Meetup Reminder: Hope You Can Stop by Our Mid-Coast/Bailey Island Maine Meetup Wednesday Sept 4

Even though Bailey Island is a bit off the beaten path (meaning I295 and Route 1), we’ve gotten a great response to our meetup this Wednesday. We expect to have ten or maybe even more participants. The house has a spacious deck with plenty of seating. So come by, enjoy the crashing waves, ocean breezes, wine and munchies, and most important, good company and lively conversations.

The meetup venue is at the start of the Giant Stair walk, so I encourage you to allow 10 or 15 minutes to take an easy hike and see the Giant Stair before coming up for a drink.

Please let me know if you are coming and if you prefer white or red so I’ll have the right provisions.

If you take State Route 24, it is a longish (22-25 minutes) but very scenic drive from the Cook’s Corner/Orr’s Island/Bailey Island exit on Route 1.

You enter the house via exterior stairs that take you up a flight to the deck, where we’ll be have the meetup.


4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
18 Ocean Street
Bailey Island, ME 04003

To give you an idea of where this sits on the Maine coast, the first map shows the route from Portland airport, which is south of Portland. Unless there’s heavy traffic, it’s a reliable one hour drive from the airport, which is a tad south of Portland, to Bailey Island..

This map has local detail:

Bear in mind that some cell phone carriers don’t have signal starting on Orr’s Island (there is a two-car length spot on Bailey Island where you can get signal but that isn’t much help to visitors).

However, it is pretty hard to get this wrong. You cannot miss when you get to Bailey Island. You cross over to it on scenic bridge with VERY narrow lanes.

You pass the post office and general store on the right. You then pass the “can’t miss it” Mackerel Cove, which is a postcard pretty working harbor, again on the right.

Once the views to Mackerel Cove start being obscured on the right by trees, look sharp. You are almost there!

The road starts going slightly uphill. On the right, you might catch a very small sign for the Episcopal Church and street sign (Steamboat Spring).

Right after the street to the right is the first street to the left after Mackerel Cove, Washington Street. Turn on Washington Street.

Follow it past the itty bitty Episcopal Church on the left. You will see a Y with a “Dead End” sign for the left leg. If you arrive before 5:30 PM, take that leg. If you arrive later, you are probably better off parking in front of the teeny Episcopal Church and taking the short walk down the street.

The house is the last on the right, just before the ocean. The fact that there is a driveway isn’t apparent until you are on top of it. But trust me, there is a drive opposite the driveway and garage to the last house on the left.

Take the exterior steps up to the deck.

See you soon!

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  1. Nahtanoj

    Sorry to miss this meetup in the Town of Harpswell! Am leaving Orr’s Island on Sept. 3 – driving back to DC. Hope everybody enjoys the occasion.

    1. Nick

      Lol I just left Harpswell yesterday myself! I was excited to see the announcement and then gutted when the date was juuust off. One of these days I’ll catch a meetup. Have fun!

    2. Stephanie

      Longtime lurker here! I spent a week on Bailey Island in early August in a beautiful home overlooking Mackerel Cove. We’d walk to the Stairs every morning with coffees in tow…you will love it!!!

  2. B Topp

    Hope everyone involved in running Naked Capitalism is having a great holiday this week. You all deserve it. I do feel I should mention an article I read from Moon of Alabama on Monday, September 2. ‘B’ had a lot to say specifically about Naked Capitalism, Lambert, and one commenter in particular. Look at the article after your holiday and relax.

    1. ChiGal in Carolina

      this is interesting and though way above my pay grade good to be reminded that none of us are without blinders and it is always good to vary your sources

      thanks for posting it

      1. wellclosed

        So sorry, unfortunately we won’t be able to make it after all. Still hope to meet you at some point -another Maine meetup-?

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      There is no cell signal here. You show up or e-mail me shortly before arriving.


      Hope you can make it!! Lewiston is so close.

      BTW if you do think you’ve overshot, drive back to the General Store and ask them for tips on how to find the Giant Stair turnoff.

        1. Arizona Slim

          It certainly does. We, the inhabitants of NC Commentariat Land, want to see pictures of this Giant Stair.

  3. Donald L. Anderson

    I am curious.
    Have printed directions and will try to remember to attend.

    116 Gurnet Landing Rd

  4. ChrisPacific

    It’s a pity I no longer live in the northeast. I have been sailing near there I think. It was a long time ago, but I do remember Georgetown Island.

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