Thanksgiving Schedule and Comments Holiday

Starting today through next Monday, we are reducing our daily posting level. Today we will have three rather than four posts plus Links and Water Cooler. Thanksgiving Day and Friday, we will have only Links and two posts. Lambert and I could really use the break given the IT mess at the site, and Jerri has had some personal issues relieve her temporarily from duty.

Since our comments DJ Jules is also taking some time off, and we missed taking our Labor Day one-week comments holiday, we are also having a sort-of comments break. We’ll keep them on for Links but likely turn them off for all other posts unless Lambert gets the energy to put on his yellow waders for the latest Obama biography over the weekend.

In the mean time, for those of you who observe it, enjoy your Thanksgiving! It happens to coincide with my mother’s 93rd birthday.

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  1. ambrit

    Agreed with PlutoniumKun above. Enjoy the holiday. It might be the last “normal” holiday season for a while.
    Stay safe!
    [Happy birthday to Mom.]

  2. The Rev Kev

    Have a great holiday everyone. It’s been a long year. And we should wish the guys & gals at NC a much deserved break with time to recharge their batteries, especially after the unwelcome IT problems. I don’t see how they do it all. And like ambrit, happy birthday to mum on the 72nd anniversary of her 21st birthday (which is how I learned to count women’s birthdays).

  3. Juneau

    Wishing all NC staff a Happy Thanksgiving! Happy 92nd birthday to your mother, glad you all are getting a much deserved break. From my Zoom Thanksgiving home and heart :)

  4. Carla

    I know I am thankful every day for Naked Capitalism, and grateful for the unceasing quantity and quality of the work Yves, Lambert, Jerri-Lynn, Jules and others put into it. Many happy returns to Yves’ mother!
    P.S. Spectacular photo!

  5. DJG

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who bring us Naked Capitalism each day.

    Happy birthday to the Mom of Yves Smith. All the best to her.

    Happy Thanksgiving to fellow commenters and groundlings who make the comments section worth reading each day. [And make this the only site where I comment, given that the rest are spewing geysers of the national id.]

  6. John Ware

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and esp. to all those wonderful people who make NC a must-read daily. IMHO, you never have to apologize or explain why something happens or not, but it is warmly appreciated. And besides, a respite from our well-honed and -researched opinions and feedback would always we welcomed! Y’all take care…and all the best.

  7. ckimball

    I walk with thankfulness in my heart to all of you, every one of you.
    You support the part of me that trusts the truth of the endeavor share knowledge that comes from living experience.

  8. savedbyirony

    Hope everyone here at NC has a low stress, good eating, restful and joyful next few days. And thanks for all the information, comments and net company this past year. Stay safe and stay strong.

    and Happy 93rd Birthday to Yves Mom!

  9. BillS

    Take care everyone and enjoy some well earned rest! I am very thankful for NC and its Commentariat! A big virtual hug to everyone and best birthday wishes to Yves’ mum!

  10. furies

    Healthy if not Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Best of birthdays to Yves’ mom.

    Gratitude to all those who keep NC running.

  11. juno mas

    Yves, thanks for giving the world of readers hope, insight, lively discussion, and a reason to believe in reason.

    A healthy holiday season to all.

  12. Leftcoastindie

    Happy Birthday to your Mom and enjoy your well deserved Thanksgiving Holiday and the same to the folks who work with you on this great site.

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