Announcing the John Z “Double Your Donations” Challenge!

Generous reader John Z volunteered early to amplify this fundraiser. He had an unexpected windfall this year and wanted to give some of it to Naked Capitalism. As he said, “It keeps me sane in this crazy, crazy world.”

If you haven’t yet been able to contribute, please use this “double your donations” challenge to turbocharge your gift!

John Z will match the next 100 donations of $50 (and multiples of $50 like $100 up to his match total). Support his vote of confidence in your daily fix of news, opinion, rousing discussions, and cute animal pictures by going to our donation page now!

Other readers have been telling us why Naked Capitalism is important to them:

From psv:

I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this site is, and try to spread the word. Thanks to our esteemed hosts and everyone who makes this place such a pleasure and refuge: a one-stop shop for analysis, commentary, and animal pix – tough combo to beat!

From Colonel Smithers:

Just contributed and delighted to so.

I began reading* NC in the spring of 2008, following a link from the Grauniad (still respectable then and some years from banning me / my socialist heresy) and having just moved into regulatory and trade policy at a City trade body. It was half a dozen or so years before I started commenting. I reckon that it’s the same with many readers.

*Religiously so daily and at some cost to my work productivity, but I think NC makes me a better and better informed person and employee.

I have noticed some new commentators and from new locations in the past year or so. It’s great that the NC COMMUNITY is growing and able to share live reporting and insights from so many walks of life and in different locations. Readers who have yet to pipe up, please do so. It’s great to know that we are not alone and all have something to say and share.

From Amy P:

Thank you for providing not only such a varied selection of daily links but also for the wonderful comment section. Your commentariat has led me to discover new books to read (“The Snoring Bird”), podcasts to listen to (“The Great Simplification”), even YouTube Channels (“The Duran” and “DarkHorse Podcast”). I know the occasional recipe has been posted but haven’t tried one yet! Thank you.

From jhg

Just donated now. Keep up the good necessary work. Great articles, Great Analysis, Great Commentary.

There is no website like it.

We are humbled by these kind words and will keep working hard to meet your high expectations!

Please make your contribution here, via check, debit or credit card, or PayPal. If you give by check (we like checks!), be sure to let us know by e-mailing us at with “John Z Challenge” in the subject line.

Thanks to John for digging deep to support our community, and I hope readers will respond in kind.

And if $50 is a stretch for you, don’t let that stop you from making a donation if you’ve been planning to but haven’t had time yet. Every contribution helps us meet our goals. And the other important way to help is by telling others about our work, whether in person to friends, family, and colleagues, or in social media like Facebook and Twitter. So I hope you’ll take him up on his fundraiser challenge in whatever way you can!

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  1. cek

    Monthly donor, but I’ve been waiting to do something extra. Just sent my $50 via PP. Thanks, John Z. Thanks, Yves!

  2. lj

    Took advantage of your gracious offer John Z and donated $100.00
    Thanks to all at NC :)
    I’ve been with you since 2007 and can’t imagine my world without you in it !

  3. notberlin

    Thanks to John Z for a very generous incentive to contribute to one of the truly best sites. NC – as many have already said or implied – is a genuinely needed dose of reality in an *exponentially propagandized media environment. None of this happens by accident; it’s a massive amount of work and effort and focus. Well done, on every level —simply one hell of an achievement. I look forward to it every single day.

  4. Futility

    Thanks John Z for this offer! I am a regular reader of NC since years, first in the US since 2008 or so, now back in Germany. It’s the only site which keeps me sane. I thank everyone who makes this site special, especially Yves and Lambert, and all the regular contributors and the commentators. It truly is a very special place in the internet. I will go to the donation page right away and happily give $100.

  5. caucus99percenter

    Donated via credit card a few days ago. Hoped it made it under the wire for the previous donation-doubling offer.

    NC is now the portal I consult for trustworthy info on current events.

    As for mainstream news media, perhaps the label “Lügenpresse” — the “lying press”, as some populists in Germany are wont to say — was, in the past, unfair to people in that industry. Be that as it may, establishment reporting on Ukraine etc. since February now leaves no doubt in my mind that the term — and the contempt it implies — is actually quite well-deserved after all.

  6. Keith Newman

    Just donated $250. Hope the John Z doubling will apply. Great website that provides reliable info on critical topics. Thanks Yves and thanks to the rest of the crew. Your work is much appreciated.

  7. John Zelnicker

    Many thanks to all of you who have responded to my challenge, including those who haven’t commented.

    I feel confident that the challenge will be met.

    Those of you who are procrastinators like me, it’s time to get off your duff and go immediately to the Tip Jar and help Yves meet her goals.

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