an immense table laden with fruits and sweets.

    At that moment they will bring in the God Emperor Obie One’s famous cake, which will be greeted with cheers and shouts. All eyes will turn to the gift-giver Obie One, who, standing up without a hint of shyness will recite his fable in a clear assured voice.

    At the final verses, applause will burst out from all sides, and Bubba, standing in turn, will propose a toast in honor of Obie One, who will become King of the Banquet.

    After the snack, the Ball will continue. Obie One and Bubba will waltz in together, then tired out from having covered the floor several times they will break off near Madame Michelle, who, standing calmly, will watch with delight, the beautiful childish merriment all around her.

    Suddenly an immense choir will sound out, composed of deep, vibrant, male voices. At this sound, everyone will turn toward the west side of the square where brave warriors, squatting near the weapons they’ve laid on the ground will sing “Jekkouka”, a proud epic written for the God Emperor, with its subject being a detailed narrative of his own exploits.

    As the singers chant each couplet, clapping their hands in unison as if they were a single man, this glorious epic will produce a rather grandiose impression on the crowd.

    And everyone will join along in singing “Jekkouka”, clapping our hands in unison, as we rejoice in the God Emperor Obie One, whose notable deeds are many.

    I am Kos reader Hector. I will vote the Democrat.

    1. Doug Terpstra

      The Rapture! Only worthy souls will ascend into the heavens to meet the worthy one on high! Alas, most NC readers will be left behind to endure the great tribulation.

      1. F. Beard

        Alas, most NC readers will be left behind to endure the great tribulation. Doug Terpstra

        Well, look at Skippy. Even the foxhole did not convert him, at least not permanently. Sterner medicine is apparently needed.

        1. Doug Terpstra

          Yup, that Skippy is a decidedly irreverent character alright, but I’m not too sure about removing the speck from his eye just yet. I’ve got a very large beam stuck in my own eye, and my hands are way too shaky from fear and trembling about my own salvation.

          Of course the rapture I was referring to was of the elect conventioneers being ushered into the hallowed presence of the great Barack. These conventions do have a decidedly creepy religious vibe to them. Kos-spiked Kool-Aid I suspect.

          1. F. Beard

            I ain’t trying to do eye surgery on Skippy; just defending my own with an occasional display of offensive capability lest he be wise in his own eyes.

            These conventions do have a decidedly creepy religious vibe to them. Doug Terpstra

            I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will receive him. John 5:43

  4. Jim Haygood

    ‘Eurozone creditors are now saying the Greek government must tighten the universal neoliberal screws even further by imposing a six day work week.’ — Marshall Auerback

    Not so. If one actually read the leaked Troika letter, it said Greece should allow a six-day work week, as well as dropping a myriad of bureaucratic controls linking employee hours to business opening hours, restricting split shifts, mandating the number and length of breaks, etc. In other words, let businesses manage shifts as they see fit.

    Permitting (not ‘imposing’) a six-day work week is irrelevant to office workers, where the standard is and would remain five days. But it might be quite relevant in fields such as retailing and distribution.

    Imagine the chaos that would erupt in the U.S. if exemption from the Fair Labor Standards Act for salaried employees were eliminated, and they were actually PROHIBITED from working more than 40 hours a week. Goodbye Wall Street, goodbye Madison Avenue, goodbye architectural and law offices.

    Eurosclerosis — an infirmity identified more than thirty years ago — seems to be a chronic debilitating disease like arthritis. It is perhaps caused by some automimmune genetic defect in European culture.

    1. ambrit

      Dear Jim;
      Sometimes I find it difficult to tell when you are being sarcastic or ‘snarky.’
      That said, since when has an extended work week been a good thing for any of the people involved? I am old enough to remember half days on Saturday. No one really yearned for that chance to exhibit their powerful, socially constructive drive to overwork. I thought that one of the major problems of the change over to the new ‘services’ economy was to find enough work for everyone. All extending the work week does is lock people out of the new jobs the employers would have to ‘create’ to get the work done. Yes, it might be more economical for the employer to squeeze more work out of the existing work force, but the resultant miss allocation of resources is a definite social evil. Short of going to a guaranteed annual income scheme, shortening the work week makes much more sense at the societal level. It also helps mightily at the individual level too.

      1. MLS

        If I may speak for Jim, I think you are missing his point. He did not say 6 day work weeks are good (or bad), he said it’s better to let businesses have the flexibility to decide for themselves how and when to arrange shifts for workers.

        To your point, there are plenty of people that work the equivalent of 6 days a week (50 hours based on a standard 8 hour day) or more. The reasons are many – need the money, personal fulfillment, a desire to do well in their career, or they run their own business and want to see it grow. Or maybe they just enjoy the work they do (Yves seems to post an awful lot and I can’t imagine the pay is that great, so I suspect she just really enjoys doing it). To that end, individuals who are willing and able to work as many hours as they like will benefit, as will their employer.

    2. Jeff N

      I grew up with my dad working six-day weeks (mostly afternoon-night). His only day off was Tuesday or Wednesday. It really sucked. Hardly ever saw him except for weekend nights.

      A special treat was when the July 4 holiday fell actually fell on the Tuesday/Wednesday that he was off.

  5. ambrit

    About that CME volume decline. Looking at the figures, a decline of 6% in volume, (for the year, quarter??) leads to a 31% drop in ‘profits.’ What gives here? Did they have to take loss reserves, some sort of judgement penalty amount, the CEOs yacht sank? Also, the company lays people off because the profit was only some $500 million and change? I do hope the toilers in the field for CME are compensated well, for they are evidently not getting any loyalty from the top.
    The article says that most of the decline in volume is centred in ‘exotic’ (my usage) contracts. This is a good thing, no?
    The news that the CME is laying off people brings to mind the old saying: “There is no honour among thieves.”

  6. chris

    “(Despite this, it seems like the Democratic Convention will create a nice bounce for Obama)”

    Nice? Have you become a proponent for Obama’s re-election?


  7. ambrit

    I just read the ALMONITOR piece about the NYPD in Israel and had to laugh. What a piece of propaganda! The NYPD is described as “the best police force in the world” more than once. The person described as the liaison between the two parties sounds, as described, suspiciously like an Israeli agent. He comes from Israel, marries a local, and joins the local police, specializing in just what any good ‘spook’ would master. After a good and fruitful career, he goes back home to a deserved “Well done!” from his Mossad handlers.
    As one of the regulars here likes to say: “Deception is the strongest force on the planet.”

    1. Susan the other

      I know, right? I read that too and thought, How obvious can you get? The picture showed Ben-Naim(?) with an American flag yamaka even. I assume. And my take was exactly the same – intelligence operation which will coordinate the NYPD the Israeli Govt, the US CIA and FBI and NATO to name a few.

  8. Paul Walker

    Lawyers support lying as a means of discovering and spreading the truth .. and collecting more fees? Say it isn’t so

    1. Susan the other

      I agree that tracing a lie is how truth is found. A lie is a negative answer, full of implication. And a lie really can’t defend itself.

  9. Paul Walker

    Lawyers support lying as a means of discovering and spreading “the truth” .. and collecting more fees? Say it isn’t so

  10. SR6719

    At one time (mainly during the 60s and 70s) Guy Debord’s writing was a very powerful analysis, however I’m afraid it may have lost most of its power today. The thing that geniuses such as Debord always seem to underestimate is the extreme effectiveness that propaganda has in keeping the masses under control.

    Nevertheless he left us with some very beautiful passages, such as the following:

    “We did not seek the formula for overturning the world in books, but in wandering. Ceaselessly drifting for days on end, none resembling the one before. Astonishing encounters, remarkable obstacles, grandiose betrayals, perilous enchantments — nothing was lacking in this quest for a different, more sinister Grail, which no one else had ever sought. And then one ill-fated day the finest player of us all got lost in the forests of madness.

    But there is no greater madness than the present organization of life.

    Our agitators disseminated ideas that a class society cannot stomach. The intellectuals in the service of the system — themselves even more obviously in decline than the system itself — are now cautiously investigating these poisons in the hope of discovering some antidotes; but they won’t succeed. They used to try just as hard to ignore them — but just as vainly, so great is the power of a truth spoken in its time. For our aim had been none other than to provoke a practical and public division between those who still want the existing world and those who will decide to reject it.

    Other eras have had their own great conflicts, conflicts which they did not choose but which nevertheless forced people to choose which side they were on. Such conflicts dominate whole generations, founding or destroying empires and their cultures. The mission is to take Troy — or to defend it. There is a certain resemblance among these moments when people are on the verge of separating into opposing camps, never to see each other again.

    It’s a beautiful moment when an assault against the world order is set in motion.

    From its almost imperceptible beginning you already know that, whatever happens, very soon nothing will ever again be the same as it was.

    The charge begins slowly, picks up speed, passes the point of no return, and irrevocably collides with what seemed unassailable: the bulwark which was so solid and well defended, but which is also destined to be shaken and thrown into disorder.

    That is what we did, emerging from the night, raising once again the banner of the “good old cause” and marching forward under the cannon fire of time.

    Along the way many of us died or were taken prisoner; many others were wounded and permanently put out of action; and certain elements even let themselves slip to the rear out of lack of courage; but I believe I can say that our formation as a whole never swerved from its line until it plunged into the very core of destruction.”

    -excerpts from the main voice-over soundtrack of Guy Debord’s sixth and last film, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (1978).

  11. barrisj

    Once again we see the Democratic Party cravenly capitulate to Republican/FoxNews agitprop by a last-minute insertion of “God” into their platform, after a futile attempt at secularisation. And, not content with that restitution, they also rushed through the tiresome “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” rubbish to placate the AIPAC crowd as well. Such transparent and undignified pandering – at the insistence of Obama himself – illustrates the acute cynicism of this guy and his handlers. What a fraud.

    1. Susan the other

      There are so many more Israelis than those in Israel. The diaspora is worldwide and very international. I’m thinking there is method to this madness too.

  12. woah

    Not happy that Israel is officially running the NYPD now from Israel.

    Everybody knows Alex Jones is a shill right?

    1) Search Google for “Alex Jones Bronfman link”. You will see who the powerful families are paying Alex’s Jone’s bills.

    Yes, Alex Jones is funded by pro-Israel power players and is supported by the same Bronfman family that is tied to the JFK assassination.

    To learn about the Bronfman’s link to the JFK assassination

    2) Bronfman family is linked to the JFK assassination…search for: “Bronfman link to JFK assassination”

    JFK gave Israel an ultimatum for Nuclear inspections. Israel didn’t like it and ordered a hit on JFK. The head of the CIA was pro-Israel and helped cover-up/plan the assassination.

    1. woah

      The reason I bring that up is many people have all these ideas about Obama.

      I think Alex Jones is the main guy pushing the socialist conspiracy against Obama. Therefore people should really consider if Obama is as bad as Alex makes him out to be, or if Obama has a bunch of moles drilling around him. Pushing stuff like the NDAA etc….

      1. diplodocus

        so alex jones is a reptilian stooge, too? damn, it’s hard keeping these conspiracies straight…
        we got you fools! let me suck on your hatred! bottom line… you mammalian scum need to die out….

        1. Up the Ante

          D – 365 and counting

          ‘You will take an interest in the National Conventions 1%, YOU WILL !!’
          V, the lizard-men politicos able to sense all non-Pod People via ESP and internet spoofing


          Lambert, in-state, haha

      2. noah to woah

        Yah, Alex Jones is a god but not one of the good ones…you can tell because the main bad stuff about Obama is like what we hear from A Jones and so obviously he’s putting it into their heads….and it’s the star moles doing the drilling around Obama with their strange little noses like flowers, made by A God Jones himself (all His creation, after all, right?)…but they’re also drilling into Obama’s brain so that he burps out NDAA etc and re-instating God (code for Jones of course) and Jerusalem etc etc….Well Obama can’t help himself, by nature weak, gentle, well-meaning and pure too but now he’s turned into a zombie for Israel wherein rests the throne upon which A God Jones sits. If they’d only let him be…altogether a frightful business.

        Ooops, time to finish that boat. I hear it’s going to rain.

  13. Valissa

    Prohibition hangover – As puritanical rules retreat, the American market for beer and spirits is growing more competitive

    Ryan & Wood is a small distillery in Gloucester, MA, not mentioned in that article, and so far it’s only available in MA and mostly in eastern MA. The Ryan & Wood Rye Whiskey is the only one I’ve tried so far, and it’s excellent – highly recommended!

    btw, much better links today – THANKS Matt!!

  14. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    From the Junk DNA link:

    Scientific American: The ENCODE project has revealed a landscape that is absolutely teeming with important genetic elements—a landscape that used to be dismissed as “junk DNA.” Were our old views of how the genome is organized too simplistic?
    BIRNEY:People always knew there was more there than protein-coding genes. It was always clear that there was regulation. What we didn’t know was just quite how extensive this was.

    Just to give you a sense here, about 1.2 percent of the bases are in protein-coding exons. And people speculated that “maybe there’s the same amount again involved in regulation or maybe a little bit more.” But even if we take quite a conservative view from our ENCODE data, we end up with something like 8 to 9 percent of the bases of the genome involved in doing something like regulation.

    Thus, much more of the genome is devoted to regulating genes than to the protein-coding genes themselves?
    And that 9 percent can’t be the whole story. The most aggressive view of the amount we’ve sampled is 50 percent. So certainly it’s going to go above 9 percent, and one could easily argue for something like 20 percent. That’s not an unfeasible number.


    That’s, um, interesting.

    It’s like, roughly speaking, for every 1 busy-bee banker, you need at least 8 or 9 regulators, but it could be that you need 50 regulators.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have that in our society. Ours is more like, for every driver, you have 50 traffic cops.

      1. Valissa

        me too, and you both have combined to inspire me to find silly DNA cartoons…

        How DNA molecules combine

        Visual pun, Part One

        Visual pun, Part Two

        Fun sperm DNA fact

        DNA logic

    1. BertS


      Don’t tell me this is complicated?

      What about for every date we need 50 chaperones?

      oh geez. there is a medical def for chaperones.

      Definition of CHAPERONE

      : any of a class of proteins (as heat shock proteins) that facilitate the proper folding of proteins by binding to and stabilizing unfolded or partially folded proteins—called also chaperone protein, molecular chaperone

  15. Expat

    Little comment on Clinton; interesting. The NY Times headline says it all: vote for Obama and “finish the job.” I’ll say. Or, if you wanted to finish the job, you could vote for Romney. Machts nicht.

  16. anonymous renovator

    Diagnosis: Highly likely this leak is due to previous hackery. This plumbing looks like the work of an incompetent.

    The problem is likely to be (at least partially) the result of the new shower drain (plastic pipe and pan with integral drain hole) not aligning properly with the existing copper drain.

    The plastic fittings used do not allow for altering the center of the drain in the shower wrt the existing plumbing (to avoid having to set the shower to match the plumbing rather to set the shower to fit the bathroom) or to adjust to match the alignment of the existing copper pipe. This requires very precise installation of the shower to locate it properly, even then this might not properly align with the existing drain. A different choice of fittings would have allowed for this.

    All of which may lead to a poor seal when the drain is installed.

    Additional shortcomings visible in the video:

    The use of a trap and vent (prevents sewer gas from coming out the drain) are code requirements. There is no trap on the shower drain and the vent is not visible. Does the shower smell like a sewer?

    A smart homeowner would call a plumber experienced with remodeling and renovation to repair this properly. A smart homeowner could hang a funnel and flexible hose to collect the leakage until the plumber is called. A smart homeowner would not make prior hackery their own hackery by adding their own bubble gum (sealants, caulking, foam, duct tape etc). This just pisses off the real plumber and perhaps wastes his expensive time.

    The other thing to keep in mind its that the plastic connections may not be glued, may be under stress, and attempting to do anything may make the problem much worse.

    It does not look like this will be expensive to repair properly if this is all that is wrong.

    1. enouf

      Actually ..after seeing the video a few times;

      a) there most certainly is a trap there (lower left)

      b) seems the drip is coming from subflooring above, through ceiling

      c) lambert posted on his site’s comments “i know where the leak is coming from” (but i only perused the comments) …to wit; a great many times, *if* it is *not* indeed coming directly from shower drain seal above, it’s most likely due to bad caulking in shower stall (if tiled), usually between either (i) the bathtub (if one indeed exists up there) and the floor – or the seams between the bathtub and tiles — or just the vertical wall seams

      d) all that said — could even be coming from bad packing in shower handle valves (valve stems), or damage/wear from seats/washers that were replaced, but not reassembled properly

      e) lastly — *if* the (seemingly fiberglass) shower pan is actually a fiberglass bathtub (and recently installed/renovated?) –and– if no structolite, (or similarly supportive) bed/pad was layed, prior to placing the bathtub/stall in place — with a bathtub full of water (fiberglass, etc, ..anything but cast-iron), the bathtub will *flex* tremendously when weighted down, full of water — all sorts of seals will break and leak.

      that’s my quick assessment anyways


      p.s. A jigsaw will (eventually) come in handy – if one is a handy person ;-)

      1. anonymous renovator

        I looked again and you are correct about the trap.

        So ignore the lack of trap observation and I assume anyone who soldered the dwv knew how to do the v.

        No argument with anything you said, and it still looks like the new plastic drain is misaligned with the copper trap and the shower bottom. Further observation, should see the primer and glue on the plastic pipe unless it is completely threaded assembly. If it is all threaded (don’t see how that would be), that would require an unlikely accurate location of the new shower or tub or whatever the drain is on.

        My rule of thumb is that if someone has done one thing wrong (the drain leaks and the fitting choice still looks wrong=2 strikes) there is probably something else they touched on the job done wrong. Everything is suspect until properly inspected. Take a look at the rest of the supply connections if that is possible.

        Having good tools is always good, even if you have a comopetent visitor use them for you! It might save them a trip to retrieve theirs.

    1. ambrit

      Dear Beard;
      I don’t know. I was thinking of something along the lines of: “Romulus and Remus Wolfing Down Their Food.”

  17. Chauncey Gardiner

    Appreciated the first link above to the Auerback article through Credit Writedowns. Should give the proponents of Austerity some food for thought and reconsideration.

    1. BertS

      Being obsessed with range will kill the electric car. Batteries have something like 1/10th the energy density of gasoline, so they ain’t never getting there.

      If you must drive a long way (say that precious once a year vacation), rent a gas car or truck.

      1. joel3000

        Indeed. A gallon of gasoline is the equivalent of about 34 kwh, and with a kwh @ $200-$350, that’s a lot of money on a battery than only gets you about 60 miles.

        For batteries to make economic sense they need to be used: a too big battery is a waste.

    1. craazyman

      I’m seeing a bunch of demons with whips in a craggy molten cavern look up at a drill bit coming through the rocks overhead.

        1. ambrit

          Dear Beard;
          The Elder Gods save us! Don’t tell me they’re drilling in the vicinity of Ponape! Please, let R’lyth lie sleeping yet beneath the primordial ooze!

          1. David

            “…drilling in the vicinity of Ponape…”

            Hope not, for such drilling would be a violation of the
            Benthic Treaty.

  18. Bill the Psychologist

    My god, reading through all the comments from the Links is like being locked in a room with a patient with 35 personalities who’s free associating from all of them………

  19. LeonovaBalletRusse


    JPMorgan Names New Head of Chief Investment Office Craig Delany, 41, who was most recently the chief operating office of JPMorgan’s mortgage banking unit, will take over the reins of the chief investment office, which was at the center of a multibillion-dollar trading loss.

  20. LeonovaBalletRusse

    “Although the FBI now admits that the 2001 anthrax attacks were carried out by one or more U.S. government scientists, a senior FBI official says that the FBI was actually told to blame the Anthrax attacks on Al Qaeda by White House officials (remember what the anthrax letters looked like). Government officials also confirm that the white House tried to link the anthrax to Iraq as a justification for regime change in that country”’re-not-doomed-repeat-it

    EN FRANCAIS re anthrax:

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