Announcing Comments Holiday Through September 7

Dear patient readers,

You may have managed to forget it, but we have a holiday on comments for 2 weeks a year to give our writers and site moderators a break.

It might have seemed more logical to hold the holiday last week, because end of summer, but I take holiday this week, because off season rentals are cheaper + Labor Day Monday. So we have one of our comments holidays this week to correspond with my sort of vacation. We are shorter staffed on the moderator front than we’d like to be, so taking some time off is even more important than usual.

Having said that, individual post authors may decide to enable comments. For instance, if something happens on the Brexit or CalPERS front happens that I think can’t wait till next week, I might post, and I might (stress might) enable comments on that post too. But this being comments holiday, be warned that it will likely take longer than usual for comments that wind up in moderation to be liberated. Thanks for your patience and back to normal in a week.

To help make up for the absence of comments (Tracie H):

And a video from Chuck L. Astonishingly, this had only 77 views when I posted it:

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    1. Which is worse - bankers or terrorists

      Happy holidays, Yves! So much thanks to you and your team for the best blog on the web.

      My hope is that the criminal gangs at CalPERS don’t get cute and give you some work to do this week.

  1. PlutoniumKun

    Please enjoy your well earned break!

    And my thanks to all involved for their wonderful work in keeping the comments section vibrant and respectful.

  2. David

    Enjoy your holidays and have a good break. By coincidence, just before reading this I was looking dejectedly through the comments on the Guardian site for one of the few stories they were allowing comments on, and was depressed as usual by the low standard and the personal vitriol on display. It can’t be emphasized enough how much this site benefits from the careful work of the team on comments, and how rare and precious is the result.

      1. Ian Perkins

        Thoroughly seconded. The comments are not only sane and civilised, they’re often, together with their links, even more informed and informative than the original articles.
        Congratulations to Naked Capitalism, and its commenters!

        1. Wukchumni

          Hear here,

          It’s a pleasure to share entertaining thoughts with a plethora of personalities that mesh together incredibly well, a rarity in this day & age of virtual vitriol winning out more often than not.

          Have fun relaxing & recharging!

    1. Clive

      Yes and it’s only seemingly getting worse. The signal to noise simply results in page after page of one-liner drivel which struggles to get above the level of “you stink” “well you stink stinkier”. I feel sorry for few who brave the melee with something thoughtful because trying to find them in the avalanche of invective is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I won’t single out the Guardian either — BBC and the Telegraph are just as bad.

      Naked Capitalism is like an oasis of calm by comparison. Glad our hosts are taking a break to avoid burnout.

  3. Eustache de Saint Pierre

    Enjoy the breaks all & I imagine that due to the stress of moving that it would be very welcome for you Yves. I suppose that the excellence of the comments will be missed which in my case will mainly apply to Brexit, as I rely on the usual suspects & yourself Yves as my sole reference for information on HM’s asylum & the lunatics who are running it.

    I realise that but for this I would likely have been riding various unicorns before being time & time again thrown unceremoniously on the ground, as just one part of my own case of Brexit mental derangement. So thank you all & i will manage as I now hopefully know enough to avoid the places where madness lies, while looking forward to the resumption of the sanity that this place represents.

  4. The Rev Kev

    Enjoy your well-deserved break, guys – you deserve it. Have the sun of the summer sun on your faces in the day and the sight of the stars at night. And maybe a good book or two in-between. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy some chocolate too.

  5. Eclair

    Yves, enjoy a guilt-free week of sun, rocks, ocean, gulls, sweet air …. with maybe a little fog and rain to vary the menu. We will miss you.

  6. inode_buddha

    Hope you have a good week, and get some rest. Amazing coincidence, I had decided to take a break from commenting last night, then I wake up and see this. Go figure.

  7. jfleni

    RE: AOC calls out Barbara Boxer for helping Lyft fight against California labor bill.

    Thank you AOC for sticking up for the peasants against the always
    bought and paid-for plutocrats!!

      1. richard

        Does anybody else think it’s cool that we have both a Lee and a Grant who comment frequently?
        Definitely brings back to mind famous 70’s actress Lee Grant :)

        1. pretzelattack

          sadly not, i shall have to subsist mainly on moon of alabama, craig murray, caitlin johnstone comments.

    1. John Anthony La Pietra

      Ah, yes, vers-libre poet, philosopher, and observer of life archy the cockroach. And as he laboriously wrote 100 years ago or so:

      mankind may be doing
      the best it can
      but that s an explanation
      not an excuse

  8. dearieme

    There’s a blog I contribute to but I take a break from the beginning of April to the end of October.

    A week is a modest holiday indeed. Do enjoy it.

  9. Whoamolly

    Yves, enjoy the vacation. The comments in NC are entertaining and enlightening.

    I think the NC comments are so useful because you and the NC crew are busy behind the scenes moderating and –when needed– occasionally chastising.

    I often wait to read NC until late in the afternoon, just so I can read all the comments.

    Good work! Thanks. Now, please enjoy vacation.

  10. Tom Pfotzer

    Well done NC gang. You’ve somehow managed to deliver a great public service…and you do it with with a cool hand and a keen eye.

    Pls resist the temptation to post or otherwise engage during your vacation. We’ll all be here when you get back, and there certainly won’t be any shortage of “issues” to discuss.

  11. polecat

    Relish in these dog days of Summer, Yves & Crew !…. and stear clear of any possible ‘caines’ that might chance to swirl near your cone of R & R ….
    Enjoy !

  12. Oregoncharles

    Enjoy a well-earned holiday. Good timing for me, at least: it’s harvest season. We’re considering buying another food dryer.

    I agree: the NC comments are astounding.

  13. Off The Street

    Enjoy a well-earned break.
    Don’t forget to pack your tin-foil hat to add to that Faraday wardrobe, or maybe you are going far enough off the grid to do without. :)

  14. boz

    Have a great break, team.

    It’s hard work, and you all deserve some time to unplug.

    Love the red-eared slider. We had two when I was younger… Tim and Rose (after Badjelly the Witch). They grew from the size of a 50p to a dinner plate.

    It was a very educational experience having turtles (who knew why kids kept on putting them in their mouths and contracting salmonella?). We also saw Tim trying to have his way with Rose once – it was all at once gross and engrossing.

    Tim escaped from our sunny deck one day (despite barriers and guards)… and then a few months later Rose escaped too.

    We never saw them again. I always wondered if they found each other again.

    1. Anon

      Hey. Holiday means Holiday.

      (Exotic birds and reptiles are usually readily discovered by doing an Internet search on color marking, or feather/beak shape. Plants are harder, but it can be done.)

      Enjoy the calm, the air, sunrise/sunset, the ocean breeze and all your acolytes who wish you well, Yves.

  15. Janie

    Here’s a virtual toast to a much-deserved, tranquil holiday. Thanks to you especially and to your staff and the commentariat for the best blog in the blogosphere!

  16. Late Introvert

    Maybe I can get caught up on my NC reading this week, even just skimming the comments takes me quite some time. Best site on the ‘net IMO. Thanks Yves.

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