Update on Site Performance Issues

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Dear patient readers,

Site performance has been lousy for the last week or so and absolutely terrible for the last 36 hours.

I think we have it fixed for now. The site was under what was the functional equivalent of an attack from China, but it was from lots of IP addresses and scraping a certain type of older post. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to scrape old posts (unless they thought we were a porn site and did check that our pictures are of naked animals, not foxy women).

Anyway, our tech guy took the posts that were of interest off line and installed some software that should deny them access to the server. So hopefully things will be better going forward.

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    1. AbyNormal

      my exact thought yesterday…i played he!l staying connected to nc

      (i keep ‘the little green man in my head’ stroked ;)

  1. Jimi

    Yves, FWIW I stop in several times a day to see what’s up and have NEVER had issues I’ve lately read about.
    I’m in Tampa if that matters.

    P.S. Love your animal pics!

    1. Paul Tioxon

      It’s that whole Nixon to China thing, damn you Nixon, even beyond the grave you manage to claw your way back into the limelight!! Yes, I am blaming Nixon, again and apparently will have to do so until proven that he is in fact, STILL not behind it all. Gravegate!

      1. middle seaman

        You are from Mars. The last 20 years you absolutely positively must blame Bill Clinton. Prism? Bill. Unemployment? Bill. Repeat after me now. Quiz tomorrow.

        1. frosty zoom

          and you are from jupiter..

          iraq? big bush

          cia everywhere? big bush

          nafta shafta? big bush

          1. frostier zoomer

            and you, surly, are from neptune..

            trickle upon? st. ron

            war in libya? st. ron

            union bustin’? st. ron

          2. frostiest zoomeest

            in response to frostier zoomer:

            you, troll, are from pluto..

            deregulation? cardigan jimmy

            afghanistan? cardigan jimmy

            persian gulf insanity? cardigan jimmy

          3. hemidemifrostish semiblemizoom

            and you, quatloo, are from rigel IV…

            coveting thy neighbour’s goodies? cthulhu

            squishing the savages? cthulhu

            SCHLOCK AND AWE!? cthulhu

    2. ambrit

      I personally blame Reagans “Kitchen Cabinet.”
      Or, whoever it was who persuaded Gerald Ford to pardon Nixon. Now there was a crime for the ages!

  2. Susan the other

    The spooks have figured out a way to look like they are from China. They have really cool Ming the Merciless capes with high pointy collars.

  3. milton

    If you offer a feed there is no reason for anyone needing to scrape your site. Most likely your host is having issues.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      No it is not my host. The guy who does WP/tech support is independent of my host.

      He says I’m being hit by site scrapers from a number of different IP addresses in China, too many to block them individually.

      When he took the posts they were scraping offline, performance improved immediately.

      The level of scraping is confirmed by my DNS provided demanding I upgrade last month based on the # of accesses of my site last month. And the scraping, BTW, is NOT showing up as higher page view counts.

  4. Kurt Sperry

    Even a local crude non-queryable scrape of all the site’s content as static html pages would probably be sufficient to keep me amused offline for a couple of years.

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