Naked Capitalism: Your Navigational Aid Through Extreme Discourse

By resilc, a reader who provides many links, brutal candor, and dry wit

In the mid ’90s I was back in the USAID Washington HQ after time in Indonesia and Egypt. I was an early Wired magazine devotee and, to a degree, saw the internet’s potential. Since I could spell “internet” I was put on an Agency committee assigned to roll out net access to office desks. “Mission accomplished” and I eventually got an award for this effort from the guy who birthed the internet, Al Gore, for “reinventing government.”

However, please don’t blame me for its current state. Little did I know then that the web would mutate into a massive hole of much bad information, but also some good; much stupidity, but also some entertainment.

As you would guess, it’s a 48 hour a day job sorting it all out into something with value and utility, but that’s what Naked Capitalism does for you each and every day. You can zoom in, get some knowledge, get some humor and be educated to the ways and means of the world in short order. Finding, sorting, and presenting all this information is not just a job for the NC crew, but a service lifestyle, duty to their readers, and a major effort toward trying to make a better future for us all. So please, thank the team that mines information for you: Go straight to the Donations page and make a generous contribution.

As for most readers, Naked Capitalism is an essential part of my life and day. I get up, check out NC at 7am with some coffee, then head to the barn to work on the current project. I’m sure devoted readers have incorporated NC into their daily routine too. So visit the Tip Jar and do your part to make sure this site is here for you all day, 365 days a year.

Living in USA USA is a challenge. The more you interact with people outside your own personal compound, the more you need to be armed with reality intel. I spend much of the year in rural Vermont. My little town is 55% Trumpies. Nice people if you talk about ATVs, lumber prices, where to buy firearms and ag supplies. Get into politics or Covid vax and I need to break out my old diplomatic skills and general awareness to be coooooool in foreign cultures. Naked Capitalism gives me the informational ammo to interact with all kinds of people in our multi-caste system. Whether it’s Covid info/stats or a realistic review of CDC pronouncements or economic policies, I’m ready to discuss it all using my arsenal of Naked Capitalism info when I visit Mike at the town dump or Mark at the local saw mill.

In the winter I’m at the Research Triangle area, and dealing with another caste of often delusional people associated with the Duke/University of North Carolina community. The debate there might be on similar issues, but another approach to bring another view and a dose of realism is in order.

I’m sort of an extension agent for Naked Capitalism in these situations at both locations. I share the knowledge I get from Naked Capitalism, then you grow and the other person grows too. Yves likes that ROI. If you do too, no more delay, time to give your share  via the Tip Jar to fund another year of information supply. NC has your back.

A Maneki-neko is a common Japanese good fortune charm. Naked Capitalism needs you to share some of your good fortune in this annual fundraiser.

Figure the algorithm is this: a donation to NC = a deposit for you in the Maneki-neko good karma favor bank.

Skip a few overpriced grande lattes each month and send the cash to NC. Naked Capitalism needs and deserves your support. Help build the community by going to the donation page.

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  1. DJG, Reality Czar


    Many thanks for your insights here, and many thanks for all the links and pithy comments that you provide. I wouldn’t call it “brutal candor,” because as one can easily tell from this posting, your candor is “candid candor,” which is in short supply these days.

    One of the themes of Naked Capitalism is that newer commenters will ask: “Who or what is Resilc?” I have seen this question many times–made all the more mysterious when Rešilc gets a hat on the s and starts to look Czech-o-Slovak. Then another commenter will offer the explanation that you are a source of links and insights.

    And I will raise your maneki-neko to Hello Kitty. What would Hello Kitty do? Donate to Naked Capitalism.

  2. Ignacio

    +1. Yup! I always wondered if resilc was Check-or-Slovak. resilc provides with links enveloped in silk (those comments accompanying).

  3. The Rev Kev

    Been very much of an admire of all the links and comments that you put into the site over the years. This being the case and as a personal thank you, am just on my way to the Tip jar.

  4. Tom Pfotzer


    Great post.

    I ask at some time for you to tell us a bit about your farm. People that have “projects” in the barn are automatically interesting to me.

    And what’s with the cat motif? With lightening bolts coming from its head, that’s got to be some type of symbolism. You’ve kicked the ant-hill here, so spill the beans.

    (raises tiny fist into the air) Solid, Brother.


  5. Rod

    Treats in the morning—for fundraising even.
    Yard Art—truly American expressionism.
    ROI—for sure—way better than the garden.
    Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled for us.
    Stay sane in the Triangle.

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