Another Naked Capitalism Milestone: 20,000 Posts and Counting!

Thanks to our loyal readers and contributors, Naked Capitalism reached a new milestone of 20,000 posts!

Actually, we reached it earlier this month but have been too busy straightening out CalPERS to notice. Established readers may know this site seems to have a karmic relationship to CalPERS, since our very first post in 2006 was about the giant pension fund. And it happens to have been correct, although it took CalPERS eight years to act in accordance with our advice.

For the record, this post puts us at 20,135. Please congratulate our site contributors, first and foremost Lambert, as well as Jerri-Lynn, Clive, Michael Hudson, Outis, Enrico, Richard Smith, Michael Olenick, Lee Camp, and past writers such as Matt Stoller, Ed Harrison, David Dayen, Marshall Auerback (who we still cross post from Alternet), Tom Adams, and Rob Parenteau. We also appreciate the willingness of writers at other sites, such as Gaius Publius at DownWithTyranny! and the authors at New Economic Perspectives to showcase their work at Naked Capitalism. And we also very much depend on the support of our tech team, namely our webhost Keith Friedman and our WordPress/code maven Blair Cummins, and our intern Jessica Ferrer.

We’ve also benefitted from the considerable input of experts like political scientist Tom Ferguson and law professors Adam Levitin and Bill Black, as well as important anonymous sources over the years, like Entirely Random and CDO Trader, who were along with Tom Adams, critical in helping us understand the role of CDOs and the Magnetar strategy in turning what would otherwise have been a S&L x 1.5 level crisis into a near collapse of the global financial system and more recently, some very well informed private equity moles.

Last but far from least, the Naked Capitalism commentariat has become critical to the site, for keeping all of us on our toes, catching our misfired links and typos, and for your insightful and often very witty remarks.

Again, kudos to the Naked Capitalism community!


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  1. Anand Shah

    Congratulations NakedCapitalism Team !!

    Keep up the great work… and keep shining the path to morality and ethics for the rest of us :-)

  2. PlutoniumKun

    Thats a truly amazing output, and more importantly, its all quality too. It puts so many far wealthier sources of information to shame. Congratulations, and thanks to all those who make this site so great.

  3. blennylips

    Kudos to Blair Cummins for the sophisticated php commenting system. I’ve not seen the likes elsewhere. Secret NC sauce?

  4. crittermom

    A huge thank you to the entire NC team for shining a bright light into those dark corners to reveal the truths & educate so many of us.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. The Rev Kev

    Congratulations Yves, Lambert and the rest of the team and many, many thanks for all your years of hard work trying to bring understanding to such a wide range of topics. If I had to pick a favourite topic that you covered it would have to be your articles on the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems mess which was a real eye-opener at the time. Come a long way since that first December 19th 2006 article which featured, ironically, CaLPERS.

  6. ChiGal in Carolina

    Congratulations and a thousand thanks for the daily education and informed debate so absent from most discourse these days.

    Critical thinking forever!

  7. JEHR

    Thank you to all who contribute to this site. I have learned a lot about how finance works and how fraud and corruption seem to now be endemic. It cheers me to know that so many people are trying to make things right here at NC!

  8. Andrew Watts

    Congrats to the Naked Capitalism team for another worthwhile milestone completed. A special thank you for all the many comments rescued from the moderation filter and for some of mine which were better left to rot in comment purgatory where they belong. It makes me look smarter than I actually am to leave those in the ether.

    I never thought I’d be able to ever write a book in my life due to the lack of patience and/or interest. I’m probably no closer to that specific goal but I’ve somehow managed to write over 300 pages of comments on NC spanning multiple subjects with thousands of typos over the years. That’s something.

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