Harry Shearer’s Grand Bargain Barn!

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Bill Black will insist this needs to be rebranded as the Great Betrayal Barn….but I am sure you will enjoy it nevertheless! A must listen!

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  1. JGordon

    I am not sure how people believe they will be getting Social Security when the monetary system that it’s based around is gone along with the industrial economy. But ah well.

    The best retirement plan there is is a hedgerow of moringa trees in your front yard. People who believe that the government is going to take care of them… well you know, sucks to be them.

    1. Middle Seaman

      This view narrows the importance of social institution and a decent sociaety. Social Security is fine until 2041. That’s a lot. After 2041, SS can still pay 75% of its responsibilities. All you need to do is lift the ceiling for FICA to tax a little more.

      Safety nets are an important foundation of a decent and healthy society. Once you shrink the net, as Obama ineptly wishes to do, you harm not only poor people, but also your moral fiber.

  2. amateur socialist

    I’m glad you highlighted this from Sunday’s LeShow. Much easier to share than linking to the whole podcast (which is worth an hour if you have it – one of my few devotions to public radio that remain).

  3. Norman

    When does the revolution start, the real revolution, or do we have to await the second comming? The purge is already taking place in the military, so . . . . . . . . . . . . !

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