Donate to Lambert’s Fundraiser…Now!

As readers may know, in addition to contributing here at Naked Capitalism, Lambert has his own blog, Corrente, which focuses on politics and policy. Last year, for instance, he was deep into the campaigns (readers may recall his Campaign Countdown) and this year, he and his contributors have been all over ObamaCare and fracking.

Although a good chunk of our annual fundraiser proceeds go to Lambert for all his efforts here, he also has his own overheads and much larger time commitment associated with Corrente. And some of the posts we run here by Lambert would not have been written if Lambert didn’t have Corrente, such as his dissections of Obama speeches and the unbelievably amateurish and condescending ObamaCare PR efforts (he and Katiebird have been making heroic efforts to figure out the substance of Obamacare as well, but details have been astonishingly scarce).

So please go to Corrente now and tell Lambert “thank you” by making a donation. Even a little bit helps, and if you are in a position to be able to be generous, more is even better!

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  1. Lambert Strether

    Thanks Yves, and thanks to NC readers. Corrente is a group blog (not just me, although I am the proprietor) and the posts on ObamaCare (especially the one Yves mentions) don’t come out of nowhere; Corrente was the go-to blog in 2009 for single payer. We’ve been around for ten years and we’re still standing; we have a humongous back catalog of 37,000+ posts; and we are entirely reader supported. So your help is needed and appreciated.

    1. Lambert Strether

      “Sometimes I think I’m not in my right mind. Then it passes off and I’m as normal as before.” (Thought that was Beckett, but now I can’t find the cite…)

  2. habenicht

    Lambert – I am looking to donate to your fundraiser but prefer sending a check in the mail.

    Is this an option? If so, where should it be sent and who to make the check out to? I did a (very quick) look around your site, but did not find this information.

    thank you

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