1. footnote4

        Good idea. We’re in Scotts Valley – when would you be coming through? We could meet at the Peet’s on Mt Hermon.

              1. footnote4

                Two of us will be there – dorkenergy may or may not be wearing his Bernienator shirt 8]

                1. oliverks

                  Great I have a car that can hold 3 people, but it is not super big. Do you guys have a comfortable sized car?

                  1. footnote4

                    We have an Accord, but it has some stuff in it. We’ll be walking to Peet’s to meet you then can drive to our place and swap cars if appropriate.

    1. Sluggeaux

      S.F. city-operated parking garages at 5th and Mission or Yerba Buena Center are a short walk from the venue and offer pretty reasonable rates for the City. I may also be driving from Santa Cruz. Depends on how physical therapy goes in the morning…

      1. footnote4

        Thanks for the pointer, and hope you’re up to joining in. Would catching a ride make a difference in your ability to travel?

        1. Sluggeaux

          Thanks for the thoughtful offer, but it’s more a fatigue thing than an ability thing. I just returned from an 8-day, 1000-mile odyssey, moving my first-born and her partner from Berserkly to Seattle.

  1. Whoa _Molly

    Powell St station of Bart is a 2 minute walk from press club.

    Cal Train at 4th st is a 20 min walk.

    Going home from either station will require close examination of scheduled trains. After 8 is often irregular schedule on pub transit

    1. Jeff W

      Powell Street station: the directions on the Press Club site say this:

      Take the BART or Muni to the Powell Street Station. Exit via the Yerba Buena Gardens stairwell which feeds out onto Market Street. Walk past the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, take a right onto Yerba Buena Lane (unmarked). Press Club is down the lane on your left.

      It’s actually a little bit amount closer, walking-wise, to go via Powell Street station than to park at either of the public parking lots. So, if I were driving, I’d consider parking at some other place near a streetcar line and taking the streetcar to Powell Street station.

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