Please Come to Our Washington, DC Meetup This Tuesday, March 18

I’m really looking forward to meeting readers. And guess what? Matt Stoller has said he’ll join, and I know many of you will be keen to talk with him as well. We’ve had a very enthusiastic response, so this should be a fun event.

Joe Firestone was gracious enough to make a decision on venue. We will be meeting at lephant & Castle, 900 19th Street, NW, at 6:00 PM. Elephant & Castle has a large back room, happy hour from 4:00 to 7:00 PM, and on Tuesdays, wine bottles are half price. You can see its menu here.

A couple of additional suggestions: it would be nice if someone could call Elephant & Castle and warn them a big party will be arriving. They might want to alert other patrons that arrive after 5:30 PM and try to go to the back on the assumption it will be more quiet. And if you intend to pay in cash, try to remember to bring small bills! We’d hate to have you have to throw in more than you fair share because you need to take off and no one can break a large bill.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday!

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  1. Tony Levelle

    Unfortunately, I will be in Northern California on March 18, and unable to attend. This sounds great, and I am sorry to miss it. I would definitely attend if I were anywhere on the East Coast that week. Have a great get-together.

  2. Ed_M

    Oh, great!
    Been reading this blog for quite some time now so I figured I ought to drop in. See you all there!

  3. allcoppedout

    I shall raise a glass of good cheer in everyone’s general direction. I’ll be in Brussels discussing a European invasion of the USA or how to recover VAT from itemised billing in a research project. Don’t role out War Plan Red just yet. The chances of any action from a meeting with Eurocrats, other than scheduling another meeting closer to better restaurants is zero.

  4. Jess

    Please please please find a reason to come to L.A. of S.F. so that those of us in the west can meet you.

  5. Kokuanani

    We’re moving back to DC, but not until May 1. I hope you’ll have subsequent meet-ups in the Nation’s Capital.

    Until then, if you schedule a meet-up in Maui [or want to] LMK. We run a coffee farm “up-country” [Kula] and have plenty of room to host.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Oh, I really enjoyed Maui the two times I was there (early 1990s) and stayed up country. What a kind offer, but no way can I get there by the time you move.

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