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Dear patient readers,

We are migrating to a new host on Saturday. We were the only client of our former host Keith Freedman, who after spoiling us for many years has decided that having a tiny side business is too much of a distraction. We are moving to a service in Germany (which has very strong legal protection for press freedoms but gets dinged in international rankings because it’s not so hot on government disclosure, or what we call FOIA, which is not relevant to our work) with a backup site in Iceland. We had other criteria which these hosts satisfy.

While having a German host may result in a slight lag for US users in comment posting time (as in the lag between when you submit a comment and when it appears; note even now readers can have delay of up to two minutes due to caching to reduce load on the server), this host has more memory than our old host, so that may not be an issue at all, or only intermittently.

Regarding the cutover, our new host/Wordpress wrangler Dave thinks it will take at most three hours and perhaps as little as one.. But it will also take time for the new DNS to propagate across the Web, which could take as long as an 4 additional hours depending on where you are.

Readers should be able to read posts and comments this entire time. However, if you make comments on the site at its old location after the transfer has started (noon EDT), they will be lost. So I suggest refraining from commenting from noon till at least 3 PM. And take a copy, since you might have to repost it if it wound up being at the old site.

Thanks for your patience and wish us luck!

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  1. Michael King

    Considering the increasingly Orwellian media landscape may I say that this is a prudent move. Congratulations!

  2. Molon labe

    Too bad you’re not based in a country with freedom of expression. /sarc. Seriously though, how is German law regarding libel?

    1. Yves Smith Post author

      I appreciate your concern, but for starters, please tell me who we have libeled. Our statement would have to be both untrue and defamatory and to get an award of financial damages, they would have to demonstrate monetary harm. From a pipsqueak site like ours?

      We are a US publisher via a US legal entity. For anyone to get a judgement that would enable them to get a monetary judgement they could enforce, they would have to sue in the US, which means US law. No one here is going to respect a judgement in Germany even if they could get one.

      And the only Germans we write about (infrequently) are public figures, based on quotes in the media, so no basis for independently pursuing us.

      No German court is going to give a US person suing a US company jurisdiction or venue in Germany.

      Finally, suing for defamation allows the party being sued to do discovery on the truthfulness of the allegation at issue, which means rooting through the plaintiff’s records and communications. No one who has been involved in a controversy wants to give a journalist the power of the court to get at his otherwise private information.

      1. Molon labe

        Yves, I guess that I should have been more clear. I don’t think that you have libeled anyone. I don’t know about Germany, but I would hate to see you have to defend a libel suit brought by Calpers in England, for instance. You may be right on the law and the facts, but they would drive you out of business through lawfare.

        1. Yves Smith Post author

          I would get to do discovery on CalPERS. Trust me, Marcie Frost and Matt Jacobs would not survive that and they know it.

          And they can’t sue me in England. They can’t even legally serve me.

          1. Jessica

            I take heart in knowing that you are so on top of this and so willing to fight the b***ards if they trying anything.
            Good luck with the move.
            Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg bei dieser Übertragung.

  3. Pat

    I hope this is the easiest move ever!

    Here is a heartfelt thanks to Mr. Freedman and to WordPress wrangler Dave. I appreciate everyone that has helped keep Naked Capitalism up and available. May the new host be as helpful to Yves and the moderators.

    And Thank you, Yves for finding NC a new “home” on top of everything else you do.

    1. Betty

      Yes to Pat – deep appreciation to Mr. Freedman and WordPress wrangler Dave. Thank you!!

  4. Carolinian

    I mentioned the other day that I can no longer get either at home–no filter–or via public wifi such as the library (sonic wall filter). I would be most curious as to whether the USG can block sites altogether and via what mechanism. Perhaps that could be subject for an article. For some of us internet plumbing is mostly a big mystery.

    At any rate hope that never happens to NC.

    1. JBird4049

      I cannot get onto although I can find it easily. It is right there, but not using a VPN, I can only click and get onto the internet. It just keeps getting nowhere beyond my internet provider with no explanation. Cowards.

      I can get onto (I assume) a mirror at using a VPN. Using Serbia for the moment. It is a past Russian ally and I just assumed that it would work. Maybe I will try Singapore or Tokyo and see what happens. I am curious.

    2. Bart Hansen

      It came on briefly Friday late afternoon. I’d like to know their problem, too.

  5. Stephen T Johnson

    Break a leg!
    Errr…no, that’s theater isn’t it?
    There should be something similar in the digital world, damnit!

  6. Rolf

    Late to the party, but thank you, Yves, for the notice, and hoping for a smooth transition. NC is the only site I follow.

    1. Patricia Winter

      For me, it’s not the only one, but definitely the best, and all the other ones I follow I “met” through NC. I always get a little kick if NC has linked to an article I have discovered and read on my own, silly me.

  7. Buzz Meeks

    Thank you for everything up until now and good luck with with the emigration. It speaks volumes to contemporary America.

  8. orlbucfan

    This may make it easier for the non-Americans on the commentariat. I’m not technical, but congratulations to all of you at NC! You all and my Progressive site are the only 2 I bother with. Kudos, NC brain trust and thanks for the update.

  9. HotFlash

    Checking in at 14:57 EDT. Site came up fine and looks same as always. Excellent that NC, best place on the internet, is going to more agreement capable places. So glad I got my actual person out of the US 50 some-odd yrs ago.

  10. dk

    Performance is great on the new server. Looks like the MySQL database got an optimization from the transfer, because the Search function is now very quick (copying can re-order the tables for better search performance).

  11. Steven Greenberg

    My hosting switch from GoDaddy to A2 Hosting went better than I had expected. Seems like yours went well, too.

    A2 Hosting did a better job of transferring me for free than GoDaddy did with an internal transfer that I paid for.

  12. EarlyGray

    I’m glad to hear that the site update went well.
    There may have been one small oversight, the RSS feed does not seem to work anymore, I tried resubscribing but the last update still seems to be “Links 5/7/2022”

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