Links 2/3/16

Ships’ noise is serious problem for killer whales and dolphins, report finds Guardian (Jeff W)

Researchers find birds can theorize about the minds of others, even those they cannot see PhysOrg

Rescued Baby Orphans Keep Cozy With Stuffed Animals The Dodo (furzy)

The causes of selfie-related fatalities Boing Boing (resilc). Wow, this is a category?

First U.S. Zika virus transmission reported, attributed to sex Reuters

Zika: Outbreak worse than predicted because virus has no symptoms, warns Brazilian health minister Independent

Japan Goes Negative

Great Graphic: Falling Equities and US Treasuries Blunt Impact of BOJ’s Surprise Marc Chandler

Japan’s Negative Interest Rate Gamble Economonitor. A very good overview.


China’s Antigraft Campaign Isn’t ‘House of Cards,’ People’s Daily Says WSJ China Real Time Report

U.S. says summit with ASEAN nations ‘not anti-China’ Japan Times

Thwarting the European hegemon as sterling wilts amid Brexit fears Telegraph. Here the famously Euroskeptic Torygraph is acting like the dog that is scared it will actually catch the car.

Refugee Crisis

Satirical Video Urges Africans To Rescue Old People From Denmark Huffington Post

EU court: ‘Irregular’ migrants should not be jailed Politico


Exasperated by Netanyahu, France Prepares to Recognize Palestinian State Truthdig

The Final Breakup of Iraq? Barzani calls for Kurdistan Referendum Juan Cole (resilc)

The West Must Stop Giving Turkey a Free Pass New York Times

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Safe harbor deal divides opinion Politico

U.S. and Europe in ‘Safe Harbor’ Data Deal, but Legal Fight May Await New York Times

Imperial Collapse Watch

The West Is Traveling The Road To Economic Ruin Paul Craig Roberts. Teejay: “Devastating commentary.”

The People’s Campaign: The Real Hastert Case- All in One Place Boiling Frogs Post. The text is a bit overwrought but the video is well presented. From Chuck L:

You may recall that in the wake of 9/11 Sibel Edmonds, a young Turkish American woman, responded to a public appeal from the FBI for people who were fluent in Middle Eastern languages. Very soon after she was hired she listened to tapes of wiretaps that indicated serious wrong-doing involving very high levels of the US government. When she sought to shine light on what she had learned she was silenced with some of the most draconian gag restrictions ever applied. For nearly fifteen years now she has kept digging and working to get the story out. She has now assembled connections to the story in one place at the link above. If nothing else, people should click on the first video, and overview that is 16 minute long.

‘Micro’ Drones, ‘Arsenal’ Plane, Railguns Funded in New Defense Budget


Iowa nightmare revisited: Was correct winner called on caucus night? Des Moines Register. Note this was picked up by USA Today.

Sanders Campaign: Iowa Democrats Lost 5 Percent of Vote Roll Call

Coin toss broke 6 Clinton-Sanders deadlocks in Iowa — and Hillary won each time MarketWatch (resilc). Calling Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Fat Tony.

Why I think Clinton did not win the Iowa caucuses: The spread between Clinton and Sanders remained at 49.8 to 49.6 percent for soooo long, increased a bit, a few times, but always returned to 49.8 to 49.6, never quite getting to 49.7 to 49.7. And Des Moines was at 83% percent for evvvvver. Until REALLY LATE. Angry Bear

Iowa Democrats push back on Sanders claim of lost votes The Hill

Clinton’s Narrow Win Sparks Nervousness Among Supporters Associated Press via the New York Times. Jeff W:

There’s sort of a clueless denialism going on here.

Allies pinned at least some of her problems with young voters on a muddled message.

“I think there was something ….to Sanders’ message that inspires the base,” [Brad] Anderson [an Iowa political consultant who supports Clinton] said.

Maybe that “something” is that Bernie Sanders is analyzing problems and planning to address them while Hillary Clinton is viewed as a walking exemplar of what some of those problems are?

Bernie raises $3 MILLION in 24 HOURS! KABOOM! Daily Kos (furzy). But readers say Kos is still front-paging Clinton articles.

Bring our elites closer to the people Martin Wolf, Financial Times. This is plausible on the surface but if you read it with any discernment, you’ll see plenty of incoherence. This is pearl-clutching masquerading as analysis. I would have loved to have parsed it, but there are way too many things to write about right now.

McConnell wary of divisive 2016 fights The Hill

Donald Trump, 2016’s first loser Politico

Marco Rubio isn’t the second coming of George W. Bush. He’s much worse. The Week (resilc)

Which States Cruz, Trump and Rubio Need to Win New York Times

Liz Cheney Announces She’s Running For Congress In Wyoming… From Virginia Huffington Post (furzy)

GOP class of 2010 is deserting the House Politico

Pharma Executives Worry About Presidential Candidates Demanding Reform Intercept (resilc). They should have realized getting greedy could lead to blowback.

What Happens to Farmers’ Interests After Everyone Packs Up and Leaves Iowa? Charles Pierce, Esquire

US immigration’s electoral impact: New evidence VoxEU


Democrats Try To Corner Republicans On Flint Water Crisis Huffington Post

FBI joins Flint, Michigan, water contamination probe Reuters (EM)

Police State Watch

Justice Department launches review of San Francisco police Reuters

Chicago sees January murder surge as Emanuel’s poll numbers fall Reuters (EM)

Chicago police officer will sue estate of teen he fatally shot WGN-TV (Chuck L)

Angry White Men

Watch: Oregon militant challenges Chris Christie to sumo wrestling to end standoff OregonLive. Chuck L: “The video is hilarious!”


Fed stress-tests negative interest rates idea Reuters

Fed vs. the Dollar: Why Yellen Can’t Win Wall Street Journal

Global gas market braced for price war Financial Times

Dimon-led governance project a tough sell Financial Times. Yet more proof of the diminished stature of CalPERS. Its experience with corporate activism is that it was profitable. And these players are all conflicted by wanting corporate 401 (k) business. No acknowledgment of that. But the piece does point out why Dimon is not a very credible salesman for this idea.

Baby boomers’ retirements could cripple professions like air traffic controller, farmer, and geriatrician. Slate (resilc)

Guillotine Watch

Martin Shkreli All but Gloated Over Huge Drug Price Increases, Memos Show New York Times

Class Warfare

Worse than the Roaring Twenties: What even Thomas Piketty underestimates about American income inequality Salon

New Research from Raj Chetty Shows Poor Black Boys Have High Unemployment Rates Due to Concentrated Poverty Atlantic (resilc)

Antidote du jour. Chet G:

Attached is a photo of an eastern screech owl sitting in its tree hole (taken on Sunday). Whether you consider the tree or the owl, the camouflage is wonderful. (I’ve been occasionally photographing the owl in its home going back to February 2012, and it is always a pleasure to see it there:

screech-owl- links

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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  1. vlade

    Probability of Clinton winning all 6 throws with a fair (true 50/50) coin is less than 2% (0.5^6 =~1.56%). Possible, but a rather lucky for her..

    In fact, even if was a pure luck, she should be very unhappy about it, as it gives strong and plausible ammunition to anyway wishing to accuse the democratic machinery for being in hock to her.

    1. Llewelyn Moss

      I was reading a dailykos caucus dairy by an attendee. Talking about how a Hillary supporter came in an declared himself “undeclared”. Then went on to persuade the caucus to pick an “undeclared” person as the unbiased group leader to run the proceedings. They picked him.

      Makes me wonder if that was a pattern at many other caucuses.

      But a dairy comment I found interesting was from a lady and her son who attended from out of state just to watch a real live caucus. They walked in and stood with Bernie supporters. And when it came time to vote, the group leader was going to count them until the lady said ‘no don’t count us, we are visitors’.

      That just calls into question the validity of the numbers and the caucus procedure itself. And then of course the coin tosses — geezus, what century are we in.

      1. sleepy

        Yeah, there’s not too much voter security at the caucuses.

        My precinct met in a middle school bandroom. We got checked off against a list of registered dems before entering, but it was a 30 minute wait before things got started and with 70 or so people in attendance folks were wandering in and out with no re-checks.

        My wife didn’t show up on the registered list, so she had to re-register. They gave her a voter registration form and she entered the caucus room to fill it out. She then voted and we eventually left. On the way back to the car I asked her if she’d turned in the registration card. Ooops! She hadn’t and we walked back to give it to the precinct leader.

        Since no record is kept of the actual vote tally, just a tally of delegates awarded, there would be no way to balance the vote totals against the voters who checked in on the registered list or turned in a registration form.

        Also, when you stand up and are counted, no one asks your name or checks it off against the lists. Essentially, anyone can enter the room and vote.

    2. vlade

      A comment on BBGView I liked:
      “Clinton seems to have a stronger base of support among Iowa coins than she does among Iowa caucus voters.”

    3. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

      The miracle of 6 straight coin-toss wins of 16.

      And the miracle of futures trading back in the 80s.

      I think that’s enough to qualify her as a saint, but I defer to the Vatican on this subject.

      Saint Hillary?

    4. flora

      One of the precincts doing a coin toss videoed the toss with a smart phone and posted to youtube.
      Coin toss was won by Sanders. The DesMoines Register had to walk back the lucky 6 wins story yesterday evening. Search youtube for “Hardin Township Johnson County Iowa 2016 Caucus

  2. rich

    Howard Dean was on MSNBC @ 7:30 basically denying Hillary Clinton was paid fees for speaking engagements at colleges. The morning joe guy called him out on it but could not produce specifics.

    Here Howard….

    How UCLA Tried to Negotiate a Lower Speaking Fee, but Hillary Clinton Refused and Demanded $300,000
    Before Hillary Clinton spoke at the University of California at Los Angeles in March, her representatives had a few specifications to negotiate with school officials.

    And of course, there was the matter of Clinton’s $300,000 speaking fee. When officials asked for a price reduction on behalf of the public university, Clinton’s representatives didn’t budge, saying $300,000 was already the “special university rate”…

    …and others in case you mind forgets…

    Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Circuit Payday: $5 Million (and Counting)
    Since leaving State, Clinton has made more than 90 speeches and notable appearances, reports Mother Jones..Her hosts have included private equity firms, investment banks, nonprofit galas, trade association conventions, and a slew of colleges and universities. At least two-dozen of those were paid speeches. With her usual fee of $200,000 a speech, Clinton has banked close to $5 million for her speeches and appearances in the last 15 months.

    Yes, she’s progressive, like a tax on society.

    1. Sam Adams

      A $300,000 speakers fee at a public university with all those children with video cameras makes plausible denial difficult when one later needs to tri-angulate a position. One must pay a premium for such difficulties. The premium is $100,000.

      1. bob

        The speaking fees are usually paid for with an “activity fee” at unis, not part of tuition, but required.

        Just adding to the tab of student loans.

        1. Llewelyn Moss

          Right. Extremely unfair to the students who don’t want to go listen to pol propaganda — of either party. If it was fair, they would sell admission tix to pay the speaker fee rather than ‘fee taxing’ students. Then we’d see how many students are truely interested in listening.
          And of course the amounts paid are outrageous. Sounds more like corrupt payola authorized by the university bigwigs.

  3. DakotabornKansan

    Concentrated poverty can be significantly more detrimental to young boys than to young girls…Boys who grow up in poor families fare substantially worse in adulthood, in terms of employment and earnings [The Atlantic]

    Kathryn Edin and Luke Shaefer blame the dismantling of Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Bill Clinton’s ending “welfare as we know it,” for the expansion of deep poverty (defined as a cash income per person of about $2 a day) in the United States.

    A common narrative is that poor people cause their own problems and the economy is not to blame.

    Kathryn Edin, co-author with Timothy Nelson of Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City, writes that the most important thing Americans need to do (including President Obama) is to change their attitude about low-income noncustodial fathers. They care deeply about their kids. They are not lacking the will.

    “You’ve got to give these men hope, which would mean a real shot at a stable future. Stop locking them up for nonviolent offenses. Make sure they have decent schools to attend, not the broken disgraces that litter our inner cities. Promote programs that instruct them on how to navigate the rocky shoals of their relationships. Increase the supply of decent jobs and, for those who can’t find work, provide jobs of last resort. Make good on the promise upon which America was founded: that here, if you are willing to work hard, you can make it, no matter who you are.” – Kathryn Edin, “What About the Fathers?”

    1. GlobalMisanthrope

      Any narrative about poverty that personalizes any aspect of it—the fathers, the mothers, the children, the pain, the courage, the hope, blah, blah, blah—is a diversion. Period. And any approach to the problem that requires that everybody care about and/or respect the poor is a dead letter.

      Can we learn this, please? The “problem” of poverty is a feature not a bug.

      To correct Bill Clinton: It’s the economic structure, stupid.

      1. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

        The economic-political structure.

        It’s not quite right when a federal agency should be born, of an omnipotent parent government, with potential of no constrain budget, but a naturally born (i.e not of robots) citizen no guarantee of freedom from poverty,with his/her right to an equal share, directly (without intermediation), of any newly created fiat money denied, taken away.

        And thus, for thousands of years, ‘they’ – the priests, the kings – have been busy helping the poor.

        That’s a feature.

        Empowering everyone, let them fish (not just give them fish), let them know their ownership of the government of the people, by the people, for the people – that’s their ownership of the powers not assigned elsewhere in the Constitution – that’s a bug.

      2. diptherio

        Misanthrope is right. What’s your agenda? Why shouldn’t we personalize poverty, make sure the middle-class libs know what the reality is? It’s the depersonalization (and depolitization) of poverty that allowed Clinton’s “welfare reform” through.

        It’s like war. It needs to be personalized so that people understand what is at stake. What goal are you trying to accomplish and why do you think humanizing the problem with actual examples is a bad idea?

        1. tegnost

          According to the Hillarites I dined with over the weekend all homeless people are drug addicts, criminals or preferably both. I didn’t point out that you can’t mail me a letter, because I have no address….(no need to cry for me, but even in my “soft” homeless state it get’s stressful, nonetheless, I’m a cross between journeyman and vagabond, and it works until it doesn’t) Also in the same convo was impelled to point out that Bill Clinton ended welfare, and there is/was no replacement for it, information received with uncomfortable silence. My best zinger, though, came when I was asked why there’s so many homeless in seattle? “If you rally want to know, Quantitative Easing.” although the bernank doesn’t see it that way.

          1. LifelongLib

            Homelessness is a symtom. I see homeless people on the street who have obvious mental problems. Others who seem quite functional. And when I assisted my wife’s church serving meals at a homeless shelter, saw families with two working parents who simply didn’t make enough to afford housing.

            1. sd

              We have a storage unit. Over the past year, the management noticed a significant surge in people trying to live in their storage units which they’ve actively tried to discourage. People are trying to keep a roof over their heads as best they can. This is in an upper middle class community, not in a low income community.

              It’s very clear that people need jobs that pay sufficient income to cover all of the basic necessities of life without racking up massive amounts of debt.

              Something has to change and soon. I really feel like we are teetering dangerously too close to the verge of social breakdown.

        2. cwaltz

          At this point a lot of middle class America has had poverty personalized. Even if their own standard of living has not gone down they’ve had to watch the kids they sent to college struggle to get jobs(particularly ones that cover the cost of the student loans their kids took out) or their parents struggle to pay medical costs(with the understanding that unless they save that will be them in a couple of decades.)

          I’m not against personalization but I also think that folks better be prepared to fight back because there is a small amount of truth to the conservative narrative that some of poverty is a result of lifestyle choices. It’s hard to perpetually go without so you choose to buy a new tv(or in the case of the older lady the other day, forgo dental and instead buy tickets to a show she really wanted to see.) with your tax credit instead of putting the money in the bank for the tires that your car will need eventually. It doesn’t make someone a horrible person to want some sort of comfort when life is hard. However, it certainly doesn’t help things down the road(and people in poverty are so used to struggling day to day that they really just don’t deal with down the road since they’re more focused on surviving day to day.)

          I say this as someone who has been there done that and has the t shirt(not as someone passing judgment.)

          1. reslez

            I’m not against personalization but I also think that folks better be prepared to fight back because there is a small amount of truth to the conservative narrative that some of poverty is a result of lifestyle choices. It’s hard to perpetually go without so you choose to buy a new tv […]

            Humans are social beings, not robots. Insisting that poor people act like automatons to succeed is simple cruelty. Our economic system punishes people who lack inhuman willpower, and points at the rare successes to blame the ones who fail.

            1. cwaltz

              It IS cruelty to insist that you never be allowed to address wants because you are always addressing needs. However, I can assure you that there will be more than a fair share of people that will judge on a case by case basis if you make each case individually.

              I agree with Global misanthrope that it’s better to attack this systemically for that reason.

              It’s better to make the case that for all the talk about the system rewarding hard work there an awful lot of people working 60 hour work weeks that are never able to get ahead because their base pay doesn’t even necessarily cover necessities.The CEO that trashed his company walks away with a multimillion dollar parachute while the guy who clocked in for 17 years ends up outsourced and with 6 months unemployment. That’s hardly what I’d call a fair system. When you point this out most reasonable people start to understand the system is rigged against those at the bottom.

      3. GlobalMisanthrope

        Somehow I seem to have given the impression that I am indifferent to the suffering of others. Not at all.

        That’s precisely why I see pleas for our sympathy, compassion and understanding as completely beside the point. Once we accept the premise that poverty is an individual problem, we’ve conceded. And that’s what these sorts of narratives promote. In an effort to “humanize” the problem we suggest that there are individual characteristics or choices that might justify someone’s ending up homeless, say.

        No. I reject that premise and see arguments rooted in that logic as diversions from the systematic disenfranchisement that Capitalism requires.

        1. hunkerdown

          +1. Looking at cases too closely only gives the arrogant bourgeoisie an out, to find ways to blame the victim for doing as the system told them to do. That any among the poor can break even on what they’re given and allowed in the (hustling, overstimulating, psychosis-inducing) environment and society they live in is wondrous.

        2. tegnost

          +1 as well, as a parallel try to explain to a hillarite that the syrian homeless (refugees) are homeless because of us. Never got anywhere close to “we came we saw he died”. The sympathy and compassion are the result of the insincerity of the propaganda. We’re dealing with a population that has been mindf*cked into thinking blowing up someones house is caring. The most important thing of many I’ve learned at NC is how to communicate your point concisely and without malice. Not easy. Still working on it but, like with poetry, cross out the last line, because really it’s just you trying to get in the last word…let peoples brains work on them while they’re sleeping…It’s easier to create righteousness than understanding but understanding is a greater victory…thanks to you all, I’ve been a screeching maniac and it didn’t work.

        3. cwaltz

          I understood what you were getting at(and agree with you.) The problem is definitely with the system. We set poor people up for failure when we insist that they, and only they, never be allowed to have anything they want because they always, always, always should be obsessing over what is needed or what will be needed. Meanwhile we never ever discuss the obscenity of the progeny of Sam Walton who now own more than 40% of the population, not because of value added to the marketplace, but because they won the parent lottery.

  4. Chris in Paris

    Re: “Chicago sees January murder surge as Emanuel’s poll numbers fall”

    So there’s an inverse correlation between Rahm’s poll numbers and the murder rate? He’d better hire some new PR or Chicago is doomed come Spring and the murder season really begins.

  5. diptherio

    Evolutionary Biologist David Sloan Wilson talks about the disgrace that is mainstream economics. He doesn’t quite have it all figured out yet, but its still a pretty good read:

    My Journey to Economic Mordor, and the Woman Who Saved Us

    1. Steve H.

      Excellent post. Coupla books you might peek at:

      The Pursuit of Power: Technology, Armed Force, and Society since A.D. 1000 [William H. McNeill]

      The Fates of Nations: A Biological Theory of History [Paul A. Colinvaux]

      Again, thanks for that post.

  6. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    Bird brained researchers discover birds can theorize about the minds of others.

    Henceforth, that’s considered a compliment.

    It’s about time we stop our Homo Not-So-Sapiens’ own ignorance about birds.

    1. lylo

      My mom has had many chickens who understand the concepts of zero, one, and more than one. That’s almost the basis of arithmetic.
      Try taking the an egg from a chicken who knows she had two in the nest, and she’ll move her nest.

      Absolutely fascinating and very impressive, but slightly frustrating to dig through the yard looking for hidden nests because you got impatient. (Also, the “experts” often seem to not know much about animals; far better to observe and live with a species of interest than rely on anyone else. Ms. Goodall–and others who actually lived with the animals–aside.)
      END THE IGNORANCE!!! lol :)

    2. ekstase

      When you look at the sumo wrestling challenge by the fellow in Oregon, you have to wonder what the ravens, especially, who see quite a lot of us, think we’re up to.

  7. Steve H.

    – The People’s Campaign: The Real Hastert Case- All in One Place

    + “If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!” – DTrump

    I did not understand the scope and reach of COINTELPRO 2 until now. I’m physically disgusted.

    Trump has deadeyed in on the core Hillary weakness that makes her unelectable. He is turning what she thinks is her biggest strength into the pivot point that can throw that campaign into a deep, deep pit.

    I’m projecting here, but Russ Tice just standing onstage behind Trump would be enough to cause panic amongst many of the powers-that-be.

    Michael Hudson: “The idea of politics here is to discredit any candidate on the other side. I learned this when I was in my 20s. The Catholic Church was funding my early critique of American foreign aid as being imperialist. I asked whether they thought I should go into politics. They said, “No, you’d never make it”. And I said, “Why?” and they said, “Well, nobody has a police record or any other dirt on you.” I asked what they meant. They said, “Unless they have something over you to blackmail you with, you’re not going to be able to get campaign funding. Because they believe that you might do something surprising,” in other words, something they haven’t asked you to do.”

      1. ekstase

        I can’t believe there is still controversy over whether salmonella needs to be regulated. Where are people’s heads?

    1. Bev

      Sibel Edmond’s article and efforts are heroic. How could Hastert rise to the third most powerful job in America? The owners and lobbyists for the EVIDENCE REMOVING e-voting, e-scanning, e-tabulating machines are selecting blackmailable child abusers or those that tolerate/accommodate child abusers. Get rid of HAVA the subversive Help America Vote Act lobbied for by convicted criminal Jack Abramoff which put those machines in to control power for themselves. Get rid of those machines in these primaries, now. Who benefits from them, who doesn’t?
Another Presidential Election Year Featuring Unverified and/or Unverifiable E-Voting GUEST: Election integrity watchdog Bev Harris of

      (Bev) Harris tells me (Brad Friedman), describing some of the ways election integrity advocates can try to force the issue a bit. Among her suggestions: “You can go [to the polling place at closing time] and snap a picture of what those [computer tabulated] results are with your cell phone and compare it with, at least, what they report” later on.

In comments: Microsoft (rather their open back doors to NSA, CIA) wants a dominating say in Iowa with the approval of both the Democratic and Republican parties?


      Update from Sibel Edmonds:
      Newsbud-Where Media Integrity Matter: “How Will Newsbud Reinvent Journalism?”
      Sibel Edmonds
      Today Sibel Edmonds, Bill Conroy and Guillermo Jimenez join James Corbett for a roundtable discussion on the forthcoming Newsbud site and how it will operate.

      *We are asking those of you who support this one-of-a-kind media project to come and join us. Please add yourself, and your voice, to our group list here.

      See comments via:

      A link to rigged elections by the same people who abuse children. Save our kids and democracy.

      Still Evil after All These Years: The Franklin Scandal and Pedophilia in High Places

      By Charles M. Young Posted by Dave Lindorff

      The Omaha World-Herald was the foremost local cheerleader for persecuting teenagers instead of investigating their claims. One of its own columnists, Peter Citron, had a long history of arrests for pedophilia and child porn and was implicated by two witnesses at Larry King’s sex parties. The long-time publisher of the World-Herald, Harold Anderson, was a big supporter of Larry King and had raised money for the Franklin. During the 18 years that King presided over the Franklin, the newspaper never noticed that King was living a hugely expensive lifestyle when he was supposedly making $17,000 a year in salary. The World-Herald Company is co-owner of Election Software and Systems, which counts half the election ballots in the United States.

      Americans have plenty of obvious reasons to hate the rich and powerful. Wars for oil, rampant pollution, the destruction of individual rights, the constant lying about everything. It’s all on the front page, and it’s like old furniture in the living room. It’s hard for most people to notice. Boutique evil of the Gerry Sandusky sort affects fewer victims, but is more easily understood once the initial denial breaks down. If the denial of the Franklin Credit Union scandal ever breaks down, the consequences will reverberate far higher than happened at Penn State. Except for all those who died in suspicious accidents and suicides, the witnesses are still out there. Some might even talk about it. They talked to Nick Bryant.
      FRANKLIN SCANDAL: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal
by Nick Bryant

      The FRANKLIN SCANDAL is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of our government. Nebraska legislators attempted to expose the network in 1989 and 1990, but the legislators’ efforts were followed by a rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering responses of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI and Justice Department, which 
effected an immaculate cover-up of the trafficking network.

      1. Bev

        Sibel’s Kickstarter campaign to fund new media, NEWSBUD.
        Fundraising ends by Thu, Apr 14 2016 12:57 AM CDT.

        She will need to make her funding by then or it goes away. Help her if you can. Pass it along to others.

        My appeal to Sible to interview and confirm these reports to save our kids and our democracy:

  8. MyLessThanPrimeBeef

    China’s anti corruption campaign.

    It’s illegal today (thank God), but the first emperor of Ming, to combat corruption (the oldest profession in the world?), would flay the offending official (or eunuch) and stuff it with straw, and then, sit it next to the new official.

  9. Sammy Maudlin

    RE: 49.8 to 49.6 spread all night long…

    I saw that, too and immediately thought shenanigans. I’m no Nate Silver, but it sure seems statistically improbable that a state’s election results, coming from different locations over the course of a night with different population makeups, from different caucuses run to varying levels of efficacy produce a basically lock-step .2% margin from the point when 28% of the precincts were in (when I started watching) until the end?

    Every time Sanders got a delegate or two, Clinton would get enough to keep the margin. At the very least it smacks of cherry-picking results to report for the purpose of maintaining the appearance of an insurmountable lead. Her victory was supposed to be inevitable you know.

  10. PhilK

    But readers say Kos is still front-paging Clinton articles.

    I’ve read rumors that he wants to sell the site and cash out, and it’s hard to imagine who would pay any real money for it besides the DNC or Saban/Clinton Foundation, so “all Clinton, all the time” is probably just a matter of tidying up the property in preparation for sale.

    1. Llewelyn Moss

      DailyKos has really become a DNC propaganda machine. It was a fun place in the Bush years because Bush was the common enemy. But now that neoliberal Obama is in charge, the Obots and Kos himself forgive him for stuff they would have crucified Bush for. I left when they started banning people just for mentioning that you will vote third party rather than voting for a DNC neoliberal candidate.

      1. cwaltz

        AOL bought Huffington Post. You’ve got a very similar format at Daily kos where content is pretty much provided for free.

        He’ll likely find a buyer.

        1. optimader

          Maybe so, truth be told I don’t read at either. Years ago, I would occasionally click to HP but it always had an underlying feel of something that would be laying on the table at the dentist office.
          Even so, I expect DKOZ is not even in the same league as HP in terms of scope and content, therefore “monetizability” (if that’s a word).

          1. cwaltz

            Don’t get me wrong I doubt he’ll get the 3 million Ariana got but I suspect he’ll find someone interested in datamining and potentially exploiting the “liberal” folk who want to shake pom poms and holler “go team blue!”

            1. optimader

              You’re probably right,
              BTW, I looked it up $315MM for HPst which is about my recollection, $3MM sounds more the correct order of magnitude for DKOZ which I guess would be good for user IP address data, and that’s about it.

              IIRC, HPst or AOL had a lawsuit concerning a contention of unreimbursed content providers that claimed they were retroactively due some reimbursement for “value creation”. I wonder but not hard on how that played out.

    2. Arizona Slim

      One of my friends is a diarist at Daily Kos. For which he gets paid bupkis.

      Me? I don’t tickle the keyboard unless I’m getting paid.

  11. craazyboy

    Watch: Oregon militant challenges Chris Christie to sumo wrestling to end standoff OregonLive. Chuck L: “The video is hilarious!”

    I don’t see how Christie can ignore this challenge from the Cowlephate. He’s stated over and over again that he has and ever will protect us from Yehawdies. I think Fox News needs to set up the match and we can watch Christie take this Moolah down a notch or two! I’d have Megyn be announcer to provide the much needed eye candy relief.

    Christie needs a good wrestler name tho. Navel Destroyer? Belly Button Fuzz Buster? Exceptional Butt? Dunno. Somebody will think of something.

    1. Steve H.

      “Guard’em State” nope “Joisey Sureline” phht

      “CommitteeMe Bro” ’cause government and reality tv yeah? no

      harder than i thought…

  12. Jim Haygood

    Arsonist reports house afire:

    “One thing I think we can say with more confidence is that financial conditions are considerably tighter than they were at the time of the December meeting,” NY Fed Pres. William Dudley said in an interview with Market News International.

    He said he thought the Fed’s statement after its last meeting was an acknowledgment that “things have happened in financial markets and in the flow of economic data that may be in the process of altering the outlook for growth and the risk to the outlook for growth going forward.”

    He added it was still “a little soon to draw any firm conclusions from what we’ve seen.”

    Greasy weasel — “things have happened” … instead of “It’s Churn & Burn, momma … and ah hay-ulped.”

    FOMC (Feckless Old Monetary Charlatans) to the rescue!

    1. craazyboy

      I pinched this months quarter percent, and I think it did feel firmer than last months quarter percent.

      But Dudley knows edible iPhones, even tho most of the 99% don’t know what growth means anymore.

      1. Jim Haygood

        Manufacturing, a small sector but with important leading characteristics, has been shrinking for a couple of months, according to the ISM manufacturing index.

        Services are much bigger than manufacturing. And the trend in NMI (Non Manufacturing Index) is relentlessly down:

        The NMI® registered 53.5 percent in January, 2.3 percentage points lower than the seasonally adjusted December reading of 55.8 percent.

        The Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index decreased to 53.9 percent, which is 5.6 percentage points lower than the seasonally adjusted December reading of 59.5 percent.

        The New Orders Index registered 56.5 percent, 2.4 percentage points lower than the seasonally adjusted reading of 58.9 percent in December.

        The Employment Index decreased 4.2 percentage points to 52.1 percent from the seasonally adjusted December reading of 56.3 percent.

        The Prices Index decreased 4.6 percentage points from the seasonally adjusted December reading of 51 percent to 46.4 percent.

        Technically, the Federal Reserve isn’t included in the NMI since, as a value subtraction enterprise, it is classified as a “disservice.”

        1. ambrit

          Actually, given their function of ‘Sugar Daddy of Last Resort,’ they should be classified as a “Counter Party Party.”

      2. Optimader


        Heres a foolproof investment tip!

        my last year tax refund was withheld for review do to some simple anomaly which is not relevant, i did receive a form stating the refund is held for further review,,,,fine.Soooo i figure a year on should be a goodly amount of time so i go to the local irs office.

        After some patient wait i step into the cube office of what turned out to be a very polite and professional indian fellow. He explains there is some anomaly (ok,I know) and it was rerereheld for review, he will go up the food chain talks to his supervisor,big bang boom simple issue , file an amended 1040x.

        Allgood… I ask him seeing is they are holding a pretty decent lump hostage, they do pay interest riiiight?
        Oh yes sir! IRS charges 3% fine but on the other hand IRS pays 3% interest!

        I say Holy Fing krishna!?!
        How long will the IRS hold my money and leave this unresolved????
        That was my best nobrainer investment last year!! He looked over the top of his glasses then finally let out a beauricratic chuckle not sure if i was serious. (I was serious) what other Ferderally guaranteed investment vehicle is paying 3%?

        1. craazyboy

          Cool. I think the only other option is a 30 year treasury bond.

          Problem for me is, first you have to have income to invest in short term IRS loans.

          1. Optimader

            Do something. anything to cause an employers to file a 1099. If you file yourcopy with a different value (by mistake) and overpay by the amount you want to have invested, the feds should hold the entire refund If the two 1099 dont reconcile your return should similarly go into stasis.
            My issue wasnt a 1099 , but the same logic should apply on a unreconcilable income declaration.

  13. Oregoncharles

    “Why I think Clinton did not win the Iowa caucuses:”

    So my dailycaller link isn’t QUITE a duplicate. I’m tempted to say I predicted this: remember I said the Dems would cheat, if necessary?

    1. cwaltz

      It was incredibly predictable to anyone who has been paying attention. The DNC has been gaming the system for awhile. Keeping their powder dry my backside! More like playing the left side of the electorate for rubes.

  14. afisher

    TIL – according to Politico that the GOP turns the corner toward greater productivity. I wonder if their vote to override a Presidential vote counts as “productive”.

  15. flora

    re: Baby Boomers’ retirements.
    esp. as it affects govt job vacancies like air traffic control – for 20 years we’ve had a ‘shrink the federal govt’ mantra from both parties. Job force was reduced by attrition – not hiring new younger workers as older workers retired. Workers who were young 15 – 20 years ago moved up, but fewer younger employees were hired to take their place and grow into the often complex jobs. Now someone has noticed the pipeline of trained and experienced younger workers is looking a bit too small ?
    I’m sure there’s a privatization opportunity there somewhere. /s

  16. ewmayer

    Re. Zika virus: Between this and Brazil’s long-term problem of massive wealth inequality and now sinking into a full-blown economic depression, the coming summer olympics could end up being a clusterfvck of historic proportions.

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