Need Help With Venue for May 1 Milwaukee Meetup

We’re set for a meetup for Milwaukee but so far with no place to go!

Reader JCourtright suggested the Water Street Brewery. I called and they aren’t sure they can take us (the notes in the book seem ambiguous) so they have to get back to me.

If that doesn’t pan out, I need other suggestions regarding a spot, or alternatively, someone could make a booking since we aren’t confirmed at Water Street Brewery yet. We are looking at 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (we often go later…)

We need a place where the noise level isn’t too high, where were can reserve or commandeer an area or room that would hold ~20 people. Convenient to public transportation and/or cheap parking also preferred. Irish pubs have worked well in the past.

Thanks for your help and looking forward to seeing you!

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  1. john pompe

    Have political gatherings here before.
    Our occupy wallstreet was next to it.

    Riverwest Public House Cooperative
    Address: 815 E Locust St, Milwaukee, WI 53212
    Phone: (414) 562-9472

  2. sinbad66

    Perhaps you can try Water Street Brewery other location in Oak Creek, WI. Plenty of parking, close to I-94, hotels and the airport. Located on the corner of Howell Avenue and Drexel Rd.

  3. can't sleep

    It is possible the Bucks will have home playoff game May 1, this might make Fiserv Forum area difficult.
    Also, Brewers play at 6:40pm that day. So sporting events and rush hour might make the interstate and the area around these venues a mess. Locals might know this situation better than I, I am closer to Madison.
    Last time I was in Milwaukee I wanted to get to Good City Brewing to try the beer but never made it there. From the photos it seems like a venue that might be able to handle a group. It looks like a modern trendy new microbrewery in a somewhat older brick building. Think the neighborhood is good with some old mansions in the area.
    Good City Brewing
    2108 N Farwell Ave

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