Be Sure to Join Lambert’s Vice Presidential Debate LiveBlog/Open Thread Tomorrow at 9 PM EDT

Lambert is graciously hosting a live blog tomorrow as he watches the Tim Kaine/Mike Pence vice presidential debate tomorrow evening. His presidential cage match debate live blog last week was very popular despite us having technical difficulties that impeded some of you from participating. Everything now looks ship-shape on the operations side, so we hope you’ll join us!

As with last time, Lambert will be live blogging (as in providing commentary in real time), but in the Comments section, so that readers can react and follow the thread more easily. We found this to work far better than the usual approach of having the live blog be a post, and then having reader comments be visually distant from the running observations.

And to get your juices going, a question: What are your expectations for each speaker? What vulnerabilities do you see in each that the other side might attack?

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

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  1. MojaveWolf

    What are your expectations for each speaker?

    1. They will make me laugh (at them) (not in a good way)
    2. They will make me cry (for the entire biosphere)
    3. They will make me angry (at them, and the entire political/media establshment)
    4. They will give cause to wonder if Twelve Monkeys was meant as a utopian “best of all possible worlds” story
    5. They will give cause me to spend much of the debate speculating on how the media would react to an eruption of demons from beneath the stage, and to spend much time smiling as I contemplate the pretty visuals as my mind cycles through various sorts of demonic attacks upon the debate stage and surrounding environs. “Would it be more fun to watch them being torn apart by rhyming Etrigan or sucked dry by something Lovecraftian?” (answer: definitely Etrigan. If Etrigan shows up I’ll pay money for this DVD)(okay, if *anything* like that happens no matter what the eldritch entity, I’ll deeply regret not watching)

    That said, I view the likelihood of demon attack as rather infinitesimal, and will probably spare myself, or listen to it in the background while I read the newest work of nonfiction going by the name of “The Sixth Extinction,” or more cheerfully, continue on with “The Nightmare Stacks” (that latter is fiction, but I read the first couple of chapters before bed last night, and it makes a great metaphor for global warming so far)(tho it actually concerns a demon attack)(of sorts)(I think).

    What vulnerabilities do you see in each that the other side might attack?

    I don’t think either candidate will do a very good job of this. But here’s a list of supernatural entitities I’d like to see attack both candidates vulnerabilities:
    1. Etrigan
    2. Arioch
    3. Stormbringer
    4. An army of Shoggoths
    5. Mayor Wilkins from Sunnydale

    Yes, I find demons running amok to be very, very apt and relevant when discussing current affairs. And I daresay reading a list of quotes from any of these entities will contribute at least as much to solving our various crises as either of these candidates will.

  2. barefoot charley

    I expect they’ll be as earnest as straight men and ventriloquists’ dummies always are. I’d be more inclined to watch them sitting on the laps of investors with hands up their butts. I guess Trump’s hooked me on reality tv.

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