Reminder: NYC Meetup Next Tuesday, October 24; Philadelphia Meetup Thursday November 2

Hope you will be able to join one of our upcoming meetups. Our next NYC meetup is next week! Details:

Ten Bells
247 Broome Street (between Ludlow and Orchard)
Starting at 5:00 PM (note Ten Bells opens at 5:00 PM, so if you get there a little early, don’t be alarmed). We’ll go till at least 8:30 PM and probably later.

ten bells nyc meetup

Subways: F to Delancy, J/M/Z to Essex, B/D to Grand Street

We have both back rooms, so we should have plenty of chance to mingle. Ten Bells only serves wine and beer, but has a good selection of both. Readers say it has good food if you want to get a nosh.

From past experience, readers have really enjoyed meeting each other, as well as assigning faces to some of the names in the commentariat.

I’m sure we’ll have great fun and good conversation as we have at past events.

And for those of you in or near Philly, that meetup is coming soon, on November 2. I am in the process of sorting out a venue.

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  1. camelotkidd

    I would like to make an appeal to have a NC meet-up in Salt Lake City, Utah this winter.
    I’m a ski instructor at Alta, and can offer up 4 ski passes as a sweetener.
    I own a house in Sugarhouse, a SLC neighborhood that has lots of bars a restaurants.
    I also can help with logistics and organization.

  2. Big River Bandido

    Arghh. I will miss yet another of these. I live in NYC but I work in Boston on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It seems that whenever you’ve had meetups in NYC, I’ve been in Boston, and when you’ve had them in Boston, I’ve been in NYC. Someday all things will equalize.

  3. Bunk McNulty

    I’m gonna make it to Ten Bells tomorrow night, for sure. Getting from central Massachusetts to NYC was harder to arrange than I thought, but I got it.

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