Down to the Wire, Last Chance for Our 2019 Fundraiser!

Only a bit over five hours are left in the Naked Capitalism fundraiser. Show your support of sharp analysis, relentless pursuit of captured officials and lame pundits, demystifying finance, exposing looting, lively phrasemaking, and cute animal pictures.

In the last two hours, we’ve gotten 25 more donations, so we’ve just beaten our donor target! Thanks makes this the first year we’ve met our donor and dollar targets! But it’s not too late to build on this success. Please go to the Tip Jar now to contribute.

Every dollar you give now helps fund more original reporting. And when you look at our budget compared to that of mainstream media newsrooms, Naked Capitalism delivers on a remarkably skimpy resources.

Your contributions make a tangible difference here in a way they do at few other places. So please give whatever you can, since any donations, $10, $100, or $1000, is an investment in helping us do what we can to understand and influence the dramatic shifts happening in the economic and political realm.

And donors continue to send notes that express their enthusiasm for what you readers have helped build, a real community.

From John C:

I’ve been on the road for the last month, stuck going to your site daily on my cell phone.

I looked forward to getting home to my checkbook and big screen so I could get this check out the door and not wear out my eyes on the awkward 4 inch screen.

I’ve been reading your site since you first started up, intermittently at first, but for the last 10 years,at least, it’s been my daily go-to place for the latest news. I fact, I now get up an hour earlier EVERY morning (5:00 am Pacific time) in order to make sure I have enough time to get through the primary articles every day… and I still manage to show up late for work almost every day.

Keep up the great work and my best to you, Lambert, and the rest of the team.

From Martin O:

J for $50

I am so glad I can send a check. Thank you for making it possible.

And Shelby H:

Here’s this years contribution. Keep up the excellent work!

And Tom R:

Sending a small donation of $100.00 to help fund the NC efforts against financial and ethical entropy. Naked Capitalism is essential for hope and sanity these days.

Heartfelt thanks for all the hours that you and your team put into this labor of love and truth.

Warm regards

Join us and participate via our Tip Jar, which tells you how to give by check, credit or debit card (be sure to send us a message, “Check is in the mail” with the dollar total in the message body so we can count your donation in the fundraiser total).

With our deadline of midnight PDT (3:00 AM EDT) we can still make it if those of you who haven’t had time yet chip in, and those who’ve given earlier make an additional donation on behalf of those that are suffering financial hardships. If you can give a little, give a little. If you can give more, give more. If you can give a lot, give a lot. You are investing in making a difference and in making the next year the best one ever for this community. And thanks again for your generosity!

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