Announcing Friday Sept. 22 Meetup in Kansas City and Wed. Nov. 15 Meetup in Atlanta

Dear patient readers,

These will not be the only fall meetups but I wanted to let those of you in the Kansas City and Atlanta area know sooner rather than later.

We will be attending the Modern Monetary Theory Conference at UMKC, which goes from Sept 21 to 24. Friday the 22nd looks like the best time for a meetup. One person offered to help find a venue, so I hope to have details soon. Due to the conference, we should have a pretty good sized group of people from the area as well as some attendees.

For Atlanta, I hope readers will e-mail me with suggestions. I haven’t decided where to stay. In some cities, an airport hotel is a good option for a meetup, since many roads converge there and hotel lounges can generally accommodate 25 people and sometimes more. Having said that, I have no idea how many might turn up and I assume it could be anywhere from 20 to 45. The most important criteria, aside from being able to handle a peak crowd of at least 25, are reasonable noise level and ease of mingling. Please e-mail me with ideas at Thanks and see you soon!

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