Down to the Wire!

Only a bit over six hours remain in the Naked Capitalism fundraiser. Show your support of critical thinking, merciless evisceration of lame punditry, deep diving into muddy financial waters, and cute animal pictures. As our guest blogger, Michael Hudson, has said:

Naked Capitalism has quickly become my favorite and most informative site to see where the bodies are buried. Yves focuses on the all-important technical details that are beyond the competence of most sites to grasp, let alone walk the reader through the maze.

Join us and participate via our Tip Jar, WePay further down in the right column, or a check made out to Aurora Advisors Incorporated to Aurora Advisors Incorporated, 903 Park Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10075 (be sure to send us a message, “Check is in the mail” with the dollar total in the message body so we can count your donation in the fundraiser total).

Our target for the number of donations is 1000 and we are now at 895 as of 9:00 PM EDT. We are at $1900 towards our current goal of $8500 for intern support (read here why they aren’t free!) Our rate of donations was higher in the last hour than the hour before that.

With our deadline of midnight PDT (3:00 AM) we can still make it if those of you who haven’t had time yet chip in, and those who’ve given earlier make an additional donation on behalf of those that are suffering financial hardships. If you can give a little, give a little. If you can give more, give more. If you can give a lot, give a lot. You are investing in making a difference. And thanks again for your generosity!

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  1. Lambert Strether

    “… critical thinking, merciless evisceration of lame punditry, deep diving into muddy financial waters, cute animal pictures, and the Oxford Comma.”

    Fixed it for ya. There will be no devolution at Naked Capitalism, insofar as punctuation is concerned!

    1. The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit

      So you’re saying there will be no toleration of them there newfangled permanent press commas, with the button cuffs?

  2. ScottB

    My donation will be delayed, as I am currently furloughed, and unlike many federal employees, I will not get back pay.

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