Wednesday June 12 Meetup in Cleveland and Thursday June 13 in Chicago?

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Dear patient readers,

Even though I will be overbusy in June with my upcoming move, the flip side is that thanks to being able to engage a “moving concierge,” the hardest part, sorting out what gets gotten rid of in some manner is ahead of schedule.

As a result, I would like to see if there is reader interest in a meetup on Wednesday June 12 in Cleveland and then Chicago on Thursday June 13. Reader Carla R has been lobbying for a Cleveland meetup but could use guidance as to where would be good to gather. I’d assume we’d have a small group, perhaps only 5 but as many as 12.

For Chicago, I’m pretty sure we’d have decent turnout (last year we had ~35 people later in the summer) but I wonder about venue options. We went to an Irish pub last time, D4. We did get a side room but it was a little small, it only officially holds 20 people (we squeezed a few more in but some people wound up at tables outside the room) and they have a minimum of $30 a person to book that room, which if it translates into $600 is OK but we still have the problem of the room not being big enough. So if someone or a couple of someones would find a venue, I’d love to come to Chicago.

Please note I need input pronto since I would need to buy plane tickets by Tuesday. Thanks! And hope this works out!

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  1. Jennifer

    I will most certainly attend a Cleveland June 12th meetup (if it is in the evening/night).
    I will probably attend if it’s during the day (I’d spend vacation days on it :) )
    I have a text out to another Naked Capitalism enthusiast, but I’m fairly certain he would come as well.

    For Carla’s info, we live in the eastern suburbs but are flexible for a meetup location.

      1. Jennifer

        Thank you for the info!

        I think my better half also will come if this actually happens.

  2. Carla

    Hi, Jennifer, I’m on the east side of town, too. However, a location either downtown or near the airport may be best for Yves. Luckily, I think most NE Ohioans find it pretty easy to get around the area.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, I would pretty much drive anywhere. :)

      I also got confirmation from my friend that he would go *if* it’s in the evening/night. (He can’t take off work, because he just started a new job.)

  3. DJG

    I was at the meetup at the hotel on LaSalle Street in Chicago, which turns out now to be prohibitively expensive (Yves Smith reported that the hotel didn’t quite expect the turnout, if I recall).

    Last year at D4 was interesting. The food was good. The service was so-so. But we were talking and not monitoring the waiter. The room truly doesn’t hold more than about 30.

    Who works in downtown Chicago? My experience lately has been in trying to find spaces for focus groups and for a reception–and space is at a premium downtown. And not cheap.

    1. Odysseus

      I had fun at D4, but I work in Aurora, so I don’t get downtown very often.

      I would love to attend another meetup no matter where.

    2. Yves Smith Post author

      I’m sorry you found it pricey, but no one was required to drink or eat….or was it the parking?

      The room is supposed to be only for 20. So if the minimum is $600 we’ll be OK, but if not, I need another option.

      1. DJG

        Yves Smith: I didn’t find it pricey (I hope that I didn’t imply that): You mentioned that the hotel on LaSalle Street wanted to up the dollar minimums if the NC peeps came back.

        D4 is convenient for me, but I’m going to check on another lead and will send you an e-mail.

  4. McWatt

    I would offer The Cliff Dwellers but we already have a large gathering booked for that night.

  5. pdh

    I’ll probably be at the Cleveland meeting. Coming up from south of Wooster & not very familiar with the metro area so no venue suggestions, but really looking forward to meeting you all.

  6. rjs

    i’ll be watching to see what happens with this Cleveland meeting, but find it hard to imagine circumstances in which i’d get there…

  7. Eureka Springs

    Dang! Missing Chicago by a week. Have tickets to The Stones at Soldier Field on the 21st.

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