Holiday Schedule + Comments Holiday Notice

Dear patient readers,

We wil be on a light posting schedule through and including Labor Day Monday.

We will also be starting one of our two yearly comments holidays beginning this Saturday and continuing through and including Sunday September 9. We will miss comments too, but it takes a lot of time, and they can be over-stimulating for those of us producing posts, so we need a break to recharge our batteries.

Having said that, we will open up comments selectively on original posts. Do not abuse this privilege and start a conversation on some off topic item, like the Trump offense du jour. Having to ride herd on thread-jackers will incline us to keep comment off on all posts until September 10.

I hope those of you in the US are able to have fun this weekend.

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    1. YankeeFrank

      “Sooo, does this mean having to packing away white clothing then?”

      Well, unless you want to commit some serious fashion faux pas. Personally I burn all of my white linen and seersucker with the leaves in the Autumn and they grow anew from the ashes every Spring. Its glorious.

  1. Which is worse - bankers or terrorists

    Enjoy the rest Yves. Thanks for all of your and your teams’ hard work. :)

  2. camelotkidd

    anyone read Jonathan Cooks latest? The title is misleading but what he talks about is absolutely related to the amazing work done here at NC by Yves and Lambert.

    The current obsession with Russian conspiracies is in large part the result of the extraordinarily rapid rise of a second camp, no doubt fuelled by the unprecedented access western publics have gained through social media to information, good and bad alike. At no time in human history have so many people been able to step outside of a state-, clerical- or corporate-sanctioned framework of information dissemination and speak too each other directly and on a global stage.

    This new camp too is not easy to characterise in the old language of left-right politics. Its chief characteristic is that it distrusts not only those who dominate our societies, but the social structures they operate within.

    This camp regards such structures as neither immutable, divinely ordained ways for ordering and organising society, nor as the rational outcome of the political and moral evolution of western societies. Rather, it views these structures as the product of engineering by a tiny elite to hold on to its power.

  3. Webstir

    Thank you for all your labor naked capitalism crew. You’re a beacon of light in a pea soup fog of a world.

  4. Anonymized

    We also have Labour Day here in Canada (note the ‘u’). Also, apparently the municipal election campaign here in Toronto apparently doesn’t begin until afterwards so that’s something to look forward to.

  5. Oregoncharles

    Enjoy your break and your holiday.

    We’ll just stay home – since we’re retired, a holiday weekend is the worst time to travel.

  6. Jerry B

    Yves—btw did you ever find your lost Macbook Pro? If you did not find your old Mac were you able to find a decent 2015? Many people must be aware of the crapification of the recent model year Macbook Pros as the 2015’s are hard to find. Did you find a decent Apple support person???

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      Yes, I did find a refurbished 2015….I’m now in trepidation of setting it up. I am the Typhoid Mary of technology, so things routinely don’t work for me that ought to work. But it did take a lot of doing to find one with a 13.3 inch screen and 16MB of RAM. There are a fair number with 15 inch screens and 16GB of RAM and 13.3 inch screens and 8MB of RAM

  7. boz

    Happy holidays Yves, Lambert, Jerri-Lynnn and others behind the scenes!

    Thanks for your considerable opus!

  8. Janie

    Speaking of schedules, Salem Oregon will have a get-together for readers on Saturday adternoon, September 29. Details to follow.

    1. Edward E

      They hate my stupid jokes. I have to tell jokes so I don’t cry my stupid life. At least dad’s going into a VA medical foster care home soon… and maybe not kicking &screaming

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