Meetup in Paris on Friday April 10?

Dear readers,

I’ll be at the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s annual conference, which is in Paris from April 8 to 11.

I wondered if readers in Paris would be up for a meetup. I suspect this would be a small gathering, maybe five people, ten tops, but I’d love to meet anyone who is game to come out and give us a reading of the world from France as well as political gossip.

The sessions are at the OECD, and near there is too remote to make any sense. The panels are supposed to wrap up at 4:30 PM, which probably means more like 5 PM. So I anticipate that we could start at 6 PM.

The two neighborhoods that would seem to make more sense and are not far from the hotel are L’Etoile and Porte Maillot. If interested readers can identify a good venue, please pipe up in comments. The criteria are that we can either reserve or have good odds of getting tables or a section of the bar/restaurant so we can all mingle, and that the noise level not be too high.

Hope to meet you in Paris!

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  1. vidimi

    zut, i’ll be in the eurostar to london on friday after work.

    i used to live in that area around étoile/argentine so i know a few places around there. it’s a good neighbourhood. you can try the l’arc café on the corner of avenue carnot and rue des acacias or, for dinner, chez fred on avenue pereire.

    1. vidimi

      just want to add, if there’s anyway this could be on the 8th or 9th instead, it would work much better for me.

  2. michael_emmett

    Would love to participate. Splitting my time between Spain and Paris but will be back in paris that day.

  3. Roy Price

    I will be there. I suggest meeting at Villa Maillot, a small hotel with a very quiet and civilized bar that is never crowded. The address is 143 Avenue de Malakoff.

  4. MartyH

    (… humming “April in Paris” …) Unfortunately, the ever lovely Mrs. H and I will be about a month late :-( A smaller meet-up would have been nice, the last one in NY was lovely but a mob! Enjoy and I hope the sessions are useful.

  5. Eclair

    How about Stockholm at midsommer? We could talk all night ….. I’m always in the wrong place and the wrong time!

  6. Working Class Nero

    Things are up in the air right now but I just might be able to make it down to Paris on that Friday.

  7. David Chuter

    I don’t know that particular bar, but the area itself is quiet and, from memory, mostly residential/Embassy /offices. You probably stand a better chance than in most places of getting some space there on a Friday evening. Will come along if I am free.

  8. Michael

    In the porte Maillot / Etoile area you’ll mostly find expensive tourist traps and sordid buiness hotels….For something more relaxed and authentic with good and reasonably priced food, you have to go to one of Fox news’ no go areas in the east of Paris, for example at Canal St Martin. Anyhow I’d love to join wherever we end up.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Those neighborhoods are near the hotel, at which we have an INET discount. Given that schlepping to and from the OECD in busses is a drill, we went for convenience and recognize that tradeoffs come with that.

    2. vidimi

      this is simply false. the ternes village just north of étoile is gorgeous and authentic and nary a tourist ever ventures there. it is an expensive area, but that is because it’s quite wealthy.

      1. EmilianoZ

        True, most tourists will stop at the Arc de Triomphe and not venture further. But I fear that having a meetup there would send the wrong message about NC. It would be as if the Socialist Party of America had a meetup in NYC and decided it would be held in the Upper East Side. It would be better to select a Parisian neighborhood more germane to the working man. I would suggest Barbes or Belleville. But dont stay there too late. I would recommend decamping around sunset. Although I’ve been told that in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings there is now a heavy military presence in Paris, in which case it might be OK to stay a bit later. I was in Paris last spring. The military presence was already noticeable to me. If it has increased, there must be a soldier at every corner now.

        1. Kurt Sperry

          The west side of Paris is largely very moneyed and very conservative, I feel a little creeped out there in fact. Probably similar to how west Parisians feel visiting the east side or the Fox News “no-go zones”, which I mostly adore. On the plus side, western Paris has the best Liberty/Art Nouveau architecture in Paris. I’m sorry I can’t go, I’m sure it’d be worth venturing into enemy territory for.

          The only military types I saw last summer in Paris were around a few sensitive government buildings and at the Gare de Lyon.

          1. EmilianoZ

            Maybe they were not exactly military. Maybe they were heavily armed gendarmes. I’m sure they had some kinda rifle which they carried en bandouliere rather than the handgun of the policeman. France has at least 2 kinds of paramilitary: gendarmes, CRS. That was north of Barbes around Chateau Rouge.

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Thanks for asking, and just so you know, I did look into doing London and Paris on the same trip.

      The problem is cost, not just the travel (which with frequent flier miles is not too bad) but all the blog coverage costs. I have to pay for coverage of the nights before I leave, and for mainly full coverage while on the road. This is not cheap and as a very resource-strained site, is hard to work into our budget.

  9. Alain Burq

    I will be glad to join.
    Can you send me the meeting point and time, please ?
    Thanks !
    Waiting for the pleasure to meeting you

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